1,000 Toes In: The First 100 Models of Soles of Silk, Pt. 8 (Megan Jones - Olivia)

Welcome to the eighth installment of the "1,000 Toes In" blog series. This series celebrates on each of the first 100 models to appear on Soles of Silk. All of these models deserve all the praise I will throw their way in these 10 blog entries. Please be sure to check out all the previous entries, as well as any newer ones, once they're published. Now, onto the next 10 models on Soles of Silk:

Megan Jones (size 9.5)
Model #: 79
Debut Date: January 1, 2014
Published Sets: 6
Published Photos: 379
Star Model Accolades: 2013 (2nd)
Other Notables: Has appeared on other foot fetish and adult based sites.

The lone time I met up with Megan Jones was during a trip of hers to Washington, D.C. She hit me up to see if I would be interested in shooting her and her size 9.5 feet. After talking for a little bit, I agreed to stop by while she was in the region and see what we could come up with.

We ended up shooting six sets on the day and Megan was a sweetheart. We got along very well and I loved watching her model her big feet. She even got a little demanding and told me to massage them from time to time, including while they were encased in those black stockings above. That was our only meet up to date.

Melani (size 6)
Model #: 94
Debut Date: April 12, 2017
Published Sets: 13 
Published Photos: 890
Star Model Accolades: 2017 (2nd)
Annual Top 10 Favorite Photo Set Blogs Appearances: 2017 (1st, 3rd, 5th)
Other Notables: Shot for me a couple of weeks after turning 18. Holds the record for shooting the most sets of any brand new model in a calendar year, with 21 (2017). Has enough unpublished photos to join the 1K Club. Was the first model to ever be given an entire month dedicated to updates focused upon her, which was called "Melani's March to 1K."

This small footed friend of mine shot her first sets for me a few weeks after turning 18. We used to work together when she was younger. She was friends with Camille, so she knew about Soles of Silk through that friendship. She probably knew about it for some time since Camille's older sister, Kayleigh, had been shooting for me for several years. Needless to say, the fun loving Melani was looking forward to doing the same one day. Melani, however, would go on to find a new job before turning 18 and we did lose touch for a bit.

Through social media I was able to find Melani after her 18th birthday and gauge her interest in shooting. She was still very interested, and I do mean very interested! Melani would go on to shoot 21 sets in her very first year. Until 2017, no model had ever shot more than 16 sets in a year and there was Melani doing 21. Had Mindee not shot 40 in the same year, Melani would hold the all time record to date for most photo sets shot in a calendar year. Instead, she holds the record for the most of any debuting model in a calendar year. What a year of photos too! I'm still posting those awesome sets here a year later and will have them for several months to come. We really do need to do some new ones though.

Mileena (size 6.5)
Model #: 68
Debut Date: July 27, 2011
Published Sets: 11
Published Photos: 667
Star Model Accolades: 2011 (1st), 2012 (3rd)
Annual Top 10 Favorite Photo Set Blogs Appearances: 2011 (4th), 2012 (4th, 6th)
Other Notables: Has gone six years since our last shoot, but was scheduled to return in July of this year until our plans got postponed. Still looking at rescheduling options.

Mileena was someone I asked to shoot for me for years in the mid-2000's. She'd always come up with some half-assed reason why she didn't want to. Then, for whatever reason, she finally said yes. I was so excited to shoot her, I even took off a shift from work to make it happen. The only requirement Mileena had was that she insisted on doing a set with the car I had at the time, a black Nissan 350z. Obviously, I obliged.

I'd go on to shoot with Mileena a few times, but she never became the regular that I really hoped that she would be. We always had fun when we went out and shot. We've always gotten along very well and I must say her shoots were no exception. As a matter of fact, one of my all time favorite shoot days was one where Mileena and I did a day trip throughout Western Maryland and into West Virginia. It was a long, hot, but amazing day. Read "Hot Feet Week: 2012 Edition, Part 3 - Mileena" if you'd like to go back and take a look at all the awesome sets we shot and relive some of those memories.

It's been a few years since Mileena last shot and quite frankly, I thought she was done. Last month, however, we agreed to do some photos, but between my computer having issues and her getting stuck at work, we decided to postpone. We have yet to do the photos we planned on doing, but I really want her back, even for one last final hoorah!

Mindee (size 8)
Model #: 5
Debut Date: December 29, 2004
Published Sets: 77
Published Photos: 5,695
K Clubs: 1K (May 2010), 2K (January 2014), 3K (December 2015), 4K (October 2016), 5K (May 2018)
Wu's Feet Links Features: Piggies & Power Girl (March 2010), The Ferris-t of Them All (July 2016)
Star Model Accolades: 2007 (2nd), 2013 (1st), 2015 (1st), 2016 (1st), 2017 (1st)
Annual Top 10 Favorite Photo Set Blogs Appearances: 2004 (4th), 2008 (8th), 2009 (5th), 2010 (5th), 2011 (1st, 5th), 2012 (5th, 7th), 2013 (6th), 2014 (1st, 2nd), 2015 (1st, 4th, 7th), 2016 (1st, 3rd, 8th, 10th), 2017 (2nd, 6th, 10th)
Other Notables: Site debut model. Most photographed model on the site. Shelby's daughter. Rilynn's sister-in-law. Mariah and Marcy's cousin. Appears in the only mother/daughter sets on the site with Shelby. Responsible for getting eight other models on the site to shoot. Only Soles of Silk model to have more than one Wu's Feet Links feature set. Only model to join the 3K, 4K, and 5K Clubs. Has enough unpublished photos to join the 6K and 7K Clubs. Holds the record for shooting the most sets of any model in a calendar year, with 40 (2017). Recently had an entire month, featuring double updates each week, in May, called "May I Have More Mindee?" Has done 10 interviews, the most of any model, for the site. Is the only model to have an entire contest dedicated to trivia about her, called Mindeemania (2016).

Look at that resume! What can I say down here that hasn't been mentioned above? Seriously, Mindee is one of my best friends and has been shooting for me since I began Soles of Silk, albeit reluctantly, at first. You'd never know that now, however, with her well on her way to the 6K Club (6,000 photos) by the end of this year.

For a number of years, Madison was my go to model on the site, shooting at every chance she could get. Then, when Madison began slowing down, Cierra stepped up and took over as my most photographed model. Shooting the entire time as well was Mindee. She wasn't setting the world on fire with her photo count for the first few years, but when she decided that she was going to pass Cierra for the site's most photographed, she hasn't looked back. Mindee loves getting in camera time, which almost always results in foot rub time as well.

I love every second I get to spend with this amazing friend of mine and I've written about her and our times together at length. If you'd like to read some of those blogs, here are a few that are most certainly worth checking out:

There are so many more blogs focused on Mindee and her heavenly size 8 feet. If you'd like to read more, check out the archive links on the bar to the right. I actually had a few more linked above, but took them out as the list was getting entirely too long. I tried not to post shoot blogs, but I figured some of them were of such major significance, that I had to include them. A handful of those shoots were major events for the site where Mindee stole the show and even introduced several new models to the site.

I can't wait to see Mindee join the 6K Club soon and you best bet that I'll be right back here blogging all about her achievement. I love ya Mindee! Thanks for all you've done and keep doing to keep Soles of Silk the amazing site and hobby for me that it is today.

Molly (size 11)
Model #: 12
Debut Date: March 9, 2005
Published Sets: 12
Published Photos: 680
Star Model Accolades: 2005 (2nd), 2006 (2nd)
Annual Top 10 Favorite Photo Set Blogs Appearances: 2005 (5th), 2006 (5th)
Other Notables: Currently tied with Alice and Bridgette for biggest feet on the site. Used to run her own adult based site.

When my friend, Madison's former boyfriend, introduced me to his brother, he told me that I should shoot photos of his wife, Molly. He told me she has really big feet, but loves modeling and would totally be up for shooting for me. He turned out to be right and when Molly debuted on Soles of Silk early in the site's existence, she quickly became one of my site's most popular models.

I always found Molly to be a very fun loving, down to earth person. She had a bit of a naughty/teasing side to her too, which totally came across in most of her photos. Sadly, I never got to shoot as many of her as I would have liked. In hindsight, had I known that she and her husband would go on to move to California, then later, Hawaii, I would have tried to get in a few more shoots. I tell you what though, Hawaii sure would make for a hell of a background for those big size 11 feet! I wish!

Natalie (size 7)
Model #: 36
Debut Date: March 14, 2007
Published Sets: 2
Published Photos: 109
Annual Top 10 Favorite Photo Set Blogs Appearances: 2007 (1st, 9th)
Other Notables: Bethany's cousin.

Speaking of Molly (above model), her and her husband were throwing a Super Bowl party back in 2007 and a few of our friends came to hang out. One of those friends ended up being Bethany. Part way through the game, Bethany's cousin, Natalie showed up. It was my first time meeting Natalie and I was immediately taken in by her beauty. I mentioned how much I'd love to shoot her for Soles of Silk to Molly, who then said something to Bethany, who then asked Natalie. As you can see, Natalie agreed.

I only got to shoot Natalie one time, sadly. Luckily for me, the set she did with her cousin, where the two of them switched shoes, putting them on and taking them off of each other, was one of my all time favorites.

Nessa (size 8)
Model #: 49
Debut Date: September 3, 2008
Published Sets: 1
Published Photos: 106
Annual Top 10 Favorite Photo Set Blogs Appearances: 2008 (4th)
Other Notables: Only Soles of Silk model to never appear in a solo set.

I met Nessa though my long time friend, Wendy. Wendy told me a few times that she had a friend or two that she thought would be up for posing for the site. One of those friends was Nessa. She said she'd bring her by for one of our shoots and the two of them could shoot together. We decided to make that set a tailgating football themed set that turned out quite well. 
That set would end up being the only one I ever got to do with Nessa. 

I wish I would have gotten in a solo set or two of Nessa and her size 8's, but that didn't end up happening. This makes Nessa the only model to never shoot a solo set in the site's history. Since I only knew Nessa through Wendy, and Wendy and I haven't been in touch much lately over these last few years, I have a feeling this will remain the case.

Nikki (size 7)
Model #: 64
Debut Date: September 8, 2010
Published Sets: 9
Published Photos: 597
Star Model Accolades: 2012 (3rd)
Annual Top 10 Favorite Photo Set Blogs Appearances: 2010 (10th)

With the exception of Andrea, who was my next door neighbor growing up, Nikki is probably the model on my site that I've known the longest. Her brother and I were the best of friends growing up and would hang out all the time. Nikki, who was super young back then, would do what kids do and get on our nerves. Little did I know, that many years later, I'd be running Soles of Silk and Nikki would be baring her size 7 feet for me. My, how does life change once you grow older.

Nikki told me, during our very first shoot, that her older sister told her that her feet weren't pretty and asked why I'd want to take photos of them. I assured her that her sister, who also used to get on our nerves growing up, was definitely wrong. I found Nikki's slender feet to be adorable and was so glad that she agreed to shoot. I also didn't mind the day Nikki and I had a shoot rained out and we decided to hang out at her apartment and watch TV while I rubbed her feet for a couple of hours.

Although I am still in touch with Nikki, we haven't shot in some time. She always had a lot going on with work and life, so I think we both just always figured we'd find time one day. Well, we didn't and now I'm sitting here thinking I should hit her up - even if just for a few hours one day soon. It would be great to have Nikki back for a few sets. Sound like a good idea? I know I'm not the only one who misses her adorable feet.

Noelle (size 7)
Model #: 93
Debut Date: August 17, 2016
Published Sets: 2
Published Photos: 132

I met Noelle through Mindee and Rilynn. She made her debut the same day as Rilynn, just a few short days after two other of Mindee's friends, Reese and Rein, shot their first sets. Mindee went on a recruiting spree that week, which you can relive by reading the blogs, "Hot Feet Week: 2016 Edition, Part 2 - Reese & Rein w/ Mindee," and "Hot Feet Week: 2016 Edition, Part 5 - Rilynn & Noelle w/ Mindee," detailing all four of these debuting models.

Noelle was a sweetheart when we met. She was having fun with the shoots, especially when she got to team up with Rilynn that first day. Due to the weather, the three model set which also saw Mindee get into the mix with Noelle and Rilynn would have to wait. When it did happen, however, the three of them certainly had a blast rubbing chalk all over each other's feet (see blog: "Hot Feet Week: 2016 Edition, Part 7 - Mindee, Rilynn, & Noelle").

Noelle and I have talked about shooting again, but haven't made any plans as of yet. I do have the duo set with Rilynn coming up on the site soon, and that's the last of what I've shot with her to date. We really need to get in some camera time. This summer has just been so busy, along with some really screwy weather, in my off days.

Olivia (size 7.5)
Model #: 69
Debut Date: October 19, 2011
Published Sets: 12
Published Photos: 821
Wu's Feet Links Features: Back to Business (July 2014)
Annual Top 10 Favorite Photo Set Blogs Appearances: 2011 (9th), 2012 (3rd), 2013 (4th)
Other Notables: First Wu's Feet Links feature model to be published following Wu's untimely passing.

Olivia and I have always gotten along quite well since she was hired on where I work. Due to our friendship, and the fact that a number of our other coworkers were shooting for my site, Olivia followed suit and bared her size 7.5 feet for my camera as well.

I honestly thought that Olivia would be one of my regular models for years to come. Although that turned out not to be the case when she told me she was going to stop modeling a couple of years ago, she had an amazing run, getting in just over 800 photos. We did some fun little day trips, including the day we went up to New Jersey (see blog: "Sunday's Shoot - Olivia"). I'll always treasure those times. The door is always open for her to return should she ever decide to do so.

I hope you enjoyed this look at the 10 models above. Be on the lookout for Part 9 of this 10 part blog series in the days to come.

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