Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Soles of Silk Update - August 28, 2013

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - New model Ashlyn shows off her small size 5 feet after kicking off a pair of smelly boots in a flower garden (68 images)

Sample 01

Sample 02

Video - Alaynah slips off her sandals while sitting on a riverside bench at the park (145 MB - 1080p HD)

Alaynah slipping off her sandals

Download (Avatars) - 1 new avatar of Ashlyn has been added to the Avatars section of the Downloads area

Download (Buddy Icons) - 1 new buddy icon of Ashlyn has been added to the Buddy Icon section of the Downloads area

Monday, August 26, 2013

Sunday's Shoot - Olivia

For the entire spring and summer I have been after Olivia to schedule some shoot time with me. When I tossed out the idea for us to go to Cape May, NJ several months ago, she was all for it. We set the date for a Sunday in July, but had something come up, so we ended up rescheduling to Sunday, August 25. Well, August 25 was yesterday and Olivia and I were able to meet up this time and got in three sets - all in very scenic locations.

Our day began around 7 a.m. and after a quick stop for breakfast we were on our way. I wanted to get to Cape May around 10 a.m. so we wouldn't be rushed. I also wanted to make use of the best sun light possible. 

When we pulled into the parking lot at Cape May Point State Park, I was very happy to see most of the parking lot was empty. Being a tourist heavy location, I was hoping that we wouldn't be surrounded by hundreds of people. This was also a factor in me wanting to arrive early.

One thing I've learned over the last few years with public shoots is to use a location if/when you see people are scarce. With this knowledge I told Olivia that I wanted to go ahead and use the lighthouse in the background first. Olivia went over all the clothes she brought with her and I just blanked out - as always. Every time I suggest an outfit the girls tell me they think something will work better anyhow. I just told Olivia that I trust her judgement and pick out whatever she thinks would look best.

After Olivia changed in the nearby bathrooms that featured signs reading, "No changing in the bathroom," we looked around for the ideal spots. There was a line of benches out in the driving circle with no one around. These benches would put the lighthouse right behind Olivia, so that's where we went.

Olivia's soles in front of the Cape May Lighthouse

This first set started off with Olivia in her flip flops. Since they had white straps and she was wearing white shorts, I thought they went well together. Plus, flip flops at the beach totally makes sense!

One thing that was apparent right away in this first set was that Olivia's bright pink pedicure was going to very visible in all of her photo sets for the day. I loved her choice of color. It really did stand out.

We did most of the photos in this set from one bench. Eventually we did move to another one half way across the parking circle as it faced a different direction. I wanted to try some with her legs draped over the back and this bench would still allow the lighthouse to be seen easily.

With the first set complete we walked back over to the car and Olivia picked out her next outfit. For the second time Olivia broke the rules and changed in the bathroom. We put her bag of clothes back in the car and headed to the nature trails.

Upon entering we were eyeing up possible shoot locations. The walk itself was a mini-boardwalk going over marshlands. Every so often you'd find a bench. The background was beautiful, but we had just shot an entire set on benches, so we decided to keep walking. A few minutes later we found the bird blind.

Olivia showing her soles at the bird blind

This area was for birdwatchers and featured a little hut on the water where you could watch the birds and not scare them. Not interested in the birds, we found the area perfect for foot photos (and a few artistic ones) instead.

We encountered a few people walking into our area this time around. With only one small walkway in and out, we stopped a few times for people to enjoy the park as well. No one stayed too long, however, so we went back to shooting within minutes.

The flowers, wooden walkway, and water all ended up making for a great setting in both our foot pictures and a number of artistic photos too. Once we had enough shots done, it was onto the third location.

Yet again we made the trip to the car and the bathrooms. This time Olivia changed into a bikini that I bought her months prior. Now she was a three time rule breaker!

When my rebel model was ready, we made our way out onto the beach. I had been eyeing up an old World War II bunker I had found on Google Earth. This dilapidated cement structure looked like it might be promising for at the very least, some artistic pictures. I wasn't sure how accessible the spot would be for foot centered poses.

As we grew closer to the bunker I told Olivia that we might only be shooting some artistic shots here. I didn't see much to interact with and quite a few "keep off" signs. With regular park rangers patrolling the beach, I didn't want to be chased off.

An artistic shot at the WWII Bunker in Cape May

We did about 30 poses of Olivia standing against the wall facing the beach and then decided to move to the next potential location - the S.S. Atlantus, about a mile away at Sunset Beach. I told Olivia to just keep the bikini on and we'd use it there instead.

After walking back to the parking lot we made the short drive to Sunset Beach and boy was it packed! A lot of people like to frequent the beach for the amazing sunsets, but since it was only slightly past noon, they were there for the S.S. Atlantus - a prototype cement boat that sunk off the coast of New Jersey for many decades ago.

As much as we wanted to use this location, we decided it best to move on. There would be nowhere to sit down and shoot with the jetty even occupied with fishermen. I was kind of bummed, but knew it would be a pain in the ass to try and force this set.

Still in the car, I set my GPS for Ocean City, NJ where I had found another interesting beach location the night before - also on Google Earth. We had a 30 mile drive ahead, so we said bye to Cape May with only two foot fetish sets in the books.

About 30 minutes later we pulled into Ocean City and made our way to the southern end of the beach. It took forever to find parking, but once we found it, we made our way onto the beach. I'm glad I found this spot the night before as a back up plan or for an extra set. Looks like we needed it.

Olivia posing in front of the pier wreckage

This location featured a large rock jetty in front of a ruined pier. I don't know how long this pier wreckage has been standing, but I loved how the tall wooden supports stuck up out of the water.

The one side of the jetty was overly crowded, but the other was bare. It was also the side where the water would wash up. It made the rocks a little slimy, but we made due.

We were able to get a lot of great shots here with wet soles, and of course, sandy feet. We also shot a video clip where Olivia was in the surf by the jetty. And although she practically got knocked over by a small wave at one point, the clip still showed off those beach feet perfectly. 

Once this set was finished we decided to finally go eat and then call it a day. I had wanted to do four sets, but was happy with the three we were able to get in. Olivia had to work in the morning and I had plans to go to an amusement park the next day. Neither of us wanted to be out too late.

Olivia and I have another date planned in September where we're looking to get in another set, so I'll be seeing those slender soles of hers again in less than a month. Even though I just saw them all day yesterday, I can't wait to see them again.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Soles of Silk Update - August 21, 2013

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - Amelia shows her warm damp feet fresh out of a pair of pink and black shoes by the pond (68 images)

Amelia Photo Sample 01

Amelia Photo Sample 02

Video - Emerald bares her small soles by a steel bridge (113 MB - 1080p HD)

Emerald's Video Capture

Download (Avatars) - 1 new avatar of Rachel DD has been added to the Avatars section of the Downloads area

Download (Buddy Icons) - 1 new buddy icon of Rachel DD has been added to the Buddy Icon section of the Downloads area

Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday's Shoot - Abby

The last two days of photography had an interesting dichotomy when it came to foot fetish pictures. Yesterday saw the introduction of the site's newest model, Ashlyn. And today's shoot was with the model who first posed in front of my old 35mm years ago, Abby. When I realized this whole rookie/veteran aspect I tweeted (@SolesofSilk): 

"Had a great day yesterday with my newest model Ashlyn. Today I get to have another great day with my original model, Abby!"

Today was also the first time this year I've been able to shoot with Abby. The set theme, however, was promised to her over a year ago. Each year I do a Ravens themed set and around the time I shot Olivia's Fantasy Football set (Sample 01 / Sample 02) last summer, Abby expressed a desire to do one. I told it was hers if she wanted it and she reserved it right then.

The day started off with me running out to a sports memorabilia store to pick up a few extra items for the shoot. Our original plan was to shoot out on the turf at a local college, but we had to stick to the stands on the sideline instead. A girls soccer practice was taking place when we arrived and we had no idea how long they'd be.

Abby playing with her black socks in the stands.

Once we were situated Abby pulled on the black and purple knee high socks I picked up especially for the set. I've had some people asking for knee highs and thought this set would be perfect. I also liked that they were black and not your typical white ones with color stripes.

Starting off Abby began showing off those sock clad feet, which is a first for her on the site. Yes, when this set goes up, Abby will move past the 1,000 photo mark and this is her first time doing a sock set. Keeping that in mind, we took quite a few shots with the socks on as well as one with her doing sock removal/play.

Eventually Abby would go on to remove the socks and bare those wrinkled soles she is known for. It's been a year since I've seen them in person and they were as soft and cute as ever. And with her royal purple nail polish, her toes looked perfect next to the various props I picked up at the store.

By the end of the set we had shot a fair amount of shots and decided to do Abby's favorite thing - a video clip. Abby and Olivia are the two girls who seem to dislike being filmed the most. Funny how they were the last two to appear in football sets. Abby was a trooper though and did a cute little sock removal video.

Having wrapped up the set we decided to go grab a bite to eat and holding off doing more sets for another day. It was really cloudy (as it was the day before with Ashlyn), so we thought it might rain. Of course it never did though. Nevertheless, we're going to figure out another day before it gets cold to do at least one more set.

It's always good getting Abby on camera. And as I said above, she will be joining the site's 1K Club when this set is posted in a couple of weeks. Be on the lookout for her upcoming Footgraphy when that happens. Until then, enjoy the preview shot above.

Sunday's Shoot - Ashlyn (New Model)

When I woke up on Sunday I was very excited. I was set to shoot with a new model - one with a different look than most of the girls you'll find on Soles of Silk. "Punky" might be the best term I could use to describe her, but I'm not even sure if that is accurate. Whatever the term, this new model, whose name is Ashlyn, certainly has a style all her own. But before I give the details of the day's happenings, a little back story is in order.

Some time ago I was at work when this girl with bright red hair came in. She made me do a double take. I found her to be really cute and ended up telling one of my coworkers. He informed me that she's the older sister of one of our younger coworkers. I left it at that since our coworker is young and I didn't want to ask him to introduce put me to his sister. I thought it might be better not to bring that up at work.

Months go by and late one evening at work I'm talking with Ryan during some downtime. I mention Ashlyn in a conversation and come to find out, the two know each other from school. I tell Ryan that I'd love to have her or a girl with her style pose for the site. For some reason, I never ask Ryan to see if Ashlyn would like to pose. We must have gotten busy or something.

Fast forward to the beginning of August and Ryan and go out to do our most recent photos (see Today's Shoot - Ryan: August 6). After we were done shooting we stopped at an Italian restaurant. During our dinner Ryan shows me a photo on her phone that Ashlyn did of her own feet. Since Ryan knew that I find her cute, she wanted to make sure I got a glimpse.

The conversation then turned to me once again saying that I'd love to shoot with her. Ryan immediately asked, "Do you want me to see if she will?"

I replied, "Hell yeah!"

Ryan left Ashlyn a message online to text her. Before you know it, the two were texting back and forth about posing for the site. Ryan sent her some of her photos that appear on the site and told her how easy and fun it is. Ashlyn told her it looked fun and that she was definitely interested. I had just done some great photos with Ryan and now I'm hearing that Ashlyn might pose too. Talk about a good day!

For the next two weeks I played message tag with Ashlyn about Soles of Silk and what it is that I do. I sent her some more sample shots and gave access to the site so she could look around. Ashlyn told me she was still interested, so we exchanged numbers and set a shoot date.

With only a couple of days left before the shoot, Ashlyn and I exchanged quite a few texts. We discussed everything from clothing to locations. Ashlyn actually picked the location she liked the best of the ones I sent and then things got hard. According to Ashlyn, she never knows what to wear. Now that she'd be picking out attire for photos, it was even worse. I assured her that for her first sets to go casual. I said we could save some themes for later shoots.

Now back to the morning of. I shot Ashlyn a text to tell her I'm ready. And guess what? She doesn't know what to wear. I just laughed and tell her to pick a few things, put it in a bag, and let me come pick her ass up.

When I got to Ashlyn's house, she comes out to the car with a couple of bags and no shoes on at all. I look at her feet and before I can ask, she said, "My shoes are in the bag."

In the days prior she said more than once that she doesn't wear shoes all the time. She sure was telling the truth. I opened the car door and this barefoot beauty with red hair gets in. Before long we're on our way to our location - a botanical garden.

After a 40 minute drive we arrive. Of course, it is drizzling. There was a chance of off/on rain showers all day, but we were going to do this! Well, at least I was pushing for it. Ashlyn didn't want her hair getting messed up because of rain. She wanted to look good her best in her first sets, but I really wanted to get her on camera.

Luckily the rain didn't last long and we picked out a location for the first set - a series of brick walls that lined various flower beds. The area was really colorful and I thought it would make for an easy location for her to pose for her very first pictures.

Up close to Ashlyn's size 5 soles.

Once we began Ashlyn got a little nervous. I assured her that I like casual photos and I'm not going to be picky about where a hand is, or how much tilt her head has, etc. Regardless, Ashlyn wanted them to look good and I appreciated her wanting that.

She started off the set wearing her boots. Now these boots have a bit of a back story too. Apparently Ashlyn doesn't like socks and wears these boots all the time. She told me a few times in text messages that her feet tend to get smelly due to her not wearing socks. I playfully told her that some of us guys actually love that and ready my camera.

So here I am, she's in her boots and is about to pull them off. She begins tugging them down and when the first one is fully off she playfully said, "Don't smell them!"

Of course I grabbed the discarded boot and sniffed it. I teased her that her boot smelled like Fritos and she gave me the strangest look. She picked it up and sniffed it too.

"Fritos? Really?" she asked.

I was done at this point. I kept teasing her and laughing about her feet being smelly. I told her they don't smell bad and she kept insisting that they do. And minutes later, with both boots removed, I told her I can really smell them now. Ashlyn said she could too and it became the running joke of the afternoon.

Needless to say, this first shoot was quickly lightened up from her being nervous to a little more playful by the Fritos jokes that ensued. We kept shooting, only breaking for people coming into our general area.

Once we finished the first set we made a quick stop at the bathroom for Ashlyn to change. I eyed up some water fountains earlier for the second set, so that's were we went once Ashlyn was ready.

Ashlyn posing along the fountains.

In this set Ashlyn wore some sandal. She joked right away that, "These ones don't stink."

I said, "I know, how sad."

Funny thing was, her boots were in her bag right beside me. And yes, I could smell them sitting there. How such a tiny pair of size 5 feet could muster that much scent was beyond me. But I'm not going to lie, I find it really cute.

By this set Ashlyn was a little more loose. I gave her less instruction as she had one set under her belt now. She knew that some of you like spread toes and others like scrunched toes. And although she struggled to get those piggies to spread sometimes, she made it happen. She also remembered from the first set that kicking off her sandals should be done slowly for those who like the shoe play shots. I told her she's already a pro.

We ended up shooting around all the different sides of the fountain and then on a nearby bench while some people came by. A large section of the park was being redesigned and it forced more people into the area we were using. Sadly that area was what sold Ashlyn on wanting to come to the botanical gardens in the first place.

After we wrapped up the second set we found ourselves a bench far off from the fountains to shoot Ashlyn's first video clip. I figured we'd go with her pulling off her sandals so she'd have something to interact with on her first go around. Of course there was no one in sight for the longest time as I explained what I wanted in the clip. As soon as we were ready, people came by. Then people from the other direction. And then more and more. I told her that she just attracted a crowd everywhere we went. We didn't give up, however, and finished the clip.

Once we finished we took a detour back to the visitor center for another change of clothes before the final set of the day. This location would be a wooden bridge connecting the park to a small island. I love wood texture and thought it would look different than the first two sets we had shot.

Ashlyn's third set on the bridge.

We made our way to the bridge and we could hear a couple of ladies out on the island talking. There was a large gazebo type building connected to the end of the bridge and that's where they were hanging out. They couldn't see us from where they were, so I got my camera ready.

I wanted this set to be barefoot without any shoes at all. I even told Ashlyn if her feet got a dirty in this set to just let them stay that way. I explained the liking of dirty feet for some and she just smiled and said okay.

Before we began this one I took a few artistic poses. I liked the setting and since Ashlyn had posed for two sets, I figured she'd be more relaxed to try something like this. I shot a handful of poses all over the bridge and then it was onto the foot shots.

This set was by far the fastest one we did. There was no one coming by to break up our pace and I was able to get a number of angles. The one I wanted, however, was up by the gazebo and the two ladies appeared comfortable and not likely to move. Ashlyn and I instead used a bench by the pond and had bridge and pond in the background. That allowed a few extra poses we weren't able to get on the bridge. And before we knew it, we had shot enough photos and squeezed in a quick clip to cap off the day.

I ended up having a really good time shooting Ashlyn's first three sets. I am happy to say that she said she had a lot of fun and is looking forward to doing more. We're planning out a couple of themes to do in September - one of which is one she really wants to do. So be sure to check back here on the blog, on the site's Twitter (@SolesofSilk), and on Instagram (@SolesofSilk) for news of that. And in just a few days two teaser shots will be added to the coming soon area of the site - with her full debut coming on the August 28 update.

Welcome Ashlyn and your stinky little size 5 feet!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Soles of Silk F.A.Q. - Customs & Personal Items

In this entry to the Frequently Asked Question (F.A.Q.) blog series, I'm going to answer two questions I've been getting regularly since the site opened in the final week of 2004. Both are something a lot of sites do, but Soles of Silk does not. Below I'm going to explain why.

Frequently Asked Question: Do you take orders for custom clips/sets?

While I always take recommendations for ideas and themes for sets, I do not accept money to shoot either customized sets or clips for anyone. I've heard there is good money involved in custom orders, but with the frequency that I shoot most of my models, I would never feel right taking someone's money and not having the product done in a timely manner.

Many of the models on the site only shoot several times a year and we do a handful of sets each time we meet. Working a regular full time job, I don't have the ability to schedule shoots except for a few days a week. Even then, I also have other things in life going on where I am not doing shoots every time I have an open day.

If I were running a site with a significant other, then perhaps I'd be more keen to the idea. Someone I'd be seeing regularly and shooting with often. Even though these girls are my friends, it is just sometime too hard to get something scheduled.

Frequently Asked Question: Do you sell any of the model's personal or worn items?

I originally had planned on doing this on the site, but once I began running Soles of Silk I decided against it. Just like the customs above, I've been told there is good money to be made in the sale of personal items. I'm just not one to be all about making the money when I know that it might pose a problem with the way I operate.

As you've already read, I don't meet with most of the models on a regular basis. With so many people wanting different items from different models, I don't want to try to track each one of them down when it's already hard enough to do so. And I just know some of the girls wouldn't be dependable enough to keep up with wearing things that would be requested.

The last reason I don't want to venture down this path though is because I often see too many people complaining online about personal items bought from various sites. Either they don't smell like they were advertised, or the person buying them is just picky. So then you have people from both sides venting dirty laundry (pun intended) for all to read. I don't want to partake in that kind of online drama, so I just think it's something that's best left not done for now.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Soles of Silk Update - August 14, 201

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - Alaynah shows off her soft Indian soles and black pedicure along a river (71 images)

Video - Rachel DD reads some zombie themed graphic novels while in her zombie pajamas (154 MB - 1080p HD)

Video Capture

Contributions - Alexis Grace shows off her legs and feet in some nude stockings while in bed (21 images)

Sample 01

Sample 02

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Soles of Silk F.A.Q. - How/When Sets are Posted

It is time to start yet another little series on the site's blog. In attempts to try and answer some of the more popular questions that I'm often asked, I'm going to periodically tackle them in Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) blogs. To kick off the series, I'm going to answer a question I've been getting quite often lately with the abundance of all the "Today's Shoot" blogs that have been added to the site.

Frequently Asked Question: How do you determine which sets go up and when?

The above question is often posed to me in numerous ways. Most often it is posed in a way as to ask when someone's favorite model will be making her next appearance. There is no simple answer to this question, however, as many factors are often involved. The following list is what I take into account when posting sets onto the site. They're not strict guidelines by any means, but things that I think about when picking what sets will be going up:

  1. Is there a model making her debut?
  2. What model hasn't been posted recently?
  3. What models have shot a lot sets that aren't yet posted?
  4. How hard is a particular model to schedule shoots with?
  5. What themes have I recently posted?
  6. Is there a holiday or special theme coming up?
  7. Who have people been asking to see posted?

Criteria #1: Is there a model making her debut?

Whenever I have a new model making a debut I like to add them to the site as soon as possible - as was the case with the recent additions of Mandy and Rachel DD. There have been only a handful of exceptions to this happening over the years, so you can pretty much count on any new model being added to the site quickly.

Criteria #2: What model hasn't been posted recently?

Another recent updates you may have noticed was the return of both Marcy and Kelsey to the site. Being both hadn't posed for several years, I wanted to get both online as fast as possible. Marcy went up right away, but when Mandy and Rachel DD debuted, Kelsey's got bumped back.

A model need not be returning after years, however. If you look at the site this week you'll see Alaynah is teased as the next update. She hasn't been on the site since her New Year's 2013 debut (Sample 01 / Sample 02). I shot photos with her several months back, but haven't yet posted one of those sets due to all the reasons I'm covering now.

Criteria #3: What models have shot a lot sets that aren't yet posted?

In the past I've not paid attention to the number of sets I have of all the models I've shot. The reason why I now keep this in mind is so that I don't end up with a bunch of sets of a select few and none of the others. For example, right now I have 60 photo sets shot that are waiting to be posted on the site. Six of those sets feature Ryan. If I don't post them on a regular basis, then I'm going to have a ton of her sets that will all have to be posted close to one another. Basically, I need to maintain a regular posting of those who I have a lot of sets.

Criteria #4: How hard is a model to schedule shoots with?

This has been something I've paid attention to since I began shooting. If I have models who I can't shoot with regularly for whatever reason, I tend to slowly draw out their updates. If I don't then all of their sets will go up and I won't have anything with them until we're able to schedule more. This is the case with the sets I shot with the twins, Kimmie and Kellie several months ago. Both used to be regulars, but now are hard to schedule solo, let alone together. I'm trying to get both back to shoot again here before fall arrives, but regardless, you should be seeing the twins return together sooner rather than later with this set I've been holding onto.

Criteria #5: What themes have I recently posted?

This one gets tricky. With there being countless sub-genres of foot fetishism, I try to juggle what themes are going up in attempts that I don't repeat them several weeks in a row. For example, I know some people love seeing a girl step in food and some don't care for it at all. Having a few sets of this theme shot, I will try to wait some time after posting one of them to post another. Same holds true with other themes such as socks, stockings, dirty feet, and so on. Everyone likes something different and I try my best to rotate those themes when I can.

Criteria #6: Is there a holiday or special theme coming up?

I try my best to post sets for key holidays or popular events. I have to be sure to pay attention to the calendar to make sure I'm not posting the set after certain dates pass. For example, I made sure to post Mindee's and Emerald's Apple Pie set (Sample 01 / Sample 02) just in time for the Fourth of July last month. And Abby and I should be shooting this year's football themed set just in time for Week 1 as I've done for years.

Criteria #7: Who have people been asking to see posted?

Of course the models you ask to see plays a role in who I post on the site. I might think I know whose set I want to go with in the coming weeks, but then a handful of people might express a desire to see a particular model. Trying to give the fans what they want I have often squeezed in a set ahead of my original plans.

In closing I can honestly say one thing with a 100 percent accuracy when it comes to determining what sets go up and when - it sure is fun having all these great sets of my barefoot friends in which to have this dilemma. It just means I have to look through the sets each week over and over. Life is hard!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Soles of Silk Update - August 7, 2013

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - Kelsey returns after 2-plus years showing off her super soft soles in front of an elaborate water fountain (47 images)

Photo Sample 01

Photo Sample 02

Video - Aspen shows off her soles and teal toes by a sand dune at the ocean (128 MB - 1080p HD)

Video Capture

Download (Skulls) - 1 new poster of Kimmie has been added to the Skulls section of the Downloads area

Skulls Poster

Monday's Shoot - Ryan

I feel like the title of this blog has been used before. Oh wait, it has! Two other times, as a matter of fact. With the move to this blog from the site's former columns section, I've made sure to blog about each and every shoot I've done. Earlier in the year I also stated that I really wanted to do more photos with Ryan than we did in 2012. Well, it looks like I've succeeded with my task. This dark haired beauty posed for three more sets today in Georgetown, Washington, D.C.

In the weeks leading up to today's shoot I had been looking around on Google Earth for some unique settings to use. We originally planned on doing four sets, so I found several spots all around Georgetown. Today, however, we ran into a couple of roadblocks and changed up our plans.

The first location I had wanted to use was a series of water fountains in the Georgetown Waterfront Park. I anticipated that there would be people here, but from some distance away we could see that the area was packed. We kept walking and it was just too crowded to use. None of the benches were open and there were families everywhere. We decided to skip it and check it out later to see if the crowd had dispersed.

Ryan seated in the middle of the labyrinth.

Not wanting to wear the outfit she was going to use in the fountains, we did a quick stop for Ryan to change. Afterward we went to the second location in the park - a labyrinth. A few people trying to find their way through when we arrived, but they were on their way pretty quick.

Luckily for us the ground wasn't too hot and Ryan began posing in the midst of this green maze. Since ground photos don't lend themselves well to a variation of poses, however, we moved to some nearby benches. You could still see the labyrinth in the background, but I moved around Ryan quite a bit to focus right on those size 8 feet instead. I'm sure most of you would rather get lost in her toes and soles than the labyrinth anyhow.

Once finished we made our way toward the canals we had passed over earlier walking to the fountains and labyrinth. I had planned on using the canals in a set as I liked the old style industrial look to the buildings. Needing to change before the set, Ryan and I began looking for a place to stop. We made our way up a few streets and then I realized that we were close to a third location we had decided earlier in the day to save for another time. Without giving away the spot, we're going back to shoot it with a holiday theme in mind. That's all I'm say for now because we want to keep it a surprise.

During our walk we managed to finally find a place that didn't smell like death (gas station bathroom) for Ryan to change. Once she was finished we made our way back to the canals.

Ryan laying along a water fountain by some shops.

Instead of sticking to just one spot on the canals we shot all up and down the length of the waterway - which ran for blocks. We started on a bridge and then moved to a wall along one of the buildings. At this point a family came and literally sat right on the same wall we were using. It wasn't a large wall so they were literally like 10 feet away at the most. We decided to move along.

Walking down the canal for a few blocks we came upon another bridge. Since it looked different than the bridge we just used, we shot on it too. After a few shots we went down under the bridge and Ryan sat on the ledge of the canal. Here we took a handful of shots as it was a little more secluded and was lending itself to some good angles and poses.

Wanting to go further down the canal we made our way across the bridge and after a few blocks found some closed down shops. The shops had stairs that put us a good height above the water below. No one was around so we went with it.

After the stairs we moved one last time to another shopping area by the canals. These shops featured an interesting little water fountain. We lucked out again with no one around and shot the remainder of the set here.

With the second set in the books it was time to figure out where we wanted to do a third set. The original plan was to go back down to the waterfront area and find something. Ryan posed the idea of shooting the Old Stone House Garden Park right by our parking lot. I said we'll check it on on the way back to the car. When we saw that the park was open until 6 p.m. and it was just before 5 p.m. we decided to go with it.

Ryan posing in the garden.

What was probably the simplest of places turned out to be quite nice. There was no one else in the park, so we didn't have to worry about others - well, at least not in the beginning.

Since Ryan had worn flip flops to walk around in all day I insisted on cleaning up her feet with some sanitizer and lotions before we began. Leaning back in the corner of the bench, Ryan said, "That feels nice. I could just fall asleep."

I continued to rub Ryan's deep arched feet for about 20 minutes. It probably would have been longer had the park not been closing at 6 p.m. I reluctantly let Ryan's feet go and we began the third and final shoot.

The park featured a few benches, some stone stairs, and tons of colorful flowers. We moved around to a few locations and got in our photos rather quickly. As we were finishing up though, people began coming in and wandering around. The area itself is small and is only the backyard to an old stone house. Since we had done enough photos for the site I had Ryan go back to a shed in the back corner of the park and do some artistic shots. She loves posing for these whenever we can get them in. To be honest, I need to do some more non-foot fetish stuff with her too. She's such a great model. This is the first time I've shared one of the non-foot fetish shots here in the blogs too. I hope you enjoy it.

An artistic shot of Ryan after our 3rd shoot.

With the traffic in and around Washington, D.C. at 6 p.m. horrible at best, we stuck around town for a while and grabbed a bite to eat. While we were waiting for our food, Ryan showed me an Instagram photo a friend of hers took her feet at the beach. She showed me this photo because she knows I find this girl to be really cute and had said in the past I'd love for her to model for me. This is when Ryan sent her a message telling her about the site and gave her my contact information. Hopefully I'll have yet another newbie making a debut soon. Guess I owe Ryan some more foot rubs for recruiting talent, huh?

Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday's Shoot - Charlee

This summer has been packed with shoots. I've managed to add two new models to the site in Mandy and Rachel, but I've also made sure my regulars have gotten in front of the camera too. Today, however, marked the first time this year that I've had Charlee posing for Soles of Silk.

As you know, Charlee recently joined a select few on the site in the 1K Club (1,000 or more photos). I wrote a blog about the accolade on July 12 titled, "1K Club - Charlee's Footgraphy," that details all the sets shot up until that point. Without rehashing the blog too much, there are still two more older sets left to post from last summer, but both Charlee and I were eager to do some new photos.

Our day started off with the both of us rolling out of bed and admitting that we needed a few more minutes via text message. I was so damn comfy and told her that her feet were enough reason to get up, but I'd go right back to sleep otherwise. She called me a goof, like she's done many times in the past, and we both got ready.

I met Charlee about an hour later and we made a quick stop to get her a polish change. She went with something different than she's used to, and we both really liked it. The color was a metallic black/dark gray that worked well with her skin tone. I waited up front for Charlee to get painted up and then we were on our way.

My location of choice for today's sets once again were found on Google Earth. I saw a couple interesting spots along a waterway that also included a nature preserve. But this time around, Google Earth didn't do the area justice. What looked like a couple of good locations ended up being countless good locations. We could have easily shot five or six sets in the same general area without having to walk much at all. It was truly better than I expected. Charlee loved it too, giving me kudos for always finding neat spots for shoots.

Charlee showing her soles in the nature preserve.

The first set we shot was inside the nature preserve. I wasn't sure if that area would close earlier than the surrounding park, so that's where we began. After a short topple off the boardwalk area (sorry Charlee, had to share that), we were underway.

The nature preserve featured a long circular boardwalk through a section of wetlands. We made our way from spot to spot shooting some great shots that included Charlee in her colorful sandals and of course, barefoot. It had been too long since I've seen her showing off her creamy soles.

With our first set finished we went back to the car and Charlee got changed for her second set. We had been eyeing up some bridges and train tracks earlier that were located right by the nature preserve entrance. I thought it gave a nice contrast to the scenery we just finished using and Charlee agreed.

Charlee presses her feet on the fence of the staircase.

This set also ended up featuring Charlee in some cute sandals - something I wasn't planning on using at first. After snapping a few photos and realizing she still had them on, we kept them in the set. With their metallic shine, I thought they only added to the set.

This set we had a handful of people passing by. It wasn't bad by any means, but we did find ourselves starting and stopping here and there. We kept up a good pace nevertheless and moved from the top of the bridge to a staircase. Now I generally tend not to like staircase locations because I run out of pose ideas for them. This area just had so much for Charlee to interact with, however, and I honestly think it might be the best set I've done using stairs.

Once we finished up the second location Charlee changed again. She picked out a dress for the third location - an area smack dab in the middle of the parking circle. It's hard to describe the area accurately, but it featured natural stones laid around to make benches and walkways. There was an artificial tree with some kind of smoke stacks coming out. I don't know much about the area, but I believe there is some kind of ode to the area's industrial history in its design.

Charlee with her feet on the rocks.

At this point the sun was not directly overhead and we only had certain angles that we could effectively use. We did try, however, to go under the tree for some shots even though it was in the shade. It looked too neat to just ignore it. Although it wasn't as well lit, those were some interesting shots nonetheless.

Our day was over at this point, minus one thing. That one thing was a foot massage that I had promised Charlee weeks ago when we made plans to shoot. She held me to that promise too and I got to spend some time giving a great friend/model a nice long foot rub. Couldn't have asked for a better day.