Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Soles of Silk Update - November 28, 2018

This week's update includes the following items

Photos - Emerald pulls off the most colorful sandals that I have ever shot in a set and attracts the attention of not only myself, but a nearby moth who wouldn't leave her feet alone (61 images) |View Sample|

Videos - Ava's big size 9 feet take a lot of baby oil to completely cover them from heel to toe, so it's a good thing she had an entire bottle to do so (180 MB - 1080p HD)

Downloads (Avatars) - 4 new avatars of Jamie, Emerald, Felicia, and Lela Beryl have been added to the Star Models Avatars page of the Downloads section

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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Models I Miss - Chloe

"This guy at school always has his eyes down, looking at mine and my friend's feet. So we rub them together and he just looks at us and smiles."
- Chloe: Introductory Interview

Welcome to the sixth entry into the Models I Miss series here on the Soles of Silk Blog. This blog series focuses on some of my former models who have either stopped modeling, moved, or are just someone I've lost touch with. In this installment, I focus on Chloe and her ever so soft, soles.

Back in June of 2005, only six months after the site launched, Chloe and her friend, Meagan, shot their first ever photos for the site. It would be Meagan's only time, but for the next few years, Chloe was one of my regular models. She accumulated 547 photos throughout nine sets. She also managed to do two multi-models sets along the way. The first was with her friend, Meagan, and the second, was a Christmas Cookies themed set with Kimmie.

Like many of my coworkers and friends, Chloe actually came to me about shooting. She knew that some of our other coworkers, like Kimmie and her twin sister, Kellie, were shooting and wanted to do know if I'd like to have her size 8.5 feet on the site as well. Naturally, I said yes.

Although Chloe never reached the 1K Club (1,000 photos), I feel like she made a really big impact over the three years she shot for me. She had some amazing sets along the way too. Two of her sets make it into my annual Top 10 Favorite Photo Sets blog series, with one placing ninth in 2005 and one placing second in 2007.

One thing people always said about Chloe's photos was that she always looked like she was having fun. This has been true about many of my friends/models over the years, and Chloe was no exception. Being such good friends, Chloe and I would go out and do little excursions from time to time. We took the camera along a few times, but other times, we just shot at her place. Some of her best photos were in her bedroom and one particular messy one was in her kitchen.

Chloe's feet were such a mess in this shoot.

Another "perk" of our friendship, if you will, was all the time I spent rubbing her pillowy soft feet. Her thick soles and plump toes were something many of you loved and I always vouched for them being every bit as soft as they looked. The spent many hours being massaged by yours truly.

Eventually Chloe went on to find another job. We remained friends, but found ourselves talking with each other less and less. My intention was to keep on shooting her, naturally, but as life goes, sometimes you lose touch with people. 

Although many new models have come along since Chloe's last update in 2008, I still get asked about her from time to time. People would love to see her come back to do even just one more set. Naturally, I'd never turn that down, if we could make it happen.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Soles of Silk Update - November 21, 2018

This week's update includes the following items

Photos - Ava is all alone on a bench in the middle of the park, barefoot in blue jeans, and she want to pour baby oil all over her big size 9 teen feet (67 images)

Videos - Melani's teen feet are super sweaty inside her Harley socks, so she tugs them off to let them air out (172 MB - 1080p HD)

Downloads (Avatars) - 3 new avatars of Mindee, Ryan, and Megan Jones have been added to the Star Models Avatars page of the Downloads section

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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Soles of Silk Update - November 14, 2018

This week's update includes the following items

Photos - Alexa slams her feet down into a gooey mud puddle and shows off her brown soles as the mud begins to dry (64 images)

Videos - Mindee shows off her size 8 feet on a bed covered in poo... poo emoji that is (172 MB - 1080p HD)

Interviews - 1 new interview with Esmerelda has been added to the Interviews section

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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Soles of Silk Update - November 7, 2018

This week's update includes the following items

Photos - Leah is in the mood for some creamy chocolate donuts, not the dry white powdered ones - so watch her smash up the powdered ones and enjoy the chocolate (65 images)

Videos - Mia Kay is dressed as a schoolgirl, a naught one obviously, and wants to show off her feet in black fishnet stockings (202 MB - 1080p HD)

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Monday, November 5, 2018

Would Love to Shoot #17 - Ambriel Willow, Ms. Maddy, & Snowy Arches

It's been months since I last took to this blog to write one of my "Would Love to Shoot" series entries. Alas, I am back with the 17th installment and am featuring three ladies who I've spent some time talking to over recent months. All of these women are great and I think you should check them out.

For those of you who are new to this blog series, in these I take a look at three women from around the web whose work I admire. Because I admire them so much, I would obviously love to work with them myself one day. From time to time, that comes to fruition, but the majority of the time, it does not. Whether it does or not, I still like to mention them and pay them some respect, peer to peer. I'd love for them to succeed regardless.

So whether or not I get the chance to work with any of the three ladies I make mention of down below, I think you should check them out and support their work. In the case of these three, I found all of them to be pleasant and engaging to their fans. Feel free to tell them you saw them here, if you're new to their work. Hey, if I can send some new fans their way, even better. Now, onto the three ladies featured in this 17th installment of the "Would Love to Shoot" blog series:

Ambriel Willow (right)


As a producer of foot fetish content myself, I do like to grab some videos or content from my fellow producers from time to time. It helps support them and is the only way we can all stay online. One of the stores I buy from regularly is Roxie Rae's The Foot Fantasy, or her Roxie Rae Fetish sister shop. When I went through the stores recently I saw a video featuring Akira Shell, who I certainly need to feature in a future installment, and Ambriel Willow. With my soft spot for Asian women, I took notice of Ambriel right away - especially since I had never recalled seeing her on Roxie's stores before. I didn't hesitate and grabbed the clip right away.

Immediately after buying the clip I had a large site update to work on, so it was eating me up having the file right there on my desktop. I wanted to check it out so bad, but I didn't need the distraction, if you get my drift. I had work to do and I could look forward to do taking a look once I wrapped things up for Soles of Silk.

During that evening, I followed Ambriel and sent her a private message, telling her I picked up her video. She was so happy and we talked back and forth for a little bit. She said she couldn't wait to hear what I thought. I made sure to tell her later on too.

Obviously I am going to be on the lookout for more of Ambriel's work. She's so beautiful and fun to talk to. I imagine working with her would be the same. Her and her soft Asian soles would be so welcome on Soles of Silk should our paths ever cross. She lives on the opposite side of the country, but if she ever finds herself going to the East Coast, I hope she lets me know. And I've been meaning to head over that way for some amusement parks, so perhaps I should make a stop on my way to see her - if she's down to shoot, of course.

Over recent years Joey of Joey's Feetgirls and I have become good friends online. We have yet to meet, but hopefully that's in the cards one day. He seems like a really cool guy. A few months ago I met with one of the models that he has worked with numerous times, Esmerelda. She was a great time and we got in some great pictures. Through following her and Joey, I got to know a few other foot models that both have worked with from time to time. Two of them are Ms. Maddy and Snowy Arches. When I went looking for photos of Snowy, I saw that her Instagram account was no longer online and her Twitter was private. That's when I saw the photo of Maddy with Snowy and decided to use it to make mention of both.

Ms. Maddy (left)

WebsiteMaddy's Foot Kingdom

I recently began chatting with Maddy via Instagram. She seems like a real fun and open minded person. Sadly, I just missed her going through this region on one of her recent trips to the United States. Yeah, she's from across the pond, as they say - over in the United Kingdom, to be exact.

Maddy's feet look so smooth and I like her look. Her feet would be a nice addition to Soles of Silk because, quite frankly, they look smooth as silk. I also get some requests for the longer toenails, and while I'm not always a fan of that myself, hers look good. Some people make things work and that really works for her. I also love how she's usually wearing toe rings too. It makes her toes grab your attention even more. Surely, her feet would have 100 percent of my attention, camera or no camera, if we ever get to meet up. I hope we do!

Snowy Arches (right)
Twitter: @SnowyArches

From Maddy's smooth soles to Snowy's super soft looking soles. That's what caught my eye about her feet the first time I ever saw them. I was like, "Damn, I think I could fall asleep on those!" Seriously, they look like little pillows.

Just like with Maddy, when I saw Snowy's work with Joey and Esmerelda, I introduced myself and gave her some compliments on her work. I shared some stuff with her and we began chatting off and on over the weeks. Like I said above, however, I think her Instagram account is down and our conversation has been lost. I sent her a follow on her Twitter account though as I'd like to keep in touch with her. If she's going to be in my region again, I really want to try to get together. And fellas, I'll let you know if they're as pillowy soft as they look.

* The majority of the photography seen in this blog series does not come from Soles of Silk. Please see the watermarks on the photos themselves for the ownership of each picture as some of the models have posed for many sites.

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