Monday, April 30, 2018

Monday's Shoot - Audrey (New Model)

Today I had the pleasure of meeting and shooting the site's newest model, Audrey. A couple of weeks ago, Audrey reached out to me saying that her sister knows a few people who shoot for me and had showed her the site. Audrey was curious to know if seeking new models and decided to email me to ask. We exchanged a few emails and later, messages, before I asked her if she had any plans for today, Monday, April 30, 2018. Luckily for me, she was open for a few hours before work. With that, we made plans to do her first shoot.

I met Audrey and her sister, who came along today as well, at 11 a.m. Before you ask, no, her sister did not shoot. This was Audrey's day, but I'll be the first one to admit that just like Audrey, her sister is very attractive with some pretty feet. Will she model one day too? Perhaps. The door is open to her if she decides she'd like to. It would be awesome to have the two of them together as they were both very down to earth and fun to be around. I can just envision some silliness ensuing just based off the few hours I spent with them today.

After making our way to our first location, we faced our first of two issues on the day. A few months ago, I bought some really cool over the knee socks to use in a future set at some point. Well, I wanted to use them today, but low and behold, the security ink tag is still on them! I bought these things so long ago and I know I don't have the receipt anymore. Guess I'm going to have to search YouTube on how to get these things off. I really like those socks too, damnit! If I can get this tag off, I'll surely have Audrey use them in a future set.

Luckily, I had a couple additional pairs of socks in my bag. I had more back in the car, but we had walked a short way down a nature walk and I really didn't want to have to go back to the car. Audrey and her sister debated on which socks she should use and the pair they ultimately decided upon was the colorful emoji socks. They were only knee highs, but they're be adorable nonetheless. With her socks on, Audrey kicked up her size 9 feet and we got her first set under way.

Audrey bares her charming size 9 feet for the very first time.

Always one to try to keep first sets simple, so my new models can get a feel for the shoots, I had Audrey pull down the socks ever so slowly. I explained to her, as I often do, to think of the sock removal like a flip book. A little tug here, a little pull there. Let the process play out over numerous photos. That's exactly what she did.

When we reached the midway point of this first set, Audrey was finally barefoot. I had seen her feet in the sandals she had worn today when we met. I was in love with her polish choice, but I had yet to see her soles. The site is called "Soles" of Silk for a reason. They're my favorite parts and man... Audrey's were so smooth looking when she finally bared them to me.

"You have really cute feet, by the way," I playfully whispered to her so only she'd hear.

Almost immediately afterward, her sister told her that she has pretty feet. We laughed and I told her I just whispered the same thing to her sister.

From there, we finished up the set and Audrey's first video clip. I had her pull her socks off one more time for the video. Just like that first time, I was in awe of her pretty feet popping out of those socks the second time too.

For the next set I had more of a theme in mind. Audrey mentioned that she likes going to the gym, so I figured an outdoor workout set would be nice. We could even do it on the water. We had a workout mat and a bunch of props ready to go, so all I needed was Audrey in her workout gear. She changed really quick and even slipped her feet into her sneakers without socks. I playfully admitted that I'm a sucker for that in one of our recent chats and she remembered.

Audrey showing off her sweaty workout feet, fresh from sneakers with no socks.

Being out in the middle of the river saw our second issue of the day, one that was quite persistent too. The wind. We just couldn't win this fight with nothing to block the gusts, so Audrey pulled her hair back. Since I'm a fan of pony tails and hair being tied up, that sure didn't bother me. Plus, I think that it worked nicely with the overall theme here.

Audrey naturally began this set in her black workout sneakers. It was her sisters idea for her to wear all black since we had so many colors featured with the equipment. It was a good call.

I, of course, did a number of photos of Audrey with her shoes still on to begin. You know me, let the model wear those shoes for a bit without the socks. Get her feet a little moist in the process. During this time frame, I actually made mention of the regular fan requests for women with sweaty feet. Audrey and her sister laughed and then made jokes about Audrey's feet being perfect for them.

Even though we constantly fought the wind in this set, we did pretty good getting in some fun shots. The ones in the beginning had the shoes, the ones in the middle had the resistance cord, and the final ones even saw Audrey pour water over her feet to rinse the sweat off. When the set was done, we did our second clip and were on our way to another location.

Our original plan was to shoot in the same area as these previous two sets. By this time, however, the sun had moved in the sky and we weren't liking the background choices that would give the best lighting. I pitched an idea to go to another park that isn't too far away and give that a try. We all hopped into our cars and made our way there.

We had better luck at this location, although we still battled the wind. It wasn't as bad overall, but it was still something we had to contend with. Audrey pulled her sunglasses onto her head to help battle it a little bit. That's one of the little tricks I learned a while ago when fighting the wind - hairbands and sunglasses on the head can help immensely.

This final set we shot quickly. Audrey did have to get to work today, but we really wanted to get in three sets. With time drawing to a close, we went for a set with no real theme. Just Audrey wearing blue flip flops was all we were focusing on here. Honestly, that's all you need most of the time - an attractive model showing off her pretty feet.

Audrey kicking off her blue flip flops in our final set of the day.

Audrey began this set leaning up against a bench overlooking the water. We decided that this set would take place on the bench and boardwalk itself. Since her first set was contained to just the bench, this would give us a slightly different look.

As this day went on, I could see Audrey become more comfortable with the camera and poses I was asking of her. Her sister even came over to suggest certain things from time to time. I always like that as someone else's ideas are bound to be different that my own. Plus, with all the different people I shoot, Audrey's and her sister's ideas can also differ from those models. So I made sure to shot their pose ideas as well.

This set went by quite quickly, as did the clip, even though we had a few people come by. One group had six very large dogs. A couple of others had children. The last one however, made "friends" with Audrey's sister. She had such a wide-eyed look after he walked past. You could plainly read the "what the hell?" expression she had. I playfully asked her if she got his number.

With this set's conclusion, we made our way back to our cars. Audrey had to get to work, but before we departed I told her how much I appreciated all that she did. She said that she had a great time shooting and that I was easy to get along with. That's always a goal of mine. I like these shoots to be fun and something my friends, and those I'm meeting for the first time, will want to do again and again. I can't wait to see Audrey in front of the camera soon and we already have at least one idea lined up. It involves that slime kids play with. Yeah, she's up for getting her feet all messy. It'll be fun. I'll keep you all posted.

Before I conclude this blog, I'd like to mention something to everyone. Generally I always rush to get new models onto the site as soon as possible. With the "May I Have More Mindee?" event starting this week, and running throughout all of May, Audrey's debut on the site will take place on the June 6, 2018 update. Believe me, it'll be worth the wait. Plus, Audrey made the claim today that she's a top notch tease. So, just consider the month-long wait for Audrey and those charming size 9's a tease. By then, maybe I'll even have a few more sets done with her to chose from to publish for her debut. I do owe her a foot rub the next shoot, so why wait?

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Soles of Silk Update - April 25, 2018

This week's update includes the following items

Photos - Maya kicks her feet up and displays her long toes and deep arches while enjoying some retro video games (66 images)

Videos - Maya's slender soles and long toes need some lotion, but instead of letting me do it, she did it herself, so I naturally filmed the process (170 MB - 1080p HD)

Interviews - 1 new introductory interview with Maya has been added to the Interviews section

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Preview - May I Have More Mindee?

May I Have More Mindee? will get kicked off with a set that Mindee, herself, picked.

Just two months ago I ran the first of two major month long events focusing around one model in 2018. The event was called, "Melani's March 1K," and focused soley on Melani for each of the four weeks during March. Now May is approaching and the second event, "May I Have More Mindee?" will do the same, focusing this time on, you guessed it, Mindee.

As was the case with Melani's event in March, each week during May will focus on Mindee. Both of these events were conceived because of the large number of photos that both did in 2017. They both went above and beyond, shooting more photos than any model ever had in a calendar year for me - Melani with 21 and Mindee with 40. Both these models easily made the top two spots on the 2017 Star Model listing. Knowing I will still shoot both here in 2018, I thought these events would be a great way to go through some of these two popular models' content for 2017. I don't want to add onto an already ridiculous amount of photo sets for each of these amazing models.

When I initially sat down to figure out what sets to use for Mindee's event, a notion hit me. What if instead of featuring just one of Mindee's sets each week, I featured two? With there being five weeks worth of updates in May, that would mean she'd have 10 total sets going up.

At first, I immediately withdrew myself from the idea, ultimately thinking that it was just too many sets to go up all at once. Then, as I thought about it more, I began to fall in love with the idea. My shift in thinking came mostly for one reason. The very first update during this event, May 2, will see Mindee join the 5K Club (5,000 photos). That is such an impressive number and one deserving of a memorable celebration. I immediately sent Mindee a text and asked her what she thought. Obviously, having 10 sets added to her photo count was something she was all for. I figured as much!

Already knowing which photo set would break the 5K mark, since I let Mindee pick it a few weeks prior, I started planning out the remaining four primary features myself. As for the secondary features, I went back to Mindee for her choices. I love involving her in the site as much as I can. She's been amazing to me for 14 years now and it's great when she gives me feedback and makes the call when I'm torn on what options to make. To help Mindee out, I made a graphic showing all five of the main sets going onto the site for the event. Under those, I placed 30 more unpublished sets featuring Mindee either solo, or with another model. I had five other sets that I decided not to include, however, as I have specific plans for those down the road. I sent this graphic to Mindee and told her to make the call. I have included this graphic above. What picks would you have made, if given the choice?

Now that Mindee has gotten her choices back to me, I want to preview each week of this five week event below, with it starting very soon. This blog will be featured for everyone to follow along, just as the "Preview - Melani's March to 1K" was during the duration of her event. Now, onto the sets going up each of these five weeks:

Week 1: May 2, 2018 - 5K Club
Mindee is the only Soles of Silk model to ever reach the 3K Club, 4K Club, and soon, the 5K Club. She's currently only one of two models, with the other being Cierra, to reach the 2K Club, although a few will be joining soon. I couldn't think of a better way to get this event off and running than with Mindee's breaking of the 5K mark.

I let Mindee pick which set of hers she wanted to break the mark with and she chose her set with her Booby Trap shirt and wild stockings. She looked so good in this set and I think she did a damn fine job picking out a set for the occasion.

For the follow up set, Mindee seeked out some advice and her sandals set at the playground was selected. This is a good pairing since it's an outdoor set with sandals and I know those feet got nice and moist during that set.

Week 2: May 9, 2018 - Mother's Day
Truth be told, when I was originally planning these events earlier this year, Mindee was going to take March and Melani take May. What caused me to change my mind was remembering that Mother's Day falls in May and since Mindee's mom, Shelby, also shoots, what better way to mark the occasion than with a model pairing for the May 9th update? I love seeing their feet together!

Mindee's secondary feature selection for Week 2 is none other than her crayons themed set. I loved this set and it involves a lot of socks for all you sock lovers out there. And if you like colorful sets, this one has it in spades.

Week 3: May 16, 2018
This was the one week where nothing stood out for a theme, so I just went with a food set since I didn't have one for any of the other updates. With Mindee doing so many of those last year too, I sure had a lot to chose from. I went with her Twinkee smashing set. They sure do taste good... also taste good straight from the packaging too.

The Week 3 secondary set keeps with my request to not have similar themes and is the lone sneakers set of the event. Mindee brought the black sneakers, seen above, with her to one of our shoots at the end of 2017. Naturally, I had her put her feet in them, without socks, and then pull them off for the camera. Of course, I let her wear them around the room for a bit while I "got things ready." I'm totally sure she knows I come up with excuses all the time now to have her feet cook inside her shoes when she's not wearing socks. Oh well... Guilty!

Week 4: May 23, 2018 - Memorial Day (USA)
Speaking of socks, when Mindee and I shot the Suite Feet Saga series last year, one of the sets she did was with a pair of American flag socks. It happened during Part 4, if you wish to see how the shoot itself went. Anyhow, I have saved this shoot for a chance to post it during an American themed holiday. With Memorial Day falling during May as well, I figured it was the perfect time to publish it and really make this a memorable month of Mindee.

For the set accompanying this one, a simple barefoot set that actually began the whole Suite Feet Saga series, which you can find in the blog, "Suite Feet Saga, Prequel - Mindee." I swear, Mindee and I can just sit down practically anywhere and do a fun foot fetish shoot. This is one of the sets that proves it. Nothing more than a staircase and railing was needed for Mindee to put those heavenly size 8's on display.

Week 5: May 30, 2018 - My Birthday
I always like when things come full circle. Last year Mindee shot three different sets with Melani. With both having events focused upon them this year, I thought posting one of those sets would be the perfect way to end the "May I Have More Mindee?" event. Both ladies just owned 2017 and quite frankly, both owned me as well. I couldn't get enough camera time in with either of them, so it is only fitting that for the week of my birthday, I feature the both of them together to cap these events off. You've also already seen this set teased on the splash screen on the Soles of Silk homepage and on the Soles of Silk Twitter (@SolesofSilk) and Instagram (@SolesofSilk) pages. If your feedback on wanting to see this set is any indication of how popular this set is going to be, then I think I picked the perfect finale.

But wait, there's more! The secondary feature has Mindee downtown, showing off her bare feet one more time. Well, one more time for this event. She has a ton more sets yet to come, as you can see by that graphic I sent her above. In this one, however, she showcases those lovely wrinkled soles and multi-colored toes in front of an old boat that was being restored.

So, are you ready for this event? If you're a fan of Mindee, this would be the perfect month to pick up a membership. I normally don't say things like that in my blogs, but it really is. I won't badger anyone to join, but the sheer amount of Mindee content you're going to get is unreal. Add in the 67 existing galleries, countless clips, interviews (new one coming during this event as well), and more, and you'll be pressed to enjoy it all in 30 days time! I couldn't blame you for trying though!

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Soles of Silk Update - April 18, 2018

This week's update includes the following items

Photos - Charlee has a lot of fun smashing up some marshmallows on her bed while enjoying some Ghostbusters toys (71 images)

Videos - Camille props her feet up over a bench at the harbor and pulls off her sandals to let her feet get some air (159 MB - 1080p HD)

Downloads (Avatars) - 2 new avatars of Shelby and Maya have been added to the Grunge Avatars Gallery of the Downloads area

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Monday, April 16, 2018

Sunday's Shoot - Charlee

Early last week I struck up a conversation with Charlee to see how she was doing. Long story short, she told me that she moved out of state and was no longer local. I had no idea and we talked about some things. She told me that she'd be back home in a month or so and that we should try to set up some time to shoot. I agreed and we left it at that.

A few days later, Charlee hit me up again and told me that she was actually coming home that weekend to see family. She also said that if I had any free time, she'd like to shoot for me. Knowing that our shoots might be limited now due to the distance between us, I told her I'd be down. The weather last weekend was amazing around here, getting into the 70's. Of course, the day we planned to shoot, it rained all day and dropped down into the 40's. Indoor photos it was!

Our shoot began around 4 p.m., or was it closer to 4:30 p.m.? I can't remember. I was too busy giving Charlee a foot rub. She had been pretty much insisting that in text messages leading up to the shoot that I would be rubbing her feet. No arguments from me!

"Ready?" she asked.

"Yup," I replied as I grabbed her feet and began rubbing.

"I told you I was starting this day off with a foot rub," I added.

Charlee just laughed and enjoyed the first of several foot rubs of the day. Her feet were bare and I just did my thing. Knowing we were starting off the day with some reinforced stockings, however, I fully planned on giving her another rub once they were on. I also told her I'd be doing this in our conversations, so she, I'm sure, expected it.

Charlee's first set of the day featured a pair of reinforced stockings.

Now, I've shot Cuban heel before, but this pair didn't have the same shape reinforcement on the sole. I really liked how these looked though and am going to go back to the store and buy some more. The stockings were quite sheer and you could easily see Charlee's toes in them as she pulled them on her feet. Once on, however, the black reinforcements totally blacked out her soles and toes completely. This set certainly had a classic look to it because of those stockings.

The way we shot this set saw Charlee begin the set barefoot. Throughout the course of the set, she pulled the stockings on. Normally, I have my sets start with the stockings on and the model take them off. We just wanted tackle this one a little bit differently. I mean, after all, people do put their stockings on. Why not capture it that way from time to time?

Oh yeah, once Charlee's stockings were both on, I sat that camera down and began giving Charlee the second foot rub of the day. She gave me a little smirk and I just told her that she knew I was going to do this. Stocking clad foot rubs aren't a regular for me, which surprised her a bit.

"As much as you shoot stockings and you don't get to do them much?" she asked.

"I don't shoot stockings a ton, and not every single set that I do results in a foot rub," I explained. "So yeah, these are a nice little treat when I can give them."

Once this second massage was over, Charlee then prepared to go ahead and pull off the stockings. I set the camera to video and filmed them coming off. We did it in this manner because we couldn't see having Charlee pull the stockings off, just to put them on again in the video, then pull them off afterward. So the video was the opposite order of the set.

Now that her first set was over, it was time to do the second. We decided to stay on the bed and have this set be a little more casual. I brought my Playstation Vita and a bunch of games. People always seem to enjoy the nerdy gamer themes whenever I do them, so why not do one here? I only recently picked up the orange Vita, a Japanese import, and thought this was the perfect opportunity to include it in a set.

Charlee was kicking some ass, so she said, in a fighting game during this set.

Perhaps one of the biggest things you're going to notice with this set is Charlee's short hair. Charlee rarely, if ever, has the same kind of haircut or style from shoot to shoot. She's always changing it and told me before we shot that she had cut it super short. She wasn't kidding, but for some people it just works. For her, it does. For the stocking set prior, obviously, she used a wig that she had brought along, which I also think she looked good wearing.

This gamer themed set I kept totally simple. I told Charlee to just play the game and move about the bed. I rarely, if ever, gave her a pose to strike. I might have said to spread her toes or whatever, but the majority of this set was kept to her playing the game and us in a voyeur role, just admiring her feet. I thought this set lent itself to that kind of tone. When this set is published, you'll see that a good number of the photos don't even have Charlee looking at the camera. That's because she was actually playing "Arcana Heart 3: Love Max!!!!!" and, according to her, kicking ass. 

While she was kicking that ass, I made sure to do a short pause to give Charlee her third foot rub of the day. She smiled and just knew I was going to be pampering her feet all evening. Our shoots have always been that way, honestly. Great photos and lots of time spent by me massaging her feet - something she said she misses being so far away. She also told me, however, that has a friend where she lives who also has a foot fetish. She let him rub her feet, which I gave her a hard time about, playfully, of course. She swears it was only one time, but knowing how much Charlee loves having her feet rubbed, I'm just a little doubtful.

With two sets in the books Charlee looked at her clothing options, grabbed a few things and went into the bathroom. When she came back out, she grabbed the thin sparkly black socks I had brought along, that she absolutely loved. The finishing touch was a pair of purple/pink heels she also packed with her outfits. She pulled both of those on and we got the third set underway.

Charlee loved these sparkly black socks I brought along with me.

Not having a ton of room, we shot our third straight set on the bed. My lights were already set up, so it just worked out nicely for us. She took her place on the bed with both the socks and heels on. That meant in this set they'd all be coming off, instead of putting them on, like in the first set.

Naturally, once those heels came off, I grabbed Charlee's feet again and gave them yet another massage. It wasn't the longest one of the day, but I wanted to feel her feet in those thin socks. I could feel the sparkly material with each press of my fingers. Since these socks were so thin, they honestly felt more like stockings, but with that added gritty feel of the sparkles.

Before wrapping up this third set, Charlee stuck her heels on her bare feet for a few shots as well. I like doing that when I can so that we can get different looks in for people who like different aspects of the fetish. If you like heels with the socks, or heels and bare feet, you can find it in this set. You can also see just the socks, or the socks with the heels. A little bit of everything.

Now it was time for our final set. The messy one that we planned to end the evening because we knew we'd have to clean up afterward. And what would we be cleaning up? Creampie! Yeah, creampie clean up. Banana, to be exact.

Charlee making a mess out of a banana creampie.

For this set we used the bench in front of the large window. We were up on the 12th floor. I wonder if anyone had been watching us all day. If so, they were about to get a real show.

Charlee took her place on the bench and we sat the banana creampie out in front of her feet. We did some barefoot poses so the entire set wouldn't have her feet covered in whipped cream and the banana creampie itself. Again, a little something for everyone as I know food smashing isn't everyone's cup of tea. They're just so fun to do and a lot of people do like it.

Once Charlee got going with the pie, the mess quickly ensued. The pie, however, was still frozen in the middle so smashing it entirely took some work. Still, whipped cream was all over and even made its way onto the bench itself. Good thing the photographer was good at clean up at the conclusion of this one.

With that, we wrapped up the evening and Charlee went and spent some more time with her family. I'm glad she had some time to spare for me and I wish her the best of luck where she's at in life. Hopefully we'll be able to meet up when she visits again. It will be nice to have some extra sets of her in case we don't get to see each other for a while.

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Friday, April 13, 2018

1K Club - Jasey Rae's Footography

In a set with her Harry Potter books and socks, Jasey Rae has now joined the 1K Club.

This year will be the year that the 1K Club (1,000) sees several new members added to its roster. Up until this week, the 1K Club had consisted of 14 models, with Alice being the most recent addition in June 2017 (see blog: "1K Club - Alice's Footography"). On the April 11, 2018 update, Jasey Rae became the 15th member and it's time to celebrate this fun loving friend of mine. 

Jasey is the first of at least four models who will be joining the 1K Club this year. Both Kaycee and Emerald are one set away each. Melani is 189 photos shy, with a ton of content yet to come, so she's a lock too. Those three aren't quite there yet, however. Jasey is. So let's take a quick look at all the models who have joined the 1K Club and where they currently stand with their photo counts: 
  1. Mindee - 4,974 photos
  2. Cierra - 2,439 photos
  3. Layla - 1,942 photos
  4. Jamie - 1,874 photos
  5. Madison - 1,832 photos
  6. Wendy - 1,763 photos
  7. Kellie - 1,740 photos
  8. Kelsey - 1,730 photos
  9. Alice - 1,643 photos
  10. Charlee - 1,622 photos
  11. Kayleigh - 1,434 photos
  12. Abby - 1,380 photos
  13. Jordana - 1,266 photos
  14. Kimmie - 1,220 photos
  15. Jasey Rae - 1,033 photos <---

Now that you have looked over the ever-growing list of 1K Club members, let's talk about Jasey and the footprint that she has left on Soles of Silk since her debut in 2013, shooting her first photos only a few months after her 18th birthday. Had she not been dating someone who didn't like the idea of her modeling, I wholeheartedly believe that she would have been doing it within days of turning the big one-eight, if not on the day of. She really wanted to shoot for me and when she finally did, it was awesome.

Jasey's first shoot showed me that I was going to be dealing with someone who loved being barefoot in front of the camera. She had a blast kicking off her well-worn pink sneakers in her first set, ones that she would often wear to work and that I had seen numerous times. That set, however, also gave me my first taste of another aspect of what it would be like shooting Jasey. That aspect being: teasing. 

During that set some debris had gotten onto her curvy soles and between those plump toes. I brushed them off a few times while shooting as I've done countless times during a set. Then, after the shoot, I offered a foot rub and Jasey told me I already got to touch them for the day. 

I was like, "Umm, I brushed dirt off them."

Jasey nodded her head and said something along the lines of, "Yup. That's all you get."

I was stunned, although I probably shouldn't have been. Over the last few months Jasey had been sending me random photos of her feet, even doing it with the boyfriend in the room or car. She enjoyed knowing that I was at work, laying down to go to bed, about to eat, or whatever, and then boom! Jasey's feet front and center to grab my attention. I love that about her. She has fun and knows how much I adore it.

Sadly, shooting Jasey looked like it was going to be short lived. Her relationship was rekindled with the ex-boyfriend not too long after we shot those sets and she told me she wasn't shooting anymore. I thought her Soles of Silk photo count would stay at 150 and I was truly bummed. Thankfully, that wasn't the case.

Fast forward to the fall of 2015 and Jasey was back in front of my camera, shooting new sets again (see blog: "Monday's Shoot - Jasey Rae"). We got in five amazing sets and I got in one pretty long foot rub to cap it off. More on that in a bit.

Jasey's sets that day were wonderful - some of her best! I knew as soon as I began taking photos that we were in for a great day. We went from spot to spot, getting in three sets pretty quickly, before we traveled to another location for the final two. I was loving every last shot I took that day and couldn't wait to have Jasey back on the site. So many of you loved her in 2013 and had been asking about her ever since. I knew you'd all be happy to have her back. 

On that day, we shot a mutual favorite, the Cock Tease & Cinnaballs, Flip Flops Overlook, Boardwalk Sneakers & Socks, Black Stockings Bay, and Canal Lock Bridge sets. If you're interested in seeing samples from these sets, links will be down below in her footography.

Now, onto my one claim to fame with Jasey's feet. That one foot rub! I'm sure she knew I was going to brag about this (again) and she is probably rolling her eyes reading this now. I had to include it though. It was awesome!

I just went for broke. I didn't ask. I grabbed her feet as she laid before me and I rubbed those oh so tender feet. They were softer than I imagined and those toes just squished between my fingers like warm butter. And oh my, Jasey's toes. How I haven't professed my dying admiration for them yet is beyond me. It's something she's always known I've loved about her feet. She's always quick to make sure to draw attention to that trait too. They are plump little things and she's proud of them!

During the last three years Jasey has steadily shot new content for me. I will admit, however, that I really would have liked to get her in front of my camera a little more often, but sometimes schedules just don't line up. Still, the last few years have yielded some great sets. A team up with Kelsey saw two models, with probably the plumpest toes on the site, paired up. She also did a football themed spoof on Tom Brady, where she over-inflated the balls. Guess she likes keeping them full? Hmm...

One of our more recent sets, one done inside an amusement park, was one that I was looking forward to doing with Jasey ever since her debut. Both of us love roller coasters and have been to a few parks together. When we both set out to a park together with a bunch of coworkers, I grabbed the camera and we went around the park capturing some shots of those little feet in front of some fun rides.

Then there is her Harry Potter Books and Socks set. This set was Jasey's idea all the way. She's a huge Potter fan and I love letting my models include things in their shoots that they enjoy. I even purposely used the set to mark her inclusion into the 1K Club. I knew she'd be "tickled" about that, although not tickled by me. Nope... No touching!

With one set still yet to be published, Jasey's footography is one with a lot of amazing sets that will only get better, I am sure. Before wrapping this up, I leave you a list of all of her sets and samples from each:

As I said above, I really hope to feature Jasey more on the site and ask her here, publicly if we can make that happen. I know all of you would certainly enjoy that too. Your love for her has been constant, as shown by some comments from her most recent samples posted to the Soles of Silk Instagram (@SolesofSilk) account.

eboymcnasty wrote, "Gawd I love this gurl she's so fine and her feet so yummy."

nickjam19 said, "We need to see much more of her and those sexy soles and beautiful feet."

hokie357 did, however, request, "Tell her don't tease...please."

I'm going to say it's a pretty safe bet that your wish is not going to happen, hokie357. I'll go with a 101 percent not going to happen. You, like me, should learn to love it and have it no other way.

Still, Jasey loves all of you and the support you show her. She had this to say in her 1K Club Interview in the members section of Soles of Silk, "Thank you for all of your love and support. It makes shooting so much more worth it."

I can't wait to have Jasey Rae back in front of my camera again in 2018. Although she won't be the first model to shoot this year, something she was in both 2016 and 2017, I still know we can find time to make this year one of her best yet. It'll be a challenge with her impressive resume above, but I think we'll both love the challenge. What do you say, Jasey Rae?

Jasey Rae and I rank this set among some of her best on the site.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Soles of Silk Update - April 11, 2018

This week's update includes the following items

Photos - Jasey Rae reads her Harry Potter books and then tugs off her black shoes and red, Harry Potter socks to reveal her adorable feet that we all love (78 images)

Photos - Jasey Rae prepares to read her Harry Potter books on a stone wall around an old house before we discovered huge spiders near by (11 outtakes)

Videos - Jasey Rae wants you to be captivated by her spell binding feet once she pulls off her shoes and red, Harry Potter socks (187 MB - 1080p HD)

Interviews - 1 new 1K Club interview with Jasey Rae has been added to the Interviews section

Downloads (Avatars) - 1 new avatar of Jasey Rae has been added to the 1K Club Avatars Gallery of the Downloads area

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Soles of Silk Update - April 4, 2018

This week's update includes the following items

Photos - Alice's size 11 feet are bared along the bay on a slightly chilly, windy day (70 images)

Videos - Mindee deserves some rest, but that doesn't mean I'm not filming her sleepy feet while she takes a quick nap (198 MB - 1080p HD)

Downloads (Avatars) - 3 avatars of Jaylee Austin, Layla, and Cierra have been added to The Star Models Avatar Series Gallery of the Downloads area

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Monday, April 2, 2018

Melani's March to 1K - Epilogue

The featured set in this final update of the Melani's March to 1K event.

On March 7, 2018 the first update of "Melani's March to 1K" was published to Soles of Silk. The four week long event saw, for the first time in site history, the same model appear in four consecutive updates.

The idea for this event came to me late last year. I was thinking of a way to get a few extra sets of both Melani and Mindee onto the site in 2018. Melani shot 21 sets for me in 2017. She's been a regular update ever since her April 12, 2017 debut, having 510 photos on the site before this event even began. She now sits at 811, leaving her 189 from joining the 1K Club (1,000 photos). This will make her the fastest model in site history to join the 1K Club. As for Mindee, more on her in a bit.

During these last four weeks, the love for Melani's work has been stated loud and clear. A sample from the set during Week 1 of the event has now become the most liked photo I've published to the site's Instagram account (@SolesofSilk). The sets that followed have been every bit as popular. People continue to share the love for this teenage beauty and her size 6 feet with likes and countless comments.

"Man! Her feet are so nice. Wish I could just worship her feet for hours. She has the softest looking soles, and her toes are just perfect," said Little Feet Lover on the Wu's Feet Links Forum.

"This girl is the best one you have. She is sexy and has nice feet," said @MrSquirrel44 on Instagram.

Melani being people's favorite did not come as a shock to me. I kind of counted on that when I began this event. Right from the start, Melani made people take notice with some memorable sets, including three that I ranked in the top five sets in the blog, "My 10 Favorite Photo Sets of 2017," including the number one set overall.

Don't be surprised if a lot of Melani's sets in 2018 find their way onto this year's Top 10 list as well. The thing is, however, Melani has some upcoming sets that I think are even better than the ones published these last four weeks. That's right, you're haven't seen nothing yet! Did you really think I'd drop all the good stuff on you at one time? Hell no!

How long will you have to wait for Melani's next update? Only time will tell. I do have a bunch of other models to share with you who have also done some great content. You're going to be seeing a lot of that this year as well. There was one model, however, one that I said I'd speak on later, up above, that you might be wondering about. That model is Mindee.

The Melani's March to 1K was originally planned to be Mindee's March to 6K (since she's only 26 photos shy of 5K at this time), but I decided to push Mindee to the month of May. In May you instead experience the event, "May I Have More Mindee?" where Mindee will be the update for five consecutive weeks, including a Mother's Day event where you'll get another set of her with her mom, Shelby. You're welcome!

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