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Soles of Silk Update - December 30, 2015

This week's update includes the following items: Photos  - Kaycee slowly removes her warm feet from a pair of black Mary Janes as she enjoys a day out by the river (79 images) Videos  - Riley pulls off her socks and sneakers before throwing them right at you (149 MB - 1080p HD) Contest  - The Annual Soles of Silk Trivia Contest - 2015 Edition has begun. Be sure to enter for your chance to win free membership time by testing your memory of the things that happened on Soles of Silk throughout 2015. Join   Soles of Silk  today to see this and over 10 years of foot fetish content! You can also find  Soles of Silk  on Social Media &  Wu's Feet Links !         

Soles of Silk's Annual Trivia Contest - 2015 Edition

Deadline:   Sunday, January 31, 2016 To celebrate another year of Soles of Silk, it's time for the Annual Soles of Silk Trivia Contest - a chance for you to win free membership time.  I wish everyone the best of luck! Contest Rules - Copy and paste the questions below into an e-mail with your answers and send them to me at . I will ONLY accept entries via e-mail. If they're sent/posted anywhere else, they will be disregarded. And  PLEASE , include a subject in your e-mail. In past years people have left it blank and they went directly to the spam folder. - There are six levels of questions below. With each level, the questions get tougher and may require that you have had, or have membership access to the site. This is my way of saying thanks to current/past members. Each level of question is also worth more points with the final question being worth a whopping 25 total points - 1/4 of the total possible score of 100 points. - Your answ

My Favorite Photo Sets of 2015

In 2014 I did the first ever Favorite Photo Shoots blog for Soles of Silk, ranking my 10 favorite sets from 2013 (see blog: " My Favorite Photo Sets of 2013 "). It got such good feedback that I decided to make in an annual blog. This is just a fun way for me to look back at some of my favorite sets and recount all the things I loved about each. Now, to be eligible for this listing the set had to be published in 2015 - not necessarily taken in 2015. I shoot so many new sets it's hard to get them all online ASAP. So I'm only counting the ones there were part of an update to the site. I also always leave out Wu's Feet Links feature model sets, so Kaycee's " Dockside Damsel " set is not eligible. Feel free to let me know which sets were your favorites and why. It wasn't easy for me to come up with this list. If you asked me to do it again, I will honestly admit to the fact that it might not come out exactly the same. It's hard to pick favor

3K Club - Mindee's Footography

Mindee posing in front of the world's oldest roller coaster. It was inevitable. Mindee was going to make the 3K Club. Had you have asked me last year if it would have happened in 2015, however, I would have said no. The journey of Mindee getting from 2,000 to 3,000 photos might not have taken long, but it was one with some question marks that made for one heck of a roller coaster ride - pun intended. The first challenge Mindee faced in her climb to 3,000 was moving out of state. At the end of 2014 Mindee informed me that she'd be moving down south. I never got a chance to shoot some "going away" photos with her before she moved either. Even though I had a number of unpublished sets in my possession, I wanted a handful more just to hold me over. Since that didn't happen, I began to publish her sets just a little less frequently than normal. A few months later, Mindee moved back home. Things didn't work out, but like she always does, she made the most o

Soles of Silk Update - December 23, 2015

This week's update includes the following items: Photos  -  Mindee kicks off her Ugg Boots and then gets her feet all tangled up in her Christmas lights as she goes to hang them on the porch (81 images) Videos  - Mindee's size 8 feet are in the middle of some tangled Christmas lights as she tries her best to untangle them (128 MB - 1080p HD) Interviews  -  1 new 3K Club Interview with Mindee has been added to the Interviews section Wu's Feet Links (Interview)  -  1 new interview with Sarah Diavola has been added to the Wu's Feet Links Interviews Blog | Read Interview | Join   Soles of Silk  today to see this and over 10 years of foot fetish content! You can also find  Soles of Silk  on Social Media &  Wu's Feet Links !