Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Fun of Multi-Model Shoots

I shot three sets with Emerald and Mindee together the day this one was done.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Shooting a multi-model is an experience to behold. Getting to see a beautiful barefoot girl before you is a treat, but when you add another model or two... or three, it's something you'll never forget. While coming up with poses isn't always easy, just having that many toes wiggling before you makes it all worth it.

One of my biggest goals when doing the multi-model sets for this site is to have friends pose together. While many of the girls I shoot know each other in some fashion, getting ones who know each other well make a shoot memorable. From the time this site opened, there have been shoots with girls who are close with one another. Madison and Lauryn, who almost became sisters-in-law at the time, kicked off the trend with their Schoolgirl Stockings set. Most recently, Mindee and Emerald have kept it going with the Valentine's Puppies set.

Each one of the sets I've done over the years is always something I walk away having fond memories of. I try my best to relay those memories on each of those sets' gallery pages. I know people like getting right to the pictures, but many of you have told me that you appreciate the behind the scenes information about how the shoots. I think it helps add a little bit of back story and in most cases, testimony about how the shoot went.

Many of the girls on the site have posed in a set with another model - and many of them have done so multiple times. Of the site's current model roster of 72 girls, here is a fun little breakdown of multi-model stats*:
  • There have been 42 total sets featuring multi-models 
  • There have been 28 different groupings of models found in multi-model sets 
  • There have been 2 sets featuring 4 models together 
  • There has been 1 set featuring 3 models together 
  • There have been 39 sets featuring 2 models together 
  • 38 models appear in multi-model sets 
  • 18 models appear in more than 1 multi-model set 
  • 15 models have posed with more than 2 different other models, whether via a single set or multiples 
  • 11 models have posed in a set with either a sister, twin sister, cousin, or sister-in-law 
  • There have been 2 sets of sisters who have posed in multi-model sets: Kellie & Kimmie and Layla & Jaylee Austin 
  • There is 1 set of twin sisters who have posed in multi-model sets: Kellie & Kimmie 
  • There are 3 sets of cousins who have posed together in multi-model sets: Mindee & Marcy, Mindee & Mariah, and Bethany & Natalie 
  • There is 1 set of sisters-in-law who have posed in a multi-model set: Molly & Lauryn 
  • Kimmie has posed in the most multi-model sets on the site with 9 sets 
  • Kellie and Kimmie tied having posed with the most variation of models, each having posed with 6 others 
  • The first and only multi-model set to appear as a Wu's Feet Links Feature Model Gallery was from Soles of Silk, featuring Kellie & Kimmie in a Cheerleader set 
* Counting sets not yet posted and a set that was lost of Mindee with her cousin Mariah from which only a clip exists

It's crazy to think that I've actually shot that many sets featuring more than one girl. Then again, it's also hard to believe that this site went live the final day of 2004. I've been doing Soles of Silk for some time, haven't I?

After doing all the above tallying this column has me a little frazzled. So I'm going to go ahead and end this on a good note. The photos featured at the top and bottom of this column are from unposted sets featuring Mindee & Emerald that were also done on the day of Valentine's Puppies set that was posted with this week's update. Be on the lookout for those and I'd love to hear what models you'd love to see together!

Extra News: I've been pushing really hard to get Kellie and Kimmie back together. Although they've posed for a number for sets together already, it's been years. I'll keep you posted!

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