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15 Year Celebration - The 15 Most Photographed Models (2004-19)

Even though I have been dedicated each and every week to running Soles of Silk for the last 15 years, none of it would have possible without the models who bared their feet for my camera. A total of 108 different models did just that since 2004. As one of the final blogs of the 15 Year Celebration, I want to take a look at the 15 who compiled the most photos on the site over the course of these last 15 years. These are the ones who deserve the most love and attention for all that they have done.  Before getting into the 15 most photographed models, there were three who just missed the cut. A total of 18 models have joined the site's 1K Club (1,000 photo mark). That means by naming the 15 most photographed, three would be left off the list. I wanted them still featured here nonetheless as their contributions have all been amazing to Soles of Silk. Honorable Mentions:   Emerald (1,170),  Kimmie (1,220), &  Jordana (1,266) Now, onto the 15 models who make up The 1

15 Year Celebration - 15 of the Site's Most Unique Sets (2004-19)

In 15 years I have been able to shoot some amazing sets. I just recently published the blog, " 15 Year Celebration - My 15 All-Time Favorite Sets (2004-19) ," but in this blog I want to look at some of the more unique sets to ever appear on Soles of Silk . What constitutes as unique? Well, anything really. Maybe it is a setting, or a theme. Perhaps a model duo or trio that I never thought I'd feature on my site. Or maybe it's just something no other set on the site has done, thus making it unique. Just like my list of all-time favorites, I had a lot of sets to choose from to make this one. I think this list was a little easier to do, but some sets did just miss the cut. Here are a few honorable mentions to kick things off: Honorable Mentions:   Kayleigh - After School Feet (2012 - Wu's Feet Links Feature ), Kayleigh - Amusement Park Rides (January 5, 2011), and Alice - Shark Bites (July 26, 2017) Now, let's take a look at the 15 sets that I

15 Year Celebration - My 15 All-Time Favorite Sets (2004-19)

This list was one of the hardest things I ever had to do for Soles of Silk . Trying to come up with my annual favorite sets lists is hard enough, but doing one for all 15 years of the site's existence... Yeah, not easy! When I first sat down to create this list, my first idea was to rank the number one sets from each year against one another. The more and more I thought about it, however, the less that made sense. Some years I had a bunch of really strong sets that I absolutely loved. Other years, especially some of the site's earliest, I don't feel as strongly about. So a second or third place set from one year might be better in my eyes than first place sets from other years. With that being said, I decided to go ahead and open it up to all of the sets on the site, including Wu's Feet Links feature sets. In my annual blogs I never include a Wu's Feet Links feature. It's just something I've never done, feeling that I try to always go above and beyond w