Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Soles of Silk Update - August 28, 2019

This week's update includes the following items

Photos - REMAKE: Mindee & Melani are back together again, this time squishing some Playdoh at the playground in a remake of Mariah's 2013 Playground Doh set (65 images)

Videos - Mindee & Melani press their perfect feet into some colorful Playdoh, smashing it into the pavement (180 MB - 1080p HD)

Downloads (Avatars) - 3 new avatars of Alice, Rose, and Camille have been added to the Celebrating 15 Years Avatar Series of the Downloads section

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Monday, August 19, 2019

Soles of Silk Update - August 21, 2019

This week's update includes the following items

Photos - Reagan kicks off her flip flops on a muggy day after a storm passed through at a botanical garden (57 images)

Videos - Audrey & Bria are sisters and have the same feelings toward small little pink things and let us know exactly what those feelings are (204 MB - 1080p HD)

Interviews - 1 new 15th Anniversary Interview where Leah interviews me has been added to the Interviews section

Downloads (Avatars) - 2 new avatars of Felicia and Bridgette have been added to the Celebrating 15 Years Avatars Series of the Downloads section

* This week's update was added two days early because I will be out of town until the end of the week.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Soles of Silk Update - August 14, 2019

This week's update includes the following items

Photos - Alice joins the site's 2K Club with a 15th Anniversary Remake of Mileena's 2012 Western Maryland Railroad Station set (92 images)

Videos - Alice's big feet are front and center... and a bit dirty too as she bare them to you while sitting at the back of a bright red caboose (184 MB - 1080p HD)

Downloads (Avatars) - 1 new avatar of Alice has been added to the 2K Club Avatars Series of the Downloads section

Downloads (Avatars) - 3 new avatars of Bobbie, Kaycee, and Reagan have been added to the Celebrating 15 Years Avatars Series of the Downloads section

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2K Club - Alice's Footography

This week's set puts Alice into the 2K Club and is also a 15th Anniversary Remake.

Just seven days ago Soles of Silk saw it's third model enter the elusive 2K Club (2,000 photos). Charlee, after debuting in 2009, joined both Cierra and Mindee as the only models to accomplish this feat. Well, just one week later, those three members become four. Let's welcome Alice and her size 11 feet into the 2K Club.

Debuting only four years ago, on May 6, 2015, Alice joins this club faster than any model previously has. Until this week, the fastest to enter the 2K Club was Cierra, who did so in seven years time from 2004-11. I'd say this was no small feat for Alice, but I'm sure everyone would easily see through that pun... Get it "no small feat" and Alice has size 11 feet? I digress...

This isn't the first time this has happened either. On the June 7, 2017 update, Alice became the site's 14th member of the 1K Club, doing so just two years after her debut. She is also the fastest to join that club as well. If you'd like to take a look at all the amazing sets Alice up to the point of joining the 1K Club, check out the blog, "1K Club - Alice's Footography." 

This blog is heavily lean toward the 1,000 photos that have come since Alice's inclusion into the 1K Club. But first, let's take a look at how Alice stacks up among all the site's models in total photo count:
  1. Mindee - 6,623
  2. Cierra - 2,484
  3. Alice - 2,056 <---
  4. Charlee - 2,040 
  5. Layla - 1,942
  6. Kelsey - 1,889
  7. Madison - 1,874
  8. Jamie - 1,874
  9. Wendy - 1,763
  10. Kellie - 1,740
  11. Kayleigh - 1,434
  12. Kaycee - 1,411
  13. Abby - 1,380
  14. Jasey Rae - 1,308
  15. Jordana - 1,266
  16. Melani - 1,240
  17. Kimmie - 1,220
  18. Emerald - 1,170
It really goes without say how much time Alice has spent in front of my camera over the last four years. I truly believe it was the second set that she ever shot that we both knew we'd be doing a lot more photos. What set was that, you ask? Well, it's one of her all-time favorites - the one that saw her in my car with some McDonald's chicken nuggets and cheeseburgers. She was having a blast shoving the food between her feet and chowing down in the background. As the photographer, I was just loving all the fun she was having with the set. Read the blog, "Monday's Shoot - Alice (New Model)" for a stroll down memory lane with her debut.

"At first, I was super nervous, but after the first few pictures, I was starting to love it. The chicken nuggets set was when I was definitely comfortable with being in front of the camera. I had so much fun, and you always make me laugh and you're very easy to be around," Alice said in her Big Feet Interview a few years ago.

Now, here we are four years later and Alice's big feet are still all over Soles of Silk. Admittedly, we have not shot any new photos this year, but that is mostly due to my horrible work schedule. We shot so many sets over these last few years, however, that I have had no problem regularly publishing one to the site for all of you Alice fans out there. Still, Alice and I keep saying that we have to find some time soon for new photos. That's something I'll never turn down, obviously.

Here is a listing of all those sets of Alice's which have been published since she joined the 1K Club in 2017. There's some awesome sets to behold, just as there were in the first 1,000. Alice truly is a gem and has done some of my all-time favorite sets over the years, including the following:

The first three sets you see on the list above came from our infamous day at the beach. There was a fourth set that saw her in the ocean surf wearing a shirt that read, "Eat Me Wet," as well, but that set was the one that she picked to put her into the 1K Club. All four of those sets are some of my favorite shoots on the site, hands down. For all of them to come from the same day is just nuts. I can honestly say, I've probably have never had a finer day of shooting.

Among those beach sets is my all-time favorite set that I've ever shot, "The SK8R Gal Who Wears Size 11 Skates" Wu's Feet Links Feature set. I shot the set almost a full year before it was set to be published. I knew I had an amazing set on my hands, but I didn't want people to see it so soon. When I sat down to write the blog for that day, "Sunday's Shoot - Alice," I came up with an idea. I would hide the teaser shot behind 50 blurry panels. With 50 weeks before the set would be published, I would remove one panel each week leading up to the set going live. It would be a slow, grueling tease. Just how Alice wanted it! You can also see the finished teaser image, with each piece that was revealed by taking a look at the blog, "Weekly Teaser - Alice's 2017 Wu's Feet Links Feature."

Even though that day at the beach resulted in some of my favorite photos, that day certainly wasn't a surprise. Alice has constantly had her photos sets rank in my annual end of the year favorite listing ever since her debut. Look at all the sets she'd had appear since her debut*:
  • 2015: Gazing at the Gamer Girl (5th)
  • 2016: Gummi Dicks (5th), BFFs w/ Camille (4th)
  • 2017: Fourth of July Weiner Fest (4th)
  • 2018: I Hold the Key w/ Mindee (2nd)

* I do not include Wu's Feature sets on these lists.

At this rate, I would fully expect to see Alice's name on the 2019 list as well, and probably multiple times. She already has some awesome sets published this year, with a few more yet to come. As long as she keeps shooting, I don't see a reason why she won't be a regular guest among those annual blogs. She just does an amazing job whenever we shoot. 

I'm lucky to have someone as awesome as Alice as a model for this site, but even luckier to be able to call her a friend. Every time we get together, it's always a good time and I care a little less about the things in the world that are bothering me. She inspires me to be creative and embrace things that I enjoy. It feels nice that I have also inspired those things in her and I can't wait to see what we're able to do in the years to come for Soles of Silk.

"You opened my eyes to the fetish world. I didn't know there were so many fetishes and it made me think about how I shouldn't be embarrassed about what I like." Alice said in her 15 Years My Memories Interview.

That makes me feel good and I hope she knows how much I adore her for helping me realize the beauty and the power of her big feet. 

I'm looking forward to sharing this set of Alice's sweaty feet soon.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Monday's Shoot - Jasey Rae

Have you ever seen segment in the 1966 Batman film where Adam West utters the line, "Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb?" If you haven't, please watch the scene below before proceeding. It's only 2 minutes, 32 seconds long, but fits into the narrative of this blog.

So you're probably asking me why I had you watch this infamous clip from the hokey 1960's Batman film. Well, it's because I felt like Batman while out trying to shoot with Jasey Rae on Monday. We didn't have a bomb, but we did have some "bomb" feet, if you will, and we couldn't seem to display them for the camera at any place that we tried for a good hour and a half.

Not wanting to spend the entire day shooting, and wanting to stay local, Jasey and I made our way over to a park that I've used a few times. We wanted to shoot three sets, including one where she would wear a dress with some heels and stockings. That set was up first as the location I had in mind would work nicely with it.

As Jasey finished up getting dressed in the parking lot, a park employee began driving his truck around the park. He stopped in the area we thought about shooting and he didn't move for a good while. We tried to wait him out in the car, but he didn't seem in a hurry to leave. I didn't want the hassle of him watching or questioning us about what we were doing, so we decided to try another spot not too far away for one of the other sets.

A few minutes later we pulled into a nature preserve that I've had some good luck using in the past. Since this location wouldn't match the dress, heels, and stockings look, however, Jasey would need to change. I parked the car not once, not twice, but three times. Each time I tried to park, someone ran over to a car, came out of their car and hung around, or came and parked right by us. Finally, after moving multiple times, we were in a spot where Jasey could change comfortably without someone a few feet away.

Finally! It was time to shoot. We walked out of the car and down to the nature center. There is a path leading out of the center and down to a bridge over the mouth of a river. We were planning on using that bridge as our location. I said "were planning" because the shoot didn't happen.

When we came upon the nature center, the doors opened and a bunch of kids and park staff members came out. There was some kind of children's group at the center and they were headed the way we planned on going. Welp... scratch location number two!

Driving away, I told Jasey to just stay in the casual outfit. I pitched the idea of a nearby school that might work for something casual. It's a newer school, and although I had never been there, I figured the landscaping might be nice. We made our way there to find the parking lot full of cars. I even drove around to back to see if there was anything there. There was literally nothing out back except some overflow trailers. I wanted to bang my head against the steering wheel. Little did I know, however, that we were only halfway through our adventure to find a spot to shoot.

Frustrated at this point, I had an idea. A spot I had used a few years ago wasn't too far away and features multiple areas were we could sit down and shoot. It has a few bridges, including a covered one, an old mill, the river, a blacksmith shop, a barn, and several other old style spots. Jasey sounded excited about my idea, so we made our way there.

Now, I've used this place a handful of times. Never has there been more than two or three cars on the entire parking lot, which isn't that big to begin with. Well, on Monday there wasn't a spot to be had and people were sitting around everywhere!

"What the hell?" Jasey said. "Are people off work for some holiday, or something today?"

"I don't know. I don't know where to shoot, or if we figure out a place, if it'll just be like all these others," I replied.

"What about the place we passed on the way up?" Jasey inquired.

What Jasey was asking about was some kind of rec center that we passed on the way to our last location. I pulled over next to it to put an address into the GPS, but in all honesty, it didn't look like much. At this point, however, we made our way back toward the ball fields to see what we could get.

When we arrived, low and behold, no one was there. Why? Well, because nothing was really there. A concrete path went through the overgrown grass. A gazebo stood out in the middle of the field, but it had no place to sit and looked like it had seen better days. This park looked like it was in the midst of being renovated. There was even a massive pile of mulch laying in the parking lot. We didn't see anywhere to shoot, so we were left in the car speechless.

I pulled up the Google Maps app on my phone and began swiping around. I saw a waterfront park that I've used years ago that was about 10 minutes away from our location. At this point, what did we have to lose? I knew the area was large, so even if some people were around, perhaps we could shoot away from them. So back to our journey!

This is where those "bomb" feet of Jasey's finally were able to be put on full display. We pulled in and to the immediate right was some boat ramps. I drove past them, saying we should definitely shoot a set over there. First, however, I wanted to drive to the back end of the park and see how crowded that was. Luckily for us, only a few cars were at the park. We had finally found our spot. I drove us back to the front of the park so we could do our first set on the boat ramps.

It took us a while, but Jasey Rae finally got to shoot her first set of the day.

For the first set of the day, Jasey began with her feet inside her sneakers and white ankle socks. A lot of my sets feature models wearing sneakers without socks, so this one featured both. I know a lot of you will enjoy that.

As we were shooting this set, a boat pulled up to ramp. Several people were trying to get their boat out of the water, but seemed to run into some kind of issue. Jasey and I didn't give a crap though and we kept shooting. We claimed our spot and they weren't right over top of us or anything. I really didn't care at this point if they saw me taking photos of her adorable feet. Oh wait, "bomb" feet, for keeping with today's theme.

We managed to finish our entire shoot before they were able to get their boat out of the water. Who knows what was going wrong, but it seemed like something was broken. You can probably hear them talking about it in the video clip we shot. Yeah, we shot one even with them right there. We just didn't care.

With the first set of the day in the books, we were so happy. We had already discussed just shooting two sets on the day since we were running behind. Both of us have been working a lot and had some other plans slated for the evening. I promised Jasey, however, that we would certainly be meeting back up for that stocking and heel set, along with some others again, probably in September. For today though, another casual set would make the day still worth all we went through.

More socks and footwear for all you Jasey Rae fans out there.

In the bag of clothing Jasey brought with her, she had a top and some boots that she wanted to wear if we had a location that would work. Well, we did. Even though it would be a second waterfront set with shoes and socks, I was all for it. The background was vastly different on the opposite side of the park and I thought it just fit her attire nicely. Plus, how could I turn down Jasey's little feet in sweating in those boots?

We managed to get about 90 percent of this set in before we had some people come down and sit down right where we were trying to shoot. Normally, like with the boat ramp group, I'd just keep shooting. This group, however, was a woman with three young kids. Even though I'm not shooting anything vulgar, I always back off when kids come around. They, however, just wouldn't leave!

I told Jasey to stick her feet out straight and I managed to grab a bunch of feet only shots and poses that wouldn't scream that I was pointing the camera at her feet. We finished up the set and I elected not to try to push for a video clip since it looked like the woman and the kids were trying to win the waiting game between us.

With two sets down, it was time to head back home. We stopped for food on the way and then stopped behind a massive truck coming off the highway that shut down traffic for over half an hour. We were literally 20 feet away from the exit, but couldn't go anywhere until this over-sized truck did its thing. Oh well, at least we didn't have to deal with it earlier in the day. I might have went off the deep end had that been the case!

Even with all that happened to start and finish this day, shooting Jasey was pure pleasure. She's always been super fun to shoot and hang out with for the day. I treasure any opportunity I get to shoot with her and am glad we've gotten to shoot seven sets so far in 2019. Those seven won't be the last either as we still have that stockings and heels set we want to do, along with some team ups with Alice! I really can't wait to make those happen!

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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Soles of Silk Update - August 7, 2019

This week's update includes the following items

Photos - Charlee joins the site's 2K Club in fashion by pulling on her classic pair of reinforced stockings that look so good on her size 7.5 feet (64 images)

Videos - Charlee pulls off her reinforced stockings to bare her precious slender soles for all to see (182 MB - 1080p HD)

Downloads (Avatars) - 1 new avatar of Charlee has been added to the 2K Club Avatars Series of the Downloads section

Downloads (Avatars) - 2 new avatars of Megan Jones and Lela Beryl have been added to the Celebrating 15 Years Avatars Series of the Downloads section

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2K Club - Charlee's Footography

This week's set sees Charlee enter the 2K Club (2,000 photos).

It has been more than five years since the last model on the site has joined the 2K Club (2,000 photos). Mindee was the last to accomplish that feat back in January of 2014. She and Cierra, the first model to enter the 2K Club in December 2011, were the only two models in this elusive club until this week. Only 18 models have even hit the 1K mark, which is just under 17 percent of the entire model roster of the site. Less than 2 percent have reached 2K. That is all about to change, however.

Over the next two weeks, the elusive 2K Club will double in size from two to four. This week, Charlee, who debuted back in September 2009, becomes the third member of the site's 2K Club. Next week, Alice who debuted in May 2014 will become the fourth. This particular blog will focus on Charlee and her last 1,000 photos published to the site. I will do another entry focusing on Alice next week.

On July 10, 2013, a little less than four years after her debut, Charlee became the 10th member of the site's 1K Club. I knew she'd have no problem reaching the 1K Club with the pace at which we shot photos early on. Charlee took a liking to shooting with me, as well as the fun and interesting places we would visit during the course of her sets. She was also a huge fan of the foot rubs I'd constantly give her precious feet.

"I love your foot rubs!" Charlee said in her Return to Soles of Silk Interview.

Naturally, I love them too and when I asked her who she thinks loves them more, she replied, "You, clearly!"

When Charlee's feet aren't in my hands, my camera usually is. After all, you have enjoyed her work going on 10 years now. It took Charlee a total of 15 sets to reach the 1K mark. For a look back at those 15 sets, I'd like to encourage you to read the blog, "1K Club - Charlee's Footography." She's come a long way since then, so comparing where she was then to where she is now in this blog, should be quite interesting.

As it currently sits, Charlee is now the site's third most photographed model on the site, as far as published photos are concerned. This may change next week when Alice joins her in the 2K Club, but for this week at least, Charlee currently sits third among all models. Here is how all the models with at least 1,000 photos stack up:
  1. Mindee - 6,623
  2. Cierra - 2,484
  3. Charlee - 2,040 <---
  4. Alice - 1,964
  5. Layla - 1,942
  6. Kelsey - 1,889
  7. Madison - 1,874
  8. Jamie - 1,874
  9. Wendy - 1,763
  10. Kellie - 1,740
  11. Kayleigh - 1,434
  12. Kaycee - 1,411
  13. Abby - 1,380
  14. Jasey Rae - 1,308
  15. Jordana - 1,266
  16. Melani - 1,240
  17. Kimmie - 1,220
  18. Emerald - 1,170
I am currently sitting on a handful of sets with Charlee that will only see that number continue to grow. Although she lives several states away at this time, I still believe that she will eventually surpass Cierra, since Cierra has not shot any new content since 2015. Charlee always finds a way to meet up with me every so often - usually when she comes back to this region to visit family. This week's set with the reinforced heel and toe stockings (above) is from one of those times where she did just that.

Speaking of Charlee's sets, it's about time we looked at the ones she's had published to the site since joining the 1K Club. Just like with the 1K Club, it took Charlee 15 more sets to raise her photo count by another 1,000. This week's update marks the 30th set featuring Charlee and those lovely size 7.5 feet. Here's a look at her last 15:

Throughout the last 15 sets of Charlee's published to Soles of Silk, some of them have really stuck out as some of her best. Her Bright Yellow Heels set even appeared at number nine on, "My Favorite Sets of 2018" at the end of last year. That one is just an all around favorite of mine when it comes to Charlee. Things just clicked with that set.

One of the ones she was most looking forward to seeing published to the site was published in October 2018 too. It was another favorite of mine, and one of three amazing sets we did on the day. That set was the Orange Crush soda and licorice set.

"[I'm looking forward to] the Orange Crush set because how many people can say they got to pour soda on their feet for fun and didn't get in trouble for it?" she said, also in her Return to Soles of Silk Interview.

The third set shot that same day was the 3 Sets of Kicks set. Watching her pull on various sneakers, without socks, was just amazing. You all know how much I enjoy sneakers and no socks, so seeing Charlee do that over and over and over again with different shoes was certainly something I enjoyed.

I can honestly say that Charlee could have easily joined the 2K Club much sooner. As many of you are aware, whenever I know I won't be seeing a model for a while, I tend to spread out her updates over greater periods of time so that I don't publish them all and have nothing left of her. I have done that with Charlee, to some extent over the last couple of years. I've tried to bank as many sets of her as I can because of us not getting together as much as we used to.

With all that said, it still goes without saying that Charlee has been one of my favorite models to shoot over the years. Any chance I can get, even with the distance that is now between us, I try to take it and shoot some amazing photos with her. She always inspires me to be creative, even on the days where I just am not feeling it. I always have fun with her, shooting the shit, going on little excursions, and just doing what friends do. I can't thank her enough for these last 10 years of photos and I'm glad to see her entering the 2K Club. 

If I have it my way, I'll be back in a few more years writing about Charlee entering the 3K Club. She's someone I've always depended on and I'm glad she decided to give this a try back in 2009. With that, I leave you with a preview of a set of hers slated to be published later this year. It's a 15th Anniversary Remake set of none other than Alice's 2016 Gummi Dicks Size Tease set. How appropriate since Alice will join her next week in this 2K Club? That's what you call a segue...

Charlee has plenty of sets on the way, including an anniversary remake.

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