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Soles of Silk Update - December 5, 2018

This week's update includes the following items

Photos - Mindee kicks off her sneakers at another amusement park and shows off her lovely bare soles in front of some roller coasters and even while riding the ferris wheel (46 images)

Videos - Mindee squishes the eggplant plushie under her powerful size 8 feet and makes it go boing! (206 MB - 1080p HD)

Interviews - 1 6K Club Interview with Mindee has been added to the Interviews section

Downloads - The 6K Club Series avatars page has been added to the Downloads section

Downloads (Avatars) - 1 new avatar of Mindee has been added to the 6K Club Series page of the Downloads section

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6K Club - Mindee's Footography

Three things I love: Mindee, feet, & roller coasters.

I'm so lucky. I really am. One of my best friends just so happens to have two of the cutest damn feet around. She just also happens to be one of the sweetest, yet strongest women I know. I love her for all she's done for Soles of Silk, but it goes way beyond that.

In the past I have called Mindee my muse. For those who do not know, a muse is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as, "a person who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist." Mindee is indeed, my muse - no mistaking that. This is why she now finds herself entering the 6K Club only seven months after joining the 5K Club back in May. 

Mindee has been on a tear with raising her photo count in recent years, and with about 2,000 still unpublished photos sitting on this hard drive, she's not going to be slowing down anytime soon. And oh yeah, we're talking about getting together to do so more soon! She learned that Esmerelda surpassed her this week year for the most photo sets shot in 2018 and she wants to edge her out before the year comes to a close. Oh Mindee...

So, what is it about Mindee that inspires me? Well, as the second sentence of this blog states, she has two of the cutest feet I've seen. That's not an exaggeration either! I have had a fondness for Mindee's feet even prior to her first shoots in 2004. That's what happens when you wear flip flops around me. I tend to look. So yeah, I looked a time or two (dozen... okay, hundred) at Mindee's feet and knew I liked them. That's why I asked her to shoot in the first place. I would have never guessed back then just how much time I'd spend before those precious size 8's.

As it has been stated many times over at this point, Mindee was not keen on the idea of shooting for me when I first asked. Now, however, she'll ask me when we're shooting, or ride my ass if someone shoots more sets than her, as I mentioned above. So how did she go from being camera shy to being a fixture in front of my camera lens?


That's honestly the answer. It's not money. It's not some desire for the spotlight (okay, maybe a little bit, sorry Mindee). It's our friendship. The woman above those slender ankles has won me over like no other. She's someone I can go to with anything and she's always there. She will find time between being a mom, a wife, a babysitter, her job, and the 25 other things she has going on at any given time for me. We're not even talking the site here. Not all of my most memorable times with Mindee involve me having a camera pointed at her. 

Obviously, a lot of my memories with Mindee have been made because of this site, but it's much deeper than that. I guess I can thank this site though for giving me even more time with such an amazing woman. And speaking of time spent together, these sets make countless hours of it, moving Mindee up to the 6K mark:

In those 15 sets above, there are so many times I'll never forget. Shooting Mindee with her mom, Shelby... How cool is that? Heading out of state to visit some amusement parks and doing some shoots... That's combining two of my biggest passions. But even the more low key meet ups make me smile and I'd do them every week if I could. Something as simple as the set of Mindee in her own bedroom doing laundry was great. We took some wonderful photos and we got to spend time together. That's what I like most about shooting with Mindee - that time together.

As I mentioned throughout this blog, this all has been going on for years. Below you can find past blogs about all the shoots Mindee has done and how much they have meant to me. They're worth a look as Mindee has continued to go above and beyond since that summer of 2004 when I began planning Soles of Silk:

I could go into so much more detail about each and every shoot in Mindee's journey from 5,000 - 6,000, but I've detailed them each and every shoot in blogs that you can find here, on the Soles of Silk Blog. I encourage you to go back and really see all the wonderful stuff she's been a part of. I'm just so glad that she's a part of my life. I can't wait to catch up soon, Mindee. Thanks for everything you've done and continue to do!

Mindee teaming up w/ another one of my muses, Alice... Keeping me locked up too!

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Monday, December 3, 2018

Sunday's Shoot - Esmerelda & Egypt (New Model)

It was Wednesday night, November 28, 2018 and I was at work. I received a text message from Esmerelda saying that she was going to be in Virginia for a few days. She was hoping I'd be able to meet up, even if it wasn't for photos. Back in August I met up with and shot her first photos for Soles of Silk and we hit it off right away (see blog: "Sunday's Shoot - Esmerelda"). She's a sweetheart.

I wasn't able to respond until late, but we did talk a little about meeting up. We ultimately decided on Sunday, December 2, 2018, but not exactly on what we'd be doing. I guess it was a good thing because what ended up happening was not at all planned until the very last second - even with part of it decided on that day itself.

While I was watching Esmerelda's social media, I saw that she had done some photos with a model I hadn't worked with named Egypt. The two of them shot some photos for Gary Hollywood, who many of you are familiar with. I am leaving all of their social media contact information at the conclusion of this blog. 

Anyhow, I loved the photos the three of them did together and I thought that Esmerelda's and Egypt's feet looked so good together. I was hoping that Esmerelda might be able to reach out to her and see if she'd be interested in shooting with her again when I came down on Sunday. Luckily for me, she was!

Esmerelda was staying at an Airbnb during her stay and I arrived at noon. I began setting up my lights and we caught up with one another for a bit. Just as we were about to begin our set, Egypt arrived. The two of us were introduced and then talked as Esmerelda shot her first set - one that featured baby oil, and man, her feet looked adorable all slick and shiny.

Esmerelda's feet look so nice coated in baby oil.

The first time Esmerelda and I shot, we were shooting all of our sets outdoors, until the police were called on us and we ended up shooting our final set at her hotel. With it being December, we were definitely shooting inside on this go around. I decided to keep the theme simple and that's how the baby oil came into play. I had a bottle with me and it's a popular request. I thought all the members who are into baby oil sets would probably enjoy seeing that.

By time we finished, we didn't have enough time to shoot Egypt's planned sneakers set. That turned out to be a bit of a blessing, however. Esmerelda had an hour long shoot with another photographer that day as well. Originally, I had told Esmerelda I would step out for that hour so she could maximize her time in Virginia. With Egypt now in involved, I didn't have to sit around. As a matter of fact, it allowed us to go out shopping for the two girl set. We needed some props, so we had an hour to go get lost to find them.

While Egypt and I were shopping, we walked past a bunch of Christmas clothing. We looked at each other and had the same idea. Scrap the sneaker set (save it for later, of course) and do one for Christmas instead. I told her she'd make for a great gift for the fans. I love debuting a new model with a holiday themed set and this just so happened to work out perfectly. When we finished shopping, we made our way back to Esemerelda's Airbnb to shoot that Christmas set. 

Egypt is might not be into the giving spirit this Christmas by the looks of it.

Esmerelda had just wrapped things up, so Egypt and I got underway. Egypt threw on Christmas attire (she really loved the "Ho" pants and antlers), and then had a field day. At her disposal in this set were a bunch of candy canes - some big, some small, and even one huge, as well as a bunch of blue Christmas bulbs. Hmm... No comment.

As had been the case all day to this point, we began chatting while shooting and realized how late it was getting. None of us were upset though because we were all enjoying each other's company. Still, we needed to get the set done because none of us had eaten all day and I had promised the girls to take them out for dinner. Guess that two girl set would have to wait. Plus, Egypt and I forgot to grab the matching shirts during our shopping excursion.

I won't bore you with details of dinner as I know none of you are here to know about what we ate. I mean, had the girls stepped in the food, I'd be telling you all about it. It was a normal dinner though, then out to get the shirts, and then time for the finale.

There was no way I was going to miss out on shooting Esmerelda and Egypt together during this visit. They have great chemistry and I already knew how great they looked together. I knew this was going to be a blast. We were all having so much fun all day long - and we had spent the entire day together.

The theme of the set? A pillow fight! 

Watching these two beat each other with pillows was so fun!

I picked this theme for a specific reason - one I will share on the January 2, 2019 update. Just trust me when I say that you're going to enjoy what I have planned. This set is going to be a part of something big.

The set itself was such a hoot to shoot. The three of us got sidetracked so many times as the girls were beating the hell out of each other with the pillows and making the other smell their slippers. I had to keep telling them to hold a pose because they just went at it. It was such a fun time though and I know this set is going to be one people enjoy. I wonder what the owners of the Airbnb thought about all the noises coming from the basement?

Needless to say, cleaning up a room full of feathers was not fun afterwards, but that's the price of creativity. I know both Esmerelda and Egypt loved shooting this set and adored the previews on the camera as we reviewed them together. I know people are here to check out pretty female feet, but the artist in me loves when I can add that creative side to the sets.

Once we had Esmerelda's room put back together and my equipment put away, we hung around and made some small talk for a few hours. Eventually, however, I was feeling a little drained and we all parted way. It was a long day, but awesome day. I didn't get home until 4:30 a.m. on Monday. That's why this blog wasn't posted until today.

In closing, I'm so happy that all these last minute plans came together so nicely. Both ladies are tremendous to hang out and shoot with. Esmerelda has been a welcome addition to the site since her August 15, 2018 debut. I know Egypt will be as well. Her debut set for the December 19, 2018 update, so you'll just have to wait for this amazing present!

Social Media Contacts:
Esmerelda - Instagram: @FootChick, Twitter: @FootChick1
Egypt - Instagram: @Egypt6894, Twitter: @EgyptTheGoddess
Gary Hollywood - Instagram: @GaryHollywood, Twitter: @MrHollywood95

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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Soles of Silk Update - November 28, 2018

This week's update includes the following items

Photos - Emerald pulls off the most colorful sandals that I have ever shot in a set and attracts the attention of not only myself, but a nearby moth who wouldn't leave her feet alone (61 images) |View Sample|

Videos - Ava's big size 9 feet take a lot of baby oil to completely cover them from heel to toe, so it's a good thing she had an entire bottle to do so (180 MB - 1080p HD)

Downloads (Avatars) - 4 new avatars of Jamie, Emerald, Felicia, and Lela Beryl have been added to the Star Models Avatars page of the Downloads section

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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Models I Miss - Chloe

"This guy at school always has his eyes down, looking at mine and my friend's feet. So we rub them together and he just looks at us and smiles."
- Chloe: Introductory Interview

Welcome to the sixth entry into the Models I Miss series here on the Soles of Silk Blog. This blog series focuses on some of my former models who have either stopped modeling, moved, or are just someone I've lost touch with. In this installment, I focus on Chloe and her ever so soft, soles.

Back in June of 2005, only six months after the site launched, Chloe and her friend, Meagan, shot their first ever photos for the site. It would be Meagan's only time, but for the next few years, Chloe was one of my regular models. She accumulated 547 photos throughout nine sets. She also managed to do two multi-models sets along the way. The first was with her friend, Meagan, and the second, was a Christmas Cookies themed set with Kimmie.

Like many of my coworkers and friends, Chloe actually came to me about shooting. She knew that some of our other coworkers, like Kimmie and her twin sister, Kellie, were shooting and wanted to do know if I'd like to have her size 8.5 feet on the site as well. Naturally, I said yes.

Although Chloe never reached the 1K Club (1,000 photos), I feel like she made a really big impact over the three years she shot for me. She had some amazing sets along the way too. Two of her sets make it into my annual Top 10 Favorite Photo Sets blog series, with one placing ninth in 2005 and one placing second in 2007.

One thing people always said about Chloe's photos was that she always looked like she was having fun. This has been true about many of my friends/models over the years, and Chloe was no exception. Being such good friends, Chloe and I would go out and do little excursions from time to time. We took the camera along a few times, but other times, we just shot at her place. Some of her best photos were in her bedroom and one particular messy one was in her kitchen.

Chloe's feet were such a mess in this shoot.

Another "perk" of our friendship, if you will, was all the time I spent rubbing her pillowy soft feet. Her thick soles and plump toes were something many of you loved and I always vouched for them being every bit as soft as they looked. The spent many hours being massaged by yours truly.

Eventually Chloe went on to find another job. We remained friends, but found ourselves talking with each other less and less. My intention was to keep on shooting her, naturally, but as life goes, sometimes you lose touch with people. 

Although many new models have come along since Chloe's last update in 2008, I still get asked about her from time to time. People would love to see her come back to do even just one more set. Naturally, I'd never turn that down, if we could make it happen.

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