Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Random Thoughts - August 2009

Cierra and I shot on one of the hottest days that I can remember to do this football set.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Man was it flippin' hot out this weekend! I found this out the hard way when Cierra and I took a trip downtown to do this year's Ravens themed set for the site. Now, before I have to hear about how you're team's better, just look above and think about Cierra's feet stuck in a pair of Converse All Stars and socks on a day that reached 97 degrees. Furthermore, we all know how much her feet can sweat when it's cold outside, let alone just under 100 degrees. Now who's really thinking about sweaty guys playing sports?

So, what's on the horizon for Soles of Silk? Well, this week was supposed to have a new model shown in the coming soon previews, but with Monday actually being hotter than it was on Cierra's shoot on Sunday, we decided to try shooting another day. I really can't wait to debut this girl as she's only 18 and will bring a little bit of much needed diversity to this site. We have a couple of ideas planned for our shoot when we get together, so be on the lookout for Charlee's debut.

After August 17 I'll be able to add another new model to the site. This girl is Serbian and is ready to pose. She has mentioned ideas to me at work. And to make the deal even better, her older sister wants to pose too. Her sister is 19 and I've been friends with both sisters for a couple of years now. I would have asked the older sister last year, but I had a feeling that she wouldn't be interested. I was wrong because she approached me a few weeks ago about wanting to pose. Be on the lookout for both sisters soon. And yes, I plan on shooting them together to add the third set of sisters to the site along with Kimmie and Kellie, and Layla and Jaylee.

While on the subject of Kellie, she has been quite busy with school, but we talk about shoot ideas every chance we can get. I playfully made her list of about 10 photo shoot themes that we have to get together to do sometime soon. She told me she has a few hours coming up in about a week and we're planning on trying to squeeze in a set or two. I would really like to get with her for a day and do a bunch, but I suggested that we squeeze in a few here and there to get some of these ideas done. Plus, I helped her with her school group project a few weeks ago because she needed some help making a brochure. Well, she got a 100 percent score on it, so now she owes me three hours worth of foot massage time (me giving, of course) for my three hours of work designing it. Yeah, what a horrible trade for her, huh?

And now for some bad news. As of late the site's most photographed model, Madison, has been MIA with me and most of her friends. She seems to have a new interest in her life, to which I am happy for her. Unfortunately, she has not responded to a single e-mail, text message or phone call, so I am not sure where she stands for doing more photos. She's always been a great friend of mine and someone who was always there for me with this site when I needed photos. I really hope we haven't seen the last of her. Next week I am posing one of the two photo sets I have of her already shot. The other will make it's way to the site at a later date. Again, I really hope we haven't seen the last of her here. I'll keep you posted.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sweating with Cierra

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

After a cancelled set of photo shoot dates over the weekend I finally caught up with Cierra. We were supposed to get together Saturday night and do several sets and then again Sunday morning for a special themed one. She wasn't able to meet on Saturday and the forecast was calling for rain and storms all day on Sunday, so I said we will just find another day for that too.

I talked to Cierra on Sunday and joked about how the rain only lasted through the morning when it was supposed to be an all day thing. She said that if I wanted to shoot Tuesday night, she was open and that if we wanted to, the upcoming Sunday she was available to do the other set too. I agreed and spent several hours tonight with one of the site's most popular models... and see her feet do their trademark sweating.

Cierra's soles were soaked in sweat from the moment we began shooting.

Our first set was done outdoors and Cierra was wearing a pair of black flip flops. When she kicked them off her soles were shiny and drenched. You could also see the dampness glistening inside her flip flops. I just had to tease her. She laughed and stuck them out toward me and tried her best to swear that she hates that - all the while smiling.

Throughout this first set her feet were sweating and every little piece of grass, dirt and even an ant clung to her soaked, wet soles. Luckily there was a photographer there to brush that crap off.

Cierra loves Converse All Stars, so we did a set with a few of the pairs she owns.

We headed back to her place to do two more sets. The first of those sets had her with multiple pairs of shoes. I had her putting them on and pulling them off, but without any socks involved. Yes, those feet can be seen glistening in these as well. I'd blame it on those photo lights making things toasty, but that air conditioner was cranked and I can honestly say it is just her feet.

This set was actually supposed to be done with another pair of boots. Last year she had the set with the fuzzy brown boots and no socks and people went nuts over it. We were going to do it twice, but I couldn't resist the shoes she showed me. Plus it was her idea to do the shoes and I love when a model is passionate enough to make her own shoot ideas. No worry though, I told her when it gets cold out and it boots weather, she's still got that on her agenda.

Cierra is always wanting to stick her feet into something yummy!

Our final set saw her once again in a kitchen pushing those little feet into some more sweets. She's been known to love pushing her feet into all kinds of food (at her request), and this set is no exception.

So now to the big tease about this whole thing. When Cierra and I get together we tend to do such great work that I want to post everything as soon as possible. Well, I still have two sets from the past that I haven't been able to get up yet. They were done prior to her star tattoo on her foot that you can see in her feature set on Wu's Feet Links titled, "Foot & Size Tease." So I can't say all these sets I just wrote about will not be up anytime soon. But I'll throw you with two bones at least.

  1. I had Cierra do an extra clip wearing socks tonight. I am posting that with this update. Not only is she in socks, she's in 3 pairs of them. Talk about warming up a pair of sweaty feet. (Lotsa Socks Clip).
  2. Cierra's set being done on Sunday will be up before football season and that's all I'm saying about that one.
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