Friday, May 31, 2013

Soon to Join the 1K Club

When I was still making all my posts in the columns section of Soles of Silk, I would always do a model profile on a model when she reached the 1,000 photo mark. I came to call this the 1K Club. When a model reaches this mark, I like to give praise and take a look back at all the sets she has done from her debut to present. I've come to call this a "footgraphy," which is sort of like a filmography on a DVD.

While this column isn't focusing on a model reaching the 1K Club, it is focused on the fact that very soon, three different models will be hitting the 1,000 mark. This is rare as there are only nine models who have done this. Those models include: Cierra (2,075), Mindee (1,858), Madison (1,832), Layla (1,802), Kellie (1,610), Wendy (1,421), Jordana (1,266), Kayleigh (1,241), and Kimmie (1,094).*

So since 2004, when Soles of Silk opened, only nine models have accomplished this feat and now three more are set to join the club this summer. Off the top of my head, I've only ever had two models hit the 1,000 photo mark in the same year, let alone three within weeks.
The models who are set to join the 1K Club are: Charlee (992), Abby (990), and Kelsey (907). Both Charlee and Abby have sets already shot that are waiting to be posted. Kelsey is set to pose for me in mid-June, so by the end of our day she'll have enough photos in the can to break the 1,000 mark.

There is also a possibility that a fourth model could hit the mark before the year is out. Jamie has 834 photos on the site and has enough sets in the can to break the mark and is slated to pose for some more during July. Whether or not I'll be able to post the 166 photos it would take before the end of 2013 or not, will be the question. So for right now, I won't count her as one of the definites.

When Charlee, Abby, and Kelsey join the club, expect to see a footgraphy that chronicles all of their sets, posted and unposted, as well as link to samples from every set. These differ from the "Get to Know" pieces I began doing here on the site's blog, which are general pieces about a random models on the site.

Be sure to check back soon as both Charlee and Abby will have their footgraphy posted with their very next sets. Kelsey's might be on her next set if we do a rather large one. If not, she probably has two sets to reach the mark.
To make things even better, all three models will be posing for more content before the summer is out. It might take them a bit more time to join the 2K Club, however. That just gives me something to look forward to for a few years. I adore each girl and their feet, so I sure as hell don't mind doing 1,000 more photos with each!
In closing I want to leave you with a view of each of these girl's feet. After all, who doesn't like pictures - especially ones of soles and toes as cute as the ones below?

Charlee is 8 photos shy of 1,000.

Abby is 10 photos shy of 1,000.
Kelsey is 93 photos shy of 1,000.
* All photo counts reflect the model's status at the time this blog was written

Would Love to Shoot #4 - Allegra, Asia Perez & Mandy Monroe

I've been back in the swing of things the last few weeks getting in some photos with Amelia and Alaynah. With photo shoots set for Sunday with Aspen, and Monday with Mindee, I love being behind the camera again on a regular basis. When this warm weather hits, I try to make the most of it.

With that being said, there are so many more of my models that I want to get back in front of the camera. There are also some models I've never shot before that I'd love to shoot for Soles of Silk. If you've read any of the last three blogs in this series, you'll know that some of these girls I might have talked to about shooting with one day. Other girls, however, I might have never exchanged a single word with and I'm just a fan. Either way, I love all the girls' work who appear in this blog series and think they deserve praise - even if I'm not lucky enough to photograph them myself one day.

Now onto the three newest girls in the "Would Love to Shoot" series...


Twitter: @AllegraCee
Website: (poses for various sites)

I actually missed out on shooting Allegra for Soles of Silk at the end of 2012. We were in contact on Twitter for a couple of weeks when she was set to be in town. Since I usually don't do many shoots in the winter (cold weather and I prefer outdoor sets), I was going to find a place to shoot and add this fun loving beauty to the model roster.

For whatever reason we were never able to make plans and the window of opportunity closed while she was in town. Now that she's back in Florida, it will take for one of us to be traveling to make this happen. I do hope to finally meet Allegra in person and do some photos with her. I think her photos are getting better and better each time I see her pop up on various foot fetish sites on the web. In addition, she promises me that her feet can get quite sweaty/smelly, so I'm looking forward to finding out for myself.

Asia Perez

Twitter: @Asia_Perez
Website: http//

I exchanged some tweets with Asia months ago just to introduce myself and praise her work. Just this week I inserted myself into one of the longest Twitter conversations between Asia and several other photographers/webmasters. We all had a blast making light of some things we've all experienced and I feel like, even if only a little, got to see how fun Asia can be. That's something I really love about a model who shoots for me - professional or amateur. If a girl can just have fun and enjoy doing photos, finding neat places, or doing interesting themes, it just makes the experience memorable. With a few other photographers praising Asia for her ability to have fun during shoots, it just makes me want to shoot her even more.

Of course anyone who knows me also knows of one of my biggest weaknesses - Asian girls. It's one of those things that's hard to explain, so I don't even try. I love Asian women. So to see one as cute and fun as Asia who loves posing her little feet, how could I not want to meet her and burn up a few camera batteries taking countless photos?

Mandy Monroe

Twitter: @MandyMonroeXXX

It's been months since I've talked with Mandy Monroe. I found her on Twitter because of another kink of mine that I won't spend time talking about right now. I saw that Mandy posted a few photos of her plump little toes for her foot fans and I had to tell her I loved them. She responded quickly and was nothing but nice and thankful for the compliments.

Shortly after that first Twitter conversation I told Mandy about Soles of Silk and told her it would be awesome to have her in front of my camera one day. She agreed and said she'd love to. We talked for a bit more and I playfully told her that my site is a LOT more conservative when it comes to what is shown than what she's used to. She laughed, but said it would still be fun. So while Mandy is used to doing adult work, she also knows just how erotic her bare feet can be without showing anything else.

In the past I've taken girls who were used to doing adult work and focused on their feet with amazing results. Hopefully Mandy Monroe joins that list one day. If not, however, at least I know she'll be busy having fun doing some other things I find ultra kinky.

* The majority of the photography seen in this blog series does not come from Soles of Silk. Please see the watermarks on the photos themselves for the ownership of each picture as some of the models have posed for many sites.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Soles of Silk Update - May 29, 2013

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - Abby shows off her trademark, soft wrinkled Puerto Rican soles after kicking off a pair of bright pink flip flops by a water fountain

Abby in the "pose" along the fountain

Abby's curvy, but still wrinkly, soles

VideoJessie pulls her muddy yellow flip flops off along the bank of a river before showing off her dirty soles (41.2 MB - 720p HD)

Jessie's dirty soles

Interview - A modeling interview featuring Nikki has been added to the Interviews section

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday's Shoot - Alaynah

If you've been reading along recently you would have saw the blog entry titled, "Upcoming Soles of Silk Shoots," where I named a handful of models that I have made plans with to shoot in the upcoming months. The first model listed on that blog was Amelia. And one day later I posted a follow up blog titled, "Today's Shoot - Amelia" that detailed the two sets we shot only a week ago.

Now if you go back to the "Upcoming Soles of Silk Shoots" blog you'll notice other models listed such as: Aspen, Mindee, Ryan, Kelsey, Olivia, and two potential new models. A name that doesn't appear on that list is Alaynah.

A few days ago when leaving work Alaynah sent me a text asking me if I had any open days coming up to shoot. I told her that the coming Sunday was my only day until about a week or so into June. She told me she wanted to try to squeeze in a couple sets, if I was interested, before she goes on her senior week vacation. Yeah, she just graduated. If you remember, she turned 18 in December of 2012 and made her debut in the New Year's 2013 set (Sample 01 / Sample 02).

After chatting for a bit, we came to the conclusion that unless we shot something today, we might not be able to do so before her trip. Alaynah told me that she had to work today, but didn't have to go in until 3:00 p.m. We made plans for a late morning/early afternoon shoot and were able to squeeze in two new sets featuring her young Indian soles. Hell, she still had her manicure and pedicure from her prom, only a few days ago - which I loved!

Our first shoot started off with Alaynah in a pair of white sandals. We found a nice spot on a boardwalk that ran along a riverfront spot. It was secluded and we decided it was a perfect spot. Funny thing is, however, at one point I had my camera all up in her bare feet when an old couple came walking by. Usually I am perceptive enough to know when someone is nearby - even when they're behind me. I guess I was just so into Alaynah's smooth bare soles to notice. I did tell Alaynah to warn me next time though.

The first shoot went really well. While we were wrapping it up I grabbed her bare feet and gave her a brief tease of a foot massage. She smiled and told me my hands were soft. I smiled back and told her she has soft soles - and boy are they indeed soft! More on her foot rub later.

After getting changed we made our way to another park to find a second location to shoot. We had a little bit of trouble finding a spot, but settled on a wooden bridge that went over a small swampy area.

This second set posed a bit of a challenge with the sun popping through the trees overhead. We made due and got some great angles of Alaynah's soles and black tipped toes. I was curious to see how dirty her feet would get during this set and while they did get a little dusty, they never got dirty. Guess that means she can do that theme in a future set.

Once this set was done we made our way back to the car. Alaynah wanted to look through the photos on my camera and for months, we had planned on getting her feet into my hands for a nice, long foot rub. And man, oh man... Alaynah has some of the softest, smoothest soles I've felt in a while. The only thing that sucked was that she had to be at work and we could only spare enough time for about 30 minutes for the massage. I told her I owe her a longer one next time, which she agreed.

These two sets, although they were impromptu, came out nicely. It was so good to have Alaynah back in front of the camera again. We're already looking ahead to planning some more sets this summer, so hopefully we'll all be seeing a lot more of these adorable Indian soles in the months to come.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Would Love to Shoot #3 - Kimora London, Erotic Nikki, & Sheridan

Time for the third installment of the Would Love to Shoot blog series here on the Official Soles of Silk Blog. If you haven't seen the first two in the series, or just tend to skip the introductory paragraphs, this series is about girls I would love to photograph for Soles of Silk. In each installment I feature three different girls. The first part of this series included Elan Kane (@ElanKane), Barbie Gurl (@BarbieFootGurl), and Red Velvet (@OMGSexyFeet). The second part featured Alexis Grace (@AlexisGrace_XXX), Amai Liu (@AmaiLiu), and Roxie Rae (@Roxie_Rae).

In no way am I saying that these shoots are happening, just that I'd sure love to see these girls in front of my camera. In some cases I have actually talked to the girls you'll find in these blogs about the possibility of shooting. In other cases, I'm just a massive fan and love said girl's work for other sites. So maybe... just maybe you'll see a few of these faces... ehh feet, on Soles of Silk one day.

Kimora London

Twitter: @Quazyquaz
Website: unknown

I found Kimora through some conversations on Twitter with another beautiful Ebony model I recently shot, Shae Spreadz (@ShaeSpreadzXXX). I introduced myself to her shortly thereafter and have been flirting with her ever since. She seems really down to earth and quite playful - which is something I adore.

I don't have much knowledge of Kimora's past work and don't know if she's done any foot fetish content elsewhere. I sure wouldn't mind meeting this beauty and getting her barefoot in front of my camera either way. I've already offered her numerous foot massages online, so I'm sure she'd be looking forward to finally cashing in on some of those too. So hopefully one day I'll be able to add this Ebony hottie to the site.

Erotic Nikki

Twitter: @EroticNikki
Website: &

I couldn't tell you how long I've been online friends with Nikki. She has teased me endlessly over the years for various reasons I need not explain here, and has always been someone I've respected. Her sites have been online for years and she keeps things fresh with various fetishes and kinks. If it turns you on, she probably does it. If it doesn't turn you on, I'm sure she'll turn you on doing it anyhow.

Obviously Nikki's feet have been an object of my desire all these years, so it would be amazing to see her showing them off in front of my camera. I wonder though, so many of the models I shoot with love to get a nice relaxing foot massage from yours truly. I'm thinking Nikki would rather me look and NEVER touch them. Yeah, she's that teasing and I'd bet that she'd have a blast actually doing it in person. And who says torture can't be fun?


Twitter: unknown
Website: (appears on regularly)

When I first saw Sheridan on Foot Punkz, I fell in love with her. I couldn't put my finger on it right away because in all honesty, while I find some punky girls cute, they're not usually my cup of tea. Notice I said "usually." Sheridan is so damn cute and has this innocent look about her that just drives me nuts. I have told the web master at Foot Punkz in private conversations and forum postings how much I love her. She has quite the fan club too. I know she'd be a massive hit if she ever appeared on Soles of Silk.

A few months ago I had an email hit my inbox that shocked me. It was Sheridan. She was interested in posing for my site, but wanted to send me photos that she took. And while I love seeing her photos, I told her my site only posts photos that I personally take - unless in the contributions section. For the next few days we exchanged some emails and I told her I might be able to take a small trip before the end of summer and shoot with her, if she'd be game. She was very excited about the prospect, and of course, so was I. And now that I'm writing this, I think it's time to say hello to her once more. So I'm going to wrap this up on that note and go email this fun chick!

* The majority of the photography seen in this blog series does not come from Soles of Silk. Please see the watermarks on the photos themselves for the ownership of each picture as some of the models have posed for many sites.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Soles of Silk Update - May 22, 2013

This week's update includes the following items:

PhotosAspen shows off her sandy soles after smashing a sand castle on a stormy day at the beach (80 images)

Photo Sample 01

Photo Sample 02

Video - Mileena cleans off her feet with some sanatizer after a photo shoot on a very hot summer day (42.7 MB - 720p HD)

Mileena cleaning her soles.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday's Shoot - Amelia

Just yesterday I posted a blog titled, Upcoming Soles of Silk Shoots, where I mentioned a number of models who would be shooting for me over the next couple of months. Well, one day later one of those shoots is in the books and man did I have a blast doing it!

Today I was lucky enough to spend some time shooting Amelia for only the second time. Since we met online late in 2012, we didn't really have too much time to get in sets last year. Over the winter we both kept in contact with potential ideas and/or locations for shoots. Funny thing is, I ended up finding a place I had never knew of for today's location. Google Earth works wonders again as I'm able to locate a neat little spot for some photos. I really do strive to put my models in some neat scenery. I know some are too busy drooling over the girls' feet to realize (and it's understandable), but I guess it's just the artist in me that wants to do something different. It's also fun to just go somewhere for the day that I've never been to.

Now, onto the shoot itself...

I met up with Amelia around noon and after a quick stop to stuff my fat face, we were off to our destination. The night before I found an aquatic botanical gardens not too far away. I showed Amelia some of the photos that turned up on a Google image search while I ate and she liked what she saw.

About an hour later we made our way into the park. After a short walk down a trail, everything opened up and there was beautiful scenes everywhere you looked. It was quite different than anything I've shot in before - which is hard to do after shooting outdoor sets since 2004 for Soles of Silk.

We didn't know the layout of the park, so we just decided to walk around. We quickly began seeing turtles, frogs, geese, beavers, and some of the strangest insects I've ever come across. I really think one was from another planet, but that's another story.

Eventually we made our way to some of the boardwalk spots that went out over the mud flats on the main river. With numerous benches, railings, and places for a girl to kick her feet up, we decided it was as good of a spot as any.

Amelia's first set since last October.
Amelia was already wearing some cute wedge sandals and we decided to just use them for the set. She had done a flip flop set in the past, but these shoes were quite unique, so I figured you sandal lovers out there would appreciate them.

She started the set off with the sandals on, but once she began kicking them off and dangling them, we saw the strap marks across her feet. Amelia had been wearing the sandals for over an hour already, plus walking the park in them. This is when the photographer was treated to an hour plus foot massage - me giving of course.

Amelia enjoyed my efforts and insisted it's been too long since her feet have had a good rub. Apparently the last time was three days before when she got a pedicure. Yeah, three days between good foot rubs is a lifetime for Amelia. My kind of girl!

We resumed shooting the set after the long, apparently much needed, foot massage. The strap marks were gone, and although Amelia said my foot rub was making her sleepy, she soldiered on and posed for some really fun shots.

Once this set was over I ended up rubbing her feet for a few more minutes before Amelia put on some more comfortable shoes for the walk back. Being a total gentleman, I held onto her sandals for her. Yeah, I'm such a sweetheart, huh?

On our way back we found the park restrooms and Amelia changed into another outfit so we could get in a second set. It was getting a little hotter at this point as the rain that was rumored, held off.

When Amelia came out of the bathroom she had on a cute little pink and black outfit. I love the combination of a single color with black in my art/design and even my attire, so I liked what she had on. When Amelia pulled out a pair of bright pink and black Vans to match, I was loving it even more. I originally didn't want to do two sets with shoes today, but I made a quick exception. Plus, with it being sunny outside, I knew her feet would get a little sweaty in them by time we got to the next location.

Amelia offering you a sniff of her sweaty Vans.

The second location we decided to use was a man made pond with some aquatic plant life in it. There were apparently a few frogs in there too as they kept croaking on a regular basis. I playfully told Amelia it was because they could smell her now sweaty feet. And yes, it didn't take long for them to get slightly damp in those Vans without socks on.

We decided to get really playful with this set and involve her shoes in most of the photos. I know there are a lot of you out there who love getting to a girl's feet after they've been in tennis shoes, present company included.

When I snapped the photo above, I was in love. I know the year is young with new photos, but it might be hard to top this one. It's just so cute! There are quite a few poses similar to this as well. Some of you have been asking for the models to show the inside of their shoes, so I tried to do that for everyone. Great suggestion, by the way.

By the time we finished this shoot it was approaching rush hour. We decided to get out on the road and try to beat the traffic. It didn't really work out that way, but it gave us some time to chat on the way home.

As I've said above, this is only my second time shooting with Amelia, but I had a great time. She loves shooting too and with a few sets now in the books, she knows what I loook for in my shots.

Amelia and I have already talked about trying to plan something again soon, and I honestly can't wait. I hope she does some regular shoots this summer and into the fall. I just wonder if she has any other cute tennis shoes I can smell... I mean have her wear in her future sets?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Upcoming Soles of Silk Shoots

The weather is finally getting warmer, although tonight it looks like it is about to rain. Oh well, I don't have a shoot planned for tonight, so no harm done. In the days and weeks to come, however, I have been busy planning new sets with some of the models. Some of the girls are regulars, some haven't posed in quite some time, and there is even a couple brand new hopefuls as well.

Feel free to post some shoot ideas for these models in the comments. I can't promise that I'll be able to do them all, but if something works out with some of the plans I make with the girls, then it might just happen. Here's what's on the horizon:


I've technically only met with Amelia one time late in 2012 to do photos. I wish she had found me sooner, but at that time of the year the weather was getting cooler and I had already shot so many photos with my other models. Well this Monday we have plans to finally do some new photos. To top things off, she's looking forward to one of my foot rubs since she's never had one.



I actually shot a set of Aspen earlier this year when we attempted to do a Cherry Blossom shoot for her Wu's Feetlinks 2013 June Feature Model gallery. The timing was off as those damn trees only bloom for several days. There were dozens of trees at the location I picked, but only two were starting to bloom. Not being able to time this set correctly caused me to have to come up with a change of plans... and boy did I ever! I'm 101 percent sure this new idea will be a bigger hit than the Cherry Blossom idea. I don't like giving out details of my feature sets early as I always try to go all out for them. So, be sure to check Wu's Feetlinks for that one during the month of June.

In addition to her feature set, I plan on doing a couple of extra sets with Aspen that day. It also happens to be my birthday and Aspen agreed that a great way to spend the remainder of the day would be me giving her a foot massage. With a park nearby to the location I've picked, I told her to plan on spending some time laying out, getting her feet rubbed. She likes that idea just as much as I do.



The very next day after Aspen's shoot, Mindee has agreed to do several sets for the site. Funny thing is, it was only a year ago that Mindee and I were hanging out for my birthday doing photos as well. Talk about timing!

I still haven't come up with any concrete ideas for sets with her yet, with one exception. With the immense popularity of her nude pantyhose set (Sample 01 / Sample 02), we're planning on doing another one - this time, outdoors.

And with it only one day after my birthday, I'm sure Mindee will be treating me to rubbing her feet as my birthday present as well. My models love me!


The last time Ryan shot was with Aspen for the Christmas set in 2012 (Sample 01 / Sample 02). We didn't do as many photos as I had wanted to last year, so I told her let's not make that mistake again. Ryan agreed and we've made plans to do a few sets next month.

I had a personal request for some sweaty workout feet that I shared with Ryan, so that is a very strong canidate for a theme. I've also been wanting to shoot a set of Ryan in front of some roller coasters - something I've done several times over the years on the site. Both Ryan and I are coaster fans, so it is something we've both wanted to make happen for a while.


It's been ages since Kelsey has been in front of my camera. For those who didn't read the Soles of Silk Model Statuses series, Kelsey became a mom last year, so she was obviously quite busy. Now that it's been a few months, she's looking forward to showing off those ultra soft soles of hers again.

Years ago her feet spent so much time in my hands, but it's now been what seems like ages, since I've even seen them. Thankfully that's going to change real soon as those fluffy foot bottoms have been gone for too long.


Olivia and I have been sending each other playful texts about planning some shoots this summer. Like Ryan I told her I want her to make more regular appearances on the site. She claims it's my fault that I'm always busy, or she'd be shooting more often. So far, all the dates I've given her, she's busy.

I have plans to shoot Olivia in front of some roller coasters too. Just like Ryan, I've been wanting to do a set with Olivia in front of my favorite amusement ride for a while now. Olivia likes the idea, so we just have to plan it. You know, since I'm always so busy!

In addition to the roller coaster shoot, Olivia and I are trying to plan an all day shoot at the beach. It's something we talked about last year, but ran out of time to do. School started up and it just wasn't an option. I don't want to let that happen again.


Ryan's Step-Sister

Recently I met Ryan's step-sister - which I didn't even know she had. I talked with Ryan and asked her if she thinks she'd be interested in posing for the site. After Ryan told her about it, it looks like she is interested, but has yet to mention it to her boyfriend. I'm hoping he's not the jealous type as I'd love to have her on the site - especially if she does a set sometime with Ryan.


A Friend from the Past

During a recent Facebook conversation with a friend, she asked me why I never asked her to pose for my site. I told her it was because she once told me she had ugly feet, so why would I ask? She laughed and said that although she's not the best judge of feet, she more or less meant that her feet weren't pedicured and were not looking their best at that time. She didn't mean that they're ugly outright.

At one point I did catch a glimpse of her feet and although she has some longer toes (which are a hit with many), nothing stuck out as "ugly" about them to me. We did make plans to shoot in June, so you should be seeing her make her debut next month. And being a good friend of Kimmie and Kellie, you might just see her pop up in a set with them as well.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Soles of Silk Update - May 15, 2013

This week's update includes the following items:

PhotosKellie shows off her very hot, sweaty feet on one of the hottest days I can remember shooting outdoors (60 images)

Photo Sample 01
Photo Sample 02
Video - Mindee wiggles her toes and flexes her soles while out on a pier (178 MB - 1080p HD)

Mindee's soft soles on the pier

Download - 1 new wallpaper of Jamie has been added to the Wallpapers section of the Downloads area

Jamie in white pantyhose

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Would Love to Shoot #2 - Alexis Grace, Amai Liu, & Roxie Rae

Back with the second blog feature in the Would Love to Shoot series. For those of you who missed the first one, be sure to check it out in the blog archives (April 26). And if you're new to this blog, or missed out on the first entry, here is a quick rundown of what it's about.

Since I began Soles of Silk, I've been lucky enough to meet up with some girls in the foot fetish community and shoot them for the site. Although I have a lot of personal friends who pose for me, I also love adding in some of the well established girls from around the web. In the first entry to this series, Elan Kane (@ElanKane), Barbie Gurl (@BarbieFootGurl), and Red Velvet (@OMGSexyFeet) were profiled. This time around there are three new girls.

Now, just because I'm naming these girls below does not mean that you will be seeing them on Soles of Silk. Some of these girls I'll be naming in this, or in future additions, might just be girls I have a massive fanboy crush on. Some, however, I have talked to about the possibility of doing shoots. So maybe... Just maybe!

Alexis Grace on Bratty Babes Own You

Alexis Grace

Twitter: @AlexisGrace_XXX

Twitter has been a great way for me to at least follow some potential models. Most of them are not local to my area, but I still sometimes introduce myself and just let the girl know I'm a fan. That's the story with Alexis Grace.

Finding her on Twitter (@AlexisGrace_XXX) was my first time seeing this beauty. To be honest, I don't even think it was foot fetish content that had me drooling on my keyboard when I first saw her. But when I did see her feet and, let's just say, how "skillful" they are, I was in love.

Alexis is one of those girls who is amazing in all the genres she poses for. I've seen quite a bit of her photos online since finding her. Even when she's not showing off her buttery soft soles, she melts me. I love girls with dark hair and ones who not only pose for the camera, but ones who have that ability to tease and own it. That's Alexis!

I've talked to Alexis online several times she's told me that we should get together to shoot one day. Since we're not local to one another, however, that would involve one of us traveling. If I ever find myself down her way, I've been told to let her know. And if you're reading this Alexis, don't forget to let me know if you're ever anywhere close to the Baltimore/DC area.

Amai Liu on ATK Petites

Amai Liu

Twitter: @AmaiLiu
Website: &

As many of you know, I have a major soft spot for Asian girls. When I found Amai Liu online for the first time, it wasn't even foot fetish content. It was interracial - one of my other major kinks.

Once I found out her name, I began finding more content of this brash little cutie and found out she has some very cute feet. Amai also knows how to use them for pleasure AND for pain. Best part is, when she's got the fella feeling either, she's loving life.

When I created the Soles of Silk Twitter account (@SolesofSilk), I was quick to follow Amai. I've only talked to her a few times - nothing too formal. I told her I really love her work and think her energy just comes right through the camera in all of her scenes. This is one kinky girl, believe me!

Although I've never made plans to shoot with Amai, I'd relish the opportunity. I know she's worked with a few foot fetish sites here on the east coast, but I don't know her interest possibly being on another. Of course with Soles of Silk not being as adult oriented as many of the site she's on, it would be all about her little feet. I'm 100 percent sure, however, that she'd still come across just as seductive or bratty as ever.

Roxie Rae on Space City Soles

Roxie Rae

Twitter: @Roxie_Rae

Chances are, if you're into feet and have spent a few minutes looking around the online foot community, you've heard of Roxie Rae. From the minute I first found her, I've been a huge fan. Not only does she have cute feet, she just has a certain "it" factor when it comes to showing them off. It's hard to explain, but I just feel like Roxie knows how much power her feet have over guys. Top that off with her insane ability to tease and EVEN deny, and this girl drives me nuts.

Roxie has been featured on many sites in addition to her own. One day I really hope to find my way down to Florida as she's on my "must shoot" list, if she's game. I've talked to her a few times online and she's been nothing but a sweetheart to me. Of course I totally expect her dominance and ability to tease to come out if she is ever in front of my camera. And that's NOT a bad thing!

If you have any other fetishes besides feet, I'm sure Roxie has done some work in it too. You can find her doing every thing from balloons to tickling, or smoking to humiliation. But be warned - if you're tiny down there, Roxie is going to tell you ALL about it.

* The majority of the photography seen in this blog series does not come from Soles of Silk. Please see the watermarks on the photos themselves for the ownership of each picture as some of the models have posed for many sites.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Soles of Silk Update - May 8, 2013

This week's update includes the following items:

PhotosKayleigh shows off her tiny feet on top some driftwood while showing her love for a certain Asian cartoon cat (67 images)

Sample 01

Sample 02

Video - Jamie wiggles her playful toes while lounging on a leather couch in the living room (112 MB - 1080p HD)

Jamie wiggling her toes

Download - 1 new wallpaper of Aspen has been added to the Wallpapers section of the Downloads area

2560x1600 wallpaper of Aspen