Wednesday, May 30, 2012

End of May Notes

This week's update features Jamie, one of my most regular models these days.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Sometimes timing can be funny. This week's update brings Jamie's Marsh Bridge set. That set was shot the same day as Charlee's Marsh Overlook set. I took both girls out that day to do a bunch of sets. It was late summer 2011 and we actually did two sets with the both of them together as well. Only one has been posted so far, that being the Kickball set.


The reason I say the timing is funny is because with this column I'm showcasing free preview shots of those same girls. The photo above left is from one of the two sets I did with Jamie last week. The one above right is a preview shot from one of the two sets I did with Charlee this week. Add in the fact that both girls have similar shoes on and you have another coincidence.

Anyhow, the reason for this column is to highlight some of the upcoming things you'll be seeing on Soles of Silk in the weeks and months to come. The weather is getting warmer and as the last two weeks show, the camera is out and I've been booking up as many shoots as I can - some with regular models and even some with ones you haven't seen in quite some time.

Jamie poured a bunch of lotion all over her feet for this set.

Jamie's Shoot: May 20th
As you already know, Jamie and I met up for some new sets. I had hung onto some of the ones we did last year. She shot a bunch right before going back to school. She goes to school out of state, so when she's back home, I try to make the most of her time back. When she finished up this time she was quick to let me know she was back and wanting to shoot. I told her I still had a solo set (this week's update) and then the yet unposted second set alongside Charlee. Nevertheless, I told her I was free on May 20. At first she said she wasn't but then changed her mind. We made plans and ended up getting two sets in. We're already looking down the road for another date to get in a few more. I'll probably get a bunch of her done again this summer before she goes back to school for the fall.

Charlee filled in on a day that Ryan had to cancel our plans.

Charlee's Shoot: May 28th & June 11th
I had made tentative plans to shoot with Ryan on Memorial Day, but she told me she just couldn't fit it in with her family plans. I told her we could wait, thus leaving my day open. Enter Charlee the night before with a text message. I told her I wasn't shooting anymore the following day and she said she was free if I wanted to still do some photos. She and I had plans set for June 11 already, but I said sure (we're still going to shoot in June too). I recommended that she see if her friend, who is interested in shooting, might also be open for that June date. She sent her a text, but no luck on matching with her yet.

Charlee's Friend
This friend I spoke of above is someone Charlee recruited for me. I had told Charlee that I was looking to get a little more diverse with models as I don't have too many Black, Hispanic, or Asian girls on the site. Well, Charlee asked her friend if she wanted to pose for Soles of Silk and she said yes. When I was doing some family stuff over the weekend I came back in to find my phone had received a photo text from Charlee with photos of the girl showing her soles and then one of her toes. I told her that no one EVER sends me the soles and face shot when they send me phone pictures. I gave her props for that. To see the photos, check out this thread on the Wu's Feet Links Forum that contains both photos.

Mindee's Shoot: June 3rd
Mindee has agreed to fit in some time for photos this coming Sunday, a day after my birthday. I'm not quite sure what we're doing yet, but I told her I'd like to get in two or three sets. She mentioned something about birthday cake, but I told her my birthday will have already passed by then. She said so what and she wasn't talking about using the cake in a set. So it sounds like I'm getting some cake.

Wendy's Shoot: June 10th/24th
Right now I have tentative plans to shoot with Wendy on June 10, or on June 24. I've asked her to get in touch with me as soon as she knows which date. I'd be up for shooting her on both dates, but I have been so busy trying to figure out when I can squeeze in people that I don't think she'll be doing both. The slate is open on what we'll be doing for her sets too. She moved at the end of last year and I haven't shot anything out her way before. When I drove out to her last time, we shot inside her house. I saw some neat outdoor locations on the ride last time that I'm thinking about using. I'm really looking forward to exploring that area for that day and future shoots.

Mileena's Shoot: June 17th
This date is also a little up in the air. I'm trying to shoot a bunch of Mileena on this day because she can be hard to track down at times. We have some loose ideas for sets, one of which is a size teasing set with a bit of an interracial overtone. I recently held a contest on Wu's Feet Links Forum with a link to the shirt I bought for her to wear in it, asking people to try and figure out which model would be wearing it. Someone finally picked Mileena and won a free month of membership time.

Jessie's Shoot: June 25th
It has been years since Jessie has posed. We never really lost touch, but just didn't talk that much. Late last year we talked about getting together for some much needed photos. She agreed and we began throwing around ideas. Well, we never figured out a time to shoot and the weather got cold and we just decided to wait until the spring/summer. Now that it's almost summer, she told me she's got an open week coming up. I booked her for a day and we're going to try to get in a few sets. And apparently her current boyfriend has a foot fetish and she told him he's dating a foot model. She also told him that I'm allowed to rub her feet when we shoot. Too funny...

Other Shoots: Yet To Be Scheduled

There are a number of models that I have to figure out some time to shoot with. As mentioned above, Ryan and I have already been talking about setting a new date since we didn't shoot this week. Other models I've talked to that I have yet to schedule with include: Olivia, Carlin, Autumn, Jordana, Kayleigh, Kellie, and Ginger. There is also a girl at work who is turning 18 in July who wants to pose. She's friends with a few of the girls who already pose, so she's well aware of what she'd be getting into.

Foot Toons drew this cartoon of the twins, Kimmie & Kellie.

Foot Toons Returns
Last week I talked with Foot Toons who has a little section on the site here about doing some more cartoons of the different models on the site. He was interested in the idea and you'll hopefully be seeing some of his amazing art soon. As a fellow artist (well, don't practice too much these days) I know his time is valuable, so I'm not setting any kind of schedule as to when you'll be seeing his art here. I've left it as a whenever you can deal and I'm more than happy with that. He's already got a few cartoons in the Foot Toons section of the Downloads area. Be sure to check them out.

Kayleigh's June Wu's Feature Model Set
Wu just posted the set ahead of Kayleigh's for his Feature Model section of Wu's Feet Links. April's set was never posted and I was curious to see whether or not Kayleigh's would be going up late. I don't know the exact date that we'll be seeing Kayleigh's go up, but since the May set just went up, I'm thinking it will be around the end of June.

Follow Up Interviews
I recently sent follow up interviews to Carlin, Wendy and Kelsey. I was going to send one to Jamie too, but I realized that she had never done her introductory interview. I sent that one to her to do first. So be on the look out for some more great interviews with the girls - more in depth ones that chronicle their experiences with shooting thus far.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

1K Club - K Stands for Kayleigh & 1,000

This set put Kayleigh over the 1,000 photo mark, putting her into the 1K Club.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Another model has joined the small list of those who have posed for more than 1,000 photos on Soles of Silk. This week Kayleigh joins the crew as her Bedroom Book & Socks set puts her over the hump for a total of 1,037 photos. She also has several more unposted sets, one of which is her June 2012 Wu's Feet Links Feature Model set, yet to come.

Before I begin talking about Kayleigh, I want to take a look at all the models who make up the current list of the 1K Club. These models are (in order): 

Kayleigh becomes just the ninth model to make this list, but perhaps the quickest. Kayleigh began posing on her 18th birthday (literally) which was in October 2009. Now, less than three years later, she's breaking this mark. I don't recall any of the other models getting to 1,000 photos so quickly.

You can attribute her quick climb to a number of things. First on the list are holiday sets. Kayleigh debuted doing two sets for Halloween with her early October birthday. I debuted her the week before Halloween and then put her up the following week as well (on Halloween). She is still the only model who has had back-to-back update weeks on the site. Other than her Halloween sets, she's also volunteered to pose for a last minute Christmas and Valentine's Day sets when other models either stood me up, or were unable to shoot.

That leads me to the second reason she's hit 1,000 photos so quickly. Whenever I have needed Kayleigh to pose, she was there. She's made every single shoot I've asked her to do, and then, as I said above, volunteered to do ones others could not. I've always loved that about her. She is every so eager to pose and is one of my most dependable when it comes to keeping our plans.

Now onto another item of interest for all of Kayleigh's fans. Slated for June on Wu's Feet Links is Kayleigh's Feature Model set. She will be the eighth model (seventh set since one featured both Kimmie & Kellie together) to represent Soles of Silk. It's always been an honor when asked by Wu to have one of my models showcased on his amazing site. The amount of feedback I have gotten in the past from these sets has been amazing. For Kayleigh to be the model picked for this time to represent this site is well deserved. In the two and a half years she's been on the site she's been quite the hit. Add in the above points and I'm glad she's the one representing the site.

Speaking of Kayleigh's feature set, she and I shot the set last week. It has already been e-mailed to Wu and hopefully it will be up soon. It does, however, look like one of the previous features hasn't gone up, or Wu is running behind. You best bet I'll be advertising the set once it goes up though.

Before I close out this column on Kayleigh, I want to take the customary look back at her modeling career on the site (listed in the order they were shot, not posted):

In closing, I'm happy to have Kayleigh posing for me and have been nothing short of happy with everything she's ever done for the site. In the coming months you'll be seeing her again and again as we have some more shooting to do. Don't be surprised to be seeing her with another model or two in the near future either. Talk about ending the column with a tease...

I loved getting to shoot Kayleigh's hot, sweaty feet on this day. They were so moist!

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