Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cierra - Footography

Cierra (left) has been spending a ton of time in front of my camera lately.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

I'm back with another footography on one of the site's most visible models when it comes to number of updates, photo sets and video clips. Cierra, a friend of mine for many years, has become one of the site's mainstays and someone who is always looking forward to doing something whenever we can get together. Just have I have done in the past with the other footographies, I'm going to explore some of the experiences I've had with this energetic little friend of mine and look at all the sets she's posed for, both posted and yet to be posted. Now lets get to the sole of Cierra!

I have known Cierra for a number of years now. She used to work with me and when I decided to open Soles of Silk several years ago, she had recently turned 18 and agreed instantly to being in front of my camera. The first sets we did were before I even had the site online. We went out to a nearby park and I shot her in three different locations for a three part park series. From then on, she did anything and everything from smashing a blueberry pie to showing off her very sweaty feet, fresh out of her boots. Here is a look at all the sets she has been in or a part of thus far:

*done with me on the camera timer setting to be used for a possible future design for the Wu's Feet Links Interviews section where I needed shots of my ugly mug with some cute feet

From the list above you can probably tell one thing from Cierra. She absolutely loves sticking her feet in anything messy, gooey or slimy. Whether it be food, mud, sand, or her friend's faces, she just likes having them in/on anything she can. I sometimes have to remind her that the grocery store only has so much food and other models like doing the food shoots too. She's also big into the dirty feet won't hesitate to have her piggies slop in the mud. Even though I have a few good sets of her dirty feet above, I love seeing her get her feet messy and have some plans to do more dirty/muddy feet sets with her in the future.

Earlier this year Cierra and I must have gotten together four times in a two weeks span and just shot photo set after photo set. She introduced me to Jessie and did a set with her and the following week I got her and Kimmie to do a set together as well - a set that will make everyone here beg to see more of both girls.

Over the last few weeks I've been chatting with Cierra and talking about getting in some more photos while the weather is warm and she told me she's always game. Even with all the sets above, I can never have too many of Cierra. She's come a long way since her first little park series sets to her sweaty, cookie dough smashing set, to the set she made Mindee sniff her little feet. I can't wait!

Cierra's favorite thing is to smush things between her toes, especially food.

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June 2008 Notes

Barbie is Soles of Silk's newest model - and a damn cute one, at that.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

June. What a great month. On June 2, I celebrated my 29th birthday. I went out to the amusement park and rode a bunch of roller coasters and of course, I saw tons of girls in flip flops and sandals. I'm telling you man, between that day and a quick stop at the mall yesterday, I saw more cute female feet than I could take in. It was like an overload. I began not even noticing all the ones coming by as there were too many to look at. I did, however, see a bunch of the brightest color toes at the mall. 

Two girls, who I assume were sisters, had this bright orange polish. I'm telling you, this orange was so vivid, it actually hurt your eyes to stare at as they moved their little feet around. Another thing I saw a lot of was the bare soles when girls took a step. I love seeing that quick glimpse of a soft sole that a flip flop allows. It must have been family day because a mother and daughter came out of a store and both had on flip flops and I was loving the glimpses I was catching walking behind them. Just had to make sure the dad/husband didn't catch me looking.

Now onto site matters. By now you've already seen the site's latest addition, Barbie. This girl was loads of fun to shoot and I was supposed to meet up with her today to do some more shots, but had to cancel due to my other model who I was supposed to travel north to meet, Jordana, having to cancel last minute. It has been a long time since I shot Jordana and instead of trying to squeeze in a quick set, I thought it best to wait until she could afford more time. I love that girl and her feet and was looking forward to shooting her again. And as for Barbie... don't even get me started on how cute that girl is. She's a blast to hang out and shoot with.

A few weeks ago I had three weeks in a row where a shoot with the same model got rained out. Bethany was supposed to do some shoots with me and it has been a bit since I saw this adorable, quiet gal. She was all excited to do some more photos and so was I. Bethany is probably the sweetest girl I've ever met and I love her cute smile. Well, after three weeks of getting rained out, we're talking about getting together for an entire day of shooting. I can't wait and it better not fucking rain again!

Tomorrow I should be getting with Chloe and doing a quick shoot before we head out to see The Chronicles of Narnia 2. I'm also trying to plan a Fourth of July set with her in the next couple weeks. I have some ideas for that, so expect to see a patriotic Chloe in the weeks to come.

I've gotten in a few sets recently of some of the site's regulars like Madison and Kellie, but am also trying to track down more of the elusive ones. A few of the girls on that list include: AnnLauryn, Carmen, Shayna, and Taylor. I also have a girl I used to work with who owes me a shoot for helping her do some photography of a project she did for a college class. She isn't into feet, but I assure you, this girl's feet are very nice and a little on the bigger side.

Well, I hope you are all enjoying the warmer weather. If it wasn't for the damn price of gas, I'd be spending more time outside enjoying it!

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