Friday, March 29, 2013

Getting to Know... Mileena

A shot from one the sets done the first time Mileena posed.

Meet Soles of Silk Model Mileena

Model Statistics

Debuted: July 2011
# of Photo Sets: 8*
# of Photos: 492*

Foot Facts

Shoe Size: 6.5
Ticklish: Very ticklish
Favorite Parts of Her Feet: Toes & Arches
Favorite Nail Polish Color: Bright & crazy colors
Favorite Type of Shoes: High heels & stilettos, or flip flops (depending on the occasion

Model Interview Quotes

"Even as ticklish as I am, I think your partner sucking on your toes is one of the most sensual acts - although I probably pull away about million times." - Mileena, Intro Interview

"Nothing can beat the background of the Elakala Falls Not to mention, I worked the hardest for that one! I think I deserve some damn good credit for doing that hike in flip flops!" - Mileena, All Day Shoot Interview

Short Bio

Mileena always felt like that carrot dangling on the end of a stick that I just could never reach. Mileena posed for me in 2011, but I went years trying to get her to agree to show off her feet for Soles of Silk before she finally agreed. When she finally did, I was one happy photographer as I loved every set we did that day. Since then, she's only gotten better - posing in some of the most unique locations I've had any model in.

If you go back in time Mileena, like many of the girls on the site, was a co-worker of mine. While she would later find another job, we still managed to keep in touch on MySpace and then Facebook. Although Mileena always claimed she was thinking about posing, I started to think that she just didn't want to turn me down.

A few years went by on the site and I'd always check in regularly with her about posing. Then one year, while doing photos with a former model on the site, Shae (currently removed for personal reasons), we ran into Mileena at her job. We made small talk as the two of them were also friends. It wasn't a terribly busy day for Mileena, so we made mention of doing the photos and both told her she should finally pose.

It wasn't too long after that chance meeting I had Mileena agreeing to model for the site. I was so excited I traded shifts with someone at work so that I could have off for a morning/afternoon that Mileena was free. I wasn't going to wait any longer. I wanted Mileena to finally be one of the site's sole mates.

During our talks Mileena pretty much insisted that she wanted to do a set with my car - a Nissan 350z. I told her I had never done one yet, but was game. We came up with the idea to do that one with some black thigh high stockings. Mileena was curious about the idea, but later even said in her introductory interview, "Honestly, I've never been a big fan of stockings until you convinced me to do a shoot with some. The thigh highs were pretty hot and I'd have to say black, or the gray we used is my favorite."

That set was one of the four we shot that first time she posed. If Mileena was going to be hard to get in front of the camera, I wanted to make use of the day. In addition to the 350z set (Sample 01 / Sample 02) we also did a set with her feet sweating in knee high socks (Sample 01 / Sample 02), a set by a fish pond (Sample 01 / Sample 02), and lastly, one where she got her feet dirty at a water pump (Sample 01 / Sample 02).

Mileena would go on to really enjoy posing after that first day. Being a fan of football, and especially the hometown team, the Ravens, I asked her to do the site's annual football set (Sample 01 / Sample 02) shortly thereafter.

It would be some time until I got Mileena back in front of the camera after the football set. Our schedules just didn't match up, but I was able to get her to agree to give me an entire day during my vacation in July of 2012. I had been looking at some pretty unique locations and really wanted to make a day out of shooting. The main setting I wanted to use was a waterfall out in West Virginia.

I told Mileena about the waterfalls and although she liked the idea, she wasn't keen about the four hours of driving. I was already prepared for that, however, and found numerous shoot locations along the way to break up the drive - some of which were just as unique as the falls.

Mileena said, "Initially I was thinking, 'West Virginia is way to far to go.' But as soon as you started sending the photos [of the locations], I fell in love with them."

Of the six sets we shot that day, I've only gotten half of them online so far. The Blackwater Falls set (unposted) didn't quite have the desired results due to the landscape, but the day was saved by us finding a much smaller, more beautiful set of falls nearby called Elakala Falls (Sample 01 / Sample 02). On the way to these destinations we also managed to shoot at the Western Maryland Train Station (Sample 01 / Sample 02), an old rusty train lift bridge (Sample 01 / Sample 02), an amazing pond with rocks and wooden bridge (unposted), and finally, a rather unique footbridge spanning a canal (unposted).

Even with hundreds of Mileena's photos from that day still unposted, I'm trying my hardest to get them onto the site soon. Even so, we've been talking about doing some more sets, hopefully soon. Some of the ideas we've been throwing around are a Mortal Kombat themed set, a size teasing set with some baby doll socks and a very unique t-shirt I found for her online. We've talked about a possible pin up idea she's been wanting to do. And lastly, Mileena and Charlee have known each other for some time and have both said they'd like to pose together one day. Needless to say, I can't wait to take some more pictures of Mileena while I work on getting the ones above added to the site.

Photographer's Final Thoughts

When someone asks me, "What is your favorite part of (model x's) feet?" I can give an answer such as: "Her deep arches," or "Her pudgy toes."

When it comes to Mileena, however, I don't know if I can come up with what I like the most. Mileena's feet are simply adorable and they're adorable everywhere! Being a sole guy, I really adore her super soft, wrinkled foot bottoms. However, Mileena's plump little piggies are too cute for words. I love how they spread and wiggle about in her sets/videos. Arches? Yes, Mileena pulls off some shots that accent her arches nicely (see photo below). Hell, even Mileena's round heels are quite cute and I never really pay much attention to heels (see photo below again).

So yeah, moral of this story is: Mileena's got some cute feet! Some damn cute feet! Okay... Some really damn cute feet!

One of the many sets Mileena posed for during an all-day shoot.
* as of the date this blog was posted

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Soles of Silk Update: March 27, 2013

This week's update includes the following updates:

Photos - Charlee shows off her sweaty bare feet under the bridge of a major roadway before dipping them into the water and getting them covered in sand (68 images)

Sample 01

Sample 02
Video - Kellie's very hot and sweaty all over, especially on her feet as she bares her soles and wiggles her toes (46.1 MB - 720p HD)

Kellie's sweaty soles on a hot day

Interview - 1 new introductory interview with Alaynah has been added to the Interviews section


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Soles of Silk's Social Media Footprint Guide

Over the last few weeks I've been focusing more time and effort on the Soles of Silk social media footprint. In order to help everyone out in finding where you can find more soft soles and playful toes of the Soles of Silk girls, I've created this guide.

Two weeks ago I added a number of link sashes to the site as well as the site's forum. Almost immediately people sent me personal messages and emails telling me they loved the sashes. I decided to put those here as well. And as an added bonus, I'm also posting the original images used in each sash's design. I'm always game for a reason to throw a few extra free pictures everyone's way.

Now, onto the Soles of Silk Social Media Footprint Guide...

Image of Aspen used in the Site sash.

Soles of Silk Website

Model Featured in Sash: Aspen

The site itself has been online since December 31, 2004. The first member came on January 1, 2005 and it's been a fun ride ever since. There are currently
 73 models on the site and thousands of photos. Most of the models are exclusive to Soles of Silk as they're just my ordinary friends and just enjoy spending time in front of the camera.

In addition to the 73 models, there are hundreds of video clips, dozens of contributing models from other sites, model interviews, and a downloads section featuring regularly contributing artists as well as originals created by yours truly.

Image of Mindee used in the Twitter sash.

Soles of Silk on Twitter

Model Featured in Sash: Mindee

The Soles of Silk Twitter account (@SolesofSilk) has been up and running for a little over a year. Some time ago I ran a Soles of Silk MySpace page, but closed it due to an abundance of spammers and trolls. That was right before the time Facebook really took off. I never really pondered opening a Soles of Silk Facebook because I find that site too easy to access people's personal information. Instead I decided to give Twitter a try and have loved it ever since. There is a Soles of Silk Twitpic account tied to the Twitter as well.

On the site's Twitter account you'll find me posting update information, details about shoots I'm in the midst of doing, and even just shooting the shit. I've been known to blab on and on about non-foot fetish items like wrestling, video games, comic books, movies and more. Hey, I'm a real person and like real conversations.

Image of Ryan used in the Instagram sash.

Soles of Silk on Instagram

Model Featured in Sash: Ryan

I had no idea what Instagram was until a fan told me I should create an account. After checking it out I decided to give it a try. At the time, there was no online presence for Instagram, so it wasn't like I could link to it from the site. What I've pretty much used this for is for random free flashback photos and special behind the scenes shots (during shoots). I also post every Instagram post right to Twitter. And don't worry, I won't post 3,000 photos of food unless they have a model's feet pressed firmly into it.

The sash above is brand new. I created it only an hour or so before writing this blog. I was unaware that you could get to Instagram via the web now (used to be a mobile app only). When I saw that you could, I went ahead and made the sash.

Image of Wendy used in the Forum sash.

Soles of Silk Forum

Model Featured in Sash: Wendy

The Soles of Silk Forum has been around almost as long as the site. Housed as a sub-section of the Wu's Feetlinks Forum, I've posted sample photos and short descriptions of every update on the site since the forum was opened. I also post the same information in the Photos Section of the Wu's Feetlinks Forum as well.

Over the years I've made over 14,000 posts on the forums and continue to do so today. It's a great community and one that has been one of the best for showing off what Soles of Silk has to offer.

Image of Carlin used in the YouTube sash.

Soles of Silk on YouTube

Model Featured in Sash: Carlin

I created the Soles of Silk YouTube account only months ago. While I'm not keen on throwing every video I have on the site, I've been happy with showing off some of the site's older clips here and there so people can see what the site has to offer in the way of clips.

Image of Jamie used in the Blog sash. 

Soles of Silk Blog

Model Featured in Sash: Jamie

The most recent addition to the social media footprint is this very blog. Obviously you know where to find it, but I wanted to include it on the list anyhow. Thus far I've loved the ability to get my words out much better than I did in the past with the site's Columns section. I especially love the ability to share the posts directly to Twitter.

I'm actually looking at the possibility of adding a feed widget to Soles of Silk itself so people can see the newest blogs when they're posted. I have yet to find this online, so if anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Getting to Know... Jordana

Jordana showing off her teal sandals, toes, & booty.

Meet Soles of Silk Model Jordana

Model Statistics

Debuted: Summer 2006
# of Photo Sets: 21*
# of Photos: 1,266*
Twitter: @TheJordanaLeigh

Foot Facts

Shoe Size: 7
Ticklish: Slightly
Favorite Parts of Her Feet: Entire foot, no particular part
Favorite Nail Polish Color: Crazy colors
Favorite Type of Shoes: Anything slip on

Model Interview Quotes

"If you get to touch [my feet], you're one lucky guy." - Jordana, Intro Interview

Short Bio

I met Jordana in the middle of 2006 after finding her on a website called, One Model Place. The site is for photographers and models to find one another based off the type of work each is looking for. Seeing she had posed on a few fetish sites I was immediately interested in working with her. And although she's not local to the Baltimore/Washington, D.C. area, the short drive to Philadelphia is well worth it to have her super cute feet on Soles of Silk.

It's been almost seven years since the first time Jordana showed me her feet in her white school girl socks (Sample 01 / Sample 02). In those seven years we've only met about six times for sets. But during those times we made use of the time, shooting for hours each and every time. Her 21* sets trail only six other models on the site. Those models are: Cierra 33*, Layla 29*, Madison 29*, Kellie 26*, Mindee 25*, and Wendy 23*. Her 1,266* total number of photos is the 7th most on the site, trailing only: Cierra 2,075*, Madison 1,832*, Layla 1,802*, Mindee 1,722, Kellie 1,610*, and Wendy 1,421*.

One great thing, among the many, about Jordana is her versatility. Posing for countless other photographers in numerous genres makes shoots a breeze. She can pull of a fun/casual set just as well as she can do a seductive/teasing set. I've had her do a wide gamut of shoots. Watching her stick her feet into a lemon pie (Sample 01 / Sample 02) was a blast to shoot (although a bitch to clean up). Seeing her soft wrinkled soles drowning in baby oil (Sample 01 / Sample 02) was sexy beyond belief. Even seeing her do a size tease set (Sample 01 / Sample 02) where she made fun of the fellas out there who are lacking in a certain region, was just too damn fun.

If there is one regret that I have with Jordana is that I've only gotten to do two sets with her outdoors. I feel my photography is best when not standing in a room with the photo flood lamps. I love finding neat and interesting locations for my models. With that being said, Jordana has still managed to do many mind blowing sets for me. I still aim, however, to get her in some outdoor stuff in 2013. I can only imagine how great those photos will be.

Since her debut Jordana has been one of Sole of Silk's main models. As long as she wants to model for me, I aim to keep her coming back. It doesn't hurt that she's a sucker for a nice long foot massage either. Good thing that this photographer might be even better at giving foot rubs than taking foot pictures.

Photographer's Final Thoughts

I can remember one time while massaging Jordana's size 7s she made a remark about how nice it is that I love giving massages. We were already about two hours in on the massage after several hours of shooting. I told her I enjoy it because of the fetish obviously, but giving a girl a massage is just relaxing for me as well. She smiled and said she's sure not complaining.

A few minutes went by when I told her that I'd keep going until she fell asleep or kicked me out. She laughed and laid her head into a pillow. "Don't be surprised to wake up and still find me rubbing these feet," I playful added.

About an hour later I quietly gathered my equipment, turned off the TV. After driving home I sent her a text telling her thanks for the massage. Jordana texted me back asking, "Shouldn't I be the one thanking you?"

I said no as I was the one lucky enough to touch her cute feet for three hours. She laughed and called me crazy - as she has many times.

Jordana's soles during her size tease set - what a tease!
* as of the date this blog was posted

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Beware of Imposters: Modeling for Soles of Silk

I was sent an email last night by a female in Pittsburg, PA. In it she described how someone by the name of "Zack" had approached her based on a Craigslist ad she posted (a non-modeling ad) to pose for Soles of Silk. After doing a little research she said she figured out the person was obviously a phony and contacted me about the issue.

I have yet to respond to her, but will as soon as I finish this blog post. I wanted to put this out there for anyone looking to model for Soles of Silk, or who might have been contacted by "Zack," or whatever name he may be going by.

Modeling Basics

1. I have never contacted a model based of Craigslist. I can't say I never will, but in eight years I haven't yet.

2. I always contact models online via two methods. The first one is my email, which should always be The second, is the site's official Twitter page, @SolesofSilk.

3. I won't give you my cellphone number unless I've contacted you through the means above first. I don't trust just giving my cell number out to people I don't know - model or not.

4. I'm based out of the Baltimore/Washington, D.C. areas. I have travelled in the past, but it's not on a regular basis.

5. I don't generally throw out pay rates to people I just met or don't know.

Ways to Verify if it's Me

1. Ask me to send you a message via my email address (, or if we follow each other on Twitter, through a direct message (@SolesofSilk).

2. Send me an email or direct message to ask if I contacted you. Obviously this person will not be able to reply from my official contact means.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Soles of Silk Update: March 20, 2013

This week's update includes the following updates:

Photos - Wendy shows off her bright pink toes in her white flip flops before baring her soles along a downtown canal and some water fountains (58 images)

Photo Sample 01

Photo Sample 02

Video - Jessie shows off her sweaty soles by a marsh (15.8 MB - 720p HD) *note: the first portion of this clip was lost, but I wanted to share what remains anyhow
Jessie showing her sweaty soles
Video - Abby puts her feet on my dashboard while we drive home after an all day shoot - talk about a major distraction on the roadway (70 MB - 720p HD)

Abby's feet on my car's dashboard

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Getting to Know... Kellie & Kimmie (Twins)

Kellie with two balls between her little toes.

Kimmie spreads her toes with her heel planted in her warm shoe.

Meet Soles of Silk Model Kellie & Kimmie (Twins)

Model Statistics

Debuted: March 2005 (both)
# of Photo Sets: 26* (Kellie) / 20* (Kimmie)
# of Photos: 1,610* (Kellie) / 1,094* (Kimmie)
Wu's Feetlinks Feature Gallery: Football Twins (both)

Foot Facts

Shoe Size: 5 (both)
Ticklish: Yes (both)
Favorite Parts of Her Feet: Soles (both)
Favorite Nail Polish Color: Bright Pink (Kellie) / Pink (Kimmie)
Favorite Type of Shoes: Flip flops and strappy high heels (Kellie) / Anything with a heel (Kimmie)

Model Interview Quotes

"My whole foot is ticklish. I would say the most ticklish spot is my toes, especially when they're being sucked on." - Kellie, Intro Interview
"I enjoy having my feet touched, as long as it doesn't tickle." - Kimmie, Intro Interview

Short Bio

Both Kellie and Kimmie were hired at my workplace within months of one another. When they started, they were only in high school. I was in college at the time and only months before, had closed my old foot fetish site, The 10 Little Piggies. At one point in time I had entertained the idea of reopening that site and had even took the twins, along with Carmen, out to do some photos. They had just recently turned 18, but the photos never made it online as The 10 Little Piggies reboot never happened.

Not too long after I began plotting out my ideas for Soles of Silk. I told the twins about the site, but we weren't able to plan any photo shoots for them to be included in the site launch. Instead I launched Soles of Silk with: Mindee, Cierra, Madison, Lauryn, Lisa Tyler, Amber, Sue Lovely, and Maria.

It was only three months after the launch, however, that I was able to get the twins to join the sole mate roster. When Kellie and Kimmie made their debut, it was a massive hit. Getting a set of cute twins to pose together was something rarely seen on other foot fetish sites, so I felt like I had struck gold.

Wu, of Wu's Feetlinks felt the same way. For his customary football themed feature gallery the following year in 2006 he asked me if I'd get the twins to do a set called Football Fun. When I approached the girls about the idea, they were onboard 100 percent. When that set went live, the feedback was nothing but positive. To this day the twin's Football Fun set remains the only feature set on Wu's Feetlinks to feature more than one model - let alone sisters or twins.

In the years since both girls have posed for countless pictures for the site. Within recent years, however, it has been hard for all of us to meet up together. We've all taken different jobs, or have had school to occupy our time. Although I haven't gotten the girls to pose together in a while, I've managed to squeeze in some solo sets with each. I just wish I could get with them more regularly solo as well.

In recent months I've told both twins it's time for them to get together again. While we haven't picked a date, they both know I'm pushing for this. Hopefully once my back is feeling a little better and the girls have got some open time, we can make this happen. I know many of you have been itching for an all new twins set. I can't blame you. Seeing both sets of their size 5 feet side-by-side is breathtaking.

Photographer's Final Thoughts

Shooting both of these girls is always a fun experience. Kellie is totally in love with my foot rubs and there hasn't been a shoot in years where she hasn't gotten her feet rubbed for at least an hour before, after, or even during the shoot. I've always treasured the laid back times where I was able to pamper Kellie's feet for a bit.

As for Kimmie, she's had her feet in my hands plenty of times as well, but I've always found her to be a tad bit more teasing than her twin sister. That's not a bad thing either as it makes for some fun shoots - like the time she squished her feet in Jello (Sample 01 / Sample 02), or even the mud in the back yard (Sample 01 / Sample 02).

But when these two are together, it's game on and I really have to make that happen! I'm going to insist on a twin sister foot rub too, unless I can come up with some sort of fun food shoot. Kimmie was nice enough to let me taste the Jello off her feet as was Kellie after her Cinnabon shoot (Sample 01 / Sample 02).

Yeah, it's time to get these girls back together!

The twins' debut set came in a set together.

The twins also invited a mutual friend, Keira, to pose with them too.

* as of the date this blog was posted

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Soles of Silk Update: March 13, 2013

This week's update includes the following updates:

Photos - Amelia shows off her feet in her flip flops along a quiet river before she kicks them off and gets her soles a little dirty (66 images)

Photo Sample 01
Photo Sample 02

VideoShae Spreadz slowly pulls off her nude thigh high stockings to tease you with her big Ebony feet (197 MB - 1080p HD)
Video Screenshot

Downloads (Foot Toons Section) - 1 new poster of Lady Steph has been added to the Foot Toons section of the Downloads area
Boss Lady Steph

Friday, March 8, 2013

Getting to Know... Mindee

Mindee's sweaty feet fresh from her socks and Ugg boots.

Meet Soles of Silk Model Mindee


Model Statistics

Debuted: December 2004
# of Photo Sets: 24*
# of Photos: 1,772*
Wu's Feetlinks Feature Gallery: Power Girl Fan Girl

Foot Facts

Shoe Size: 8
Ticklish: Yes
Favorite Parts of Her Feet: Arches
Favorite Nail Polish Color: Blue
Favorite Type of Shoes: Tennis Shoes

Model Interview Quotes

"As far as stockings go, I prefer pantyhose. Nude and lace are my favorites." - Mindee, Intro Interview

"I love [reading comments]. Knowing that I am helping you out feels great, but realizing that other people actually look forward to my pics also feels great." - Mindee, Modeling Interview

Short Bio

I've been friends with Mindee since she was a teenager. She used to work with me and I always found her to be a very down to earth person. In 2004 when I began shooting the first pictures for Soles of Silk (prior to its opening), I approached her to model. At first she wasn't keen on the idea. She claimed her feet were "ugly" and told me that the only way she'd pose for me is if "I really needed her." Well, I told her I did and she agreed to pose that summer.

Fast forward to 2013 and Mindee trails only Cierra (2,075*), Madison (1,832*), and Layla (1,802*) in total photos on the site with 1,722. That being said, however, I currently have five sets featuring Mindee that have yet to be posted. Of the three girls ahead of her in photo count, only Layla has sets waiting to be posted with two.

In 2010 Mindee became Soles of Silk's sixth model to appear in a Wu's Feetlinks Feature Model gallery. Her Power Girl Fan Girl set, quite frankly, made her stocks rise as people couldn't get enough of her soft size 8 feet. She was already popular prior, but since that feature set, I can't go too long without someone asking me when Mindee's next set will be posted.

Although Mindee was hesitant to pose all those years ago, she has been vigilant in getting others to pose for me. She's had two cousins (Marcy and Mariah) join the ranks. And most recently, her good friend, Emerald, debuted her cute little feet as well. Mindee has appeared in sets with each girl, however, her set with Mariah was ultimately lost on an old laptop. Her set with Emerald was just featured on the site for the 2013 Valentine's update. Talk about two sets of cute feet! (See Sample 1 | See Sample 2)

Over the years Mindee has been one of the most dependable models I have. She's not only a model, however, she's a great friend. I appreciate all she has done for the site and try to make sure I reward her every chance I can get with some killer foot rubs - rubs which she rates a 10/10 in her Modeling Interview (found inside the site's Members area). Guess I need to press my thumbs and fingers into those fluffy soft soles a little harder to earn an 11/10...

Photographer's Final Thoughts

Mindee's size 8 feet are too cute for words. I can't get enough of seeing those adorable peds in front of my camera. I never grow tired of taking her pictures and never will. And of course, I love how they smell after being in flats all morning and afternoon. I'm sure Mindee will blush reading that, but it's true.

Mindee's first ever shoot with food - banana creampie pudding.

 * as of the date this blog was posted

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Soles of Silk Update: March 6, 2013

This week's update includes the following updates:
Photos - Mileena shows off her sweaty and somewhat dirty soles on a very hot day in a set done on a very old, rusty train lift bridge (55 images)

Photo Sample 01
Photo Sample 02

Video - Wendy splashes her size 8s in the water before showing off those heavenly soles (49.7 MB - 720p HD)
Video Screenshot

Downloads (Skulls Section) - 2 new posters of Cierra and Mindee have been added to the Skulls section of the Downloads area
Mindee's Milk & Pudding Poster
Cierra's Shoe Sniff Poster

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Opening the Site's Official Blog

Well, it's 2013 and all the cool kids seem to have blogs. Truth be told, at this time last year I reserved a account using my old Google profile from my Android phone. I had hoped to have Soles of Silk redesigned by now and the addition of the blog open with it, but that is not the case.

Since I opened Soles of Silk, the site has contained something similar to a blog, if you will, in the Columns section (found inside the members area). With the first column coming on January 1, 2005, it's been a staple of the site since its opening only one week earlier. For all these years the Columns section has been something I've enjoyed doing. It's been a means for me to communicate with everyone who becomes a member. There however, lies the problem. There was no means of communicating through the Columns section with non-members.

Probably the best way I've been able to keep in contact with the non-members has been through the site's forum. It's a part of the Wu's Feetlinks' Foot Fetish Forum. Every week since the site's opening I've posted update previews as well as many other site related stories, news, contests, and even sneak previews. This thread features the February 20, 2013 update featuring Aspen - a set I had forum members vote on via this thread a couple of weeks prior. They were given a choice of four non-posted sets of Aspen to be the next featured on the site. So the forum has served me well and will continue to do so in the future.

Last year I finally took the dive into social media again with creating a Soles of Silk Twitter page, after a not so amazing go of it with MySpace years prior. I never bothered with Facebook as I find them too restrictive and it too easy to find people's personal information. Having a Twitter account has been great. I've been very happy with the ability to network and communicate with other people - whether they're fans, members, or even potential models. It helped me land Shae Spreadz (@ShaeSpreadzXXX) recently - an Ebony model, with size 10 feet, who seemed too fun not to meet and shoot for the site.

As good as Twitter has been though, the 140 character limit doesn't allow me to create anything close to what I have done with the Columns section for eight years. So now I bring you the Official Soles of Silk Blog. While you'll still find me on the Soles of Silk Forum and Twitter acccount, I'm thinking it's time to retire the Columns section for this blog. I will have to work on intergrating the blog into the site, but I think it's time for a more accessible home for my writing.

Years ago I worked for a newspaper and wrote several different commentary pieces on topics such as: video games, movies, and art. It felt only natural when I opened Soles of Silk to have the Columns section. Now I want to take that next step. While not every piece will be a commentary style entry, I hope everyone will enjoy my words and comment accordingly. Some items I'm thinking of including on the blog will be:

  • Commentary
  • Model Interview Segments
  • Guest Interview Segments
  • Update Previews
  • General Site Information

Until next time, I leave you with a sample image from a set that is yet to be found on Soles of Silk (something I've done quite regularly in the Columns section). These cute size 8 feet belong to none other that site regular, Mindee. It's from a set we did last summer that I have yet to post. She has done a lot of sets and is on pace to take over the lead for most pictures from Cierra. Enjoy it and be on the lookout for my next column.