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Getting to Know... Mileena

A shot from one the sets done the first time Mileena posed. Meet Soles of Silk Model Mileena Model Statistics Debuted: July 2011 # of Photo Sets: 8* # of Photos: 492* Foot Facts Shoe Size: 6.5 Ticklish: Very ticklish Favorite Parts of Her Feet: Toes & Arches Favorite Nail Polish Color: Bright & crazy colors Favorite Type of Shoes: High heels & stilettos, or flip flops (depending on the occasion Model Interview Quotes "Even as ticklish as I am, I think your partner sucking on your toes is one of the most sensual acts - although I probably pull away about million times." - Mileena, Intro Interview "Nothing can beat the background of the Elakala Falls Not to mention, I worked the hardest for that one! I think I deserve some damn good credit for doing that hike in flip flops!" - Mileena, All Day Shoot Interview Short Bio Mileena always felt like that carrot dangling on the end of a stick that I jus

Soles of Silk Update: March 27, 2013

This week's update includes the following updates: Photos - Charlee shows off her sweaty bare feet under the bridge of a major roadway before dipping them into the water and getting them covered in sand (68 images)  Sample 01    Sample 02   Video - Kellie's very hot and sweaty all over, especially on her feet as she bares her soles and wiggles her toes (46.1 MB - 720p HD) Kellie's sweaty soles on a hot day Interview - 1 new introductory interview with Alaynah has been added to the Interviews section Alaynah

Soles of Silk's Social Media Footprint Guide

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Getting to Know... Jordana

Jordana showing off her teal sandals, toes, & booty. Meet Soles of Silk Model Jordana Model Statistics Debuted: Summer 2006 # of Photo Sets: 21* # of Photos: 1,266* Twitter: @TheJordanaLeigh Foot Facts Shoe Size: 7 Ticklish: Slightly Favorite Parts of Her Feet: Entire foot, no particular part Favorite Nail Polish Color: Crazy colors Favorite Type of Shoes: Anything slip on Model Interview Quotes "If you get to touch [my feet], you're one lucky guy." - Jordana, Intro Interview Short Bio I met Jordana in the middle of 2006 after finding her on a website called, One Model Place . The site is for photographers and models to find one another based off the type of work each is looking for. Seeing she had posed on a few fetish sites I was immediately interested in working with her. And although she's not local to the Baltimore/Washington, D.C. area, the short drive to Philadelphia is well worth it to have her super cute

Beware of Imposters: Modeling for Soles of Silk

I was sent an email last night by a female in Pittsburg, PA. In it she described how someone by the name of "Zack" had approached her based on a Craigslist ad she posted (a non-modeling ad) to pose for Soles of Silk . After doing a little research she said she figured out the person was obviously a phony and contacted me about the issue. I have yet to respond to her, but will as soon as I finish this blog post. I wanted to put this out there for anyone looking to model for Soles of Silk , or who might have been contacted by "Zack," or whatever name he may be going by. Modeling Basics 1. I have never contacted a model based of Craigslist . I can't say I never will, but in eight years I haven't yet. 2. I always contact models online via two methods. The first one is my email, which should always be . The second, is the site's official Twitter page, @SolesofSilk . 3. I won't give you my cellphone number unle

Soles of Silk Update: March 20, 2013

This week's update includes the following updates: Photos - Wendy shows off her bright pink toes in her white flip flops before baring her soles along a downtown canal and some water fountains (58 images)   Photo Sample 01  Photo Sample 02     Video - Jessie shows off her sweaty soles by a marsh (15.8 MB - 720p HD) *note: the first portion of this clip was lost, but I wanted to share what remains anyhow   Jessie showing her sweaty soles   Video - Abby puts her feet on my dashboard while we drive home after an all day shoot - talk about a major distraction on the roadway (70 MB - 720p HD)   Abby's feet on my car's dashboard  

Getting to Know... Kellie & Kimmie (Twins)

Kellie with two balls between her little toes. Kimmie spreads her toes with her heel planted in her warm shoe. Meet Soles of Silk Model Kellie & Kimmie (Twins) Model Statistics Debuted: March 2005 (both) # of Photo Sets: 26* (Kellie) / 20* (Kimmie) # of Photos: 1,610* (Kellie) / 1,094* (Kimmie) Wu's Feetlinks Feature Gallery: Football Twins  (both) Foot Facts Shoe Size: 5 (both) Ticklish: Yes (both) Favorite Parts of Her Feet: Soles (both) Favorite Nail Polish Color: Bright Pink (Kellie) / Pink (Kimmie) Favorite Type of Shoes: Flip flops and strappy high heels (Kellie) / Anything with a heel (Kimmie) Model Interview Quotes "My whole foot is ticklish. I would say the most ticklish spot is my toes, especially when they're being sucked on." - Kellie, Intro Interview "I enjoy having my feet touched, as long as it doesn't tickle." - Kimmie, Intro Interview Short Bio Both Kellie and Kimmie were hired at

Soles of Silk Update: March 13, 2013

This week's update includes the following updates: Photos - Amelia shows off her feet in her flip flops along a quiet river before she kicks them off and gets her soles a little dirty (66 images)     Photo Sample 01 Photo Sample 02     Video -  Shae Spreadz slowly pulls off her nude thigh high stockings to tease you with her big Ebony feet (197 MB - 1080p HD) Video Screenshot  Downloads (Foot Toons Section) - 1 new poster of Lady Steph has been added to the Foot Toons section of the Downloads area Boss Lady Steph

Getting to Know... Mindee

Mindee's sweaty feet fresh from her socks and Ugg boots. Meet Soles of Silk Model Mindee   Model Statistics Debuted: December 2004 # of Photo Sets: 24* # of Photos: 1,772* Wu's Feetlinks Feature Gallery: Power Girl Fan Girl Foot Facts Shoe Size: 8 Ticklish: Yes Favorite Parts of Her Feet: Arches Favorite Nail Polish Color: Blue Favorite Type of Shoes: Tennis Shoes Model Interview Quotes "As far as stockings go, I prefer pantyhose. Nude and lace are my favorites." - Mindee, Intro Interview "I love [reading comments]. Knowing that I am helping you out feels great, but realizing that other people actually look forward to my pics also feels great." - Mindee, Modeling Interview Short Bio I've been friends with Mindee since she was a teenager. She used to work with me and I always found her to be a very down to earth person. In 2004 when I began shooting the first pictures for Soles of Silk (prior to its o

Soles of Silk Update: March 6, 2013

This week's update includes the following updates:     Photos - Mileena shows off her sweaty and somewhat dirty soles on a very hot day in a set done on a very old, rusty train lift bridge (55 images)    Photo Sample 01   Photo Sample 02    Video - Wendy splashes her size 8s in the water before showing off those heavenly soles (49.7 MB - 720p HD)   Video Screenshot  Downloads (Skulls Section) - 2 new posters of Cierra and Mindee have been added to the Skulls section of the Downloads area   Mindee's Milk & Pudding Poster   Cierra's Shoe Sniff Poster 

Opening the Site's Official Blog

Well, it's 2013 and all the cool kids seem to have blogs. Truth be told, at this time last year I reserved a  account using my old Google  profile from my Android phone. I had hoped to have Soles of Silk redesigned by now and the addition of the blog open with it, but that is not the case. Since I opened Soles of Silk , the site has contained something similar to a blog, if you will, in the Columns section (found inside the members area). With the first column coming on January 1, 2005, it's been a staple of the site since its opening only one week earlier. For all these years the Columns section has been something I've enjoyed doing. It's been a means for me to communicate with everyone who becomes a member. There however, lies the problem. There was no means of communicating through the Columns section with non-members. Probably the best way I've been able to keep in contact with the non-members has been through the site's forum . It's a p