Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Soles of Silk Update - October 30, 2013

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - New model Jasey Rae shoes off her size 7.5, 18 year old feet while taking pictures of them with a 35mm camera (77 images)

Sample 01

Sample 02

Video - Colleen kicks off a pair of sweaty black Converse shoes that she's been wearing for hours, without socks, on a very hot day (130 MB - 1080p HD)

Video Sample 01

Download (Wallpaper) - 1 new wallpaper of Jasey Rae has been added to the Wallpapers section of the Downloads area


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Soles of Silk Update - October 23, 2013

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - Olivia looks so hot in her blue & black tennis shoes and pink knee high socks - all before she shows her moist, sweaty feet once they're pulled off her feet (74 images)

Photo Sample 01

Photo Sample 02

Video - Mariah is acting like a big kid at the playground as she smushes Play-Doh under her even softer soles (158 MB - 1080p HD)

Video Sample 01

Contributions - New contributor Alena shows off her size 7 feet while on the couch (20 images)

Contribution Sample 01

Contribution Sample 02

Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday's Shoot - Jasey Rae (New Model)

With the warm days ending and over 70 sets in the photo bank to be posted in future updates, I thought I'd be wrapped up shooting by now. I had a few loose plans with people made for October, but several weeks ago I made new plans. Those plans were with a new model whose name is Jasey Rae.

Jasey has worked with me for about two years now. Since my friends tease me all the time about my foot fetish and several of the other girls at work, such as Ryan and Aspen, also pose for me, Jasey was already aware of the site. When she turned 18 back in June, I asked her if she'd like to pose for Soles of Silk. She said yes, but wasn't sure what her boyfriend would think. A few days later she told me he wasn't keen on the idea.

"If things ever change, let me know," I told her and left it at that.

Well, things did change four months later. I walked into work a few weeks ago at the start of a shift and Jasey immediately said, "You're going to be so happy."

"Why?" I asked.

"Because my boyfriend and I broke up," Jasey said.

I didn't see what she was getting at right away, so I did the natural thing and apologized to her. I didn't really know the guy, but I don't like seeing anyone breaking up. But then I understood where she was going with the statement.

"Yeah, now I can pose for you," she said.

We continued to talk about the situation that night while at work. I wanted to make sure it wasn't just some argument and they'd be back together in no time. After assuring me it wasn't, we began talking possible dates for her to pose. With me being so busy over the last few weekends we had to wait until this week, but that was fine by Jasey. She was looking forward to posing, and told me a few times that she was so excited to finally be doing it.

So today was the day. I woke up and sent Jasey a text to make sure she was up and ready. She was actually ahead of schedule and was actually waiting on me. I got a quick shower, gathered my equipment, and was off Jasey's place. Our first stop would be for her to get a pedicure. Bright pink was the color choice as our original plans were to make use of the color in a couple of sets in honor of breast cancer awareness month. Those plans didn't quite happen, but more on that later.

As I sat in the waiting area waiting for Jasey to get her toes done, I playfully texted her, "my hands feel better!"

In the weeks prior to our shoot, Jasey playfully told me that I may or may not be allowed to massage her feet when we shoot. She knows I like girls who are well versed in the art of teasing. I just wanted to let her know I was jealous having to sit there while someone else rubbed her size 7.5 feet.

Once Jasey's toes were a bright shade of pink it was time for us to head out to our shoot location. I based the area off of an idea Jasey came up with in the weeks leading up to the shoot. This first shoot, however, was going to be kept simple. Tennis shoes without socks!

Jasey slipping out of her well-worn work shoes.

Finding a bench next to some tennis courts Jasey sat down and propped up her pink shoe-clad feet. Jasey often wears these shoes to work, where we're on our feet for countless hours.

"I tried to clean them up a little," she said.

I let her know most of us probably prefer them nice and smelly. She laughed and said, "I bet!"

After a quick overview on how I do my sets, we were ready to begin. I noticed right away Jasey needed very little instruction on how to pose. She told me while I snapped the first photos of the set that she had looked on the site and its Instagram page (@SolesofSilk) to see what some of the other girls have done. She studied!

Since Jasey mentioned Instagram, I pulled out my phone to give everyone their first ever glimpse of this 18 year old newbie. The shot featured her with one foot bare and foot still in her shoe. I told her it was like a tease, only getting to see one foot.

"Nice!" she said. "You know I love to tease!"

With the shot tagged and posted to Instagram  I put my camera back to my eye and snapped photos of the second shoe coming off. And once it was, I was finally able to gaze upon her soft soles side-by-side for the first time. Talk about adorable, especially with her plump little toes that she described to me as "chubby."

After a second quick shot for the site's Instagram page, I shot photo after photo of those little bare feet. I watched her spread and curl her toes, loving every minute of it. It's always fun to watch a girl posing for the first time. She was having a lot of fun too.

Once enough photos were taken Jasey pulled her shoes back on for a video clip. I figured everyone would love to see her pull those shoes off in motion, so Jasey threw her legs over the back end of the bench and did just that.

At this point it was time for a lunch break. I hadn't eaten anything all day and Jasey was also a little hungry. I found a parking spot close to our next location as I knew it had some restaurants nearby. I also wanted to show Jasey the area to see what she thought of it.

While we ate we discussed what set we wanted to do next. We planned out four different set ideas for the day, so three possibilities remained. The one we went with, however, was one Jasey came up with.

About a week ago Jasey asked me if I still owned a 35mm camera. I told her I did and that I actually moved it in my closet just a few days prior. The case was also filled with a bunch of film, although expired for some time. 

"Awesome," she said. "I wanna do a set with a camera and some film."

Jasey is also into photography, so it was something she thought would be fun to do as a theme. I can't believe I never thought of that in all the years Soles of Silk has been running. A few of the other models also thought it was awesome when they asked me what Jasey was going to do for her first photos.

After a quick change of clothes we made the trip back to my car to get my large camera case. I told Jasey I felt like I was carrying a gun case around compared to the bag I use for my digital camera. With the monstrosity strapped over my shoulder, we walked down to the canal district to shoot her second set.

Jasey wanted to do a set with a 35mm camera and film.

I eyed up a few different angles and thought having the suspension bridge in the background would be best. Jasey reached into the camera box and pulled out the camera. I told her to make use of the expired film as one of the boxes said, "Develop by 12/2005." Yeah, it's been a while since I opened this old camera box, let alone used it. With my old 35mm in around her neck, I began Jasey's second set. 

I started off with a few full body poses, but it didn't take me long to aim my camera at Jasey's soles. I just couldn't help it. They're adorable, especially when those toes begin wiggling all over the place. I pretty much told her to pose her feet however she wanted and throw in the camera and film in as she saw fit.

The set went by pretty quickly, except for when people walked by. I told her to say the code world, "blueberry," if anyone was walking up behind us. Since it was her first shoot, I didn't want her to feel uncomfortable. For the most part, she didn't care and pointed out the lady sitting on a nearby bench who had been there the entire time.

At this point I decided to get in a third photo for Soles of Silk's Instagram page. People seemed to really like this one. The likes poured in right away. It's always nice to see you guys respond to the girls' efforts while they're shooting. I'm always showing the models your feedback with these Instagram pictures.

Before the set concluded we moved across the walkway over to a bench to try a few more angles. The background area remained the same, but we thought we might be able to get something a little different than the wall where she started the set. When we finished these photos, we had enough to complete the second set.

With two sets in the books there were two ideas remaining. We had time to do one, but we just weren't feeling the locations. The one theme was just going to be a simple barefoot and blue jeans set. But the last one was also one of Jasey's ideas and one I really wanted to do. This is where the breast cancer awareness idea came in and why she got her toes painted pink. 

Jasey brought a skirt she was going to wear some light pink Cuban heel thigh highs I had bought. The plan for a stocking removal set, but there was just too many people around and the sun was starting to get a bit harsh. I swear once the fall sets in the sun just doesn't cooperate in the late afternoon.

Jasey and I decided to head home and if we thought of a place to shoot on the way, we'd do it. We made it most of the way home when I mentioned a waterfront park I hadn't been to in ages. We took a detour to check it out.

When we got out of the car, cold doesn't describe the air coming off the Chesapeake Bay. Jasey was obviously freezing, so I wasn't about to suggest doing a shoot. We turned around and went back to the car. At least I got to scout the area for future possibilities though.

After getting back to the car, Jasey put me in my place. Earlier on during the drive home, she asked if she could look at the pictures on my camera. I told her it was in the back of the car in the camera bag, but she couldn't reach it. I told her I'll get it out for her when we stop. Well, since we were in the parking lot at this park, I opened the hatch and grabbed it.

"I'll give you a foot rub while you check them out," I said.

"I don't think so," Jasey replied.

I honestly thought she was just being playful and would give them to me in a few seconds. Once that didn't happen, I figured she would in a few minutes. But no dice!

I tried to counter telling her these photos looked awesome, not letting her see them. I told her I would let her see them when she gave me her feet. And still, nothing!

"You got to rub them earlier," Jasey said.

"When?" I complained.

"During the first shoot and then a little bit during the second," she claimed.

"What? I brushed dirt off of them," I argued to no avail.

Jasey was not giving in, but she was being very playful in the process. I drove us back home without getting to feel just how soft and chubby those toes were over a foot rub. That being said, I still texted a thank you for allowing me to touch her feet for those few short seconds.

"You're welcome," Jasey replied agreeing I should be thankful for those brief moments.

Needless to say, a tease themed set is in this girl's future!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Soles of Silk - 10 Fun Facts

Every once in a while I feel the need to just write mindless facts about Soles of Silk for all to read. It's been ages since I've done this with the last time appearing in the site's now retired Columns section. So this will be a first for those of you who read this blog. So why wait, let's jump right in as I post a bunch of random fun facts about Soles of Silk and its models!

Fact #1: The model on my site who I've known the longest is Andrea. We grew up as next door neighbors and were always friends.

Fact #2: Ryan made her Soles of Silk debut in a Wu's Feetlinks Feature Model set in 2011.

Layla talked her younger sister, Jaylee into posing.

Fact #3: There are two pairs of biological sister on Soles of Silk. Kimmie and Kellie were the first to pose and are identical twins. After posing for more than 20 sets, Layla asked her sister, Jaylee Austin, to pose, giving the site its second pairing.

Fact #4: Only two models on the site have a shoe size of 10 or bigger. Molly is the largest at a size 11 and Shae Spreadz is the other with a 10. A third model, also named Shae (no longer on the site), wore a size 10.

Fact #5: Seven models who appear on Soles of Silk also appeared on my former free site, The 10 Little Piggies. Those models are: Abby, Amber, Andrea, Kim T., Krystie, Madison, and Wendy.

Fact #6: 21% of Cierra's shoots contain food smashing of some kind. I told her once that I should just take her to the grocery store for a shoot. She loves squishing stuff between her toes.

Fact #7: Mariah went seven years between posing for her first set on the site and her second. Talk about a comeback!

Aliza had more than my attention during her first shoot.

Fact #8: During her first shoot, Aliza was asked by a male in the area if he could have his picture taken with her. We weren't sure if he thought she was a celebrity or something as he didn't really speak English.

Fact #9: Two models made their Soles of Silk debuts posing for New Years themed sets. Keira was the first in 2009 and Alaynah was the second in 2013.

As usual, I couldn't wait to rub Charlee's feet after her last shoot.

Fact #10: During our last shoot Charlee secretly took two photos of me giving her a foot massage. I got the first one, but not the second. That's when she realized she accidentally sent it to her boyfriend. Oops!

I hope you enjoyed learning all this fun trivia about Soles of Silk. I'll be sure to post some more of these in the future. And you never know, perhaps something related to these facts could appear in the next installment of the Soles of Silk Trivia Contest.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Soles of Silk Update - October 16, 2013

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - Colleen pulls off a pair of black Converse low tops that she's been wearing for countless hours without socks (64 images)

Photo Sample 01

Photo Sample 02

Video - Jamie crushes a few cannoli under her little feet in the kitchen (141 MB - 1080p HD)

Video Sample 01

Video - Jamie cleans the cannoli cream off her feet after her shoot (141 MB - 1080p HD)

Video Sample 02

Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday's Shoot - Jamie

Although I have done countless photo shoots in 2013, one of my regular models had yet to appear in front of my camera. That model was Jamie. As many of you know, Jamie has done a lot of photos for the site since she turned 18 three years ago. But during her summer break from school this year, we were never able to find the time and back to school she went.

About a week ago Jamie sent me a text asking if I had any plans for the coming week. I told her Sunday was out because I'd be at an amusement park, but Monday was wide open. She asked if we could meet for some photos and I said sure.

As the days went by the forecast was nothing but rain. And by "nothing but," I mean it! It rained for hours each and every day leading to today. At one point we even discussed doing some rainy or muddy themed sets, but decided to take a wait and see approach on how the weather shaped up. Luckily for us the weather ended up cooperating. It wasn't hot, but it surely wasn't cold. The sun was out in full force, so there was no need to figure out how I could protect my camera from any falling rain drops.

I met up with Jamie around noon. We both had plans for the evening, so we decided to just do two sets. Add them to the three sets I shot with her in the winter of 2012 and that will give me plenty of Jamie updates this winter.

Before we set out to our first location we stopped for a pedicure. Jamie had a neat blue/green color on her toes, but we wanted to freshen things up. We looked at all the colors she's done in the past and decided to go with a dark purple this time around. I waited for her to get polished up and then we were on our way.

We found ourselves at a park I have used a few times in the past for her first set. Although I've shot here numerous times, we were limited on time and I know the place well enough to find a location quickly.

Once we parked we walked out to the pier, only to find it left rather messy - I'm talking dead fish, old bait, dried up worms, etc. I wasn't about to clean at that up, so we walked to the other side of the park to see what we could find.

Down along the shore we found a picnic bench a foot or two from the surf. We decided to use it due to its privacy and it still being on the water. Jamie took a seat and I readied my camera. This first set would be strictly barefoot as I had plans to do shoes in the second set.

Jamie sticks her fingers between her little toes.

There really wasn't much to say about the way this set went other than Jamie stuck her feet out and I took picture after picture. She's posed for so many in the past, so I barely had to tell her anything. She knows what I like. Every so often I'd say to spread or curl her toes for a pose, but she was doing most of that on her own.

Before you knew it, we had already shot an entire set. It took no time at all. Guess that is what happens when I shoot an experienced person and there is no one around to bother you. So with the set done, we moved to a video clip.

I didn't want to just do a simple soles and toes video, so I gave her a bottle of lotion. I told her to rub it into her feet while I recorded. A few people have asked for some self-massage clips in the past, so I got one in here.

Once the clip was finished we gathered our things to head back to the car. I wanted to go to a different location for our second set, but due to some traffic, we changed plans. I took a detour to another park that was right around the corner from where we were bumper to bumper. In all honesty, we could have went to the original location, but I wanted to save time to give Jamie a foot rub afterward. It's become the norm for me to give Jamie a nice long massage after our shoots. And since I haven't rubbed those little feet since last winter, it was long overdue.

When we pulled into this park we made our way over to the bathroom area. Of course it was locked, so Jamie hurried up and changed behind the wall. I playfully asked her if I could film it, but no such luck - not that I expected her to say yes.

Now that Jamie was dressed and in her little black and blue Nikes we walked around the park for a bit to figure out our next location. I also was letting her feet sit in those shoes for a bit as she wasn't wearing socks. I know she wearing them all day, but I was hoping they'd moisten up just a little bit.

After we doubled back to a bench along the boardwalk area we prepared for the second set. Someone was fishing nearby, but Jamie took the attitude that many of my models have taken. 

"I won't ever see them again," she said.

Who else wants to sniff Jamie's foot and shoe?

At the start of this set I told Jamie I wanted her in the shoes for a few photos. I would tell her when and how to pull them off. This was going to be a slow shoe strip tease (Too bad they wouldn't be scratch and sniff pictures). I also mentioned that I was going to be putting a few shots of her removing her shoes on the site's Instagram page (@SolesofSilk). It's amazing just how many more likes each photo gets as more of her feet came into view. Same thing happened when Colleen stripped off her Converse back in September (see blog: "Today's Shoot - Colleen").

During Jamie's shoe strip there was certain one person who was liking it above and beyond all the followers on Instagram. That person was me. I loved these shoes! When she showed me the shoes earlier, I told her I thought they were too cute. I love black shoes with a single bright color. A few of my female friends have shoes like Jamie's and I always want them to be worn in sets. Luckily for me, Jamie had a pair and she brought them.

Eventually the shoe removal would end and those moist feet were totally bare. That's when I had Jamie lay on her stomach for some pose shots. I told her to keep her shoes down by her hands and face because I wanted them in the shots. After snapping a few shots I decided to have her smell her shoes. She gave me a cute look, but did it - putting the openings of those shoes right over her nose.

Around this time a few other people came into the area to fish. They both went directly behind us, instead of the hundreds of feet of open boardwalk area elsewhere. Jamie and I were practically done the shoot at this point, so I took the last few shots and asked her if she wanted to go somewhere else for a video clip. I really wanted a video of her pulling those shoes off. Can you blame me?

Once again Jamie didn't mind who was around. "We can do it here. I don't care," she said.

With that, she pulled her shoes back on, laced them up and I got into position. Position meaning down on my butt on the ground with her on the bench above. Putting her feet out to my camera I gave the countdown and then filmed her pulling those shoes from her tiny feet.

Now finished, I asked Jamie if she wanted her foot rub right here, or back in the car. She picked the car because the seats were more comfy. Plus, she wanted to look through the pictures and the sun was so bright, making the view screen hard to see. Slipping her shoes on once more, we walked back to the car and I got the lotion ready.

Jamie looked through the pictures while I did my thing. I couldn't tell you how many hours Jamie's feet have been in my hands, but it's a lot. I also had her take a photo of me with one of her feet and shoes to my nose. She's always a sweetie taking a picture or two of me amusing myself with her feet after her shoots. After the picture, however, it was back to rubbing those feet!

Eventually the foot rub had to come to an end. I drove her home and wished her luck when she returns to school. I said to keep in touch and hopefully we'll get to shoot again in the spring of 2014. This fall/winter expect to be seeing these as well as the existing sets of Jamie I'm still sitting on. She's not far away from joining the 1K Club either - the club for models who reach 1,000 photos. Only 104 more photos to go, much more than that already shot.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Getting to Know... Amelia

I love seeing Amelia's toes spread wide!

Meet Soles of Silk Model Amelia

Model Statistics

Debuted: September 2012
# of Photo Sets: 3*
# of Photos: 192*

Foot Facts

Shoe Size: 7
Ticklish: Yes
Favorite Parts of Her Feet: Her tattooed toe
Favorite Nail Polish Color: Bright and unique colors
Favorite Type of Shoes: Sandals, flip flops, Vans, and Sperrys

Model Interview Quotes

"A person who works at Famous Footwear told me my feet were tiny and adorable one time." - Amelia, Modeling Interview

Short Bio

I have only done a few of these "Getting to Know" blogs thus far. Each and every one of the blogs has been about a model who has either been posing for several years, has a high photo count on the site, or both. This time around, however, it's time to tell the story of how one of my newer models came to pose her cute little soles. That model is none other than Amelia - who posed for the first time just over a year ago.

As I've expressed in the past, most notably in the "Soles of Silk F.A.Q. - Finding Models" blog, word of mouth has been huge in landing a good deal of models. So when Amelia sent me a random email telling me how she liked my photography on Facebook, I figured she must have been referred to me from one of my existing models. I saw we had a few mutual friends, most notably Ryan and Aspen, and all three had went to the same high school. I just figured one of those two told her about me and/or the site.

The next day when I went into work I asked Ryan and Aspen if they had mentioned me to Amelia, but neither had. So once work was over, I decided to go ahead and respond. 

I thanked Amelia for her kind words and asked if she was talking about my artistic shots on Facebook, or if she was talking about Soles of Silk  She responded that it was the artistic shots, but was also curious about the site since I brought it up. I'd be lying if I said I didn't purposely drop that in there to see if she might be interested.

I don't remember the details about the remainder of the conversation, but I do know she thought shooting for Soles of Silk looked fun. She said she'd love to pose for it if I was looking for new people. Of course I was interested, especially with how nice she seemed to be in our conversation. With that, we made plans to shoot almost immediately as it was already September and the weather wouldn't be getting any warmer.

When the day came for our first shoot, we met up in the morning. Amelia had to work that evening, so we were trying to get in two or three sets beforehand. After introductions I told her about a park a friend showed me that I wanted to use, but the second location, I said was up to her. This second location involved us walking through the woods for a bit to get to a rocky stream and I didn't want her being uncomfortable since it was our first time meeting. She said it was okay since the girls she knew trusted me. I promised I wouldn't go all horror movie on her in the woods.

After all was said and done Amelia did two sets that day. The first set we shot at the park was out on a pier with some very thick rusty chains strung from piling to piling (Sample 01 / Sample 02). Her second set, and the one I used for her debut, was out on the rocks in the stream (Sample 01 / Sample 02). I was very happy with those results, but that would be the only photos we did for the remainder of 2012.

During the winter and into early spring Amelia and I kept in constant contact. She made it known that she wanted to shoot again as soon as I was ready. I made it known right back that I couldn't wait to shoot her again.

Amelia was one of the first models I got to shoot with earlier this spring. We took a little day trip to a location I found doing a Google Earth search - an aquatic botanical garden. Amelia loved the idea when I shared some of their online photos.

That day, although hot, resulted in two more great sets. The first one was out on a scenic overlook on some mud flats. This set hasn't been posted as of yet. And the second set saw Amelia pulling a pair of pink and black Vans off her sweaty bare feet (Sample 01 / Sample 02). I'm not lying when I say that this set is one of my favorites from the entire year - and I shot a ton of photos in 2013. As a matter of fact, the second sample from this set adorned my computer as wallpaper for months and is currently the site's profile picture on Twitter (@SolesofSilk).

This day also marked another special little occurrence. It was the day I finally got to give Amelia's little feet a massage - and a long one too! At one point I told Amelia I won't stop rubbing until she tells me to. Laying down across the bench she mumbled that she wasn't telling me to. She then added it was awesome that I'd kept rubbing them without stopping for about an hour. I assured her if we didn't have more photos to take, I wouldn't have stopped. I also gave her crap for me being the second person to rub her feet that day. She got a pedicure prior to the shoot, but swore my foot rub was better. I told her I was jealous nonetheless!

As the spring ended and the summer came, I found myself very busy. I had so many shoots to juggle, along with a week long road trip, and countless day trips. The entire time, however, I made sure to stress to Amelia that I wanted her to shoot again before the fall.

With summer drawing to an end, we once more scheduled a shoot on what turned out to be a very hot day. We aimed to do three sets, and although it was hot, Amelia nailed it once again. She posed for three more amazing sets.

The first set of the day ended up being on a bridge over the end of a lake. Sweat poured off of us as we shot, but I get some great angles of her feet up on the bridge's railings and supports. The second set was on another lake, but was on a pier/landing. We had the area all to ourselves, so I had my camera all up in her feet, getting so many great shots. I can't wait to post this set (see sample above). And the final set happened at a park on the way home. We found some train tracks that went into a pitch black tunnel and decided to use it (see sample below). Talk about dirty soles!

With three total shoots and seven sets shot (three posted), I still looked to Amelia for yet one more set this year. Olivia had originally been slated to do a set at an amusement park, but was unable to keep plans due to some family issues. I asked Amelia if she'd be interested in filling in. She was very much into the idea as she loves roller coasters, but her schedule just didn't match up. Perhaps I should see what she's doing these last two weekends in October since the park is still open and I don't have any concrete plans. Amelia barefoot in front of camera and then some roller coasters sounds like my idea of fun! I'll be sure to hit her up and see. If not, that's something I'd still like her to do one day with our mutual love of amusement parks and roller coasters.

Photographer's Final Thoughts

It didn't take me an hour long foot massage on a hot day at the botanical garden to appreciate Amelia. I mean, that was super-dooper amazing, but that's not the point. I find it so fun to be around and do shoots with Amelia. It honestly feels like I've known her forever when we only met a year ago online.

I'm so glad she sent me that random Facebook message and am glad she thought posing for Soles of Silk looked fun. Not only did I meet a cute girl with adorable feet who likes being in front of my camera, but a friend.

With more than 75 models on Soles of Silk, I'm hoping Amelia becomes one of the regulars, not letting me go too long without reminding me just why I love watching those plump piggies of hers wiggle in front of my camera. No really... Watch a video of her doing it! It's so fucking cute!

Amelia found out that some of us love her soles VERY dirty!

* as of the date this blog was posted

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Soles of Silk Update - October 9, 2013

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - Ryan shows off her adorable feet and bright pink toenails while out at the amusement park on a very hot day (55 images)

Photo Sample 01

Photo Sample 02

Video - Nikki has sand clinging to her soles and in between her toes, so she rinses them off under the cold water of a park shower (98.7 MB - 1080p HD)

Video Sample 01

Download (Skulls) - 1 new poster of Sara Swirls has been added to the Skulls section of the Downloads area


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Soles of Silk Update - October 2, 2013

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - Mariah returns after 7 years, squishing some Play Doh at the playground (73 images)

Photo Sample 01

Photo Sample 02

Video - Kelsey shows off her slightly dirty soles on a very hot day along the river (139 MB - 1080p HD)

Video Sample 01