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Soles of Silk Update - August 27, 2014

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - Aspen bares her feet after pulling off a pair of sandals in front of an old train trestle in an historic town (76 images)

Video - Charlee's legs and feet are encased in patterned white pantyhose and red heels as she waits for the bus on a hot day (128 MB - 1080p HD)

Downloads (Avatars) - 1 new avatar of Emerald has been added to the Celebrating 10 Years Avatars page of the Downloads area

Interview (Wu's Feet Links) - 1 new interview with Roxie Rae has been added to the Wu's Feet Links Interviews Blog |Read Interview|

Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday's Shoot - Bobbie

For the second time this year I made plans with Bobbie to do some photos. She debuted only two months ago with her Fourth of July Sparklers set (Sample 01 / Sample 02) (see blog: "Monday's Shoot - Bobbie"). This time around I had another special set planned for her - the site's annual football themed shoot.

In the days leading up to this shoot I had a little bit of brainstorming to do. In years past I've done numerous hometown themed sets for the site, so coming up with new ideas isn't always easy. For example, here are all the football sets from previous years:

So as you can see, a new idea isn't always the easiest thing to come up with. I've already had a little bit of repeat in the sets above, but overall, I think I've done a good job changing things up. For this year's set, I decided to try a coaching theme.

While I was shopping for set props I was able to find: a purple clipboard, team sticker (for the clipboard), cheap headphones, a whistle, a lanyard, team shoelaces, pens, a shirt, and then I printed up a little playbook. So with all that, you can add a: 2014: Bobbie - Football Coach to the list above.

Shooting this set wasn't as easy as I planned it to be. I've done some shoots out on artificial turf in years past, but this week marked the first week school was back in session. Going to any local high school was out of the question and I figured all the colleges would have parking lots packed to overflowing. Bobbie made a suggestion to use a recreation center field, so that's where we went.

When we arrived there were signs to stay off the field unless you had a permit. The gate also had a padlock on it, but it wasn't latched. Since there wasn't too many people around, I figured we could just jump the fence and probably get away with it. Bobbie, however, saw some park employees and suggested we could just ask them if we could go out there instead. I sided with her on this one and low and behold, they had no issues with us going out there at all. We just had to finish up in about an hour since a school team had the field reserved for 3:00 p.m.

Coach Bobbie's feet on the playbook.

Once we got out on the field we realized the day was a lot hotter than we had thought. I think the black rubber bits in the turf didn't help as I'm sure they soaked up the sun. It didn't take us long to start sweating, but hey... this is football practice and coaching, is it not?

Bobbie began the set in her black tennis shoes on the sidelines. I did quite a few shots with wearing her shoes and then kicking them off. Once she was barefoot we began moving all around the field. Bobbie admitted that the ground was indeed hot, so I was right about those rubber bits retaining the heat.

By the end of the set we moved down by the uprights and then over to the benches. We shot a short clip and then packed up with about 15 minutes to spare. I was worried about players or coaches showing up early and wondering what we were doing on the field, but that didn't happen. We made our way back to the car to enjoy some much needed air conditioning and figured out what we'd do next.

After a quick pit stop for something to drink, we made our way to a nature center for the second set. Bobbie had brought a pair of black sandals she wanted to wear for one of her sets and I told her I knew a somewhat secluded spot not too far away that was scenic. She had never been there and wanted to check it out, so that's where we decided to go.

When we arrived Bobbie did a quick change of clothes and we made our way out onto a small overlook along the shoreline. Bobbie fell in love with the view, but once again, the sun was in full effect. With the near by trees blocking the wind, we lucked out there, but we couldn't hide from the sun.

Bobbie after pulling off her black sandals.

Bobbie took a liking to the unique bench on the overlook so we did the majority of the photos on it. Just like the set before, her shoes started on her feet and were eventually removed. I was trying to snap these photos as quickly as I could as we both had sweat pouring off of us at this point. 

As we were wrapping up the set I suggested that we save the third set we had planned for another day - a fishing set. She made me promise that I wouldn't let another girl do it, which I assured her I wouldn't. It's a theme we've been talking about well before she even posed for the first time. Oh well! Good things come to those who wait, they say.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Soles of Silk Update - August 20, 2014

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - Charlee shows off her feet in a scenic area at a park we visited on one very hot day (64 images)

Photos - Ashlyn shows off her dirty little soles while on a bench in the woods (28 images)

Video - Mindee is laying across a bench and knows you're back there watching her slowly kick off her warm tennis shoes (163 MB - 1080p HD)

Downloads (Avatars) - 1 new avatar of Aspen has been added to the Celebrating 10 Years Avatars page of the Downloads area

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Soles of Silk Update - August 13, 2014

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - Ryan shows off her high arched feet in a garden we found wandering around Georgetown (47 images)

Video - Jamie's feet play in the sand and the surf of the Chesapeake Bay the day after Hurricane Arthur passed by (127 MB - 1080p HD)

Downloads (Avatars) - 2 new avatars of Alaynah and Amelia have been added to the Celebrating 10 Years Avatars page of the Downloads area

Wu's Feet Links (Columns) - 1 new column has been added to the Wu's Feet Links Columns Blog titled, "FemDom: When You're Her Bitch" *explicit*

Monday's Shoot - Emerald

It's been way too long since I last met with Emerald to do photos - Monday made me realize that more than ever. It wasn't for a lack of trying, however, we just never seemed to match schedules or would just lose touch for a bit. But that is all null and void now as yesterday resulted in three great photo sets and good fun at an amusement park afterward.

Some time ago when Emerald and I were trying to figure out possible shoot ideas a size teasing set using bananas and mini-bananas came up. It's been on the back burner this whole time, but one we've always wanted to do. When we set out to do our photos today, we made a few stops to get those bananas. We ran into a problem, however. Apparently most stores don't carry the mini-bananas, but we did find red bananas - something neither Emerald or I were aware even existed. Red bananas are smaller and sweeter, but we were only concerned with them being smaller. We then picked up the regular bananas and were on our way. Funny thing is, on our way out we saw a candy machine with tiny banana candies inside. Only minutes before I asked Emerald if she remembered those candies and we even checked the candy isle to see if they sold them. There they were in the machine in the lobby. And with that, we jumped in the car and left for our shoot.

All three sets today were shot at a park around two lakes not too far from the University of Maryland. I had found them using Google Earth and thought there were a lot of possibilities for set locations all in one area. The banana one was first on the agenda!

After walking about a quarter of a mile we found a small clearing by the lake. It was far enough off the paved path and isolated by a number of trees so we wouldn't haven't to worry about people ogling us from a distance. The background was perfect and was an obvious choice for a picnic - ours just happened to be a picnic with all bananas.

Emerald quickly pulled on the funny banana T-shirt I found online for her a week ago and then we set up our picnic blanket. I readied my camera for what turned out to be one fun set.

Emerald slices up a red banana during a picnic.

The set began with Emerald showing off those charming size 7s, but quickly turned to gags. First up was those banana candies. She held them out and made a few gestures to show what she thinks of those little things. Of course, the only way to follow those was with the large "real" banana. She also had a few gestures with the big boy front and center.

Eventually those mysterious red bananas came into play. With them also on the smaller side, Emerald brought out her small knife and took to doing some chopping. It might have a few of you clenching yourself. Was there a meaning behind that? Let's hope not!

We concluded the set with a clip that showed her squishing some bananas between her toes and under her soles. With her feet a sticky mess, I decided to shot a quick handful of  "after" photos that I'll publish as a little bonus.

With the set finally finished we cleaned up our mess and made our way further into the park. I had spotted several lines of benches that looked out onto the second lake. I wanted to use those. Emerald did a quick outfit change in the bathroom, emerging with a pair of black sandals. I told her I wanted to use them in this set.

Emerald showing off the sandals that were just on her feet.

We walked past the first few groups of benches as people were occupying them. We settled on the third or fourth bench grouping and began the set.

There isn't much to describe with this one. It was more about Emerald pulling off her sandals than a specific theme as we had just done. But oftentimes, sets like these are so simple and straightforward that they turn out amazing. That is what happened here.

Emerald began the set in her sandals and slowly pulled them from her soft feet. We grabbed a few poses that we weren't able to do on the picnic blanket earlier, stopping only for a few kids and old couples who came by. And oh yeah, I got to get in a little time rubbing those feet too.

Emerald stretching her socks around her arch.

For the third set we decided to use her purple tennis shoes and a pair of pink and purple knee high socks, similar to the ones Ashlyn wore her in Longboard set done back in June (see blog: "Sunday's Shoot - Ashlyn"). The socks came from the same pack, which had a handful of different color combinations. You'll be seeing the others eventually as well.

Right by the bathrooms Emerald used to change were bike racks. With the sporty theme of her clothing, we thought the location would work nicely. While the lake is still visible in the background of some of the shots, we didn't want it to be front and center as it had been all day.

The color purple was certainly abundant in this set. As a matter of fact, I also had several solid pairs of knee high socks, including purple, from another pack of socks I bought as well. I'm glad Emerald elected to use the gradient ones though as the pink splashes really popped with all the purple elsewhere.

It was fun watching Emerald remove and play with her socks and shoes in this one. Of course I was nice enough to photograph the show for all of you! What kind of photographer would I be had I not? Not going to lie though, sometimes I'd prefer to put the camera down and admire shows like Emerald gave me with her sock tease.

We ended up doing all these things once again on a bench along the path on the return to our car. I wanted a good angle to get those soles in view. We did the clip and then decided to go find some food to feed our growling bellies.

Once lunch was done we made our way to Six Flags for the evening to ride some roller coasters. Feet then roller coasters? That's two of my favorite things. It made an awesome day even better!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Soles of Silk - 10 Fun Facts (Minus One)

I'm back for another round of some pointless, but fun-filled, Soles of Silk facts - well, minus the 8th one. It's been a while since I published one of these, and most of these deal with recent happenings on the site. And oh yeah, all the sample shots are stocking ones just because - no particular reason!

Fact #1: The first cartoon Foot Toons (@FootToons) drew for Soles of Silk was of Carmen. Originally he was doing her in Ravens gear, but then Carmen stated she was a Redskins fan. Being the cool guy that he is, he changed Carmen's cartoon to to Redskins theme and then created one with the twins, Kimmie and Kellie in the purple and black.

Lela Beryl in white seamed stockings.

Fact #2: Soles of Silk model, Lela Beryl (@LelaBeryl), was quoted in the first official new column to appear on the all new, Wu's Feet Links Columns Blog titled, "FemDom: When You're Her Bitch." The column was written by yours truly.

Fact #3: Although I have over a year's worth of content shot for the site, and I've been laying low shooting new sets in July, I have several shoots planned for August and into September.

Jamie tugging her black and brown Cuban Heel stockings.

Fact #4: So far in 2014, Jamie has posed for 10 new sets - seven of those sets were done in a single day in July during a mini-vacation to the beach.

Fact #5: Kaycee recently asked her friend if she'd be interested in posing for the site as well. She checked it out and said yes. Be on the lookout for her debut in the weeks to come.

Charlee's patterned pantyhose at the bus stop.

Fact #6: If all goes according to plan on Monday, August 11, I will be giving Emerald a foot rub after her newest photos. Then, later that evening, Charlee told me to come over and give her a long foot rub because she's working overtime that day.

Fact #7: Mindee has really taken to the theme of teasing in some of her newer sets - including her Gummy Worm Size tease set (Sample 01 / Sample 02) as well as her recently shot, Blue Balls Galore set (see blog: "Monday's Shoot - Mindee"). And I... well... Love it!

Fact #8: There is a good chance Aspen will not be returning to Soles of Silk. Sadly, she's seemed to have moved on in life and forgot how to answer her phone, respond to text messages, or return a few hundred dollars worth of photo shoot outfits and props we had been planning on using for a few awesome set ideas. I have a couple of sets of her I shot last year that I will still be posting in the months to come, however.

Olivia in nude and black Cuban Heel stockings.

Fact #9: Olivia's 2014 Wu's Feet Links feature gallery, "Back to Business," was the 9th time the site has been represented in a Wu's Feet Links feature set.

Fact #10: Although Olivia's set was the 9th Wu's Feet Links feature set, 10 models have appeared in those sets. In the 2007, "Football Fun," the twins, Kimmie and Kellie were featured together.

I hope you enjoyed learning all this fun trivia about Soles of Silk. I'll be sure to post some more of these in the future. And you never know, perhaps something related to these facts could appear in the next installment of the Soles of Silk Trivia Contest.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Soles of Silk Update - August 6, 2014

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - Kayleigh's little size 5.5 feet find their way into a pair of size 3 shoes, with a little bit of room to spare as she shows off her feet on a fallen tree (87 images)

Video - Jamie's soles are covered in sand at the beach as she buries them with a sand shovel and then breaks them free by wiggling her toes (137 MB - 1080p HD)

Downloads (Avatars) - 1 new avatar of Ryan has been added to the Celebrating 10 Years Avatars page of the Downloads area

Downloads (Avatars) - 1 new avatar of Bobbie has been added to the Grunge Avatars page of the Downloads area

Downloads (Buddy Icons) - 1 new buddy icon of Bobbie has been added to the Buddy Icons page of the Downloads area

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Fantasy Shoots - Trek Gals

Okay sci-fi nerds! Which camp are you? Star Wars? Or Star Trek? I grew up watching and enjoying both, but Trek was definitely on my television a lot more growing up. My father has always been a massive Trek fan and I've seen every episode from every series released - yes, even the animated one. I've also watched all the movies and own them on Blu Ray. So I guess you can classify me as a Trek nerd if you're the type that says you're either one or the other.

Back in April I posted a blog titled, "Fantasy Shoots - Comic Heroines." It was a repost of an older column found on Soles of Silk. It sparked the idea for me to begin a Fantasy Shoot series and now I'm here with the second installment.

This installment is part repost as well. I say part because back in November 2012 I wrote a column titled, "Where I've Never Gone Before..." In it I talked about various foot massage scenes I've come across watching Trek episodes - and there were quite a few! I then came up with a Top 10 listing of the Trek girls whose feet I'd most want to massage. Well, that Top 10 listing is featured below in the same order, but now with edited text. The edited out the foot massage aspect, changing it to why I'd love to photograph each one of these girls for Soles of Silk. You know... to make it match the series theme!

For this installment I'm talking the characters here, not the actresses who played them. I am only using the characters who can be found in any of the television shows. That means the two, newly rebooted movies aren't eligible, and neither are characters whose only role came in a film. Now, onto who I'd want to shoot for Soles of Silk:

10 - Kira Nerys (Deep Space 9)

Race: Bajoran
Rank: Major
Position: First Officer

Actress: Nana Vistor

Kira wasn't most people's favorite, it seems. Something about her, however, I found sexy. Maybe it was her confidence or strong will? Who knows? I'm thinking she'd be a tough one to convince to model her feet for a fetish site, but it doesn't mean I wouldn't want her to.

9 - B'Elanna Torres (Voyager)

Race: Human/Klingon
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Chief Engineer

Actress: Roxann Dawson

Like your women dominant? I do. None of the girls on this list are more dominant than B'Elanna Torres. If you followed Voyager, you know full well she isn't one to be messed with. I'm thinking a set in some Klingon boots, putting us foot boys in our place, would be perfect!

8 - Ezri Dax (Deep Space 9)

Race: Trill
Rank: Ensign
Position: Counselor

Actress: Nicole de Boer

Ezri Dax didn't have a long stint on Deep Space 9, but from my point of view, she was certainly the girl next door type. Since that's what Soles of Silk is all about, I bet a shoot with Ezri would like shooting girls the likes of Mindee, Ryan, Charlee, or so many others. 

7 - Deanna Troi (Next Generation)

Race: Human/Betazoid
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position: Counselor

Actress: Marina Sirtis

I was never a big fan of the Deanna Troi character. She was way to emotional for me. But what photographer would be complete without a drama queen model? Bingo! Deanna did grow on me by the later seasons and into the films. I just wonder how hard doing a shoot with her would be since she'd know my thoughts. Man, that might not be good!

6 - Nyota Uhura (Original Series)

Race: Human
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Communications Officer

Actress: Nichelle Nichols

You have to love those Original Series outfits the women wore. There is no way I could pass up a shoot with Nyota Uhura wearing those black boots and stockings! Plus, I've been majorly wanting some more Ebony models and Uhura defined just how sexy a black woman could be many years ago. 

5 - Jadzia Dax (Deep Space 9)

Race: Trill
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position: Science Officer

Actress: Terry Farrell

I always wondered how far those spots ran down. I wonder if they went all the way down to her Jadzia's feet? Guess the only way to find out would be to have her bare those feet of hers and why not catch it on camera in the process?

4 - Kes (Voyager)

Race: Ocampa
Rank: Civilian
Position: Medical Aide/Gardener

Actress: Jennifer Lien

Kes... I don't even know if I could legally shoot Kes as she only lives for what, seven to nine years? Someone needs to come up with a new model release form for women of the Ocampa race because I fell in love watching the Doctor on Voyager give Kes a foot rub. Should I feel dirty? 

3 - Hoshi Sato (Enterprise)

Race: Human
Rank: Ensign
Position: Communications Officer

Actress: Linda Park

You knew I was going to get Hoshi Sato on here. She's Asian! And with all the exotic species available to me, I still love me some Asian female feet! 

2 - Seven of Nine (Voyager)

Race: Human/Borg
Rank: Civilian
Position: Astrometrics

Actress: Jeri Ryan

Thank the heavens that Seven of Nine didn't have Borg implants all over her legs and feet. So many of the Borg had their limbs severed, but as far as I know, the two most important ones for shooting for Soles of Silk were still attached to her amazing body. I'm sure, however, I'd have to spend a lot of time trying to explain how and why I adore her feet.

1 - T'Pol (Enterprise)

Race: Vulcan
Rank: Subcommander
Position: First Officer/Science Officer

Actress: Jolene Blalock

I have always considered T'Pol to be the sexiest alien female on any Trek show. Even playing the rather boring Vulcan race, she oozed sexuality - just ask Commander Tucker. I'm sure getting someone like her to pose for a foot fetish site would be next to impossible, but this ultimately is, a fantasy list!

Honorable Mentions - Android Andrea (Sherry Jackson - Original Series), Tasha Yar (Denise Michelle Crosby - Next Generation), Robin Lefler (Ashley Judd - Next Generation), Leeta (Chase Masterson - Deep Space 9), Vash (Jennifer Hetrick - Next Generation), and of course, all the Orion Slave Girls from the Original Series and Enterprise!

All characters above, named and shown are the intellectual property of their respected companies.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Soles of Silk 10 Year Anniversary - 2008

Cierra found herself posing quite a bit in 2008, even munching on Kimmie's toes.

2008: Quick Glance

Debuting Models: (6) Barbie, Dani Dare, Jessie, Keira, Lady Steph, and Nessa

Wu's Feet Links Feature Gallery: Madison - Piggy Bank & Piggies

Madison's 2008 feature was just one of many sets for Madison in 2008.

2008: The Year in Review

Saying that 2008 was the year of Madison wouldn't be going out on a limb. While she had plenty of photo sets in the years prior, 2006 saw her add six more to the tally - including her Wu's Feet Links feature set. She also became the site's first model to go over the 1,000 photo mark, doing so in January. She really was the site's MVP for a good portion of its beginning.

Other models who found themselves as regular updates during the 2008 calendar year were: Cierra (5 sets), Wendy (5 sets), Layla (4 sets), Mindee (3 sets), Abby (3 sets), Kellie, (3 sets), Kimmie (3 sets), and Carmen (3 sets).

As you can see, Cierra was slowly making her mark before eventually overtaking Madison as the site's most shot model - but that didn't happen for a few more years. And even though she had five sets published, she had posed for even more.

When it came to new models on Soles of Silk, there were only the six mentioned above. There have been more in the previous years, but the worst part of 2008 is that most of these girls only posed the one time.

I met Barbie through Danielle as both were in Maryland doing a shoot for another photographer. Barbie was a sweetheart and I wish I had been able to do a lot more sets with her. The three she appeared in were all hits.

I was put into contact with Dani Dare through Bondo of Pose Your Toes. He had worked with her months prior and had nothing but great things to say about her. She was indeed, amazing, but like Barbie, she was someone I only got to shoot with the one time.

Jessie also looked like a one and done. She was Cierra's roommate back in 2008 and I was able to get her in a solo set as well as one smashing some donuts with Cierra. It took her several years, but I was finally able to get her to make a return.

Keira was a friend of the twins, Kellie and Kimmie. They told her about the site and she agreed to pose. I shot her for the site's New Year's set that was published on the last day of 2008. The only other set I got with her was one with both the twins.

Lady Steph posed for me toward the end of the year and has done more photos than any of the other girls who debuted in 2008. Many of you know her from some of her Wu's Feet Links appearances or her own clips store. She really is a ball of energy and someone I really have to find more time to shoot.

The last of the new models was Nessa. Nessa did a set with Wendy, who introduced us, but never posed again.

One model who only had one update in 2008, but shot a lot more was Jordana. I booked a fantasy suite with a pirate theme and we did four sets in some of the most unique indoor space I've used on the site.

When it came to the odds and ends of Soles of Silk one of the major changes came to the clips section. I remastered all the clips into their native format and gave them better introductions. I was very new to video editing and after seeking some advice from around the web, I decided to make the changes.

Later in the year I also did one of the numerous increases in file size to the images in the photo galleries. Hi speed Internet just kept evolving and the need to change came with the times.

In 2008 I ran the second ever, Wallpaper Design Contest and only saw nine total entries. It was by far, the worst turn out of the four I've done. The nine entries were submitted by four different artists. I awarded each one with the three month membership prize for their efforts.

One of the last additions to the site came to the downloads area. The Foot Toons section was added and has numerous updates since. I've always admired his artwork and was glad to have him drawing some of the models in his limited spare time.

Looking back on the year, it didn't seem like much happened. I think this year, however, was instrumental for a few models who really began to see their photo count rise - especially Cierra, Layla, and Wendy. A few changes to the site here and there also helped set the groundwork for a better all around Soles of Silk.

Be sure to check back next time for a look at the happenings of 2009...

Layla was on of the most regularly featured models in 2008.

2008: Tidbits & Facts

- Autumn's mashed potatoes and stuffing set was the only set I've done on the site to celebrate Thanksgiving.

- Chloe's last set on the site was published on July 16, 2008. I tried for some time to get her to pose again, but she slowly became distant.

- Mindee's and Cierra's tennis shoes and socks set was the first time either had posed with another model on the site.

- Cierra's feet were so damp from her Ugg boots set that you can actually see a little puddle of sweat between her toes in a few pictures.

- Jordana was the one who told me about the fantasy suites we ended up using in her four pirate themed sets on the site.

- In 2008 Wendy had two different sets posted with another model. The first was with Ann and the second, Nessa.

Lady Steph debuted late in 2008.