Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Soles of Silk Update - December 1, 2021

This week's update includes the following items

Photos - Mindee's feet are squeaky clean as she sits them in the sink while she does the dishes and even cleans those divine size 8's before draining the water - leaving those toes all pruned up (90 images)

Video Clips - Charlee's feet are all kinds of moist inside her sneakers while on the tennis courts because she's not wearing any socks (201 MB - 1080p HD)

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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Saturday's Shoot - Ava

As many of you have noticed, Ava has been shooting a bunch for me throughout 2021. Well, she was back at it again shooting two more sets - two fun sets, both of which turned out amazing. You won't have to wait long to see one of them either. Today's first set was themed to Christmas and will be published on December 22, 2021. No date for the second set as Ava is building up quite the backlog of sets here. No complaints from me, but let me shut up. It's time to take a look at today's shoot.

Ava's Christmas socks read "naughty" & "nice" on the soles. I'm leaning toward naughty.

Set 1: Naughty & Nice Christmas Socks

A few days ago I had the idea to make one of Ava's sets Christmas themed. She's been looking for some fun themes to do, so I knew she'd be down to do something festive. 

My first idea was to use candy canes and have her wear one red and one white thigh high stocking. I've always liked seeing different color stockings on the same model. The more I thought about it though, the more I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it in this set. 

It ultimately took me going to Target and walking around their Christmas displays to figure out what I wanted to do. When I saw the candy cane style socks with one sole reading "naughty" and one sole reading "nice," I knew the stockings were out. And just like I told Ava, I almost bought her two pairs of these socks so both her feet would say naughty. She laughed and shook her head in agreement.

As you can see, I found more than just the socks shopping at Target. I grabbed candy canes, Christmas lights, and some Christmas bulbs - all blue, of course. Ava is after all, naughty!

Without going into a bunch of details, by time Ava got her socks off and did poses with all the props on her couch, the set was in the 80-85 photo range. I said screw it and kept shooting. It's a holiday themed set and I figured Ava's big size 9's deserve a big set and the members deserve a big present. You won't have to wait long for it either.

To assist with the "cozy" theme, I gave Ava's size 9's a massage before we began.

Set 2: Cozy Queen

For her second set, Ava wore a onesie/jumper that I picked up online a while back. I gave it to her earlier this year and we've been waiting to use it ever since. Well, today was the day and damn... she looked cute as f*ck - especially with the hood pulled up.

The theme for this set was simple - being cozy. Ava made herself some hot chocolate with marshmallows, but I told her to pour some extra marshmallows into a bowl on the table. I figured all of us might want some too. You know, some from in between her plump toes? 

Now, now... I know none of you got to enjoy any of them, so you'll just have to believe me when I say they all tasted good, albeit a bit moist. You see, the spaces in between Ava's toes were sweating during both shoots. I teased her about during a foot massage between sets. What? I was trying to make sure she was actually cozy for this set. I go for realism in my work! She looks cozy, right? See, my foot rub helped! Okay, I'll stop bragging now.

We ended up moving through this set pretty quickly. Cleaning up was a bit fun though as a lot of the marshmallows Ava put under her heels and soles stuck to the table from her feet being warm and sweaty. Best S'mores ever!

News Item: Sister Soles?

While I was setting up my lights prior to our shoot today, Ava's sister came down to the kitchen and then went back upstairs. While shooting, Ava mentioned her a couple of times. During those conversations I asked about her age.

"She's 18," Ava replied.

You know where my thoughts went on this one. Ava said that she'd thinks her sister would be up to shoot as well, but she'd ask her later on after I left. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I'd love to see the two of them together for sure.

Between the two sets and the possibility of getting Ava's sister on the site too, today was amazing. I know Ava loved the photos we took and I think you're going to as well. I can honestly say that Ava has turned into one of my site's most photographed model over the last two years. Her photo count is rising quickly and spoiler alert, she's got a number of sets vying for a spot among my 10 favorite sets of 2021 in my annual end of the year listing. Which ones do you think are contending? Which ones are your favorites?

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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Soles of Silk Update - November 24, 2021

This week's update includes the following items

Photos Allie's little feet sink into a pumpkin pie to celebrate Thanksgiving and man oh man, do they get nice and messy in the process (78 images)

Video Clips - Allie's feet are already in a pumpkin pie and making a mess, but she wants to prove that she can make even more of a mess out of that pie while you look on (264 MB - 1080p HD)

Downloads (Comics) - 2 new comics of Allie have been added to the Comic Covers gallery of the Downloads section

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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Soles of Silk Update - November 17, 2021

This week's update includes the following items

Photos - Leena's little feet are so moist after pulling off her sweaty black sneakers after a walk through the park (62 images)

Video Clips - Ava tugs off her blue thigh high socks and then uses her big size 9 feet to squish two squishy blue balls (217 MB - 1080p HD)

Downloads (Avatars) - 1 new avatar of Leena has been added to the Grunge Avatars gallery of the Downloads area

Downloads (Avatars) - 3 new avatars of Jasey Rae, Mia Kay, & Audrey & Bria have been added to the Tease gallery of the Downloads area

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Thursday, November 11, 2021

Wednesday's Shoot - Allie

It's hard to believe that the last time Allie and I shot prior to yesterday was back in May. It was when we shot the white Converse low tops and nature trail sets (see blog: "Thursday's Shoot - Allie"). That certainly didn't feel like it was six months ago. Both Allie and I just assumed we shot that in late July or early August. Nope! 

Needless to say, Allie was overdue and thankfully she had some time available to shoot a couple new sets - one of which has been a year in the making. More on that when we get to set two.

Allie enjoying some Sonic on one of her boyfriend's many DS systems.

Set 1: Sonic Socks

The first set of the evening saw Allie wearing a pair of Sonic the Hedgehog socks. These socks feature Sonic's spiky hair coming off the back and Allie fell in love with them the moment she saw them. I told her she could use them in a set and we could throw in some video game items to tie it all in. 

Luckily for us, Allie's boyfriend has a large handheld gaming collection with lots of games and several different systems. One of those systems just so happened to be a blue Nintendo DS, so we decided to use that one obviously. He also has a handful of Sonic games for the DS, so that worked out perfectly. Add in a Sonic the Hedgehog Amiibo to stick between her toes and Allie had herself a cute little nerdy gamer girl set theme.

We kept things super simple with this set. Allie started off playing some Sonic on the DS wearing the socks. By the end, she was barefoot and playing with the socks just as much as the DS. I'm sure none of you were complaining.

Once we were done, it was time to get ready for a set that was a year in the making and one we'd have some clean up work to do once we finished.

This set was supposed to be shot last year, but better late than never, right?

Set 2: Pumpkin Pie

This set, a pumpkin pie smash, was originally planned for Thanksgiving 2020 and feature Kaycee and Juliet alongside Allie. Weather ended up causing us to miss last year's Thanksgiving deadline, but the idea has always stayed on the back burner. Well here in 2021, Allie still wanted to do it. It was her idea after all. And even though Kaycee and Juliet were both unavailable to shoot this set, it wasn't going to stop Allie. She wanted her size 5's in some pumpkin pie and she wasn't waiting another year to do it.

I think it's safe to say that Allie had a ton of fun shooting this set. It was her first messy food set - something she's been wanting to do for years. The closest thing to a messy set she's done was last year's slime themed Ghostbusters set. That slime, however, turned out to be more sticky than gooey/messy, so this was something she longed to do.

If you're a fan of messy food sets you won't have long to wait for this one - two weeks to be exact. I'm sure some of you might be checking this set out for the first time while eating some pumpkin pie of your own. Just don't let your family members see what you're looking at on your phone if you're at grandma's house!

It was certainly nice getting Allie back in front of the camera. We have a few more ideas we've been wanting to shoot and hopefully we can find time to do them soon. It's always great catching up with Allie and getting in new photos with her for the site.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Soles of Silk Update - November 10, 2021

This week's update includes the following items

Photos Charlee shows off her warm feet fresh from a pair of black knee high socks that read "Fierce" down their sides (71 images)

Video Clips - Allie's little feet are a little dusty from walking across a wooden bridge on a nature trail one evening (176 MB - 1080p HD)

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Monday's Shoot - Ava

On Saturday, Ava and I caught up for the first time in months to shoot new sets. If you haven't checked out the blog from that shoot, "Saturday's Shoot - Ava," be sure to give it a look. I think you'll love those sets which feature her kicking off a pair of Ugg Boots and then a pair of sneakers.

Having limited time on Saturday, Ava and I discussed getting together again for another set or two on Monday. We were able to make that happen, but with sun going down earlier this late into the year, we only had time for one set. Still, what another great addition to Ava's 2021 shoot catalog.

I had Ava shoot this set on the bottom of an overturned boat.

Set 1: Boat Bottom

We decided to meet up at a large waterfront park I've used in the past. I it would give us some options if people were around. Thankfully, not many people were there when I arrived 15 minutes before Ava. While I waited for her, I looked at a few spots we could use and decided upon an overturned boat laying next to some lifeguard chairs. 

I liked the idea of using the boat since it would be different, but another contributing factor for picking this spot was that it was in the shade. The sun was super harsh and I knew if I put Ava out in the sunlight, she would have had a hard time looking at the camera. It was blinding! That's one major drawback of shooting this late in the year, hours before sunset. That and the long shadows.

All that being said, we made due and got things underway. This time around we kept things simple - no shoes, no socks, and no boots. Ava's size 9's would start bare and end bare. No props either. Just Ava showing off those soft wrinkled soles for all of us to enjoy.

After we wrapped up, we walked around the park looking to see if we could squeeze in one more set. Our time had run out, however. Walking back to our cars, we began talking about getting together again over the next week or so. I'm sure that's going to make all you Ava fans out there very happy. I know it makes this one super excited!

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Saturday, November 6, 2021

Saturday's Shoot - Ava

It's been a few months since I have shot any new sets. After shooting a bunch of content with Ava, Allie, Noelle, Leena, and Charlee over the summer, I tried to focus on updating the site with some of the older, unpublished content. Now that I've gotten through a good bit of that, along with some of those recent sets, I've been making plans to shoot again with a handful of the models.

As she has so many times this year, Ava jumped at the chance to shoot again. We actually made two dates to shoot here with the first one wrapping up just a few hours ago. We managed to shoot two sets before she had to run out for some evening plans. Our plan is to back together on Monday for a couple more. What we got in today, however, are sets that I think many of you are going to love. After you see the samples for each, you'll understand why I told Ava today that she should be my official footwear model. Every time we throw in a pair of sneakers, or in one of the sets today, boots, the sets turn out next level.

Ava is a pro at slowly removing her footwear in a slow manner to tease all of us.

Set 1: Ugg Boots

Since it's November the weather is starting to get a little chilly. When Ava texted me around 9:30 a.m., she said she was going to wear a jacket or long sleeves. I said that was fine. We had already discussed her wearing blue jeans today since it was going to be in the low 50's.

It was after that discussion that we came up with an idea. Ugg Boots. She was looking to keep warm and what keeps a woman's feet warmer than Ugg Boots? I used to hate these types of boots, but they grew on me after massaging Madison's feet fresh from hers on numerous occasions years ago. While they don't make the feet stink, per se, they do come out nice and warm, sometimes even a little damp.

The spot we went with for this set was one we found just driving around. We were headed over to some ball fields and saw a long walkway weaving through the nearby neighborhood. With benches, bushes, and some trees lining the sidewalk, we decided to use one of the benches facing the sun. Honestly, for something so simple, it just seemed to fit like a glove... or is that, "Like an Ugg?"

We figured the poles on the bike rack would make for some fun poses.

Set 2: Black & Blue Sneakers

For our second set, we headed to a nearby school. My initial idea was to use the stone walls around the flag court, but ultimately we decided to go with a bike rack. There was a little more privacy in that area and we thought the diagonal poles could help with some unique poses. That turned out to be the case.

Just like with her past sneaker sets, Ava's feet looked amazing coming out of her black and blue Nike high tops. If you want to check out a photo where you can see those shoes, I posted one in a Tweet on the Soles of Silk Twitter account (@SolesofSilk) earlier.

When it came to Ava's outfit, wearing the black shirt with the blue jeans made the set match so well. Add in her white pedicure and the white trim on the shoes, it couldn't have been any more color coordinated. Since I love color in my sets, and vibrant colors at that, I took notice of this right away and commended her on the clothing she picked out.

After this second set Ava had to catch up with friends so we wrapped up after shooting a video clip. I'm hoping that we get good sunlight like this on Monday. Clocks go back an hour tonight, so the sun will be going down earlier by time we shoot again. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that we'll have time to do another two sets. 

No matter what we get in on Monday, it will move Ava into sole possession, pun intended, for the lead in the 2021 Star Model set tally thus far. Right now she's tied with Charlee for 10 sets shot in 2021. If I know Ava, I'm sure she'd love to add to that total another time or two before the end of the year. Guess I'll be seeing more of those wrinkled size 9's in the weeks to come.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Soles of Silk Update - November 3, 2021

This week's update includes the following items

Photos - Noelle's bare soles are on full display in front of an active covered bridge over a small creek (71 images)

Video Clips - Juliet frees her sweaty feet from her boots and black socks because she can feel them getting moist inside (195 MB - 1080p HD)

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