Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Soles of Silk Update - May 31, 2017

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - Melani shows off her tiny feet after kicking off her well worn flip flops in the first set she modeled for (69 images)

Videos - Alexa pulls off her black sparkly high heel sandals and then shows off just how soft her soles are (180 MB - 1080p HD)

Weekly Teaser - The May 31st tile of Alice's July 2017 Wu's Feet Links Feature has been revealed. Check out the blog "Weekly Teaser - Alice's July 2017 Wu's Feet Links Feature" to follow the ongoing reveal.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Suite Feet Saga, Prequel - Mindee

Welcome to the Suite Feet Saga, a blog series focusing around a two day shoot done at a hotel suite, that saw a total of 16 different sets shot. What themes did I shoot? Which models took part? Which ones saved my ass when planned models couldn't make it? All that and more will be covered in this blog series. Enjoy!

On Sunday, May 28, I had plans to shoot Mindee. It would be the first day this year that we'd have more than just a couple of hours to shoot. Needless to say, both of us were really looking forward to it.

On Monday, May 29, I had plans to shoot Kelsey. She hasn't shot yet this year and I've been after her to see her adorable little feet and let me point the camera at them. Like Mindee, Kelsey was really looking forward to her shoot.

About a week before these scheduled shoots, things started looking bad with the weather. I hit up Mindee and we started panicking. Should we reschedule? We could, but it would mean us having to wait about a month to shoot. Neither one of us had the same day free until the end of June. That wasn't acceptable.

When I mentioned the same thing to Kelsey, she asked if I was free on Monday, June 5 instead. I told her I was, so we decided to move our shoot to that date. I told her, however, should the weather hold out, she could shoot on both dates, if she wished.

With only a few days left before my shoot with Mindee, I asked her what she thought about me just renting out a hotel suite and us shooting there instead. If we had some good weather, we could do some outside and then move inside for the rest. She liked the idea, so that was the plan. Then I began thinking...

What if I got the room for two days and asked Kelsey to shoot the following day regardless? I mentioned it to her and she said she'd try to make it, but wasn't 100 percent sure. Because of this, I got the idea to ask Jasey Rae if she was free and/or up for shooting. She jumped on without hesitation, which was good for me because I wanted to book the room that very night. 

The next day at work I mentioned Jasey's involvement to Kelsey and told her she was still free to come by and maybe they could do some team ups. Kelsey said that she'd let me know. With Jasey on board, I was good to go regardless.

With the room booked, I began thinking of ideas for all of my possible shoots. I didn't yet know how long each model would have, but I wanted some options. I hit up Mindee and began tossing around ideas. Before I knew it, Mindee was telling me how she wanted to do 10 shoots. She asked me how many was the most I had ever done in a day, and I told her it was about six or seven.

"Then I want to do 10," she said.

"With all the time we're going to have, we could probably do 15," I joked.

From that point on, my "joke," turned into the goal. Mindee was all about it and I liked her excitement. We were now aiming for 15. This meant I had a lot of props to go pick up, and themes to come up with. If Mindee was going to do 15, how many more would Jasey and/or Kelsey do the following day. So to the store I went to pick up countless props, outfits, and food items. I also brought a bunch of props I've been sitting on for a while. My car was packed full!

Now, onto the quest for 15 sets with Mindee on Day 1!

We got the day kicked off with a very fast, very casual set on the stairwell.

Chapter 1: The School Yard

With our check in not until 3 p.m., Mindee and I decided to go do some outdoor sets while we waited. This would help us reach our goal of 15. We kept it simple and drove over to a school not too far away from the suite.

As we were parking the car we were looking around for ideas. I told her we could do anything we wanted. These were going to be casual and I threw out that we could even do a set on the stairwell at the end of the lot. Mindee said "Why not?" and this became our first set of the day.

The second set of the day was another quick one, on the playground.

Chapter 2: Playin' Around at the Playground

After finishing up the stairwell set, we made the call to just stay at the school and see what else we could get. We were after 15 sets, so we didn't want to drive from place to place as it would just burn up our time. The thirst for 15 was quite real for Mindee, so the playground behind the school was our second spot.

Mindee took a pair of sandals along for this set. The last one was just a simple barefoot one - one where her feet also got a little dusty. With the plan to do so many sets, variety was also something I was looking for. Plus, the sandals were quite cute!

Our final outdoor set included some knee high socks and a jump rope.

Chapter 3: Roped In

Walking back to the car after shooting at the playground, Mindee and I decided to do our third set on some old wooden bleachers. I had just the idea too - knee high socks and a jump rope. I told you I had bought a lot of props, but these props are ones I've been sitting on for years. Yes, years! Sometimes I buy things that I think would be cool to use in a set, like the red jump rope. And the socks fall into the same boat. I bought these socks as part of a pack years ago. Each sock was similar in design, but had other colors fading into one another. Some of the other models who have worn the rest of those socks can be found on the site.

This would be our final "prequel" set before moving to the hotel suite. We made a stop for lunch and that's when it began to rain. The forecast the day beforee had changed to say less than a 20 percent chance, but it looked like it was going to rain after all. Good thing I got the suite!

This blog series can be continued in, Suite Feet Saga, Part 1 - Mindee.

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Suite Feet Saga, Part 1 - Mindee

The blog series entry is a continuation from, Suite Feet Saga, Prequel - Mindee.

Now that Mindee and I were checked in at the hotel, we made our way to our room. We had about 30-something plastic bags, luggage bags, clothing bags, backpacks, and my light kit to bring inside. Oh yeah, and a crate full of retro video game consoles, but more on that in a future part of this series.

Mindee went ahead and swapped her teal nail polish out for a dark pink shade as I went about setting up my brand new LED light kit. This was my first time using it and I had high hopes. We set them up in the bedroom and did three sets there, all of which are featured in this part of the Suite Feet Saga.

I picked up a shirt that read "Boss Lady," for my boss, Mindee.

Chapter 4: Boss Lady (So She Thinks!)

While out the previous night, looking for some props for Mindee's all day shoot, I found a shirt that simply read, "Boss Lady." I knew it was perfect because Mindee is always saying how she's my boss. Of course, I stand up for myself and tell her that she's not the boss of me. Inevitably, she puts me in my place and life goes back to normal. Anyhow, this set featured that shirt and got things underway quite nicely inside the suite. Plus, Mindee made sure I rubbed her feet like a boss deserves before, during, and after this one.

I decided to use some neat stockings & my Elmer Batters book in combo for this set.

Chapter 5: Elmer Batters Tribute

A few months ago I picked up the book, "Elmer Batters: From the Tip of the Toes, to the Top of the Hose," while shopping online. Batters was someone I learned about in the late 90's buying "Leg Show Magazine." He was a trailblazer in foot fetish photography in the 1960's, although at the time, he couldn't have been aware of how inspirational his work would be to many of us in today's era. I included his book in this set to pay homage to this fine photographer and decided to include thigh high stockings because it only felt right. We went with a unique nude/black pinstripe pair I bought a few months ago and have really wanted to use. This set felt like the perfect opportunity.

Feet and boobs... Need I say more?

Chapter 6: Booby Trap

Just like the jump rope set featured in Chapter 3 of the Suite Feet Saga, Prequel - Mindee, this set included clothing that I've been sitting on for years. Back when I bought Kaycee's foot fetish shirt for her July 2015 Wu's Feet Links feature set, "Dockside Damsel," I saw the shirt above that read, "Booby Trap." I loved it.

Emerald was the first person I thought of to wear this shirt. I showed her a screenshot of it and she loved it. I asked her if she'd wear it in a set and she said she would. Well, that was a little over two years ago now and she hasn't been able to find time to shoot for me. I keep asking, but she's always busy. Wanting to get this shirt used in a set, I asked Mindee if she'd be game. She was, and she filled it in quite nicely, wouldn't you say?

This blog series can be continued in, Suite Feet Saga, Part 2 - Mindee.

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Suite Feet Saga, Part 2 - Mindee

The blog series entry is a continuation from, Suite Feet Saga, Part 1 - Mindee.

After doing a handful of sets on the bed, Mindee and I decided to move our shoot into the living room. The couch would be our next location and all the shoots here in Part 2 feature the sets done there.

The site's first ever, nail painting set - a long time request.

Chapter 7: Time for a Change

The first set Mindee and I decided to go with on the couch was a first for Soles of Silk. Over the years people have always asked me to do sets of my models painting their nails. Since I'm not a huge fan of shoots without nail polish, I've never really done one. Looking for themes for our attempt at 15 sets, the theme would finally be done. She was going to swap polish a few times anyhow, why not shoot it, right? She went with a silver and used it for the rest of the sets on the couch.

When I saw this shirt, the idea for this one popped right into my head!

Chapter 8: Foot Fetish & Chill

Netflix and chill. How many times have you heard it? Countless, right? Well, how about foot fetish and chill? Sounds even better, doesn't it? Yup, I couldn't hesitate to grab this shirt for a set the previous night while out at the mall. I knew just what add to the set to make it amazing too - popcorn and popcorn butter! Bet you, like me, would have loved to have had some of that popcorn and rubbed that butter into Mindee's already, buttery soft feet. Oh wait, I did both those things. It was so "chill!"

This one really appeals to the nerd in me too.

Chapter 9: Retro Gamer Girl

In the days leading up to this two day shoot, the idea to shoot a set with my Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) came to me. Then I thought it would be cool to do a set with each girl and a different system. I found a few shirts while out shopping to go along with the sets. I decided to have Mindee do the NES, one of the most iconic game systems in history. Only fitting for Soles of Silk's most iconic model, don't you think?

A Magic 8 Ball with two size 8's.

Chapter 10: Ask the Magic 8 Ball

When I said I was out shopping for props in these last few entries, I wasn't lying. I had no plans on buying a Magic 8 Ball, but I saw one for sale and asked myself, "Why not?" I didn't plan on it, but isn't it perfect that a Magic 8 Ball would be matched up with a pair of size 8 feet? The Magic 8 Ball agrees.

Also featured in this set is a brand new pair of Vans Mindee brought along. Since we were drawing close to our goal of 15, I didn't see any sets we'd do the rest of the night using shoes. We decided to go ahead and include them in this set because they're quite cute. Plus, the Magic 8 Ball told us to.

This blog series can be continued in, Suite Feet Saga, Part 3 - Mindee.

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Suite Feet Saga, Part 3 - Mindee

The blog series entry is a continuation from, Suite Feet Saga, Part 2 - Mindee.

We had 10 sets in and weren't ready to stop! Once we were finished on the couch, Mindee went ahead and changed her polish once again. I moved my lighting equipment to the dining area and prepared for our messy food sets, which make up Part 3 of this Suite Feet Saga.

Those soft cakes didn't last long at all under Mindee's soles.

Chapter 11: Twinkees... Meet Toes

First up was Twinkees. I cannot believe in 13 years of running Soles of Silk I have never had a model squish Twinkees! Seriously... When I saw the box in the store I asked myself that question. Since I was looking for shoot ideas, that box went right into the cart. I wasn't initially sure if Mindee, Jasey Rae, or Kelsey was going to do this, but I knew someone was. Ultimately, I went with Mindee. Plus, I picked up a number of other snacks for my other models to use the next day.

Mindee's feet looked so neat in this clear bowl of cereal.

Chapter 12: Cinnamon Toes Crunch

One theme I did know I was going to do was breakfast cereal. It was going to be a series, with each of my three models, Mindee, Jasey, and Kelsey, all doing a different cereal. I'd call it, "The Cereal Killers." All three loved the idea and they began claiming cereals to use. Mindee wanted Cinnamon Toast Crunch and joked that it would be more like, "Cinnamon Toes Crunch," hence the title of this chapter.

It was late, but we squeezed in one last food set.

Chapter 13: Mmm Cookies!

Truth be told, Mindee and I were really tired by this point. It was going on midnight. We were moving slower here doing the food sets since we had to clean up after each one of them. The goal of 15 looked like it would fall two short at 13.

We mustered through this set featuring various types of cookies, while Mindee wore a Cookie Monster shirt. The shirt is actually what inspired the idea for the set in the first place.

Once this was in the books, I helped Mindee collect her things and took her home. I left everything at the hotel, except for my camera cards. I filled two of them and shot onto a third card. Since I live not too far from Mindee, I just decided to sleep at home and upload the photos before I went to bed. I was ready to do it all again tomorrow with Jasey, and possibly Kelsey, and needed those cards free.

This blog series can be continued in, Suite Feet Saga, Part 4 - Mindee.

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Suite Feet Saga, Part 4 - Mindee

The blog series entry is a continuation from, Suite Feet Saga, Part 3 - Mindee.

So, you're probably asking, "Why is Mindee in this part?" Or, "I thought Jasey Rae and Kelsey were shooting on Day 2?"

Well, Kelsey texted me early in the morning and was having issues with getting someone to watch her kids. I told her there was no rush as she was kind of a "bonus model," if you will, for the day. I'd focus on Jasey as planned, and if Kelsey could stop by too, awesome!

I went back to bed and woke up a couple of hours later. I messaged Jasey and that's when she told me she was feeling like crap. She had a bad migraine and had slept. She messaged Alice to see if she had free time and could perhaps fill in for her. I had already told Alice to swing by on either day, if she found herself with free time, in the days leading up to these shoots. She just wasn't certain she'd be able to.

So here I was with a hotel suite rented for the day, over $150 of props waiting to be used, and no models to shoot. To be honest, I was pissed. I felt guilty for feeling that way, but I'm human. I believe Jasey and she's always come through on schedule shoot dates, but all I could think about was my wasted money and waste of a day off.

Re-enter, Mindee.

Mindee messaged me about our shoots the day before and I shared with her my situation for the day. I was still trying to convince Kelsey to come out, even if later in the day and told Mindee that. I didn't have much hope of that happening though, and also said as much. That's when Mindee saved my ass. She decided to change her plans and come back to get in a few more sets. She threw some clothes together and told me she'd be over around 3 p.m. I couldn't have been happier. She even sent out messages to Reese and Rein to see if they were available to shoot. Ultimately, they weren't, but I appreciated her trying to help out.

I sent a few messages to Alice to let her know the situation, but I didn't hear back from her. If she could come by and round out the day, that would be awesome. What would be even more awesome would be if Mindee was able to stay long enough for them to get in a multi-model set together. At this point, I was just happy to be shooting something and made my way back to the suite.

I always love shoots full of color and this one had it in spades.

Chapter 14: A Tastier Rainbow

Mindee came by about an hour and a half after I got back to the suite. I had reorganized the place and figured we could do a few more sets on the bed. It had the best lighting and I felt like we could just do whatever we wanted there, minus food. I had enough messy food shoots the night before, so we didn't really need anymore of them. Plus, if Alice showed up, I could always have her do one or two, if she had the time.

So what did Mindee do? She did a set in rainbow fishnet pantyhose. Although she did a couple pairs of stockings the previous day, neither were pantyhose. She loved the rainbow pair I brought along with my massive collection of socks and stockings, so we used them. I decided to throw in the Mike & Ikes candy to splash in even more color. And the shirt was a last minute purchase we made before heading to the suite the day before. The slogan was perfect, yet again.

During this set, Alice would text me that she was going to come by. She, however, would only have enough time to do a set, maybe two. I said that's great, and Mindee made sure she stuck around. I had been looking forward to shooting these two together for a couple of years now. If it was going to be the final set on a day that I thought was going to be a complete loss, it would make me feel so much better.

Some Red, White, & Blue on Memorial Day.

Chapter 15: Memorial Day

The day before, Mindee really wanted to do a USA, Red, White, and Blue themed set. We just ran out of time. It kind of worked out poetically, however, as Monday was Memorial Day, here in the states. We broke that 15 set mark with a tribute to all the troops and the United States. It featured some ankle socks and some props Mindee brought along herself.

This blog series can be continued in, Suite Feet Saga, Part 5 - Mindee & Alice.

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Suite Feet Saga, Part 5 - Mindee & Alice

The blog series entry is a continuation from, Suite Feet Saga, Part 4 - Mindee.

Mindee and I had just finished doing our 15th set between the two day span. We got in our goal after all - it just wasn't how we envisioned it happening. While we waited for Alice to arrive, we went ahead and picked up the room and put a bunch of stuff into my car. After we did whatever sets we could fit in with Alice, we were calling it a day. Alice had a cookout to attend, Mindee had been out all day, I had new sets to upload, and this blog series to write.

It was a dream getting these two together for a set.

Chapter 16: They Hold the Key

Alice arrived just as Mindee and I had taken the last of our stuff out to my car. We all went back to the room and the girls took a few minutes to get ready. I had brought along two shirts and a bag full of props that were intended to be used by Alice and Jasey Rae, should they shoot together on this day. Well, if you read Part 4 of this blog series, you know Jasey wasn't able to make it. Having had these props for about a year now, originally planning on doing this in 2016, I said "screw it," and had Alice do it with Mindee instead. I knew they'd pull it off and it would be a memorable set.

As much as I would have liked to have done a second set with these two, it wasn't in the cards with timing. Alice had to get going and Mindee had already stayed later than she had planned. So we made this one count and it is one I won't ever forget.

Needless to say, having these two in front of my camera was such a fun time. Mindee had bailed me out and Alice went out of her way to come by for this set. There is a reason why I give these two women so much camera time each year. It's because they're always there for me and love shooting. I was so glad to see them together, in a fun set, showing off their heavenly feet. This will not be the last time you see them together, I assure you. This was too much fun not to do again some day. Mindee is already looking into coming by for when Alice and I do our next shoot in early June.

This concludes the Suite Feet Saga blog series. A big thank you to Mindee and Alice for making these last two days so productive, especially with the prospect I faced in losing out on all of Monday had they not came through.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Soles of Silk Update - May 24, 2017

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - Felicia rubs popsicles all over her warm feet on a scorching hot day, and they sure didn't last long - melting all over the place (74 images)

Videos - Alice's big feet get all sandy on the beach as the salt water from the ocean prunes up her big soles and long toes (165 MB - 1080p HD)

Downloads (Avatars) - 1 new avatar of Alexa has been added to the Grunge Avatar Series of the Downloads section

Downloads (Avatars) - 1 new avatar of Alice & Leah has been added to the Tease Avatar Series of the Downloads section

Weekly Teaser - The May 24th tile of Alice's July 2017 Wu's Feet Links Feature has been revealed. Check out the blog "Weekly Teaser - Alice's July 2017 Wu's Feet Links Feature" to follow the ongoing reveal.

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday's Shoot - Alice

If you told me that I'd wake up today, run a little behind schedule with one of my models, spend most of the day with her, and only come away with two sets to show for it, I just might say that sounds like an unproductive day. Now, if you said that day would be spent with Alice, then I'd know that no matter what shot, and how the day played out, I'd have a blast and come away with two great photo sets. That's what happened today and Alice is who I shot.

Alice was finally able to get in some solo sets with me today. The only time she's shot so far this year was when she introduced me to Leah, and the two did a couple of sets together (see blog: "Sunday's Shoot - Alice & Leah"). The plan was to meet around noon, but both of us were a little tired this morning and slept in. Once we were ready to go, we met up and decided to go ahead and do lunch before we began. It was nice catching up in person. Texting is nice, but getting out with your friends is so much better. From there we did a couple little stops at some stores to pick up props for today's shoot, as well as an upcoming one in June that is looking to be memorable!

Once everything was purchased, we made our way to an elementary school to begin shooting. I was looking to use a playground for Alice's first set. It would involve some candy we picked up, so I thought the playful nature of the set would match the setting. Luckily for us, no one was at the school, so we were able to get underway pretty quickly.

This red candy gel made such a mess of Alice's feet and the slide.

I had Alice begin this first set barefoot, without any candy involved. I wanted her pretty size 11 feet on display before any types of mess could be made upon them. Today looked like a day that was bound to get quite messy and it turned out to be all that and more. I also used this time to pamper Alice's feet for her. A little rub here, a sole lick there... A toe suck here, another sole lick there... Lots of licking between those long toes... Then even more... Repeat that for several minutes while Alice giggled like a kid on the playground, and we were both having some fun! She even got a few photos of the ordeal and put them on her own Instagram account (@Alice__Elevens).

After Alice's toes left my mouth for the final lick, we took a few more photos and then Alice saw two males approaching. She recognized the one guy as a friend of hers. Luckily her feet were still clean, so we made small talk for a few. He didn't stay long, but it was funny that the one person who'd come by would be someone Alice knew. It kind of reminded of me of when that happened with Wendy years ago when her neighbor came jogging by at a park we used, miles from where they lived. Small world sometimes...

Once Alice's friend was gone, we decided to go ahead and break out the Smarties gel tubes. Alice was looking to get her feet messy and we thought this would do the trick. Boy did it ever!

The red gel inside the tubes came out thick like toothpaste! It was so sticky and didn't even fall off of her feet. When she squirted it out, it stayed wherever it landed. It clung and stretched between Alice's long toes, and when she began smearing it around, her feet quickly turned red. We shot a handful of photos with Alice's soles tinted bright red and wrapped up the set, which turned out to be rather large.

With the set in the books, we decided to go ahead and do a video clip while at the base of the slide. Alice broke open another gel tube and poured it all over her feet. Her feet became even more red and so much more sticky! This stuff wasn't going to come off easily. And as much as I would have loved to have licked it all off, I would've come away with several dozen cavities had I tried. Well, I did try, but I wasn't in full cleanup mode - more of a cute photo mode for Alice's Instagram! Maybe one day Alice will have me in full cleanup mode?

A funny little tidbit about the conclusion of this first set, before moving on to the second, even more messy set of the day. Literally the minute Alice finished cleaning her feet and the slide, a family walked around the corner of the school within a few dozen feet of where we were. Had Alice's feet and the slide still have been stained red, it would have stuck out and would have been easily noticed. Instead, we walked away wondering if they wondered what we were up to before they arrived.

Once we were back at my car, we took a few minutes to prepare for the second, and final set on the day. Like I said, this one was going to be messier than the one we just did. We were headed to the ball diamonds, which were a muddy mess when we walked by. My original idea was for Alice to get her feet dirty, but she was going to straight up get them muddy! They were still muddy from the rain we got a few days ago She was as excited as can be for it too!

Alice stepped in some of the gooiest mud for her second set.

This set began on one of the benches, but I decided this set needed to jump right into the messy part! After only a few shots Alice and I went out to the pitchers mound. I made a joke about Alice being a pitcher and she said, "Damn right!" I assured her that I'm not trying to find out!

We did a few shots on the mound and Alice's feet became instantly dirty. Still, the mud was all gathered around home plate, which wasn't even visible due to the collection of mud and water. That became our next spot to shoot!

When we made our way to the plate, Alice just walked straight through the mud without hesitation. She loved how good it felt on her feet and she left countless footprints throughout the area. Eventually, however, I made her sit her tushy down and show off how thick the mud had become caked her soles. Talk about a mess! The photo above doesn't do it justice. The ones at the end have the mud so thick!

I can honestly say, although I'm not one who has a desire to lick dirty feet, or do some of the things people into dirty feet enjoy, I have to admit that shooting this set was fun! Just like the candy gel before it, Alice had a blast making her feet all kinds of messy! It was her first time really getting to do that, and she went all out! Twice! In the same day!

Before we left, I let Alice stomp through the mud one last time, this time for a video. You can see that her feet sink down a couple of inches and the mud suctions to her feet when she tries to pull them out. It's gross and cute all at the same time. Unlike the last set, however, I wasn't about to lick them clean - not even for a cute photo. I did, however, get down by those brown, muddy size 11's. That photo is also on Alice's Instagram account.

In closing, I want to thank Alice for another day of awesome photos. We only got in two sets, it was cold, and she wasn't feeling 100 percent, but she kicked ass. She got all kinds of messy for those of you who love these two sub-genres of the fetish. They're not for everyone, but those who love it, and request it, should enjoy these sets once they're published to Soles of Silk. I'm so looking forward to June, when I can get her and Leah back together again for an entire day of photos. And oh yeah, it looks like Alice will be doing a set with Mindee next week (finally), if all goes to plan. You won't want to miss any of these upcoming shoots!

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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Leah in the Lead... So Far

Leah has taken an early lead as 2017's most photographed model.

Mindee and I were exchanging text messages earlier in the week. During our conversation the topic of our next shoot came up, which is scheduled for, Sunday, May 28. I mentioned to her that it would be good to see her shoot again, especially since all my new models for 2017 are the ones with the most sets in thus far. Yes, it is still early, but if these models continue to shoot, they very well could find themselves on the 2017 Star Models blog entry. Only time will tell.

So far a total of seven different models have shot in 2017. Three of these models made their debuts over the last few months. All the of them occupy the spots for most photographed so far. Here is the breakdown:

  1. Leah - 6 sets (debuted April 19, 2017)
  2. Melani - 5 sets (debuted April 12, 2017)
  3. Alexa - 3 sets (debuted May 17, 2017)
  4. Jasey Rae - 2 sets
  5. Alice - 2 sets
  6. Felicia - 1 set
  7. Mindee - 1 set

These numbers will probably look much different by the end of the month. Alice is scheduled to shoot with me tomorrow and I'm hoping to spend a few hours before her big size 11 feet. That will surely result in her jumping up a few spots, and maybe even taking the lead. Well, unless I end up rubbing her feet for a few of those hours, which is a huge possibility. Can you blame me? I hope they're sweaty!

The very next day, Monday, might also see some more photos with Felicia. We talked about getting together if the forecast turns to our favor. Right now, it's calling for rain, but we all know how accurate forecasts a few days out can be. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Next weekend Mindee is Mindee's shoot. We've even talked about adding both Melani and Alice to the mix for a duo set or two, depending on both girls' availability. That leaves three models in key positions to climb up that chart just that day. If Melani and Alice don't make it, Mindee will surely do a bunch of solo sets regardless. Well, in between her many foot rubs.

The last model scheduled for this month is none other than Kelsey, who has yet to shoot in 2017. I've really been looking forward to getting in some time with her super soft soles, so I hope to get in a few sets, if she has the time. It's also been way too long since I massaged her feet like they deserve, so that could possibly cut into our shoot time. Again, can you blame me?

Even with these models' upcoming shoots, I firmly believe that you're going to still see Leah, Melani, and Alexa stay in the hunt for most photographed. Each one has displayed an eagerness to shoot again and schedule new sets. All three have actually had sets postponed for numerous reasons too, so all of their numbers should actually be higher. I'm sure the trio will want to make up for that.

Leah is already set to shoot again in June. She's set to stop by for another shoot I have planned with Alice for some team ups too. We, however, have also tossed around the idea of heading out for an entire day and doing a bunch of sets. No date has been picked yet, but June is wide open at this time. If my shoots with Leah so far have taught me anything, it is that this girl freaking loves her feet being adored, pampered, and even worshipped. If her feet aren't in front of my camera, I'm hoping it is because they're in my hands and/or mouth.

Alexa and I have also made plans for early June. She's only shot the one time so far, but she had lots of fun doing it and was quick to throw me a date for her next shoot. I can't wait to get my camera pointed toward her feet again, and to give those soft soles a good rub! She told me I could rub them any time, so I fully plan to take her up on that offer.

And lastly, Melani and I are constantly in touch for even quick, impromptu shoots. We had a string of bad luck during the last two weeks, however. Two weeks ago we had an entire day rained out, which we had planned to spend together. Then last week she was going to squeeze in a set or two when I got done with Leah (see blog: "Monday's Shoot - Leah"), but some family issues arose. Had we been able to shoot those two days, she would have been out in the lead by far. I'd say she'd have another five to seven sets in the books.

It will be interesting to see what models keep me busy in 2017. I have so many models who have yet to shoot that need to schedule some time with me. The ones above, however, have probably been the most vocal in trying to arrange future sets. Be sure to check back here on the blog to see each and every new set I do and who I do it with. I'll give you all the details of the days and provide you with some awesome samples from each set done! You can also follow along on the site's Instagram (@SolesofSilk) for on the set shots as they happen.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Soles of Silk Update - May 17, 2017

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - New model Alexa shows off her feet in a sparkly black pair of high heels from her enormous collection (73 images)

Videos - Melani kicks off her well worn flip flops to give everyone a glimpse of her little bare feet (197 MB - 1080p HD)

Downloads (Hur) - 1 new poster of Carlin has been added to the Hur Gallery of the Downloads section

Weekly Teaser - The May 17th tile of Alice's July 2017 Wu's Feet Links Feature has been revealed. Check out the blog "Weekly Teaser - Alice's July 2017 Wu's Feet Links Feature" to follow the ongoing reveal.

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Monday, May 15, 2017

Monday's Shoot - Leah

Back on Sunday, April 9, 2017 Alice introduced me to her friend, Leah. We did two awesome sets that featured the both of them together (see blog: "Sunday's Shoot - Alice & Leah"). We didn't have time that day for any solo sets, but good things come to those who wait. 

A little over a month later, I finally got to meet up with Leah, and her cute size 6 feet again. Today focused on nothing but her. It was her moment to shine and boy did she ever take advantage of it!

First things first, when I say that Leah loves foot fetishism, I'm not exaggerating. She loves having her feet massaged and played with. She also has no qualms asking people to do it. She admitted to me today that she asked a few guys lately if they like feet because she wanted hers pampered. A few guys gave her looks, some said no, some weren't sure what to say, and a few said yes. Damn, I need to be around more often! 

All that being said, Leah has been waiting for this day. She's been looking forward to showing off her feet again and getting in several sets on her own. She also was looking forward to some promised foot rubs from yours truly. Not wanting to get a late start, I picked Leah up around 10 a.m. and we hit up a few stores for some last minute props. We were then ready to go!

Leah looking adorable in her pajamas and baby doll socks first thing in the morning.

Today's first set was one that ended up being split into two sets. The initial plan was to shoot the set with Leah in her pajamas and baby doll socks, while enjoying a few donuts - after all, it was still morning. When I say "enjoy," of course I also mean smash. While all of that ended up happening, I decided to make the enjoying, um, smashing part, it's own thing.

Part one of the set focuses on Leah pulling off her baby doll socks and revealing her bare feet. The sock tease was good, lasting for a good number of photos. After all, what kind of tease is it if it doesn't last? Leah knows how to tease and rather enjoys it.

It was during this slow sock strip that I looked down at the camera to see that we had already shot close to a full set's worth of pictures. I pitched the idea to Leah to just shoot a bunch of barefoot shots here and do the donuts in a second part. She loved it and that's what we ended up doing. Well, after we did a fair share of shots of her bare size 6's and a video clip of her pulling those socks from her feet once more.

With powered donuts smashed, Boston Creme was up next.

Now for the fun stuff! I told you how much Leah enjoys this fetish, so getting to stomp down onto some donuts, which included some mini-powdered donuts and some full sized chocolate glazed and Boston cremes, made her day! It also made a mess!

Leah began the set barefoot, but it didn't take long for her to plop down some donuts and go to town. The photo you see above shows her handy work (or is it footy work?) with the much smaller, brittle, white powdered donuts. Believe me when I say, they didn't last long at all! We thought maybe it was because they were small and white.

When Leah grabbed the Boston Creme donuts, she got a bit of a surprise. Since the donuts were sitting out in the sun during the first set, the chocolate got quite moist. That wasn't all, however. When she broke the donut onto her toes, the cream inside was hot! She noticed it right away and said it felt like it had come out of the microwave. Ouch! Good thing I kissed her toes to make them feel better. Yup, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

We also noticed at this time, the much bigger, thicker chocolate donuts didn't take long to crumble and/or bust all of her feet. Guess those little feet are talented, huh? Wow, so much obvious, not so hidden meaning in this set, huh?

By the time this follow up set and accompanying video clip was done, the ground was a mess! And guess who forgot to bring a bunch of water bottles for this very sort of thing? Me! I always have a few bottled waters in my backpack in case I do a shoot like this, or a model gets her feet dirty. Well, with Alexa's Mexican pizza set last week (see blog: "Sunday's Shoot - Alexa"), she used the last of the water to clean up her feet. I totally forgot to grab new ones this morning. Oops! I did help clean them up a little though. Yup, that's my story once again. I'd say there is no photo evidence to prove otherwise, but I think Leah did in fact, take some photos.

At this point, we moved onto our next location, leaving a mess behind that I'm sure will shock whoever wanders upon it. Lots of chocolate and powdered sugar... Lots!

Rainbow striped socks and a few lick emojis adorned Leah in this colorful, fun set!

Next up, rainbow thigh high socks! You know who else did a set in those? Alice. Don't remember the set? Well, that's because it hasn't been published yet. That set is her 2017 Wu's Feet Links feature set scheduled for July. If you haven't been following along with the 50 week teaser blog, "Weekly Teaser - Alice's July 2017 Wu's Feet Links Feature," then be sure to check it out. Only a handful of weeks remain.

Anyhow, Leah and Alice are good friends and Leah was introduced to me by Alice. So since I had an extra pair of rainbow thigh high socks, I thought it would be awesome to have Leah do a set with a pair as well. It would showcase the special bond between the ladies. I might even publish Leah's set the same week, or the week following Alice's feature set.

This set was a fun little one. We found some licking emoji clothing items when we were out shopping prior to today's shoot. With the rainbow coming out of the mouth of the emoji on her shirt, we knew it would tie in perfectly. We also found a lick emoji hat and shorts that tied this together in so many ways.

We shot this set pretty quickly. Leah pulled those long socks off her legs in so many different positions. I just kept shooting her all the while. Sadly, however, I realized something a few hours later, after getting home from today's shoot. I bought a large bag of gummy bears to use in this set and we totally forgot about them. They were out of sight and out of mind in my backpack and we never pulled them out.

"Oh my fucking god!" Leah said when I texted her that we had forgotten to use them. "How did we forget that?"

"Probably because I was too busy talking and checking you out," I replied.

That had to be the case. Leah and I have only met up twice, both times for shoots. We get along quite well. We joke, talk smack, and share "little" tidbits about ourselves with each other. She's fun to be around and so open minded. I'm so glad she decided to model for the site.

"Maybe if I hadn't filled up on donuts, I would have remembered when my tummy growled," I said, teasing Leah.

Now done our third set, it was time to go eat. Earlier on I had showed Leah samples from Alexa's Mexican pizza set. Leah then said how good Taco Bell sounded and we decided to go after we packed up our things.

When I was sitting at Taco Bell, I shot Alexa a few texts telling her I was eating Taco Bell again. I also shared that it was Leah's idea, which seemed inspired by me showing her the set she did last week.

"Laughing my ass off! She wanted it after you showed her?" Alexa asked.

When I read Alexa's text out loud, Leah responded, "Yes. Yes I did."

"She just said, 'Yes. Yes I did,'" I texted back to Alexa. "She already squished donuts today, so she understands."

"Laughing my ass off! That's so funny!" Alexa replied.

I then sent her the Instagram (@SolesofSilk) photo I did of Leah's feet after the powdered donuts, which Alexa liked. And while on the topic of Instagram, also be sure to follow Leah at @LoveLeah.x.

And oh yeah, I almost forgot. The donuts weren't the only mess Leah made today. It took Leah all of two seconds to spill a drink all over the soda fountain area at Taco Bell. See Leah, I told you I'd mention that in the blog!

"I can't take you anywhere," I told her. "So messy!"

Leah decided to see how painful it would be to lay across the rocks for a few poses. It was a great idea as they turned out great!

With about an hour remaining before Leah and I were set to finish up for the day, we decided to do one last set. Where, was the question? I thought of a few spots not too far from the Taco Bell we just left. We originally were going to head to a nature preserve, but we changed it up on the way. I knew of some train tracks that rarely sees a train come by. When I pitched the idea to Leah, she liked it.

After changing out of the emoji rainbow ensemble from the last set (yes, she wore it, socks and all, to Taco Bell), we made our way through a park, back to the path leading to the tracks. It had gotten a little windy at this point, so I suggested to Leah that she keep her hair tied back. If she hadn't, it would have been everywhere!

As nice as a location like this looks, it doesn't lend itself much to different poses. Well, it does, but not the foot fetish types that you're all used to seeing and enjoy. Still, Leah did her best and fought off the bright sun overhead for much of it. When she struck the pose above, which was entirely her idea, I loved it. We shot a few of her laying down across the rocks and wood beams. It wasn't the most comfortable spot to lay, but Leah wanted to try it. I thanked her for it and we went back to the normal poses.

Also featured in this set was a pair of very well worn Converse shoes. Leah asked if she should wear old shoes, or new ones before we began. I suggested the old ones since the area was going to be a little "rough," if you will. Plus, I'm a sucker for smelly feet and according to her, she's had these shoes for about two years and wears them all the time. She also wears them without socks on a regular basis. How could I turn that down? So all you fellow smelly/sweaty feet fans out there, you'll love this set for that reason. And Leah's feet do sweat! At least they have both times we've gotten together to shoot so far. I love it!

Once this set was done, it was back to the car to wrap things up. It was around 4 p.m. and Leah had mentioned that she had until 4-5 p.m. when we had scheduled this a week ago. With my evening free, the plan was to shoot a set or two with Melani after I dropped off Leah. On the way to Leah's, however, Melani told me she was having some family issues and wouldn't be able to shoot. That bummed me out a little, but it surely didn't take away from the awesome day I had with Leah! Nope! Four amazing sets in, which makes six on the year for her thus far. It actually puts her in the lead as my most photographed model of 2017 at this early stage. I'm sure that's something she'd love to claim at the end of the year. If she keeps doing awesome sets like she did today, and never changes that fun loving personality of hers, that could very well happen! 

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