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Sunday's Shoot - Allie (New Model)

Word of mouth. I am often asked how I find my models and a good number of times over recent years it's been, word of mouth. That is how I landed  Soles of Silk's  newest model,  Allie , and her little size 5 feet. Allie was introduced to me through  Kaycee  and  Reagan . After texting one another about the site and what it is I do, she agreed to shoot this weekend and I'm happy to announce her arrival. Leading up to today, I was worried that our shoot would be washed out by rain. Over the last few days it has rained its ass off, even to the point where I could barely see out of my car driving to a friend's house Friday night. Thankfully, Saturday was the end of the storms and Sunday was left at a sunny 83 degrees.  I told Allie yesterday that we'd keep today's sets easy. I could tell she was a little nervous, never having done something like this before. I assured her it would be easy, and even Kaycee was super nervous her first time, until she saw just how si

Soles of Silk Update - July 26, 2017

This week's update includes the following items Photos  - Alice's big feet draw the attention of some sharks while on the beach and they chew up her flip flops, trying to get their mouths on those adorable size 11's (93 images) Videos   -  Alice's  size 11 feet are all kinds of hot and sweaty trapped inside some thigh high socks and roller skates while out on the boardwalk (411 MB - 1080p HD) Wu's Feet Links Feature   -  Alice's  July 2017  Wu's Feet Links  Feature Set, " The SK8R Gal Who Wears Size 11 Skates ," has been published (138 images) Join   Soles of Silk  today to see this and over 10 years of foot fetish content!

11 Fun Facts - All About Alice

Alice is this month's feature model on Wu's Feet Links. To coincide with Alice's July 2017 Wu's Feet Links feature model gallery, " The SK8R Gal Who Wears Size 11 Skates ," I have done a special Fun Facts blog focused solely on two of the biggest soles found on Soles of Silk . And just because those captivating feet are a whopping size 11, instead of the customary 10 random facts, I made it 11. I also made each fact based off of the number itself! Here they are: Although not the first set on the site, this was the first set Alice shot in 2015. 1.  One set. It took me all of one set to realize that I had a brand new model on my hands that I would love to shoot time and time again. It wasn't the warmest of days, but Alice shot a set along the water back in the spring of 2015 and I just loved being before her big, size 11 feet for the first time. From there we went on to do another set that is talked about below (#8, to be exact) and it became e

Soles of Silk Update - July 19, 2017

This week's update includes the following items Photos  -  Mindee & her mom, Shelby (new model), show off their super soft, wet soles while sitting in a kiddie pool on a very, very hot day (70 images) Videos   - Alice's size 11 feet are all kinds of hot and sweaty trapped inside some thigh high socks and roller skates while out on the boardwalk (411 MB - 1080p HD) Interview   - 1 Wu's Feet Links Feature Interview with Alice has been added to the Interviews section Downloads (Foot Toons)   - 1 new drawing of Alice has been added to the Foot Toons Gallery of the Downloads section Downloads (Avatars)   - 1 new avatar of Alice has been added to the Wu's Feet Links Feature Avatar page of the Downloads section Wu's Feet Links Feature   - Alice's July 2017 Wu's Feet Links Feature Set, " The SK8R Gal Who Wears Size 11 Skates ," has been published (138 images) Join   Soles of Silk  today to see this and over 10

Monday's Shoot - Alice

It's been a couple of months since I've last had Alice in front of my camera. Since her 2015 debut, during the spring, summer, and fall months, that's not how things happen. She's always one to shoot regularly and as often as possible. Sometimes life, however, happens and we find ourselves busy. Well, I'm happy to say that Alice and I were able to meet up for a couple of quick sets and a much needed foot massage yesterday. Monday's shoot wasn't even on my calendar until the day before. Alice and I were texting one another and she inquired about some dates this coming week. I told her they were already taken with other plans, so then she asked about Monday. I told her I also had plans that day, but I not until 3 p.m. She said she had to be at work at 4 p.m. anyhow, so if I was free, she'd be up for doing a couple of shoots earlier on. I said something along the lines of "Hell yeah!" and that was how it all came about. I had no idea what we

Wu's Feature History - Alice (2017)

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Wednesday's Shoot - Reese

Last year Mindee introduced me to her friend, Reese , when she modeled her size 8 feet during Hot Feet Week 2016, Part 2 . She did two solo sets and shot a set with Mindee and their mutual friend, Rein . That was the last time I shot Reese, until yesterday. In our limited interaction during her first shoot I found Reese to be super sweet and down to earth. In the following months I found out that Reese was very busy between her family and her job. We were unable to schedule any shoots, but she always said she was looking forward to doing some more. Well, good things come to those who wait because she struck up a conversation with me over the phone earlier this week, telling me she had a few days open, if I was available. Sadly, I was just finishing up my vacation and was back to work. I told her my schedule and said we could try to make something work out. She told me she had some open time Wednesday afternoon, so I made sure I opened up my schedule to match. I didn't have a t

Soles of Silk Update - July 12, 2017

This week's update includes the following items: Photos  - Camille pulls off her thigh high socks, themed to Alice in Wonderland, to reveal her warm little size 7 feet (66 images) Videos   - Charlee's legs are adorned in a unique pair of blue, white, and black thigh high stockings, well, until she pulls them off (166 MB - 1080p HD) Weekly Teaser   - The July 12th tile of Alice's July 2017  Wu's Feet Links  Feature has been revealed. Check out the blog " Weekly Teaser - Alice's July 2017 Wu's Feet Links Feature " to follow the ongoing reveal. Join   Soles of Silk  today to see this and over 10 years of foot fetish content!

Monday's Shoot - Melani

Today... talk about a day that is hard to categorize! So many things went wrong, but some awesome things did result from the efforts. Still, I sit here drained and ready for bed. Still, I'm going to write this blog about the sets I shot with Melani about nine hours ago. The day began when I picked up Melani around 10 a.m. Knowing the amount of time it would take to drive to our location of Rehoboth Beach in Delaware, there was no need to go super early. The sun wouldn't be in a good position to do anything on the beach looking out over the ocean, although it did kind of screw us over on our first shoot, which I'll get to below. First however, let's talk about my back being super tight when I woke up. For some reason my lower back muscles were inflamed and sitting in the car wasn't helping. With a two hour and a half hour drive ahead, I ended up having to stop at a rest stop to get some pain relievers. I could barely keep up with Melani walking through the parki

Sunday's Shoot - Mindee & Her Mom, Shelby (New Model)

Well, Sunday, July 9, 2017 marks a first for me. Today I shot the site's first ever, mom and daughter combo. I've shot cousins, sisters, even twins, but never a mother and daughter - not even separately. Now I have! Please welcome to the site, Mindee's mom, Shelby . I've known Ms. Shelby for years now. Mindee is one of my best friends and I've always been friendly with her family. Never did I think that one day, 13 years after Mindee modeled for her first ever photos for Soles of Silk , that her mom would one day join the roster too. Better late than never, huh? Saturday evening I exchanged a number of texts with Mindee about today's shoot. I knew some possible themes, but I was honestly drawing a blank. I also didn't know how her mom would react to certain themes, or wearing certain footwear - such as stockings or thigh high socks. I had a bunch of them packed just in case, but like we've done so many times, Mindee said we'll figure it out tomo