Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Soles of Silk Update - August 3, 2022

This week's update includes the following items

Photos - Kelsey's feet are super warm and super sweaty trapped inside her flower-patterned flats as she sits next to a flowerbed on a very hot afternoon (72 images)

Video Clips - Kelsey kicks off her flower-patterned flats to reveal her sweaty soles as she relaxes on a hot day next to a flowerbed (311 MB - 1080p HD)

Downloads (Avatars) - 1 new avatar of Kelsey has been added to the 2K Club Avatars gallery of the Downloads section

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2K Club - Kelsey's Footography

Kelsey becomes the 6th model on Soles of Silk to reach 2,000 photos this week.

Back in January 2006, Kelsey sat on my kitchen table and squished a birthday cake in her first-ever shoot. The theme was perfect as she turned 18 less than 24 hours before and she was ready to share her feet with the world. She made quite the mess, and had a ton of fun squishing her feet into that soft, chocolate cake. That wouldn't be the last mess she made and it certainly wasn't the last time the two of us a bunch of fun with my camera pointed at her feet.

Back in 2014 Kelsey became the 12th model in Soles of Silk history to join the 1K Club (1,000 photos). While Kelsey wasn't shooting as regularly as some of my other models, she was still a regular and saw several sets published on average each year. It was more of a slow burn with Kelsey. While I wished we had shot more often, work, life, family, and moving all got in the way of making that a reality.

Fast forward a couple of years to 2016 and Kelsey and I shot what had been the last sets of hers, prior to her July 2022 return. Her photo count had topped off at 1,889 photos and I was honestly bummed! She was only 111 photos shy of making her way into the 2K Club (2,000 photos). I knew it would take just two sets to make that a reality and I wanted to make that happen so bad.

I remember sending Kelsey a screenshot of her gallery showing 28 sets and 1,889 photos, saying to her that we should make that say 2,000 soon. She agreed and we talked about making it happen a few years ago. Once again, however, life got in the way. Between the pandemic, work, life, and family, her photo count stayed at 1,889. Well, until July 13, 2022, that is. 

For the first time in six long years, on July 6, 2022, Kelsey kicked up those super-soft soles of hers and I pointed my camera their way. She smiled in the background as did I behind the camera. One week later the first one of the four sets we shot that day was added to the site. I let her fans on Twitter (@SolesofSilk) pick which set to publish first. They picked the one she did in sandals along a marsh trail. Once that set was online, her gallery then showed 29 sets and 1,961 photos.

Having wanted this for so long, I decided not to waste any time in getting Kelsey back onto the site again and celebrating her entrance into the 2K Club. She now takes her place alongside five other models. These models are surely the backbone of Soles of Silk and deserve to be celebrated:

  1. Mindee - 9,604 photos
  2. Charlee - 3,207 photos
  3. Alice - 2,631 photos
  4. Cierra - 2,484 photos
  5. Kaycee - 2,050 photos
  6. Kelsey - 2,xxx

So here we are. Kelsey's gallery now sits at an impressive 30 sets and 2,xxx photos. I couldn't be happier and I know Kelsey is happy to be joining the site's 2K Club as well. Hopefully next week I'll have an interview published with her talking about her favorite sets and memories along the way.

For those of you who like stats, you probably also noticed that nice 30 set total too. That is also a major accomplishment as only eight models have gone on to be featured in 30 galleries. Here are those models and their set counts: Mindee (132), Charlee (47), Cierra (39), Alice (35), Layla, (31), Kelsey, (30), Kaycee (30), and Jamie (30).

Even though Kelsey's 30th set is a milestone, we've already celebrated the first 16 sets in 2014 in, "1K Club - Kelsey's Footography." Now it's time to focus on the 14 sets that have come since. Those sets include

Man, there are so many memorable sets featured above. Some go back several years, but that doesn't make any of them less memorable. Four of the 14 sets earned a place on my annual listings of my favorite sets of the year, which I've included above. Three of those all come from the year 2017 and are some of my all-time favorite sets Kelsey has shot overall. If you want to read my thoughts on those sets, check out, "My Favorite Sets of 2017." 

Kelsey's feet were so damp & sweaty here - the new banner inside the members area.

While on the topic of favorite sets, don't be surprised to see Kelsey's tender soles on the 2022 edition of My Favorite Sets. I already placed her and those sweaty feet on the banner inside the members area with this week's update. Goes to show you just how much I loved this set. Maybe it was because her feet were so moist once she kicked those flats off. You know how partial I am to sweaty feet sets.

All kidding aside, Kelsey is someone I'm glad I've been able to call a friend all these years. I've shared lot of personal things with her and always enjoyed her company. I'm glad to have someone like her in my life and I look forward to shooting more sets with her soon. We already have a few ideas in mind too. 

Even when photos aren't involved though, just spending time with my good friend is something that I appreciate. Sure, she loves to tease me and tell me how old I am, but that's part of her charm. It's what friends do. You know, just like when I told teased her about how sweaty her feet were, like I mentioned above? I have to get my digs in when I can. She didn't care though. She knows I like it... okay, love it.

Thanks for always being there, Kelsey. I'm so excited to have you back on the site. Let's make up for some lost time and make you the site's third model in the 3K Club (3,000 photos). What do you say?

A teaser of one of Kelsey's upcoming sets.

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Monday, August 1, 2022

Saturday's Shoot - Abby

At the end of May I was treated to seeing Abby's wrinkly soles again for the first time since 2018. I was so happy to have her return to Soles of Silk and many of you were as well. I knew it was only a matter of time before we'd be getting back together to take a few more photos and Saturday was that day.

While we only ended up shooting two sets because we bullshitted so much and then ended up watching WWE Summerslam, the two we did are ones I know you're going to love. Let's take a look at them here on the latest shoot blog.

Set 1: Lounging in the Living Room

Abby and I decided to kick things off in the most comfortable way - a set sitting on her living room couch. We were already there talking, so why not stay there? I moved my photo lights into position and those soft soles were kicked out to the camera to get things underway.

There was no elaborate theme going on here and no props besides some pillows. While themes/props are always fun to include, sometimes it's just nice to see a woman relaxing and showing off her pretty feet. I'm sure you all can appreciate that. As a matter of fact, I sometimes wonder if some of the themes I include even matter to some of you? I'm sure they do, but I know deep down, you're here for those feet - especially legendary ones like Abby's.

Set 2: Strawberry Crunch Cake

Before I arrived at Abby's house, my plan was to stop at the grocery store to find some fun food for her to step in. It has been ages since she's done a messy feet set and she loved the idea. On the way over to her house, however, I asked her if she just wanted to go to the store with me and find something together. She said sure and that's exactly what we did after finishing up the first set.

The food item that Abby picked out was a small strawberry crunch ice cream cake. I warned her how about how cold the cake was going to be and how other models have found ice cream to be unbearable. She assured me she'd be fine and was wanting something cool on her feet. I said okay, but was honestly worried it would be too much for her feet to take.

Once we made it back to Abby's house, we set up on her dining room table. Abby then had her way with that pink cake. And just like she promised, the cold didn't bother her one bit. She had a blast and looked adorable making a mess. She loved how it felt between her toes and I hear that every time I shoot a food set. My models just seem to love doing them.

While Abby didn't get in as many sets as we had hoped, we still had a great turn out and had a nice, relaxed evening hanging out. We do have plans to get together again soon, maybe even this weekend. One of the sets we planned does have a bunch of props and will also be quite messy. I won't spoil that, but we wanted to do it right and not force it when we were running out of time.

It's been so nice having Abby back on Soles of Silk. I love seeing her photo count rise higher and higher with each new set. For all you Abby fans out there, expect to be seeing her on a regular basis as I think there will be many new sets of her coming your way.

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