Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Soles of Silk Update - April 1, 2015

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - Jamie poses her pretty feet on a rainy day in all sorts of poses that give you a ton of great views of her wrinkled soles, deep arches, and teal toes (66 images)

Video - Megan Jones pulls off her knee high socks while on the bed to show off her slender soles and long toes (187 MB - 1080p HD)

Downloads (Skulls Gallery) - 1 new poster of Kellie has been added to the Skulls Gallery of the Downloads section

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Fantasy Shoots - Wrestling, Part 1: NXT Women

When I ran the Soles of Silk Annual Trivia Contest for 2014 I asked everyone which theme did I not cover in a 2014 Fantasy Shoot blog series entry from a list. The correct answer was WWE Divas. From the time I began this series I've had every intention of doing that very topic. It was a long time site member named Dave, however, who recommended me doing it as part of Wrestlemania weekend when he turned in his contest entry. Some of you may know Dave from the Wu's Feet Links Forum (user: ooooOOoooo) or from the recent Wu's Feet Links Columns Blog entry, "Photos of Fetish Wives & Girlfriends: Why Couples Love to Share," where he and his wife, and soon to be Soles of Silk model, Rachel, answered some questions. His idea to run the blog entry close to Wrestlemania was genius and I've been waiting to do so for months. 

"That's an awesome idea," I told him.

As I sat down this weekend to come up with my list I had numerous questions running through my mind. Do I want to do an all-time list of WWE Divas and include women from the past? Or do I want to keep it to the present day roster? And what about NXT? I love that show more than both Monday Night Raw and Smackdown, to be completely honest.

With so many choices I decided to do three separate blog entries - each with a Top 5 List instead of the customary, Top 10. This, the first entry, is going to be the developmental group of NXT Women. Had I done this list last year you would have seen the likes of Paige and Emma included, but in recent months a new crop of women have had their time to shine - they've made the most of it too. If you're a wrestling fan and haven't checked out an NXT show, you're missing out!

Now, onto the Top 5 NXT Women portion of my fantasy shoot series on wrestling:

5 - Carmella

Carmella is fairly new to NXT. Although she surrounds herself with fan favorites, Enzo and Big Cass, she has that arrogance that makes her a heel. I sometimes find that trait to be sexy in a woman... well, one who is making me her submissive. Hey, I'm totally fine with a woman being dominant and putting me in my place!

I think Carmella would be perfect for a foot fetish shoot with some FemDom overtones, without a doubt! She doesn't call herself the queen of Staten Island for no reason. "Bada-boom, bada-bing... hottest chick in the ring!"

4 - Bayley

We go from one of the most prissy women in NXT to one of the nicest, most down to earth. Bayley is that girl next door - the kind of girl I've been shooting for Soles of Silk since it debuted in 2004. In addition, Bayley has some of those female nerd qualities I also find attractive. I know I'd have a blast coming up with all kinds of themes to play off of that too. I mean, any girl wearing a 1960's Batman TV show shirt while clowning around off camera (see above photo) could easily win my heart.

3 - Becky Lynch

At first I wasn't sure about Becky Lynch. She came out of nowhere on NXT doing some head swinging and head banging in this awful green outfit - all while playing off her Irish heritage. I was like... "Hmm, no."

Thankfully they seemed to have dropped the ugly outfit and let her be a little more of an alternative chick. Since I've been looking to find more models with this particular style for Soles of Silk, shooting Becky Lynch would be awesome! She's just not allowed to wear that green outfit! 

2 - Sasha Banks

Ahh, The Boss! Sasha Banks has been kicking ass in NXT over recent months, including winning the NXT Women's Championship. Much like Carmella, Sasha is of a dominant nature, but in a much different way. Sasha isn't prissy or the princess type, but just oozes that "I'm in charge," attitude. I love getting a woman with that type of personality to showcase it in sets whenever I can. Now if I could have Sasha do it... damn!

1 - Alexa Bliss

From the minute I saw this pint-sized beauty I was in love. It's the truth. One match and I was crossing my fingers that I'd be seeing a lot more of Alexa Bliss in the future. Luckily I've gotten my wish. Now if she could just blow some of that glitter my way and let me make a wish... 

I wish... I wish... I wish Alexa Bliss was sitting in front of me with her soft soles on display, wiggling her tiny, blue-painted toes.

I wish!

Honorable Mentions - Charlotte, Blue Pants, and Dana Brooke.

In Part 2 of this Fantasy Shoots - Wrestling entry I will take a look at the current WWE Divas roster.

* The above photos are not from Soles of Silk and are used only to showcase the particular talent mentioned. No ownership of said photography/images is being claimed in this blog.

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Fantasy Shoots - Wrestling, Part 2: Current WWE Divas

Here we are with the second part of the Fantasy Shoots - Wrestling blog entry. If you didn't check out the first part on the NXT Women, be sure to do so for a little more information on how this particular entry into the Fantasy Shoots blog series came to be.

Now, onto the Top 5 Current WWE Divas portion of my fantasy shoot series on wrestling:

5 - Alicia Fox

One thing I wish I had a lot more of on Soles of Silk is sexy Ebony models - and they don't come much hotter than Alicia Fox. This leggy WWE Diva would be damn sweet to have in front of my camera. And by the looks of it, those long legs end with a pair of big feet too! Even better!

4 - Lana

Most people will spend time admiring Lana's amazing ass. Well, if you take to Google and do image searches for Lana's pre-WWE days, you'll see some photos of just that. What you'll also see are some great barefoot shots of her as well! And man, what a set of arches! I know Adam over at Feet Fair would be shoving me out of the way to take her photos if he caught a glimpse of those curvy feet. I'm sure based off that alone he'd probably rank her as his number 1 if he did this list.

3 - AJ Lee

AJ Lee is the crowd favorite, without a doubt. Just having her pose her sweaty little feet fresh from a pair of her Chuck Taylor's would be heaven. Not sure how many photos I'd take though as I'd probably be trying to steal sniffs from those worn shoes. Sets wearing Converse would be a must! No socks, obviously...

2 - Paige

I said in Part 1 of this blog entry that I'm looking for more models with the alternative look. Well, Paige has that in spades. Add in my weakness for dark haired women and yeah, Paige could rip her stockings off in my photo shoots any time! And that British accent of hers... I love it!

1 - Emma

If there is one thing that is sexier than a British accent, it's an Australian one. Enter Emma, the WWE Diva I've had a crush on since the moment I saw her in NXT. Hell, a few of my friends (including Abby and Olivia) and myself were caught on camera during Monday Night Raw in 2014 holding up a 10 foot long #Emmalution > Evolution banner I made. We were caught during a segment with HHH, Randy Orton, and Batista and those guys were just looking at us shaking their heads. It was great! 

After the show Emma saw the photo I posted to the Soles of Silk's Twitter account (@SolesofSilk) and she retweeted and favorited my post and thanked us for showing her support. I was like the school nerd being asked to prom by the hottest cheerleader that night! Olivia said I was glowing.

But yeah, I could shoot hours of clips and countless photos of Emma displaying those Aussie soles while blowing her signature bubbles. And if she talked during the clips... oh man! Your winner by submission, Emma.

Honorable Mentions - Naomi, Stephanie McMahon, Layla, and Renee Young.

In Part 3 of this Fantasy Shoots - Wrestling entry I will take a look at the WWE Divas from the past.

* The above photos are not from Soles of Silk and are used only to showcase the particular talent mentioned. No ownership of said photography/images is being claimed in this blog.

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Fantasy Shoots - Wrestling, Part 3: Past WWE Divas/Wrestlers

So here we are with the final part of the Fantasy Shoots - Wrestling series. In the first part I took a look at the up and coming NXT Women wrestlers who I'd love to have in front of my camera. In the second part I named the Top 5 divas from the current WWE roster who I'd also love to photograph. Now it's time to look at divas/female wrestlers from the past for this final installment.

With this being Wrestlemania weekend, I'm only including women who were a part of the WWE/F at some point in their careers. I know WWE has since bought the likes of WCW and ECW, but if the women from those companies didn't appear on official WWE programming at some point, I didn't consider them.

Now, onto the Top 5 Past WWE Divas/Wrestlers portion of my fantasy shoot series on wrestling:

5 - Mickie James

I start the list off with someone who has actually done some foot fetish modeling. Take to Google and search "Mickie James foot fetish" and I'm sure you'll find some early photos of a much naughtier nature than you're used to seeing from her. It's always nice to shoot someone who knows what they're doing!

In addition to her dabbing in foot fetish photography in the past I also met Mickie James a few times at some independent shows prior to her joining the WWE. I always thought she was attractive, so she's been someone I've been into for a while. Not going to lie, I thought about asking her to pose a number of years ago, but since I was at the shows representing the newspaper I worked for, I decided against it.

4 - Stacy Keibler

This leggy beauty might be known now for dating the likes of George Clooney and being on Dancing With The Stars, but this former WWE Diva is actually a local girl. She grew up and attended high school not to far away from where I was raised. She was a cheerleader in high school with one of the Soles of Silk models and later went on to also become a Baltimore Ravens cheerleader.

With so many photo shoots of Stacy online you can find plenty of images, like the one of above, showing off her big feet. I sure would love to see those in front of my camera. Why does this have to be a "fantasy" shoot series?

3 - Lita

Lita always had a style different than any other Diva at the time. That alone made me take notice of her. For some time I'd always wonder what her feet looked like inside the boots and sneakers she'd wear to the ring. Obviously from the photo above, they look quite nice! And while I do love those sexy heels, I think I'd be having her wear those boots and sneakers in the majority of her shoots instead. I love smelling women's feet that way and I couldn't pass that chance up.

2 - Trish Stratus

Do I really need to give any reasons why Trish Stratus made this list? She's one of the prettiest Divas ever to appear on WWE television and although she oozed sex appeal, she learned the craft and brought it in the ring. I just wish some of the "model" types they hire now did the same, but I digress.

With her fitness model background in addition to her WWE career, there are plenty of photos to be found online of Trish barefoot. I was even able to find some more recent photos of her working out and reaching for her toes. I know one thing, if she were posing for Soles of Silk, I'd be reaching for them too.

1 - Gail Kim

Most people would probably have either Trish or Lita as their number 1 on their list, but not me. I've said it a million times over - I'm a sucker for attractive Asian women. That is why Gail Kim is my number 1.

Gail is currently a member of the TNA Knockouts division and puts on some of the best matches of any female on their roster. I wish, however, that she didn't have a falling out with the WWE. I also wish that the WWE used their women wrestlers more effectively. Seeing Gail wrestle the likes of Paige, Emma, and AJ Lee would be awesome.

I know, just like any of the other girls featured in these lists, that I'll never get to live out the fantasy of shooting foot fetish photos of Gail Kim. In Gail's case, however, I could pick up an interesting collectible of hers - several sports cards by Bench Warmers featuring Gail. The cards feature a head shot as well as a photo of her feet adorned in various high heel sandals. The heels themselves were then sliced afterwards into slivers and put into the cards themselves. You can see a sample of one of the cards below. Wish I was that photographer!

Honorable Mentions - Marlena, Sunny, Torrie Wilson, and Kaitlyn.

Thank you for reading through this three part Fantasy Shoot blog series entry. Who are some of your favorite female wrestlers or divas? Who would you love to see posing their feet on Soles of Silk? I'd love to hear your lists.

* The above photos are not from Soles of Silk and are used only to showcase the particular talent mentioned. No ownership of said photography/images is being claimed in this blog.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Soles of Silk Update - March 25, 2015

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - Mindee kicks off her tennis shoes that she's been wearing all day, without socks, while at the park as she enjoys the day blowing bubbles (73 images)

Video - Emerald's feet look amazing encased in nude fishnet stockings, sporting a black seam running from her toes, down her soles, over her heel, and up the back of her legs (133 MB - 1080p HD)

New Site Feature - The 10 Little Piggies Retro Interviews will now be added to the Interviews section of the site

Interviews (Retro) - 1 new retro interview with Andrea has been added to the Interviews section

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