Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Soles of Silk Update - March 31, 2021

 This week's update includes the following items

Photos Allie walks all over the park looking for Easter Eggs before cracking them open and shoving the jelly beans inside between her plump toes (80 images)

Video Clip Allie has her little feet in her Easter basket and is letting you gaze upon her soles as she cracks some Easter Eggs and squishes some jelly beans (203 MB - 1080p HD)

Interviews - 1 Introductory Interview with Noelle has been added to the Interviews section

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Friday, March 26, 2021

Wednesday's Shoot - Allie

Allie is back at it again this year, shooting the first new sets of 2021.

It just feels right that 2020's top ranking Star Model, Allie, would be the first person to shoot a new set for 2021. The day wasn't easy though. Nothing was working in our favor. Every few minutes, another challenge. It made us feel that we were shooting a lesser version of the idea we had envisioned. Still, the results came out better than expected and you'll be getting to see them soon with next week's Easter update.

The original plan for yesterday had Allie and I shooting two sets. The first one would be an Easter Egg Hunt theme, which was our number one priority. The second was a muddy feet set since it had rained heavily the day before. Muddy wet grounds were everywhere too, so it would have been easy to shoot. Well, that would have been the case had the Easter set not took so long. Let me explain.

Allie got off work at 4 p.m. We found a park to use not too far from her work. I went over early to scout things out. There were only a few people around, but they left within minutes of my arrival. Things we looking good. 

The plan was to put down the eggs in numerous places around the park. That wouldn't be the case though. Within minutes of Allie's arrival, about six cars had come. The playground, the pier, the shoreline around the pond, and the picnic area now all had people too close for comfort. We would have to make due and find a few other places.

Since the park was large enough to still use, we found some other spots to place the eggs. Some weren't as interesting as the places mentioned above, but we made them work. The biggest issue we faced in these new spots was the ground still being soaked and muddy. I didn't want to shoot two muddy feet sets.

When we finally began, Allie moved from location to location picking up eggs. When we found a good place for her to sit down, she kicked up those little size 5 soles. Well, whenever a random person or entire car didn't decide to drive by. Yeah, someone drove their SUV through the park at one point.

Since it was a drab day and the leaves have yet to grow on the trees, all the bright colors of the basket, eggs, jelly beans, Allie's attire, and her multi-colored toenails stood out just as we had planned. Hey, at least one thing worked as we had planned.

When we finished up the set and clip we decided it would be better to shoot a second set another day. We were, however, going to shoot a quick second clip back at our cars before leaving. Naturally, as we began returning to the parking lot, the sun peeked out for the first time all day. A few of the groups of people at the park were also leaving. Of course they were...

As we readied to shoot a video of Allie hanging her feet out of her car window, a car entered the parking lot and decided to park right by us. The whole lot and they picked there. Of course they did...

Since most of the people had left the park, we decided to improvise and head over to the playground or picnic area and shoot the clip really quick. I grabbed a bottle of lotion and told her she could just rub some lotion on her feet for duration of the clip. Then, as soon as we made our way up the hill, a few kids come bolting around the path to go to the playground. Of course they would...

That was just how the day was going as a whole. We weren't surprised, honestly. Oh well, we'll make up for it with our next shoot.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Soles of Silk Update - March 24, 2021

This week's update includes the following items

Photos Mindee kicks off her blue flip flops while enjoying some time next to the waterfalls along a canal in downtown Indianapolis (75 images)

Downloads (Phone) - 4 new phone wallpapers of Ginger have been added to the Phone Wallpaper gallery of the Downloads section

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Monday, March 22, 2021

Colleen & Carlin Commit to Returning & a New Model?

A couple of weeks ago I published a handful of blogs talking about a bunch of models wanting to make their returns here in 2021. I didn't shoot much in 2020, less than 2020 total sets featuring just four models. Those models were last year's Star Models, AllieJuliet, Kaycee, and Ava.

With the weather starting to warm, I started touching base with those models, along with several others. I published a blog where I named nine models who were looking to shoot some new content. That's when I began hearing from a few others and ended up having to publish a few other blogs to break that news. Here are links to all four blogs and who was featured in each:

2021 Returning Models Blogs
Well, it looks like the good news and the returns just keep on coming. I talked to both Colleen and Carlin over the last week and both have said they'd love to shoot something new for Soles of Silk. So let's get into this!

It's been almost 8 years since Colleen has shot for Soles of Silk.

Debuted: 2009
Last Shoot: 2013

I talked to Colleen last week for the first time in a while. We made some small talk about how we've been doing, she mentioned needing a foot rub, and I told her I wanted her back shooting again. No, I'm not lying. It was preety much that simple. While we haven't made any plans yet, I'm hopeful  that I will get to see Colleen's size 8.5 bare soles and slender toes again soon.

Colleen's last shoot came eight years ago, in September of 2013. We shot a couple of sets at two different locations downtown. The first saw her kick off her black Uggs, without socks, of course. The second, we did down by the water on a park bench. That's also the same day I was giving her a foot massage and an older couple walked. The woman asked her husband, "How come you don't rub my feet like that?" It was so funny.

Those two sets were published over the course of 2014 and 2015. Since Colleen had shot a number of sets prior to those, I had a few to publish before getting to the new ones. Those went up in 2013 and 2014 before I went ahead and posted the last two. Spacing out sets of models I'm unable to schedule with is a tactic I've used since I launched the site. It helps me have some variety and not burn through a model's content immediately.

All I have to say is that I hope Colleen and I can take advantage of some warm days here soon. I'd love to make up for lost time. She was always popular with the site's members and fanbase. It's not hard to see why when looking through her content.

Carlin hasn't shot since March 2012.

Debuted: 2010
Last Shoot: 2012

It was only a couple of hours ago that I heard from Carlin. I had told her that I have a model, Ginger, who is looking to make a return after 11 years. I said it would be nice if another one, who hadn't shot for nine years, did too. That model is none other than her.

Carlin couldn't believe that it's been that long. For years I have been in touch with her about shooting again, but she's always been busy with various things in life. Although I've missed her for so long, I never wanted to pester her over shooting. She assured me that should wouldn't take it that way. I'll probably ask her every day now. 

I've always adored Carlin and was so happy when she agreed to shoot back in 2010. We did some amazing sets over the two years we shot too. And being into a lot of the same nerdy stuff that I am, makes her perfect for all kinds of themes like comic books, art, movies, and other pop culture items.

Carlin's last update came back in 2013. Since we were shooting off and on at the time, I never held onto her sets like I did with Colleen's. Well, except for that last one. I published five sets of Carlin's in 2012, most of which were done that same year. I only held onto her last set for a few months because I just thought we were in a temporary lull in being able to schedule. I fully expected us to shoot again in 2013 and beyond. Sadly, that was not the case.

Even if I get just one more set of Carlin, I will be so happy. Obviously, I want way more than that, but with how busy she is, I'll take whatever I can get. She needs 385 photos to join the 1K Club (1,000 photos). That's about seven sets, so I don't think it's impossible. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Noelle has been attempting to recruit both her sister as well as a friend.

Noelle's Friend?
Debuted: n/a
Last Shoot: n/a

Yeah, yeah... Noelle was featured in the first blog listed up above, along with mention of her sister. Well, when talking about possible places where we might be able to shoot a set we wanna do, she mentioned her friend's back porch. She then said that she'll ask her to see if she might want to shoot too. So yeah, I think Noelle is trying to apply for the position of Model Recruiter here for Soles of Silk. I'm not complaining.

Much like Noelle's sister, there is no definite on whether or not this will happen. I just thought it would be fun to include in case it does. I only debuted one new model last year in Juliet. It would be nice to have a few new models make their debut in 2021. Have any other friends and/or relatives, Noelle?

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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Soles of Silk Update - March 17, 2021

This week's update includes the following items

Photos - Alice & Maya both have super long, skinny toes, but Alice wears a size 11 and Maya, a size 7.5. Still, they think if would be fun to try on each other's shoes while they're still all warm and sweaty from wearing them (75 images)

Video Clip - Alice & Maya have a good time tugging off each other's shoes and wiggling their long toes for all of us looking on at the fun (342 MB - 1080p HD)

Downloads (Phone) - 4 new phone wallpapers of Alice & Maya have been added to the Phone Wallpaper gallery of the Downloads section

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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Soles of Silk Update - March 10, 2021

This week's update includes the following items

Photos Mindee's feet are in gray knee high socks and are surrounded by some 1980's, 8-bit video games, a console, and various controllers. Which one would you rather play with? (68 images)

Downloads (Artwork) - 1 new artwork of Mindee has been added to the Artwork gallery of the Downloads section

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Sunday, March 7, 2021

Momma Mia! Mindee's Mom, Shelby, To Shoot Again

Shelby has no qualms about shooting anything I throw at her.

It seems like I have a lot of models who are ready to shoot some new sets. It'll be the first time for most of them in more than a year, minus Allie, Juliet, Kaycee, and Ava, who modeled for all my 2020 sets. Now, a few months into 2021, I have more than 12 models who have said that they'd like to shoot again soon, with tonight's announcement.

Last Monday I named nine different models in the blog, "Setting up Some Shoots Soon, Hopefully," who have expressed an interest to do some new sets. Those models included Noelle, Noelle's sister (new), Alice, Leah, Allie, Juliet, Jasey Rae, Ava, and Kaycee. I go into some details about the conversations I had with each of those models.

A couple of days later on Wednesday, I published, "Ginger to Return After 11 Years?" It's pretty much what the title says. Ginger, who last shot in 2010, told me that she would be more than willing to shoot some new sets. It took me forever to get her to shoot the first time too. I felt so happy when she agreed the first time. This will be a return that I will very much be looking forward to for many of the same reasons.

When Saturday rolled around, another blog was published, this time about Emerald. "Finding an Emerald Again" talks about a recent conversation I had with Emerald where she says she's... can you guess? Ready to shoot again. She's always been someone I've loved shooting with, so that was some really good news. It has been over three years she last shot, although her last remaining set was published to the site on February 3, 2021.

Now it's Sunday and you've already seen Shelby pictured in this blog and in the title. That can only mean one thing! Those super soft soles are going to be in some new sets soon too. How soon? Well, we're aiming for this weekend. She told me she's going to get her toes done and I've been thinking of some set ideas. 

One thing I've always loved about both Mindee and her mom is they don't waste any time. If they have an opening, they make plans and are ready to go. Luckily for me, Shelby had the opening so soon. Getting in these sets so early in 2021 means I'll be sure to schedule with her again throughout the spring and summer too. I already told her to prepare for some sneaker sets with no socks when it gets hot outside.

All of this weekend's sets will be solo. No Mindee (daughter) or Dolly (mother) in these ones. While I love shooting those duos and trios, especially since it involves mother/daughter and mother/daughter/grand-daughter combinations, I need to focus on getting more sets right now to start padding out how many I have ready to go. I've always liked to have six or more month's worth of content ready to go in case something happens. You know, like the current pandemic?

My aim for Saturday will be to shoot four of five sets with Shelby in her brand new house. We have some ideas already in mind, but the others might just be some spur of the moment ideas. As Mindee can attest, sometimes those are the best anyhow.

As long as everything goes to plan, Shelby will be the first person to shoot new photos here in 2021. I can't wait. She's always a fun time. I wonder if we should send photos of me rubbing her feet to Mindee? Mindee sure was jealous when I did it in front her of that first time I shot the two of them together. No, I'm not mean either. Mindee has been busting my balls for the entirety of our friendship. It's nice to get in my moments when I can.

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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Finding an Emerald Again

Emerald wants to shoot again, like a few other models I've written about lately.

In 2012, I shot photos with Emerald for the first time. I met her through Mindee and the two of them have gone on to do numerous amazing sets together. One of those sets was recently posted to the site on February 3, 2021. Even though that was a pretty recent update, it has been just over three years now that I've had the pleasure of shooting Emerald.

In the lead up of 2020, I had shot so many sets that I was literally sitting on a couple years worth of updates. That turned out to be a blessing in disguise with the Coronavirus severely limiting my shoots last year. It goes without saying how much I missed meeting up with my friends and doing some fun photos with them - especially in the spring and summer months. That's when I'd try and do little day trips, just like Emerald and I have done.

Just a few days after publishing the blogs, "Setting Up Some Shoots Soon, Hopefully," and "Ginger to Return After 11 Years?," now I have another model to announce who wants to shoot again. If you haven't figured it out yet, it's Emerald! Seriously... If you hadn't figured it out yet, I question your deduction skills.

It will be so great to go out with Emerald again for some new photos. She's always done amazing sets and even loves doing some of the more fun and teasing ones that she knows I enjoy - like sneakers with no socks and, of course, bananas. That shit was bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Okay, I'll stop.

I'm looking forward to adding more amazing sets of Emerald to Soles of Silk. She currently sits at 1,252 photos. I'd be so happy to see her enter that 2K Club (2,000) photos at some point, but of course, I'd like to see her push even further. With all the fun, teasing sets she's done for me, many of them have also appeared in my end of the year blogs that announce my 10 favorite sets of that year.

I will be sure to keep all of you posted on Emerald's return. I'll probably be focusing mostly of some simple shoots at first, but that doesn't mean they won't be good and fun. I'm sure she's got some more sneakers she'd be willing to slip on her bare feet sometime soon. Hell, I might even ask her to bring a few pairs! Hopefully whatever we shoot, it will just be the first of many more to come. I miss Emerald and am glad to have one of my most-photographed models ready to add to her already phenomenal gallery.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Ginger to Return After 11 Years?

Ginger has agreed to make a return in 2021, 11 years since her last shoot.

Just two days after announcing nine models who I've been in contact with pertaining to new shoots, I get treated to some more amazing news - also pertaining to a model who wants to shoot. W
hile working on the March 3, 2021 update, I struck up a conversation with none other than Ginger. Ginger who debuted in 2010, shot a handful of sets that year, including the set that I named as my 13th most favorite set all-time in the blog, "15 Year Celebration - My 15 All-Time Favorite Sets (2004-19)."

Sadly, after shooting that, along with several other amazing sets, we never shot again. Jump forward 11 years here and she tells me she's up for making a return. My jaw hit the floor. I wanted to blog about it immediately, right then and there. I was nose deep into Allie's update, however, yes, total pun intended with the nose bit, so I waited until today to share this great news.

Some of you may remember that a few weeks ago I went on a Ginger kick (pun also intended) on Twitter (@SolesofSilk), sharing countless photos of her asking if people would like to see her return. I didn't think she'd actually do it, although she did happen to make this statement during our conversations around that time.

"I like my feet now," she texted me.

I guess some things are better late than never. Ginger, your feet have always been adorable. Obviously, fans on Twitter agreed, liking and commenting on each and every post showcasing her and her divine feet.

It took me ages to get Ginger to shoot the the first time and it looks like history is going to repeat itself. Ginger, you don't know how happy you made me when you said you'd be up to shoot again. I hope we can increase your photo count by a significant amount this year. And hey, can we not wait to shoot again for another 11 years after we do? Love ya! Thanks!

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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Soles of Silk Update - March 3, 2021

This week's update includes the following items

Photos - Allie's tiny feet are getting all nice and warm after walking along some train tracks down to a small bridge - don't you wish you were there to see how warm and moist they were? (61 images)

Video Clip - Mindee & Emerald make each other put on the other's socks, having a blast and teasing all of us foot fetishists out there in the process (207 MB - 1080p HD)

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Monday, March 1, 2021

Setting Up Some Shoots Soon, Hopefully

It's been way too long since I was before Noelle's pretty, smooth soles.

Over the last few weeks I have been chatting with a few of the site's models about the possibility of shooting again. It once again feels like forever since my last shoot, which came with both Allie and Juliet back on November 7, 2020 (see blog: "Saturday's Shoot - Allie & Juliet"). With the weather getting warmer, here's hoping that some of the site's models start kicking off their shoes (no socks of course) in front of me for some new sets. Here are some of the ladies that I have touched based with recently:

Noelle - I've spent most of today chatting on and off with Noelle. We talked about something on social media and one thing led to another. She mentioned wanting to shoot again. It's been a long, long time! She's way overdue and I only have the one solo set of her above. Her other sets feature her with Rilynn and then her with Rilynn and Mindee

Noelle's Sister - While talking to Noelle, she mentioned her sister possibly shooting too. That's great. It'll mean more sets of Noelle with some other models, but I'll be sure to shoot them both solo too. 

Alice - I've also been talking with Alice recently. It's been a while since she last shoot too. I had so much content of her that it might not seem like that with her semi-regular updates. I've always wanted to see Alice join Mindee in the 3K Club (3,000 photos). I still have one set of her left to publish that features her with Maya. Once that's on the site, she should be a little less than 500 photos away from accomplishing just that.

Leah - I was supposed to shoot with Leah around Valentine's Day, but our plans got screwed up because of snow. We haven't planned a new date just yet, but we've both been wanting to finally get together again. She wants her feet rubbed and I want to photograph them AND of course, rub them.

Allie - Allie and I talk often, especially after last year where she finished off 2020 with some amazing sets. She loved shooting so much last year and she can't wait to do some more again soon. We've been chatting about some ideas and I just know they'll be great. Honestly, after last year, I'm sure of it.

Juliet - Juliet wants to shoot again, but she's putting school first. Yes, she's still in school, but she is 18. She turned 18 in the fall of 2020, so this will be her final year. Once she's good to go, you best bet I'll be asking her to shoot often.

Jasey Rae - I touched base a few weeks ago with Jasey Rae. We were both talking about squeezing in a last minute snow shoot, but nothing ever came of it. Once things warm up here, I'm thinking she'll be wanting to get back in front of the camera. Cold weather usually isn't her thing.

Ava - After last week's update with Ava, which is in the photo of her down below, I can't wait to get her back shooting again. We did two amazing sets in 2020 and she's been looking forward to hopefully doing a day trip and shooting some fun sets with creative and even slightly naughty themes. You're going to love them, I'm sure.

Kaycee - Last, but certainly not least, Kaycee and I have talked about her shooting soon. She's been busy, but see her photo count continue to rise. She will soon join the 2K Club (2,000 photos), so I think it would be awesome to see her build to the 3K Club and beyond.

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