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Soles of Silk 10 Year Anniversary - 2004

It was ALWAYS fun times shooting Madison & Lauryn together.

2004: Quick Glance

Debuting Models: (8) Amber, Cierra, Lauryn, Lisa Tyler, Madison, Maria, Mindee, and Sue Lovely

Wu's Feetlinks Feature Gallery: none

Mindee's very first time posing.

2004: The Year in Review

To look at back at 2004 you have to go back to the spring. There was no Soles of Silk at the time - just a concept and a photographer eager to take pictures of barefoot girls once more. For those who don't know, I used to run a few free sites in my college years. I started out showing off my artistic photography revolving around the female foot, but as time progressed and I began learning more about web design, I started to add pages for each of the girls who I shot to the site. My small site kept growing and growing until I launched my first "real" site - The 10 Little Piggies.

The 10 Little Piggies ended up a short-lived project. I paid out of pocket to host the site, moving it off the free Yahoo! servers I once used. This was still a free site, however, so it didn't take long for me to realize that the more popular I became, the more bandwidth I'd need. A few months into The 10 Little Piggies I closed it down.

During this time I began dating a girl who I would go onto spend three years with. Initially she posed for me and was featured on The 10 Little Piggies. Her overbearing mother found out and raised hell about it (like she did with everything in life), so I removed her. Not being able to shoot my own girlfriend and the rising costs of hosting the site I decided to just shut it down.

Eventually this girlfriend and I were no more and I slowly began feeling the itch to do my photography again. Learning from my past mistakes I looked into making this site membership based. As much as I would like to share my photography for free, there is no way I could support it without some kind of return. I began checking out hosts and saw BHE was home to many foot fetish sites I followed. Wanting to keep things simple I contacted them and have been there ever since. With my host found I began to plan out the site.

My initial plans were to come back with the same site name as before. Since some time had passed I learned that an adult video company had used a similar name for one of their foot fetish porn titles, so a new name was in order. It took me a little time, but since I knew I wanted a focus on soles with the site, I wanted to have the word "soles" in its name and URL. Eventually, Soles of Silk was born. I registered the name and got down to figuring out who was going to pose.

Having shot a few dozen girls on my old sites I started talking with some of them about shooting for this one. Amber and Madison were up for a return and Madison was able to secure Lauryn, a former coworker of mine that I hadn't seen in some time. And speaking of work, Cierra and Mindee were both working with me, so that's how I landed them. Mindee did, however, take a bit of convincing.

When it came to finding others I took to One Model Place. I set up a portfolio and found both Maria and Sue Lovely. Each had some prior foot fetish modeling experience too, so that was a plus. And then came Lisa Tyler. Lisa was a well established model who ran her own site, Forever Feet, and had recently appeared in a Wu's Feetlinks Feature Gallery. She had quite a fan base and I was so happy that she agreed to model for me without me having a site to show at the time.

In the months to come I would meet with each one of the models above and shoot their first sets for the site. All eight models would be featured on the site when I launched. One solo set each, with one additional set featuring both Madison and Lauryn.

With a handful of sets in the books I focused on designing and building the site. Many of the sites on BHE use their template, but I wanted mine to be unique. Being a graphic designer and artist myself, I wanted everything on the site to be mine - the photography, the design, the writing on the site... all of it. It was a long process, but totally worth it.

The site's launch didn't come until the very end of 2004 - the last week, to be exact. Right away people began writing e-mails and commenting on posts on the Wu's Feetlinks Forum. They were glad to see me back. Many were happy see some returning models, plus all the ones I had shot for the first time. A few members signed up right away and a few days later it was onto 2005.

Cierra's first ever shoot.

2004: Tidbits & Facts

- Mindee and Cierra are the only two original models left who still pose for the site today, 10 years later.

- Seven total models who posed for The 10 Little Piggies have come back to pose for Soles of Silk since 2004.

- Sue Lovely was the first Asian girl to appear on the site.

- Amber's debut set location would be used once again, seven years later for one of Ryan's sets. Did any of you notice?

- The site's first multi-model sets featured two models with the same exact shoe size - 8.5 (Madison & Lauryn).

- Lisa Tyler's debut set featured her wearing toe socks and is still, to this day, the only set on the site you'll find toe socks.

Shooting Lisa Tyler was such an exciting experience.

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Soles of Silk Update: January 29, 2014

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - Ashlyn shows off her tiny size 5 in sandals, and of course, totally bare by a water fountain in a botanical garden (64 images)

Photo Sample 01

Photo Sample 02

Photos - Aspen kicks off her sandals high above Harpers Ferry in West Virginia while on Jefferson Rock (35 images)

Photo Sample 03

Photo Sample 04

Video - Kellie & Kimmie peel some petals off the flowers of a tree with their little toes while at the park (139 MB - 1080p HD)

Video Clip Sample

Downloads (Avatars) - 2 avatars of Chloe and Faith have been added to the all new Celebrating 10 Years Avatars page of the Downloads area

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Answers & Results: The 2013 Soles of Silk Annual Trivia Contest

When I sat down to write the questions for this year's annual trivia contest I tried my hardest to maintain a middle ground between easy and hard questions. I don't want to scare people away with questions even the most hardcore Soles of Silk fan wouldn't know. So this year I tried to really play off the site's blog as a source for a good number of the answers. Yes there are still the questions that someone without a membership might not know, but this year I thought the contest was easier than ever - and the results backed me up.

The average test score for all entries was 88. There were even two entries that scored a perfect 100. So, this begs the question, why didn't the number of entries increase this year with the site's social media presence increased over previous years? That I cannot answer and am probably better off not trying to figure out. But for the people who were awarded with membership prizes of either three or one month, congratulations. For those who didn't, you won't have very long to try your chance again.

Throughout the course of 2014 I intend to run a total of 10 contests as yet another way to celebrate the site's 10 year anniversary. The next one won't rely on any skills, knowledge, or even luck. It's going to be a scavenger hunt throughout the pages of the site itself. It's called, "Where's Wendy?" There will be more information coming up about this contest on the blog soon, but for now, let's focus on the one that just finished.

Each time I run a trivia contest, I always like to post the correct answers to the questions once the deadline passes. I also like to show a percentage of how everyone fared with each question. With each installment, there are usually a few questions I notice people having problems with. This happened with three of the questions this year, so with questions 5, 16, 20, and 23 I left a little comment with each to explain where some people went wrong.

Trivia Questions

1-Point Questions (5 Total Possible Points)

1. Which model appeared in a Wu's Feetlinks Feature set in 2013?

Aspen (100% of the people answered this correctly)

2. What kind of pie did Mindee and Emerald bake in their Fourth of July set?

Apple Pie (100% of the people answered this correctly)

3. Which model posed in this year's annual Baltimore Ravens themed set?

Abby (91% of the people answered this correctly)

4. What kind of footwear did Aliza wear in her set in front of the grist mill? Was it: flip flops, heels, boots, or wedges?

Boots (100% of the people answered this correctly)

5. What model made her Soles of Silk debut in a New Years set in 2013?

Alaynah (73% of the people answered this correctly) * A few people went with Megan Jones here, but Megan Jones debuted this year in 2014 and the question asked for 2013's New Year Set.

2-Point Questions (10 Total Possible Points)

6. What graphic novel (comic) was Rachel DD reading in her debut set?

The Walking Dead (100% of the people answered this correctly)

7. What two (2) models are featured in the main graphic on the site's splash/entry page?

Mindee & Marcy (100% of the people answered this correctly)

8. Name the two (2) models who joined the 1K Club (1,000 photo mark) in 2013?

Charlee & Abby (100% of the people answered this correctly)

9. Name the two (2) models who are the next closest in line to joining the 1K Club (1,000 photo mark) on the site.

Kelsey & Jamie (100% of the people answered this correctly)

10. What was the title of the first blog to be written on the Official Soles of Silk Blog?

Opening the Site's Official Blog (91% of the people answered this correctly)

3-Point Questions (15 Total Possible Points)

11. What model is featured in a wallpaper design in the Downloads area that features a slogan that reads, "These colors never fade?"

Aspen (73% of the people answered this correctly)

12. Name the three (3) people named in the very first "Would Love to Shoot" blog series entry.

Elan Kane, Barbie Gurl, & Red Velvet (100% of the people answered this correctly)

13. Which model did Foot Toons draw holding a teddy bear in 2013?

Aspen (55% of the people answered this correctly)

14. Which of the following models did NOT return to Soles of Silk this year after being away for several years? Colleen, Ginger, Kelsey, Mariah, or Marcy

Ginger (91% of the people answered this correctly)

15. Name three (3) of the six (6) models featured in the site's social media buttons on the site's homepage. Name ONLY three (3).

Any 3 of the 6 following models: Carlin, Mindee, Ryan, Aspen, Jamie, or Wendy (100% of the people answered this correctly)

4-Point Questions (20 Total Possible Points)

16. What is the date of the final column that appears in the Columns area before I switched to using the blog?

February 9, 2013 (45% of the people answered this correctly) * This answer could be found on the 2013 columns archive page in the columns area.

17. Name the two (2) models who appear in three (3) pieces of artwork each in the Skulls section of the Downloads area.

Layla & Mindee (64% of the people answered this correctly, 36% were awarded with partial credit for getting one or the other correct)

18. Name the four (4) models on the site with a shoe size of 5.5.

Carmen, Kayleigh, Mariah, & Tiff (100% of the people answered this correctly)

19. Which of the following model trios are all cousins? Ryan/Aspen/Ashlyn, Mindee/Marcy/Mariah, or Marcy/Mindee/Amelia?

Mindee, Marcy, & Mariah (100% of the people answered this correctly)

20. Which model named Rondo, a former Boston Celtics player, as the famous person she'd most like to have massage her feet in an introductory interview?

Shae Spreadz (82% of the people answered this correctly) * A few people commented that Rondo still plays for the Celtics. While I don't follow the NBA like I once did, the question was only worded this way because that is how Shae, herself, answered it on her interview.

5-Point Questions (25 Total Possible Points)

21. Of the following models who pulled off tennis shoes in a video clip posted this year, which is the only one who ALSO pulled off socks in the same clip? Amelia, Olivia, or Colleen?

Olivia (91% of the people answered this correctly)

22. All the following models debuted on Soles of Silk in 2013. Place them in the order in which they appeared on the site from first to last: Alaynah, Ashlyn, Jasey Rae, Mandy, Rachel DD, Shae Spreadz.

Alaynah, Shae Spreadz, Mandy, Rachel DD, Ashlyn, & Jasey Rae (82% of the people answered this correctly)

23. Name the model whose feet appear in the background of the site's official blog and Twitter pages.

Nikki (64% of the people answered this correctly) * Not sure if people were confused about the term background as some named the models found in the banner, avatar, etc. Nikki's feet, however, appear in the background of both the blog and Twitter pages - the image coming from a yet unpublished set. 

24. What color Play-Doh did Mariah squish between her feet FIRST in her Play-Doh set? Choices are: purple, orange, teal, black, yellow, or pink?

Black (82% of the people answered this correctly)

25. What model, in an introductory interview, picked her toes as her favorite part of her feet because "they're so cute and chubby?"

Jasey Rae (91% of the people answered this correctly)

25-Point Bonus Question (25 Total Possible Points)

* Starting on the August 14 update, five (5) models whose name being with the letter "A" were posted in succession. Name those five (5) models in the order that they were posted.

Alaynah, Amelia, Ashlyn, Abby, & Aspen (100% of the people answered this correctly)

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Notice Some Changes Recently?

Starting with the January 15, 2014 update you probably noticed some extra update material being placed in the What's New boxes on the site. In addition to all the great content that's been going up week after week in this young 2014, I've also been changing some things to make the site that much better. Below are some of the items that have seen and will continue to see a face lift on the site:

A screen shot of Olivia's galleries from her model page.

Model Gallery Pages

I made mention of this in a blog several weeks ago titled, "Changing Gallery Pages." That blog, however, is already outdated with its information and is no longer relevant. Early on in the update process I covered in that blog, I found a better way to do things. Gone are all the head shots that were used for the model galleries. What has replaced them is a sample image from each set. Although the girls are pretty, I know you're here to see their soft soles - it only made sense. Don't know why it took me 10 years to figure this one out.

Two things that I did decide to keep from my initial plans are the date structure and ordering. All galleries are now dated from the date they were published to the site, with all the newest galleries being found first. All the model pages have now been structured this way with contribution models coming soon.

Interview Text

For some reason the font size used in all the interviews was on the small side since I opened Soles of Silk. In the columns, however, I used a larger font and while I was working on some of the site restructuring, I figured I'd make them both the larger font. It did make the pages slightly taller to scroll through, but there will be no more squinting to find out if a girl is ticklish, or what her favorite set has been!

A screen shot of the interview with Madison moved to the interviews section.

Interviews Hidden in Old Columns

Before I decided to expand the site's interviews section with different types of interviews I would sometimes ask models questions as part of my columns. I found one such column that asked Madison a bunch of questions that I've since asked models in modeling interviews. I decided to copy this over and call it a modeling interview, as it should be. In the weeks to come I'm going to go back through other columns and see if I can turn up any others I might have missed - no matter how big or small.

Center Justify

Times have changed with how you should layout a website. When I began Soles of Silk over 10 years ago, many said justifying the site to the left was the best way to go. Now everyone does center. While I was making all the changes above I decided it's time for the site to move to the center as well. Only the members section has been updated, but the guest area will be right around the corner.

Other Adjustments

It seems like each time I sit down to do any of the adjustments I've mentioned above I find something else to fix or tweak. I'm looking at a few other items to add, change, or even remove along the way. If you have any suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Soles of Silk Update - January 22, 2014

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - The twins, Kimmie & Kellie, return to show off their identical size 5 feet while at the playground on a windy day (70 images)

Photo Sample 01

Photo Sample 02

Video - Mindee's crushes gummy worms of all sizes under her bare size 8 feet while out on the pier (146 MB - 1080p HD)

Video Clip Sample 01

Downloads (Avatars) - 2 avatars of Abby and Carmen have been added to the all new Celebrating 10 Years Avatars page of the Downloads area

Interviews - 1 new modeling interview with Madison has been added to the Interviews section (Note: This interview was part of an old column from 2006 and is being added to the interviews section for ease)

Contest - This is the final week to enter for a chance to win free membership via the Soles of Silk Annual Trivia Contest - 2013 Edition.

Deadline: Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Soles of Silk Update - January 15, 2014

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - Amelia enjoys the view of an overlook on some mud flats before pulling off her strappy wedges so that you have something to look at too (61 images)

Photo Sample 01

Photo Sample 02

Video - Mindee's feet slowly caress a 27-inch gummy worm in a loving manner, unlike what she did to their smaller counterparts (219 MB - 1080p HD)

Video Clip Sample

Downloads (Avatars) - 3 avatars of Amber, Maria, and Sue Lovely have been added to the all new Celebrating 10 Years Avatars page of the Downloads area

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Soles of Silk - 10 Fun Facts: The Mindee Edition

It's time once again for some mindless blogging. Another 10 Fun Facts blog filling you in on some of the most useless, but sometimes funny, facts related to Soles of Silk. But this time, this time I'm doing it a little bit different. These facts are all revolving around a certain model on the site. The model is none other than Mindee:

Fact #1: Mindee recently took over having the most photos on the site with 2,076 photos. She passed her good friend Cierra, by just one photo.

Fact #2: I picked Power Girl to be the prominent heroine in Mindee's feature gallery on Wu's Feetlinks, Piggies & Power Girl. I picked her because both Mindee and Power Girl are blondes, with strong personalities, and of course, big boobs.

Mindee pulling off her thigh highs in a VERY public place.

Fact #3: More than 100 people were in the immediate area when Mindee's nude thigh high stockings were falling down before doing her Job Search shoot (still unpublished). We ended up shooting in the same spot, where she'd go on to slowly pull off the stockings, all while showing off her feet in the process. Yes, we got a LOT of looks our way.

How I want my every day schedule to be.

Fact #4: Mindee rates my foot massages at 10 out of 10. Because of this, I'm hoping to rearrange my daily schedule to match the above.

Some of the smelliest flats I've ever smelled.

Fact #5: Mindee's black flats are VERY VERY smelly!

Fact #6: Some of Mindee's teasing gestures during her Gummy Worm Size Tease set were aimed at the photographer, according to her 2K Club Interview on the site.

Fact #7: Mindee appears in the site's Twitter social media button.

Fact #8: Although you can find Mindee posing with three other girls on the site, she has actually posed with four. On the site you'll see her posing with Cierra, Marcy, and Emerald. A few years ago, however, a set of her posing with her cousin Mariah was lost on an old computer drive.

The site's first regular splash page graphic.

Fact #9: Mindee appeared with Madison on the first non-rotating splash page image on Soles of Silk. When it was finally updated in 2013, Mindee was once again featured, but this time with her cousin, Marcy.

Fact #10: During Mindee's shoot with Cierra was the first time I really noticed just how sweaty Cierra's feet are. Mindee even commented on it, embarrassing Cierra immensely in the process.

I hope you enjoyed giving this blog a read. Be on the lookout for future 10 Fun Fact blogs, and let me know if you'd like to read one on a particular model as I've done here.

Would Love to Shoot #9 - Bailey Paige, Emily Austin, & Lela Beryl

Back again for the ninth time to take a look around the web and showcase some girls I think all of you should check out - if you haven't already. Eight times before this blog entry I've said that all the girls below are ones whose work I've found and admire. I'd love to see each and every one of them in front of my camera one day, but know that a good majority of them never will. Nevertheless, I will continue to be a fan of these girls and think they deserve the a lot of praise. Now, onto the ninth installment of "Would Love to Shoot" series:

Bailey Paige

Twitter: @BaileyXPaige

Oh Bailey Paige... I only met this feisty fun one a few weeks back and immediately knew I'd be featuring her in this series. She has a different look than most of my models, which is something I've been looking to expand on. But what won me over the most about her is her fun loving nature!

After meeting Bailey I began to look around at her work. It's quite diverse and she sure likes to delve into different kinks. But when I came across a sole focused video of her on Roxie Rae's Roxie Rae Fetish clips store, I had to check it out. And man... what a set of soles! Seriously, I hope Roxie doesn't mind, but I had to screen capture Bailey sticking those soles out. I wanted all of you to see just how adorable those feet are. And they look so damn tiny too, but that is because, well, they are! 

Bailey and I have exchanged some playful banter on Twitter and we both seem like we'd love to meet up for some photos one day. Should that day come, this photographer is going to be loving life. I'm going to have to keep in touch with her as I don't know if she travels much. Perhaps a little trip is in order for me in 2014? 

Emily Austin

Twitter: @EmilyAustinXXX
Website: models for numerous sites

This blonde haired cutie is perhaps one of the most approachable adult film stars I've seen on Twitter. With every starlet having an account, you see a lot of them used for just promotion - which is totally understandable. Other girls you'll get some tweets, but not much in the way of interaction with fans. Of course, you can't blame the girls as us guys can be a little out there when it comes to expectations. But then you have Emily Austin. I've never seen Emily rude, or dismissive to her fans. This girl just seems genuinely nice!

I found Emily's Twitter account (@EmilyAustinXXX) after seeing her work on a non-fetish site. I loved what I saw and became curious as to if she had ever done any foot fetish related material. Since she was new to the industry, I didn't really find too much. But then a few months later I saw that she did some work for Foot Fetish Daily - where the sample image above is from. They captured her feet masterfully and boy, did I ever find her feet to be just as adorable as the rest of her.

I've never engaged Emily in any kind of talks for shooting for Soles of Silk. The most I've done is compliment her on some of her work, which she was always grateful for. Emily seems like she'd be great to have in front of the camera if she's anything like she is online. I love laid back girls and can only imagine how much I'd be loving life to watch her toes spread and curl right in front of me. Now I just need to find a genie bottle!

Lela Beryl

Twitter: @LelaBeryl
Website: models for numerous sites

After looking around Twitter and meeting a number of models who regularly work with different fetishes, I found Lela Beryl. She and a few other girls down south in Florida have told me to get my ass down there and shoot with them. I've mentioned a number of these girls in past "Would Love to Shoot" entries as well. Now it's time to add the soft-footed, Lela.

If you've read past entries in this series, or just know me in general, you know that I like the fun-loving, down-to-earth types when it comes to models. Well, from everything I can tell based off our online interactions, Lela is just that. I mean, asides from when she's using her tease & denial skills, or her pinpoint ballbusting abilities on a fella. Okay, who am I kidding? Those are bonus traits!

Lela and I have talked before about shooting, so I feel pretty good that one day, if our schedules match up, Lela will be showing off those pretty bare soles for Soles of Silk. I fully expect she'd tease me beyond belief during the shoot, but again, that's a good thing. Only time will tell, but you best believe I'll be telling you all about it if/when this shoot happens. Plus, if I remember correctly, I believe I owe her some foot rub time.

* The majority of the photography seen in this blog series does not come from Soles of Silk. Please see the watermarks on the photos themselves for the ownership of each picture as some of the models have posed for many sites.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Soles of Silk Update - January 8, 2014

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - Mindee playfully shows you what she thinks of little gummy worms, or is it average gummy worms, when compared to the 27-incher she has out on the pier (90 images)

Photo Sample 01

Photo Sample 02

Video - Mindee lets you know what she thinks of the smaller bait as you'll learn that size does matter (201 MB - 1080p HD)

Video Clip Sample

Downloads (Avatars) - 2 avatars of Lauryn and Lisa Tyler have been added to the all new Celebrating 10 Years Avatars page of the Downloads area

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2K Club - Mindee's Footography

An upcoming set of Mindee in nude thigh highs.

With every playful spread of her toes, I think, "How did she ever think her feet were ugly?" With every deep wrinkle that forms from her sole scrunches, I think, "How did she ever think her feet were ugly?" And with every awesome pedicure she's showed up with to her shoots, I think," How did she ever think her feet were ugly?"

With this week's update Mindee broke the 2,000 photo mark. At the same time she passed Cierra's tally of 2,075 photos by one. Yes, by just one! So just how did a girl who used to claim her feet were ugly become Soles of Silk's most shot model? 

Let's go back in time 10 years to mid-2004. My old site, The 10 Little Piggies had been closed for a few years. I was out of a long term relationship and just felt the need to do something I really enjoyed. And one thing I always enjoyed was my foot fetish photography. In those early months I began plotting what would eventually be called Soles of Silk.

The site would launch with eight models. Amber and Madison were both girls who had posed for The 10 Little Piggies and made their return. Lisa Tyler I found through her very own foot fetish site she used to run called Forever Feet. Maria and Sue Lovely I found on One Model Place. But Cierra, Lauryn, and Mindee were all first timers. Cierra and Lauryn agreed right away, but Mindee... not so much. She was quite reluctant at first.

"Only if you really need someone," Mindee told me the first time I asked her.

Looking down at her feet, "I really need you," I replied.

"Okay, just because you're my friend," she answered.

She still wasn't changing her stance that her feet were ugly, but I didn't care. I found Mindee's feet to be so adorable! And as long as Mindee was going to pose, that's all that mattered. I knew all of you would find them just as attractive as I did.

So now here were are 10 years later and the girl who swore her feet were ugly jumps at every chance she can get to model those size 8s. And with each and every shoot, she only gets better! Mindee has been with me since Day One and continues to be one my most dependable models. Only 11 have ever reached the 1,000 photo mark, and with this week's update, now two have topped 2,000. Here's how Mindee's photo tally compares to the others at this time: 

  1. Mindee2,076 photos <---
  2. Cierra: 2,075 photos
  3. Madison: 1,832 photos
  4. Layla: 1,802 photos
  5. Kellie: 1,610 photos
  6. Wendy: 1,485 photos
  7. Kayleigh: 1,284 photos
  8. Jordana: 1,266 photos
  9. Charlee: 1,162 photos
  10. Abby: 1,103 photos
  11. Kimmie: 1,094 photos

This week also marks Mindee's 30th gallery on the site. I can honestly say, however, even with all the early uncertainty on her part, her third set was when I first saw warming up to the idea of modeling her feet. Funny thing is, her warming up came on what was the coldest set I've ever shot in my life - the Night Snow set.

When a model comes to me with an idea, especially one she is passionate about, it's a great feeling and one I really try to do. This is what happened when Mindee posed for this set on that snowy night. We had been at work that afternoon, but were closing early due to the inclement weather. That's when she came up to me and asked if I wanted to do a snow shoot after we closed. I said sure and that night I saw an eager Mindee posing her wet, frosty soles in some very slushy snow. From that point on, Mindee never again tried to convince me that I wouldn't want to shoot her.

In the years that followed Mindee and I would regularly find ourselves planning little excursions to unique places with the intent of shooting new sets. But even when we did simple ones in our own homes, the turn out was always great. Whatever the subject was, Mindee would own it and people would in turn, love it. It was at this point when she was picked to represent Soles of Silk in a Wu's Feetlinks feature model gallery in 2010.

Shortly before 2010, I began collecting and reading comics again for the first time since I was in high school. One of the characters who reeled me back in was Power Girl. So when it came time to figure out a feature set theme, I thought comic books would be great. Add in the fact that Mindee, just like Power Girl, is a fun loving blonde, with a strong personality, and who happens to be a bit busty, I decided to make the set focused on that character. I even asked her to paint her toes a dark blue to match Power Girl's color scheme.

When Mindee's Piggies & Power Girl set was published to Wu's Feetlinks the feedback was awesome! Mindee was already one of the site's popular models, but this set elevated her still. She easily became one of the site's most popular and has remained so ever since. I constantly get emails, Tweets, and forum comments about how Mindee is someone's favorite model on the site, and even overall on the web. Quite impressive!

Although Mindee's sets have always great I feel like that feature set started a new chapter for her. Some of her best sets have come since she posed her feet while reading those Power Girl comics. Since then we began exploring themes we hadn't done, such as a food smashing set. It was a long time coming, but seeing Mindee slowly sink her plump toes into that gooey banana creampie pudding was something I won't forget. And then there was her nude pantyhose set that same day. I was never a huge fan of pantyhose, but seeing Mindee's curvy feet encased within those stockings was pure bliss. Of course we didn't stop hitting up unique places for her to kick those feet up and pose either!  

Here is a look back at the amazing sets Mindee has done to date:

Now that 2014 has begun and Mindee has cracked the 2,000 photo mark, what's next for her, you ask? Well, Mindee's next goal was to surpass Cierra as the model with the highest photo tally on the site.

"There's been a little competition in having more photos than Cierra! I am looking forward to the day I have just one more picture posted than her, and it's crazy that it happened that way," Mindee said in a newly published interview on the site.

It's crazy that Mindee moved ahead of Cierra by only one photo. Only a short time ago I was giving her a toe ring for Christmas when the subject came up. I playfully told her that it would be close, but I hoped she would fall just short of passing Cierra on this go around. Mindee, knowing my sense of humor fired back saying I better find a way to add a few photos to the set if that's the case.

"Nope," I said. "If anything, I'll scrap a few so you fall just short."

"You're so mean," she replied.

Once I began working on the update a few days later I realized something. With the Gummy Worm Size Tease set coming in at 90 photos that actually made Mindee pass Cierra by one photo. I quickly sent her a text telling her. I swore to her that it wasn't done on purpose and she thought it was the coolest thing. It even caused me to have to rework one of her interview questions since we did it ahead of time, still thinking she would be falling just shy.

Mindee ultimately has a few hundred more photos than Cierra if you count the four sets that are currently unpublished. But for right now, Mindee loves that she went ahead of her friend by only one. Hopefully Cierra will begin posing again soon so that these two can compete to see who reaches 3,000 first - something I'd love to see both of them do.

When it comes to future sets, I'm counting on Mindee to be in front of my camera just as often, if not more often than she has in recent years. I asked her if she would be open to spending even more time in front of my camera and she had this to say in response, "Definitely Patrick! You're an amazing friend and even better photographer. Every time with you is a good time and I'm always down."

Those are some kind words from a girl I consider to be one of the best female friends I've ever had. I truly appreciate everything she's done up to this point and everything I'm sure she'll continue to do in the future. I'll never get tired of looking at her silky smooth feet through my camera, or putting it down to give them a very long, well deserved massage. But the fact that I'm lucky enough to rub Mindee's feet deserves an entire blog onto itself. Perhaps I should begin writing that one next... right Mindee?

The image of Mindee & Marcy used on the site's splash page.