Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Sole Mates Turn the Tables

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2015.

This week starts off a new Soles of Silk tradition in the Columns section. Normally you get to read what the Sole Mates think about their feet, posing for Soles of Silk and what they think about the fetish in the Interviews section. Well, now it is time to turn the tables and let the sole mates ask me the questions they want answered — all revolving around feet of course.

Every few weeks, another installment of this series will be posted, each with different sole mates. And to kick things off, Cierra, Madison and Sue Lovely turn the tables on me!

Cierra asks: Why do you like feet so much?

Cierra, looking at a cute pair of little feet like yours, what's not to like? I mean, yours are so darn cute and adorable! Okay, brownie points aside, it is hard to really say why I like feet, I just kind of do. Well, as long as they're well kept. I guess it is like asking a boob or ass guy why he likes those parts. Just hard to answer.

Sue Lovely asks: When did you come out of "the closet" with your foot fetish? And what/who made you feel comfortable with coming out?

I really have to give one person credit for making me feel comfortable with my fetish. That person is Abby. We dated for about two years in the late '90s and right away she wanted me to massage her feet all the time. She knew about my fetish and thought it was the cutest thing. Then I found out she had been telling some of her girlfriends too and I was so embarrassed. But she assured me they all thought it was neat and even told me they'd pose for photos too, since I was doing shots of Abby early on.

Before you know it, I am doing all kinds of photographs, drawings and paintings using female feet as the subject. In art college I quickly became known as the "foot guy." No one really made much of a big deal about it, although I did and still do get little jokes here and there. They don't bother me though.

Madison asks: Patrick, I have known you for about 10 years now and I know you have been in love with women's feet for all of those years. But have you always loved feet?

Yeah, almost 10 years now. Thanks for making me feel old Madison, even though I'm only 25! I did always wonder if you knew about my fetish. Although we only dated for a month or so, when you went to my senior prom and we were in the stretched '57 Chevy and you kicked your heels off... Need I say more? Too bad I wasn't as comfortable as I am now with the fetish because that was valuable massage time lost! And knowing how much you love my foot massages, I think I would have been giving you a lot of them.

Anyhow, I think I first started noticing female feet when I was about 14 or 15. I had always been into women's legs, especially when encased in stockings. I thought they looked very sexy. And then, at the age when most guys discover parts northbound from the legs, I went southbound and discovered how sexy feet can be. Rest assured I did travel north too.

Sue Lovely asks: Would you ever date someone who wasn't comfortable with you playing with her feet?

It is funny that you ask this because up until the last girl I dated I had never encountered a girl who didn't enjoy my fetish. Even when I was 16 years old, the girl I dated liked getting massages. Then Abby came along and made me comfortable with my fetish and I have had no qualms about grabbing a female friend's feet at a party and giving them a good rub ever since. Just ask Madison.

But after Abby, I dated a couple of girls, including one which was a very serious relationship. All of the girls loved getting their feet pampered and also posed for me. I will grant you, they all were a little uncertain about it at first, but after the first few rubs, they were hooked!

Then came the one who hated feet and having her size 7's touched - Paige Noelle. Yeah, I got to them every so often and she even told me when she was drunk that she thought it felt nice, but she wouldn't let me rub them, much less anything else for the most part. That relationship only lasted a few months and has been over for more than a year now. So back to foot massages I have been.

Cierra asks: What about the foot turns you on?

Well, my favorite part of the feet are the soles, hence the title for this site. I think I like the sole so much because it is the softest part of the foot and when you think about it, the part, even when someone is barefoot or in sandals, that you still see the least of. Toes are always on display, arches are displayed from a side view and heels are generally easy to see too. But the soles are always flat on the ground or in the shoes. So soles are what I love the best, but I do love the other parts too.

Madison asks: What is your least favorite part of the foot, if you do have a least favorite?

My least favorite. Hmm... I think everyone knows that the soles are my favorite, but I really never thought about my least favorite. There are times when I see a girl in a sexy pair of shoes and think, "She has the sexiest arches." And then her best friend, walking beside her has strappy shoes on too and I look at her feet and think, "Man, look at those round little heels!" So this one is a little bit hard to answer. But I'd have to say overall, since I love soles, toes and arches, I'll have to pick heels as the overall least favorite part of a woman's feet. Well, unless I can say ankles. If so, then put ankles down as my least favorite.

Sue Lovely asks: We all know you love soles, but how about toes? Do you like to suck on toes?

Why yes, I do love the toes too, Sue. And people seem to get bad reputations for sucking on too many things over the course of their lives. Do toes count too? Because with each person you'd end up with 10 toes in your mouth. That would mean that I've sucked on... let me think... Damn, too many to count! Always looking to notch 10 more on the post though, Sue.

Madison asks: What is your wildest fantasy dealing with women's feet? And whose feet do you fantasize about?

This could be a hard one to answer and keep it PG-13, like the rest of this site. Leave it to you, Madison, to ask the naughty question!

My wildest fantasy would probably involve being the personal masseuse and pedicurist for a large college sorority. Especially one with lots of cheerleaders or athletes who would have tired, sweaty feet after being on them for so long. And of course, all the time I'd have to spend lotioning them up and painting their toenails would be awesome. Hey, I'd probably be able to add a few dozen more models to this site in the meantime too!

As for whose feet I fantasize about... I think everyone has their typical star crushes. Paris Hilton would top mine, but there are many other girls of fame and fortune who I could sure fantasize about too. But honestly, sometimes the fun-loving everyday girl who thinks the fetish is fun and enjoys flirting with her feet would make for a better fantasy come true! Know any girls like that?

Sue Lovely asks: What is your attraction with Asian girls' feet? Is there a difference?

To be perfectly honest, Asian girls have the stinkiest feet of all. They tend to sweat the most and have the cutest little smell. Okay, not really, but I wish I could have seen your reaction when you read that.

I have always found Asian women to be cute — their skin tone, dark, straight hair, etc. And I always loved my college art classes because I usually found myself sitting behind a few Asian girls who always wore sandals or flip flops in the spring semester. I guess they hooked me! And that is the reason I was so excited to be able to have you on this site.

Sue Lovely asks: Do you like girls playing with your feet?

Well, if I said having my feet rubbed didn't feel good, I'd be full of crap! But does it turn me on? No. It is nice and relaxing, just like any other kind of massage.

Cierra asks: How long did it take you to complete Soles of Silk?

Wow, let me think. If I remember correctly, I started buying my equipment and doing some of the earliest shoots for Soles of Silk back in July 2004. I opened the site on Dec. 30, so all in all, by time I got the site designed and all the opening content in place, it was about five months.

Cierra asks: How did you come up with Soles of Silk?

Soles of Silk was an idea I had early in 2004. I just wasn't sure if I had the time to commit to doing a project of this magnitude, plus working my other jobs. So I decided to begin doing parts of it, keeping with what worked in my old site, The 10 Little Piggies. In all reality, this site is much like that one, except I am a much better designer and photographer now. Plus, I also had some reasons for not carrying over the old site's name and heritage. There is an adult film series with a name very close to The 10 Little Piggies and since it deals with foot fetishes, I didn't want people to think they were associated or risk someone trying to sue me.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Voice Off in the Forum

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Sitting here on the Tuesday before the site's update I look at the Soles of Silk Forum and am pleased to say that it sure has grown in popularity during the last few weeks. As of 7:06 p.m. EST, the Soles of Silk Forum has 412 total posts. Not bad considering it created on Jan. 6, 2005. That averages out to be a little more than 10 posts a day.

I give a lot of credit for the recent popularity of the forum to having some of the sole mates on periodically, posting messages and responding to their fans. As of today six sole mates have accounts for the forum. They are: Madison, Lauryn, Carmen, Cierra, Sara Swirls and Abby. You can find their posts easily by their avatars (icons) below:

In addition to these six girls, Lisa Tyler and Maria both have accounts set up prior to the creation of Soles of Silk. So you might find them floating around as well. And new sole mates are sure to be added in the future.

And the Sole Mates aren't the only foot gals in the forum posting. Recently Genie of 1 Genie's Feet came by and posted for the first time. She's been back several times since. Genie is always there for her fans, so be sure to tell her hello. She also runs her very own forum as well, encompassing a variety of subjects pertaining to her two sites.

One of the other benefits of being a member of the forum is being kept "in the know" about Soles of Silk related issues. At times I will tease new photos, new upcoming models or just talk about an experience pertaining to feet or the site. I try to go in there several times a day if possible. For example, just last night I posted a thread on a new upcoming model who has size 11 feet. Her name is Molly and she is hot! She and I will be doing a shoot on Feb. 27, probably for a few hours too. But in the thread I posted some shots of her done by other photographers with a request to all of you for photo shoot ideas. It is a perfect place for you to voice your opinions and ideas. How about dirty soles? Maybe pantyhose? Let me know in the forum.

I'd like to thank each and every one of you who have been in the forum posting so far and I encourage everyone to join. It is good to read some of your opinions and get to know those of you who are members to this site.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2005

All in Good Tastes

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2015.

Amber's sticky foot after being pulled from a banana split.

It is the first ever, "Sweets for Feet Week" here at Soles of Silk. In celebration of Valentine's Day, there are a number of photo sets, both original and contributed, that are themed with food crushing, mainly sweets/desserts. So what better time to explore the added turn on of food with your feet? Whether it is Amber's banana split, Sara Swirl's chocolate pudding, Britney Sweetstink's miniature fruit salad, Genie's strawberries and cream, or your very own food of choice, for some, seeing a pretty girl pressing her toes down into a tasty dish is just delish!

When I debuted Soles of Silk on Dec. 30, 2004, I opened with two food smashing sets — Lauryn's waffles and syrup and Madison's strawberry shortcake. Both sets were huge with members and those who saw the contributions on Wu's Feet Links. I am still getting comments on both.

Although many have a sweet tooth for both waffles and the strawberry shortcake, foot fetishists couldn't get enough of seeing both those foods coating the girl's size 8.5 soles. Lauryn and Madison had a blast doing the shoot and although food on feet is not my favorite (I love straight up bare feet), I have to say these sets are the most fun to do with the models.

Recently I was able to catch up with Madison and get her opinions on the whole feet with food idea. She had some great insight to why she thinks people are into seeing food on feet. She also took a few minutes to share her feelings on her strawberry shortcake shoot.

"I think a lot of people think about certain foods when they think of sex — strawberries are sexy, chocolate-covered strawberries are even better," Madison said. "Strawberries are a sexy food and chocolate is a natural aphrodisiac."

Britney Sweetstink's fruity contribution to Soles of Silk.

Britney Sweetstink, a regular contributor to Soles of Silk also has her own view on the subject. She said, "I think it is because they want to be dominated by a female. They like to imagine they are what is being crushed."

Since Britney offers custom photos and videos, she often gets request to crush things, though not only food.

"I get lots of guys wanting me to crush things! Believe it or not, I get more people wanting to see me crush insects. Lots of guys want to see me crush testicles as well... Ouch! I get some requests for fruits and eggs as well," she explained.

Having done a number of these requests for her fans, Britney's favorite food to crush thus far might surprise you. She admits to loving the way an egg felt as her sexy feet busted a few cartons.

"My favorite crushing moment with food would have to be eggs! I smashed a few cartons of eggs in a custom video once. I really loved the way the egg yoke felt all over my feet. I kind of reminded me of something else, if you know what I mean," Britney joked.

Madison, who has only one food crushing set so far on Soles of Silk had this to say about stepping her heavenly size 8.5's into a strawberry shortcake. "Since strawberry shortcake is my favorite I was very excited to hear that you wanted to use one. I had a lot of fun doing that shoot. I got very messy."

In a recent poll held in the Soles of Silk Forum, I gave fans the power to vote on an upcoming food smashing set to be done with Madison and Lauryn. There were five choices to choose from: grapes, caramel, macaroni & cheese, chocolate chip cookie dough and jello. When the poll closed on Feb. 6, chocolate chip cookie dough won with 35 percent of the vote. Jello finished second with 24 percent. Grapes was third with 18 percent and caramel and macaroni and cheese tied for fourth with 12 percent each.

Excited about this upcoming cookie dough shoot with Lauryn, Madison said, "I wanted cookie dough to win! I think it will be fun because it's so mushy and I think it will feel so good in between my toes!"

Lauryn, who voted for grapes has also suggested some other food options for a set, namely honey. But if she is disappointed that her grapes finished third in the voting, I don't think I will have a problem watching her squish grapes between her long, powerful dancer toes. If I don't get drunk on the sight of her doing it, I am hoping to get drunk on the wine created between her stunning toes. I'll be sure to bottle some for later.

Another model who is eagerly awaiting a photo shoot with a watermelon is Cierra. When we were throwing around ideas, she perked up and staked claim to the idea. She loves pink and plans on making sure her feet are covered in the pink juices of the watermelon. But with the contest that is currently running to win her pink stockings from a photo shoot, you fans could choose a food of your liking for her to step in. It would be posted on the Easter update. So if food tickles your fancy, make sure you tell Cierra you want to see her step in the food of your choice!

Getting back to Britney, I asked her if she could have a choice of any one thing to step in for a photo shoot, what would it be? Her answer was quite unique and one that made me smile.

"I'd probably pick chocolate. My main reason for picking that would be so I could smash it all over your face as I pressed my soft smelly feet all over your nose! It would be a major turn on to me to see you sniffing my feet as you licked the chocolate off with your tongue. How strange this fantasy involves you doesn't it? I like nice guys and I consider you one of the best. Nice guys always win with me. I can't stand selfish rude people."

Now I say it is about time someone appreciated us "good guys." Thanks Britney! And since I am a "good guy," I hope you enjoy the sneak peak at a photo from one of Sue Lovely's future sets where she smeared peanut butter and jelly all over her adorable little Asian feet. Talk about a sexy set! See, reading these columns has its perks!

Sue Lovely replaces the bread in this sandwich with her little feet.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Admitting My Fetish to a New Friend

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Faith would later go on to pose for Soles of Silk.

Last weekend I admitted my fetish to a new girl, Faith, at work while we were away at a work conference. Since I tend to keep with a regular group of friends, it is rare that I am around someone who doesn't know. I wasn't sure how she would react because she is the quiet type and this conference was the first time we really got to know one another. But we hit it off well and I ended up telling her.

It started with our company dinner and awards show on the last night of our conference. I had sat next to Faith and she looked so cute. I've always like the quiet, laid back type. She wasn't screaming for attention like some girls do with tons of make-up, 10 gallons of hair spray and a winter tan coming from the tanning booth. She was simple, yet beautiful. And luckily for me, Faith wore a cute pair of sandals with flowers adorning the band over the top of her foot. Her toenails were painted in a deep blue. I've always loved vibrant and non-traditional colors on finger and toenails.

During dinner and the awards I was my typical, flirty self. I did things to make her and the rest of the table smile and for the first time since she was hired, she started to open up.

As the awards commenced, our company had a magician put on a show for some late-night entertainment. For the hour and a half that we watched him trick our eyes, I occasionally bumped her foot with my leg and she'd kick me lightly back.

"You're lucky I don't tickle you," I said when she kicked me back.

Faith just smiled and half-way rolled her eyes. So I waited a few minutes and then poked her arch. She moved her foot away and gave me a little stare. I gave one back.

With the show coming to an end, a few of us decided it was time to get out of our dress clothes and headed back to our rooms. She was one of the ones who left with us. Faith was heading back to her room on another floor and my friend and roomate told her if she had nothing to do, she could stop by our room. We were just going to chill out and get away from the hustle of drunken splendor going on downstairs as people began to dance to a DJ's tunes.

I had brought my Gamecube with me so my friend could try "Resident Evil 4" and for about half an hour, I coached him through the gun fighting and then a knock at the door. Faith had decided to stop by. She too had thrown on some comfy clothes, but what else could be more comfortable than barefoot? Okay, well flip flops, but when do those ever stay on? Her's came off minutes, if not seconds after walking in.

I asked her, "No flower shoes?"

"No, just my pink flip flops," she answered.

After a few minutes of watching my friend play "Resident Evil" Faith asked me if I was up for a game of cards. I said sure and she grabbed a deck of cards from her purse and swiveled around to face me. The game of choice? Go Fish. Yes, Go Fish. And I got my ass kicked!

For the next few hours the three of us chilled in the room with my friend saturated in the game. Fine with me because in those few hours I was able to really hit it off with my card shark, blue toenailed friend. A number of times we'd exchange playful insults or torment one another. In retaliation I poked at her foot a few times again, just like I had done at the dinner. I even asked her if she was ticklish as I proceeded to poke at her ribs and then her exposed soles a few times. She said she wasn't, but I wasn't buying it.

It ended up being just a fun, lazy night, but she still had no idea of my fetish. Well, she might have had an idea, but I hadn't told her.

The next morning we attended our remaining seminar and headed back home. Faith had came to the conference with another one of our co-workers, but my friend, who had drove me, offered to bring her home with us. She accepted.

About half way home from the three-hour drive my friend had to grab some gas. While he was outside, she and I were talking about some computer-related stuff and I asked her if she had an e-mail address. She gave me hers and I gave her mine. Before I did, however, I told her I'd explain what my e-mail address meant later. When I gave it to her, she looked at it and asked, "Oh, do you have a foot fetish?"

Even though so many people know about my fetish, I still sometimes act a little embarrassed, but I wasn't turning red or anything. But she was like, "Now it makes sense."

She started talking about me complimenting her on her blue toenails and tickling her foot those times the night before. She didn't act grossed out, she just smiled. I still, however, didn't tell her about this site.

That afternoon we parted ways and I came back home and took a nice long nap. When I got up and logged into my e-mail she had sent me a letter with an attachment. The attachment was a font for my computer where all the letters resemble feet. Kind of like the "S" in the Soles of Silk logo. Little toes surrounding the tops of many of the characters. She said the font reminder her of me.

As I was writing Faith a reply, she came online and we began to chat. My fetish came up and to make a long story short, I ended up linking her to the site. She took a look around and said it looked nice and said she likes that it isn't a sexual fetish site. I told her anytime she wants to pose for me, if she's interested, just let me know. I'd have no problem taking her photos. She's so down to Earth and has cute little size 6-6.5 feet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Plus there seems to be an underlying chemistry between us. We already have a date scheduled for next week. Only time will tell.

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