Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Women Absolutely Love Foot Rubs

Mindee doesn't hesitate to put her feet into my hands for a foot rub. I don't even have to ask.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Over the last week I've managed to give four different girls a nice relaxing foot massage. Those girls include: Mindee, a girl who does not appear on the site, Jamie, and just yesterday, Charlee. None of these foot rubs were less than 30 minutes and one was even close to an hour and 30 minutes.

I say these things not to gloat, but to tell you fellow foot guys, as much as you enjoy sucking toes, smelling feet, or getting a footjob, do NOT forget to give your girl a foot rub! I repeat, do NOT forget to give her foot rubs! Girls love getting their feet massaged and it can also help lead to those other activities and more.

Over the years I've managed to give countless girls a sample of my foot rub talents. I often joke with the girls that if they shoot with me on whatever day they shoot, that I'm running a special deal - do a shoot and get a free foot rub. The girls always answer, "Awesome!" or something close to it.

Now, everyone who knows me tends to know that I have a foot fetish and most know I run Soles of Silk. Obviously the girls posing for me know and do not think it odd. For those of you guys who are still timid about your fetish, or wish to rub a girl's feet who doesn't know, there are ways to pamper her feet too.

First and foremost, don't act like it's something weird. Before you even touch her feet, just be confident with it. If you go to give a girl a foot rub and she questions you, just tell her you're in a pampering mood, or tell her you think they're cute. You don't have to admit to her that you would love to suck on her toes, smell them when they're sweaty, and things of the like. Girls like compliments and love to be pampered.

Once you break the ice and have given her a few massages, then you might be a little more comfortable with letting her in on the fetish. Once she's trusting of you, then it is much easier than trying to get into her shoes the first day you met her. For example, I've known Charlee for years. She absolutely loves my massages - foot and full body. There have been many hours where her feet were wrapped in my hands. That being said, however, she's said the idea of having her toes sucked or feet licked isn't her cup of tea. 

Well, I jokingly told her for my birthday (last week) that I want to kiss her soles 33 times each. She laughed and told me because it is my birthday she's allowing me the pleasure. Needless to say, after our shoot Sunday, while rubbing her feet, I kindly reminded her that I still wished to collect my birthday present. She laughed and said she knew I would. I went ahead and kissed and licked them way more than 33 times each. She didn't care, but she was WAY ticklish. Even so, she gave her feet back to me each and every time she pulled them away. Afterward she admitted that it was different, but not bad.

These feet ended up in my hands for an hour and a half after this set.

Now in contrast, the day before this happened with Charlee, I was giving Jamie a foot rub. She also loves getting my hands around her feet and is the one who had the hour and a half foot rub. Anyhow, she was telling me how some guy she knows grabbed her feet recently to rub them. She was surprised, but let him. Out of nowhere he tried to kiss them and suck her toes and she pulled them away. With me, however, I've kissed them a few times, usually to only laughter. She even fed me M&M's from her toes at a party once to freak a guy out who said he hates feet that was sitting nearby.

I could go on here about other instances, but the moral of this column was to share with you that getting a girl's feet in your own hands isn't always a hard task and is usually appreciated by the female. So fellas, take a break from thoughts of slobbering all over those toes and show those girls you want to pamper them. It just might make life a little easier in the long run getting those toes in your mouth... among other places.

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