Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Can't Bigger Be Better?

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2015.

I've always been asked, "Which do you like better, big feet or little feet?" A few years ago I would have answered that question with little feet, especially tiny ones like Cierra's size 4's or Carmen's size 5.5's. But over the years I have grown to appreciate all sizes of female feet. And I can't figure out why some people discriminate against big female feet. If the girl who walks on them keeps them looking nice, I'm all about them. Size 10? Love them. Size 11? Let me see! Bigger??? Can I please take some pictures of them? There is nothing wrong with bigger feet, in my opinion.

So far, the biggest feet appearing on Soles of Silk are Amber's size 9s. I think her feet are wonderful and I have always been fond of them. She has always kept them looking nice and paints them in some of the cutest colors.

Madison's narrow feet give the illusion that they are much bigger than a size 8.5.

Although Amber's feet are the biggest on the site, many of you mention that Madison's size 8.5's appear to be the biggest. I too looked at her feet and thought they were bigger than an 8.5, but I think it is purely the slim, long shape of her sexy feet that tricks the eye. Because of this, Madison has been quite popular with those, who like me, can appreciate sexy big feet. I'm crazy about hers!

While reading a book by one of my favorite celebrities, I was saddened to learn that the only thing she detests about her body is her size 11 feet. That celebrity is Paris Hilton. I know many people can't stand the glam girl, but I've grown to enjoy her antics, especially all the times you see her running around barefoot or in sandals on television. Hell, I got a copy of "One Night in Paris" and was more interested in seeing if there was any good foot shots. Oh well, back to the book. In it, this is what she states:
"Okay, I admit it—I desperately hate one thing about my body: I have size 11 feet. I can't believe people care what shoe size I wear! I mean, I'm not a guy, so it doesn't mean anything! Yeah, it sucks. But really, I don't even care anymore. It sucks because in stores I see all these supercute shoes like Guccis, YSLs, and Manolos. And when they're brought out in my size, they look like clown shoes on me! I can't wear flats because my feet are too long. At least high heels shrink how long my feet look. But forget about ever seeing me in ballet slippers or tennis shoes: I'd look like I was wearing canoes!" 
(Paris Hilton, "Confessions of an Heiress: A Tongue-in-Chic Peek Behind the Pose," pg. 49)

When I read that statement, I was a little surprised. Being a fan of "The Simple Life" series, I couldn't tell you how many times Paris and Nicole Richie were barefoot or showing off their feet in some strappy sandals. Yeah, the producers might have had influence on them to wear platform sandals out on the farm, but still, if she hates her feet so much, why wear strappy shoes?

Speaking of shoes, Paris also talks a little about her taste in shoes in the book. She says:

"I do, however, love Ugg-style fuzzy-lined boots, especially the light pink and blue ones with pom-poms or sequins that Steve Madden makes. I started wearing them at the Sundance Film Festival because there's a lot of snow in Park City, and now I wear them with my velour sweat suits all the time. At least Ugg-like boots are so wide that no one can tell the size of my feet in them. Plus, they look really cute when you tuck your pants into them. So my advice to girls with big feet like mine: Wear very high heels, or Ugg-style boots." (pgs. 49-50)

As I said above, I am very surprised at Paris' opinion on her own feet. If I was high profile and ended up on a date with her, I'd be sure to tell her that I think her feet are, in her famous words, "Hot!" Yeah, they might be a little long and narrow, but come on, you know she gets them pampered and her nails done all the time. I think Paris might be a little surprised to know that many guys find her feet to be sexy. I know I do. And if you're like me, check out the Paris samples I scanned out of her book and placed with this column. I am sure you'll fall in love with her size 11's too.

Don't they always say, "Bigger is better" anyhow?

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Cute to Some, Nasty to Others

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2015.

For about seven years now I have been know to many of my friends as the "foot guy." Yes, I have gotten teased and messed with over an over, but in the long run, being open about my foot fetish has had more than its share of benefits—female friends wanting foot massages, showing off their fresh pedicures, wanting me to critique their shoes, and best of all, modeling proposals.

But having had the three year break between The 10 Little Piggies and Soles of Silk, I pretty much stopped taking photos of female feet. I was no longer in college, so my pool of potential models dropped off quickly. When I decided to create Soles of Silk I had a number of friends such as Amber, Carmen, Madison, Mindee and Cierra who knew of my fetish. Asking them was no problem. And then I had the pro models such as Maria, Sue Lovely and Lisa Tyler who had posed for foot fetish shoots before with other sites.

To those girls, my foot fetish isn't all that strange. Although some of the girls don't really understand the attraction, it isn't gross to them.

Lauryn was excited to know all about foot fetishism, what foot guys like, and why.

And then models such as Lauryn come along. A friend of Madison, Lauryn was curious to know about the fetish. She immediately started thinking of other guys she knew who might have a foot fetish. She asked me many questions. I felt like I was being interviewed for a change! But it was cool and she finds the fetish to be neat. I know she sure doesn't mind the foot massages between photo shoots... Madison either!

The same holds true for Sara Swirls. Never having posed for a foot fetish shoot, she found the fetish to be interesting and wanted to know more about it. Again, I was practically interviewed as she asked me question after question about feet and what the attraction to them is all about.

But every so often I come across a girl who thinks feet are just plain nasty. This was the case with a girl I dated at the end of 2003. She couldn't stand someone touching her feet, much less wanting to do things such as smell or lick them. It was a struggle to get her to allow me rub them while we watched television, but sometimes she caved and I got her size 7's in my hands. She'd never say it felt good though. Well, except when she was a little tipsy. Then it was like, "Rub my feet. It feels nice." [Editor's note: This girl would later pose for the site. Her name is Paige Noelle.]

That relationship was short-lived, but as odd as it may sound, this former girlfriend knows of this site and has mentioned she'd pose for it if I wanted. You have to love women sometimes! Where was the eagerness to show off her feet when we dated?!?!?

And just this week I was talking to a new friend I work with about things and I ended up showing her this site. Her immediate reaction was, "Ewww. Feet!" But she didn't knock me for having the fetish. She just doesn't like feet.

I defended the fetish a little, but there are some people's minds you cannot change. I pretty much told her of the site because she is a very attractive girl and wouldn't mind her being a model for Soles of Silk. Just the week before she had been talking about getting a pedicure and wearing flip flops when it was freezing cold outside. I was thinking her feet might be pretty nice and it sounded like she didn't mind showing them off. Wow, was I wrong!

Hearing such comments I am not sure if I should still even pursue such a model, even if she wanted to do it. The girls appearing on the site now all seem to either like their own feet or find the fetish to be interesting. I think that attitude makes for some good photos because the model is into showing off her feet. But maybe I am wrong. I guess time will tell if I bring in a model who hates feet and finds the fetish strange. What do you think? Hey, I've converted some girls who were skeptical before.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

These Little Piggies Came Back to...

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2015.

It is has been two weeks since the debut of Soles of Silk. The site has grown to feature nine models and four contributors for 555 total photos thus far. But it sounds like many of you are still interested in photos from my old site, The 10 Little Piggies. Well, there is some good news for those of you who have expressed an interest in the days of old.

In the morning hours of Jan. 9, anyone walking around Baltimore's most popular tourist area, the Inner Harbor, might have spotted me with a model named Carmen (making her debut on Soles of Silk on Jan. 19). More than a few people stopped and looked at us as she stuck her little feet out at my camera. If you weren't one of those people, check out these samples below.

Carmen has been a personal friend of mine for a few years and actually posed for me right around the time I removed The 10 Little Piggies. Her photos never made it on the site, but at one point, about a year after I closed 'Piggies,' I was toying with an all new, albeit smaller version of the site. Carmen, along with two other mutal friends (and identical twins Kimmie and Kellie), were going to be prominent models on the site. But the redesign never panned out and all three girls' photos were never used.

Now that I was able to shoot Carmen and her dreamy size 5.5 feet, I am still trying to arrange a date with the twins. Both girls want to pose and have been checking out the site. It isn't a matter of "if" they'll pose, it is a matter of "when" they'll pose. It should be one hell of a set!

Abby has also returned!

And then there was Jan. 10. An important date for The 10 Little Piggies torch passing to Soles of Silk. For those of you who remember the models from 'Piggies,' you'll recall a Hispanic model by the name of Abby. She was a former girlfriend of mine in my early college years and the BIGGEST reason why I am so comfortable with my fetish today. Well, guess who posed for Soles of Silk finally? You got it! Abby is coming back with her super soft size 6 feet. On Jan. 26 this site gains one of the most important models in my foot fetish photography career.

I am also in the process of determining whether to post some flashback sets from The 10 Little Piggies as supplements to the regular photo posts. If I do, it might only be done with select models since I've lost touch with many of them. But there are over 500 photos of Abby in my 35mm books alone. If she's cool with it, I might scan some of those sets and do a flashback post here and there. Please let me know if this idea is one you are interested in seeing. I am always open to your suggestions.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2005

The First Week of Soles of Silk

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2015.

Hello there everyone. Let me first thank each and every one of you who have joined this site in its first week. This first week has been one of much joy for me and the models. Working on this project since July had me yancy to get the ball rolling last week and I was welcomed by so many of you. Thank you for your kind words and advice.

I also learned that about a half a dozen of you had some difficulties joining the site when it first launched. I apologize for the inconvenience. I saw membership sign up letters coming in for Soccer Mom Feet and quickly notified BHE. They took care of the problem and everything should now be in working order. Again, sorry about the initial mix up.

Lisa Tyler was the Wu's Feet Links Model of the Day.

Big props to Wu from Wu's Feet Links for making Lisa Tyler the Model of the Day on Dec. 30 when the site opened. I logged onto his site and there she was on the main page looking all pretty, blowing a bubble and playing with her blue toe socks. I was so excited to see Soles of Silk represented so quickly. I hadn't even gotten a chance to notify him that the site was ready to go. He is the man, without a doubt!

Speaking of the models, I have been sharing many of the comments you have been leaving on the messageboards and in e-mails with the models. It seems like Lauryn is quite popular with her syrup and waffle set. I've had to send her a boat load of e-mails. I think she'll have a much bigger head in our next shoot. Naah... She's a sweetie and still isn't convinced her feet are anything special. Women!?!?

Even though it is only the first week, I want to pose a question to you that I have. Would you like for me to build a downloads page with wallpapers, avatars, buddy icons, etc.? I had a request for an avatar of Lauryn, which I created, but I didn't know if anyone else would be interested in having those kinds of items. I would even be more than happy to post creations you make too — artwork, wallpapers, etc. Please e-mail me and let me know!

Also, would you be interested in me creating a Yahoo! Group for this site? I was debating of whether it would be worth it, or just extra work. I know they can break out into spam boards quickly, so I didn't know if it would be beneficial to anyone. Again, please let me know.

Sarah Swirls in her first ever, foot fetish set.

Well, I hope everyone enjoys the first double model set on Soles of Silk with the ever-so-popular Lauryn and Madison in their schoolgirl attire. White and black thigh highs in the same shoot... Gotta love it! And a special treat next week as I debut Sara Swirls from the site, SaraSwirls in her first foot fetish set done for any site.

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