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Soles of Silk F.A.Q. - Exchanging Banners & Contributions

Over the years I've exchanged links and photo sets with many sites. I am often asked to trade banners and/or photo contribution sets with other sites. If this is something that interests you, this F.A.Q. blog entry is for you.

Frequently Asked Question: Can I exchange banners with Soles of Silk?

I am always up for a banner exchange, although maintaining a links page can be one of the hardest things on the site. If you're interested in exchanging banners with Soles of Silk, I do ask the following be true of your site:

  1. Your site must contain original content
  2. Your site must contain foot fetish content
  3. Your site can contain nudity/adult content, but the banner you supply to be posted on Soles of Silk cannot
  4. Link farm sites will not be accepted
  5. Yahoo Groups and social media page links will not be accepted
  6. A reciprocal link to Soles of Silk must be placed on your site
  7. Banners are only placed on the links page of Soles of Silk, unless you're a contributor. Contributors also have banner links on each model's page as well as each gallery. I do not post banners on other pages of the site.
Periodically I go through the links page to clean things up. Over the years many sites have closed or ceased updating. When I notice that is true, I will remove the banners from Soles of Silk without notice.

Frequently Asked Question: Does Soles of Silk post/exchange photo set contributions?

Since Soles of Silk opened I have maintained a Contribution section inside the members area. If you're interested in sending a contribution set to Soles of Silk, here is what I look for:

  1. The set must come from your site
  2. The set cannot contain any nudity or adult content
  3. The set must be from a single set (no mixed sets)
  4. The model in the set must have her face shown (no feet only sets)
  5. The set must be at least 20 photos or more
  6. I need the model's name and shoe size to list her among the other contributors in the Contributions section
If you're looking to post a contribution set from Soles of Silk on your site, I'd be game for sending you a set. You'll have to let me know what criteria you have and any information you will need. However, I do ask the following when my sets are posted on your site:
  1. Do not remove the site logos/watermark from any photos
  2. Do not add your site logos/watermark to any photos
  3. Do not resize, crop, or alter the photos in any way
  4. Do not send the set to other sites

Friday, September 27, 2013

Soles of Silk F.A.Q. - Finding Models

If there is something that every foot fetish site needs it is models. In this entry to the Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) blog series, I'm going to tackle one of the questions I get the most about the models.

Frequently Asked Question: How do you find your models?

There have been numerous ways in which I've found my models for Soles of Silk. I was only going to go over the most successful way here, but I've decided to go ahead and list all of them instead.

  1. Friends/Coworkers/Classmates
  2. Friends of friends
  3. Online portfolio sites
  4. Social media
  5. Models from other sites
Mindee has posed for me regularly since the site opened.

Method #1: Classmates/Coworkers/Friends

Back before I even ran Soles of Silk this was my main method. Anyone who knows me tends to know that I have a foot fetish. And most of them know about the site. When I was in art college my artwork would focus on female feet a lot, so I'd ask my fellow classmates to model theirs. Krystie and Wendy were the only two to pose for me on my old sites and then do so on Soles of Silk. Since I'm past the college age (getting old), the classmates method isn't really one I use now. I do still, however, shoot with Wendy on a semi-regular basis.

Today coworkers tend to make up the majority of my models. Between two different long term jobs I've held, I've met 31 girls who have posed for the site. They include: A'Kasjia, Alaynah, Aliza, Amber, Aspen, Autumn, Carmen, Charlee, Cheri, Chloe, Cierra, Colleen, Faith, Ginger, Jamie, Katie, Kayleigh, Kellie, Kelsey, Kimmie, Lauryn, Madison, Mandy, Marcy, Mileena, Mindee, Olivia, Paige Noelle, Precious, Ryan, and Shayna.

That list contains all the girls I met through working in my lifetime. Many have come and gone, but I remain friends with many of them. Some of them I consider to be my closest friends.

Speaking of friends, a number my models just simply came from being my friend. I met Abby back in high school and then dated her for two years. I grew up next door to Andrea since I was only a child. Carlin I met back in high school and later reconnected with by chance. Kim T. was met when Abby and I dated and entered photos into Leg Show Magazine's personals/home photos section. Kim T. and her husband did as well and we ended up meeting. And lastly, Nikki was the younger sister of one my best friends growing up. We lost touch for some time, but struck up a conversation upon seeing one another out and about. Of course I hit her up for photos.

The three groups of models above (friends/coworkers/classmates) make up the majority of the site's models. With these people knowing me and knowing that the site is kept nudity free, they have fun posing and earning a few extra bucks.

Ryan put me in touch with Ashlyn, who debuted this summer.

Method #2: Friends of friends/Word of mouth

Without sounding sexist, women love to talk, and many have told their girlfriends about posing for the site. This word of mouth has seen a handful of girls debut on the site via the recommendation of a current model. To date 18 models have posed due to another model putting in the good word. These include the following: Ann, Ashlyn, Barbie, Bethany, Briezzy Lane, Chrystine, Debbie D.Emerald, Jaylee Austin, Jessie, Keira, Mariah, Meagan, MollyNatalie, Nessa, Taylor, and Tiff.

Layla found me on

Method #3: Online portfolio sites

I used this method for the site in its infancy. Many models have profiles set up on sites such as Model Mayhem and One Model Place. I used to have a profile on One Model Place and found Jordana, Layla, Lizzie, Maria, and Sue Lovely through this means.

Having so many models shooting semi-regularly with me right now, I do not use online portfolio sites to search for models. In the past it worked out great, but it just isn't something I need to invest in right now.

Shae Spreadz was the first girl I shot that I met on Twitter.

Method #4: Social media

With the rise of social media, it has become a nice replacement for the online portfolio sites. Many of the girls who model maintain various social media profiles to interact with other models and potential photographers. This is how I met two models who debuted this year in Shae Spreadz (@ShaeSpreadzXXX) and Rachel DD (@ModelRachelDD) - both through Twitter.

Late last year I was contacted on a personal profile on another social media site by Amelia. She went to high school with a few of the girls on my site and liked some artistic photos I had done with them (something I also do for fun while out doing the foot fetish sets). Amelia then inquired about the site when we made small talk. Long story short, she thought it would be really fun to show off her little feet. We made plans and the rest is history.

Rachel DD has posed for many fetish sites.

Method #5: Models from other sites

I know some photographers/web masters are very territorial when it comes to models they work with appearing on other sites. I've never been that way and have found a few like minded individuals online over the years.

One of my most notable models to come from another site was Lexi of Lexi's Foot Fetish. I drove about eight hours to shoot with Lexi after she told me she'd love to pose for Soles of Silk. I really felt like I was shooting one of the all time greats when those deep arches were flexing before me.

Some of the other girls who have posed for me have either appeared on other sites or actually run/ran their own. This list includes: Barbie, Chrystine, Danaya, Dani Dare, Danielle, Debbie D.Delicious, Jacklyn Lick, Jordana, Kat Noir, Kerri Taylor, Kim T., Lady Steph, LaylaLexi  Lisa Tyler, Maria, Molly, Rachel DD, Sara Swirls, Shae Spreadz, Sue Lovely, and Tiffany.

I'm certain this list will grow over time as I've already talked with a number of girls who have expressed wanting to pose for me from other sites. Barbie Gurl of Barbie Foot Gurl and Saffron of Saffron Foot Babe are just two of those names. Can't wait to make that happen.

While this piece did not get into the exacts of how to approach a girl to pose, it did go over the methods in which I've found my models. Later on I will do another F.A.Q. piece focused on the approach.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Soles of Silk Update - September 25, 2013

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - Carlin is such a nerd, so what better way to show that off than to put her in a Nerds pajama set and shove a bunch of Nerds candy between her toes? (43 images)

Photo Sample 01

Photo Sample 02

Photos - Jessie pulls off her Nike Shox and white socks while out at the park, leaving little sock fuzzies between her long toes (52 images)

Photo Sample 03

Photo Sample 04

Video - Amelia's feet are super sweaty and are about to get super smelly when she shoves them in her pink and black Vans on a very hot day (144 MB - 1080p HD)

Video Capture

Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday's Shoot - Colleen

Ever since our last shoot (see blog: "Today's Shoot - Colleen"), Colleen and I have been talking about doing another shoot. Our initial plan during our last shoot was to do three sets, but it was just too hot and we decided to just save it for another day. Well, today was that day and we shot two sets, not just the one we missed out on last time.

I picked up Colleen around 1:30 p.m. and we were on our way downtown. Mindee had showed me a neat location during our last shoot (see blog: "Today's Shoot - Mindee") and I decided to head back down there for at least one of Colleen's sets.

When we arrived no one was around at all. We walked the entire waterfront area and decided on a spot with a unique view. Two benches, made from recycled ship parts sat side-by-side on a promenade where you could see the nearby sugar plant. Docked at the sugar plant was a large ship where cranes were busy offloading product from its compartments.

For this first set I told Colleen to use her Ugg boots that she was already wearing. We had a discussion earlier about how I wasn't a fan of Uggs. Colleen tried her best to defend them, but I told her the only reason I like girls in them is because their feet get nice and sweaty - especially when they're not wearing socks. Colleen just laughed and said, "Yeah, you would like that!"

Colleen posing in front of a large ship at the docks.

Right off the bat we had some issues shooting this set. At first the wind was just blowing too hard. Colleen didn't bring anything to tie her hair back, so we had to move around a bit to try and counter the direction of the wind. Thing is, the sun's direction and the wind's direction wasn't lending itself to the ship being in the background. We made due, however, and before you know it, Colleen was pulling those Ugg boots off her sockless size 8 feet.

With her Ugg boots off Colleen began posing her slender soles and long toes in various poses. The wind never quite let up, but it became much more manageable as the set progressed. After about 70 shots, we decided to wrap it up. We were both hungry and before we did our second set, Colleen also needed a place to change.

It took us about 15 minutes to drive around the city where I wanted to shoot the second set. It is on the opposite side of the water from where we had just shot in an area famous for its shopping, bar scene, and restaurants. While down this way just a few days ago, I had seen a large park and thought it might be a good spot to shoot. So after we took a quick break to eat and for Colleen to change, we were back along the water for her second set.

We walked around the area for a few minutes before finding an non-populated area to shoot. There were a few interesting places, but there were a lot of people were out fishing and I didn't want to shoot right by them. We ended up walking a few more yards down to a set of benches at the far end of the park. Not too many people seemed to be coming down this far, except for the occasional jogger. It was as good of a spot as any. And luckily for us, the sun and wind weren't causing issues this time around.

Colleen's slender soles at a park downtown.

After a quick foot massage with lotion, we moved right into shooting. In no time, Colleen had her soles out toward the camera and I was snapping photo after photo. We moved from bench to bench to get various poses and hardly ever had to wait more than a few seconds for people to pass us by.

Once I had enough photos we talked about the possibility of doing a video clip. I know it can be a little uncomfortable to do a clip in such a location. Even though the area wasn't crowded, there was no way we would not have someone walk or run by us at some point. Colleen said she didn't care and asked if she could do a baby oil one. She had seen a photo sample from Kelsey's recent shoot (see blog: "Today's Shoot - Kelsey") and liked it. I also told her earlier that a fan of hers had requested her doing a baby oil set. Although this was only a clip, she said she wanted to do it and didn't care who passed by. As for a photo set with baby oil, she promises to do one in a future set.

I handed Colleen a small bottle of baby oil that I bring to each shoot and I set up my angle. With no one in our immediate area, I hit record and Colleen began squirting the oil onto her feet. Around a minute into the clip a few people came by talking another language. I can only imagine what they were saying. And as soon as they passed, another person and then another person came by. When we got to a place where I was happy with the clip, I clicked stop and Colleen asked for a towel to dry her feet.

When Colleen's feet were no longer a slick mess, we made our way back to my car where she asked to see the photos. She also threw her feet in my lap and said, "You wanted these too, right?"

I replied, "Yeah! I thought I was going to get to rub them a little more down on the benches when we finished, but you put your shoes back on. Here is just as good though."

So while Colleen looked through her photos I happily rubbed her feet. I thought it was funny that there was still a bit of baby oil between her toes, so I made sure I kept sticking my fingers into those little gaps. I tickled her on a few occasions doing so, but it was worth it to watch her squirm.

At this point I'm not sure if Colleen will be shooting anymore photos before the end of the year. We had some plans to do one more set this coming Sunday, but due to a scheduling conflict, we're looking to see if we can do it in October. Once November rolls around I hope to be done shooting for a few months as I need to post all this great content that's been shot over the summer. So either way, it's nice to have a few sets of Colleen in the photo banks waiting to be posted, but there could be yet another in the weeks to come!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday's Shoot - Mariah

Today was the day. Today was the day where I had two models who haven't shot for the site in years. The first model was set to be Cierra, but she was unable to shoot. The second model was Mariah, who hasn't had a set posted on Soles of Silk since September 2006. 

It's hard to believe that it's been seven years since Mariah posed for the site. I actually looked it up because we both wondered how long it has been while we were shooting today. My research showed that her only published set was uploaded to the Soles of Silk server on September 8, 2006. Talk about a comeback, and what a comeback this turned out to be!

If you follow Soles of Silk on Instagram (@SolesofSilk) or Twitter (@SolesofSilk), then you probably have already seen the early previews of the sets Mariah posed for today. She's been getting quite a few likes, comments, retweets, and favorites between the two social media sites. For the rest of you, however, this blog will be your first view of Mariah in a very long time - too long, actually. Shooting her today made me realize just how much I wish she had been a regular over the years.

When I woke up this morning I already had some texts from her. She had fell asleep early the night before and never answered a few questions I had asked. She told me she was game for the two shoot themes I had picked (work out and Play Doh) and she recommended a school where we could shoot them both. About an hour or so later, we finally met up.

Mariah and I exchanged some small talk while we gathered our things. I asked her to bring a yoga/workout mat as I had bought a stretching cord and wanted to do a workout set. I also brought several pairs of knee high socks just in case she wanted to use them. When I showed her the black pair with the pink stripes, Mariah grabbed them and said they matched her outfit. With that, she grabbed her mat, I grabbed my camera, and we were on our way to the courts.

As we approached the courts there was two people off to the far end of the doing some soccer exercises. We decided to use the opposite end to stay out of their way. Once Mariah placed her mat on the ground and pulled on her socks, we were ready to shoot.

Mariah smelling her sock after a work out.

When I first put my camera to my eye, I was loving the sight before me. Mariah looked adorable! I've said it many times before, a girl doesn't have to be all dolled up, or in her finest clothes to be attractive to me. I really thought Mariah looked cute in her gray top, little pink shorts, and the knee high socks. I'm betting many of you share the same view, and if not, looking at the photo of Mariah above, will change your mind.

The set started off with her wearing the socks. Mariah played a lot with the stretching cord, which I knew would be perfect to place around her soles. She did a bunch of poses like this before we decided it was time to show those size 5.5's bare. Of course, getting to that point involved a slow, but ever so teasing, sock strip. I just love the sight of a girl posing one foot bare and one with some kind of sock, stocking, or footwear as she's removing it.

A few minutes later those little feet were finally bare. And I won't lie, I was in awe. Mariah has really pretty feet. I love her toe spreads and even blurted out, "You have really cute toe spreads."

She laughed and said thanks.

We shot a bunch of barefoot shots and before you knew it, we had shot more than I had anticipated. That's generally a sign of having a great set. You just keep shooting and don't pay attention to how many photos you've done. I did, however, want to make sure we saved enough time for a second shoot.

After packing up our things I walked over to one of the playgrounds. Mariah went to her car to change, which I'm pretty sure made a few teenage boys nearby curious. They seemed to take an interest in her when she walked by, so I'm sure they felt like they missed out when she reemerged from her car wearing something else.

When Mariah joined me at the playground I had already set out the props for the second set - mini jars of Play Doh. In all the years I've shot for the site I can't believe I've never thought of doing a Play Doh squishing set. Just goes to show you, there are ideas out there that can still be done almost 10 years later.

Mariah playfully squished a bunch of Play Doh.

I told Mariah I wanted to take a few barefoot shots without any of the Play Doh open to start. She stuck her soles out and I began clicking off photos. I made sure to keep the little cans in view so people would know what was about to come.

"Pick whatever color you want to use first," I said to Mariah.

"Black," she replied.

I laughed and made a playful, "Once you go black," comment, which made her laugh.

Mariah playfully rolled the Play Doh in her fingers and stuck it in her tiny toes. The next color, purple, came a few minutes later. Since we were shooting during the Ravens game, we thought we should show a little hometown spirit.

Eventually Mariah would squish both colors into little piles under her toes. From that point on, more and more colors would be added to the mix. Before you knew it, there was a rainbow of Play Doh shoved in the spaces between each and every toe. Talk about a playful scene happening before me!

At this point I asked Mariah if she was in comfortable position to do a video clip. I loved the pose she was in and thought it would make for a perfect clip. That was exactly the case as her toes tore apart the Play Doh before her sole smashed it.

When the clip was over Mariah only had a few minutes before she had to depart. I asked her if she'd mind a couple last minute photos now that the Play Doh was all mashed together. She agreed and I got in some sweet shots to finish up.

The way the sets were going, I could have shot photos of Mariah all day. I was having tons of fun and loving the results. Mariah had plans, however, so we walked back to our cars and said our good-byes.

At this time Mariah and I are trying to figure out if/when we can try in get a couple more sets. This late into the year I wasn't planning shooting much more than I already had planned, but after today, I sure wouldn't mind Mariah sneaking in a few more. There is a possibility that she may pose this coming Sunday, but that depends on whether Colleen is able to keep her plans that day. If not, looks like Mariah's little feet are going to be in front of my camera yet again! And if Colleen can still shoot, I'm finding a day for Mariah to do more. Glad I don't have to wait seven more years this time around...

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Soles of Silk Update - September 18, 2013

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - Nikki shows off her wet feet under a very cold shower at the beach (66 images)

Photo Sample 01

Photo Sample 02

Video - Ashlyn pulls off her sandals and wiggles her toes along a pathway at the park (137 MB - 1080p HD)

Video Capture

Download (Skulls) - 1 new poster of Mindee has been added to the Skulls section of the Downloads area


Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday's Shoot - Kelsey

In the blog "Upcoming Soles of Silk Shoots" I posted at the end of last week, I made mention of more than a dozen models who I've been planning shoots with. While some of those plans have already changed in a matter of days, the first model on the list, Kelsey, posed for two sets today.

Kelsey and I had been talking about setting up a shoot for weeks. We never made plans, but she told me to pick a Monday at some point and she'd try to be available. Well, with so many of the models this month moving their days around, today was open and we decided to go ahead and shoot.

The Weather app on my iPhone was calling for rain today. When I woke up this morning, the ground was wet, but it was not raining anymore. I checked my phone again and it looked like the rain was moving away. Moments later Kelsey texted me and said that she needed to wait until around 1 p.m. to shoot. That actually worked out better as by then the rain was supposed to have moved completely through the region. This also gave me time to go to the store and pick up something I wanted to use in one of her sets - baby oil.

Once 1 p.m. rolled around Kelsey called me to say she was ready and I went to go pick her up. From her house we made our way to a park where we thought not too many people would be. Luckily for us, that turned out to be the case. While there were some people around, only a few times during the course of the day did anyone come by the locations we used.

Up close to Kelsey's wrinkled soles.

The first location I chose was one I had used many years ago with Andrea on the beach (Sample 01 / Sample 02). Thing is, in the years since they have removed the wooden benches leaving only a concrete wall in its place. I don't know if they're replacing the benches, but I thought the top of the short wall would help give me plenty of great ways for Kelsey to pose her pillowy soft soles right. I turned out to be right!

As we started the set we found a few piles of shells around. We collected them and moved them into the set as props. I love having props in my sets. They add to scenery and many times give something for the girls to play with.

Right away I was taking photos of Kelsey with her feet right up in my camera. I was loving the blue skies and colorful dress she was wearing, but it was those feet that had my attention. While I've done a lot of photos of Kelsey over the years, the two sets we did back in June were the only two I've done for some time (see blog: "Today's Shoot - Kelsey"). Kelsey didn't miss a beat though as her toes were wiggling away and I just kept snapping photos. Aside from playfully telling her to smile a few times, she didn't really need much instruction on posing at all. She'd just move her feet and my camera would follow.

During the set we did have a couple of county workers come by to collect some trash cans. One of them sat on a bench about 30 yards away at one point. I'm sure he was watching us, but Kelsey and I just kept shooting. And then three men came down to the beach. These three walked right behind Kelsey along the shore, so we just waited for them to pass.

Once everyone was out of our backgrounds and/or left the area I set my camera to film those pudgy toes wiggling. With spread or curl of her toes her soles would go from smooth to wrinkled to smooth again. When the clip was finished I showed Kelsey just how wrinkled her soles became. She compared them to a Pug's face. With that, we were finished our first set.

We took a quick break so Kelsey could change her outfits for her baby oil set. I didn't know exactly where I wanted to shoot this one, but I was looking for a picnic bench or a similar where we'd be alone. After walking around the park for five minutes, we found our location. It wasn't perfectly arranged, so we moved the bench about 10 feet and spun it for ideal lighting. 

Kelsey's feet were super slick, to say the least.

Without anyone around to bug us we moved right into the set. I pulled out the paper plug in the baby oil bottle and sat it on the table next to Kelsey. I told her to let me do a few barefoot shots before she squirted her feet down. She laughed and I began focusing on those tender foot bottoms once again.

Once I had a good number of non-oily shots I told Kelsey to go ahead and squirt the oil at her feet. She squeezed the bottle and those soles quickly became slick. Kelsey commented that that it felt really nice on her feet as she rubbed them against each other. She was really getting into it adding more and more oil. I actually had to tell her to slow down a bit so I could shoot the pictures. I didn't want them to be blurry. We both laughed, but truth be told, watching those feet slide all over each other with her toes spreading and curling non-stop was sexy. Oh the simple joys of being a guy with a foot fetish!

This set moved quickly until we got to the video clip. During the video clip we were about a minute in and Kelsey had to blurt out that some kids were coming our way. We had seen them there earlier, but they were wrapped up in some boating course that was going on at the nearby boating center. Guess they were finished, so I stopped the clip until they passed. Of course as soon as they passed, a car parked at a nearby parking and someone headed down to the shoreline to go fishing. Once he passed I shot another clip to piece together with the first one.

After our clips were finished Kelsey asked for the towel I brought. She bent down to clean the oil from her feet before we began the walk back toward the car. While she was bent over the boys came walking back our way. She was literally bent over her ass out to them as she toweled off her feet. I let her know they were coming and she commented that she had them by a few years. I responded that they might like that fact as MILFs and cougars are the "in" thing! With that we made our way back toward the car.

On the way back I kept my eyes open for a very important location. Not for another shoot, but for something else I insisted on before the day even started - a foot massage. Having parked next to the beach, we just decided to go to a few benches under some trees along the water.

For the next 30-40 minutes I treated Kelsey's feet to a long, overdue rub. Years ago I used to rub her feet for hours on end when we'd all hang out at her house for movie nights with friends. And just like all those years ago Kelsey commented that she could fall asleep. So many times that's how her foot rubs ended, with her falling asleep, sometimes hours after I began. That didn't happen this time obviously, but it was nice to pamper her little feet again.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Upcoming Soles of Silk Shoots

It's been quite a while since I've posted a blog about some of the upcoming shoots that are on the horizon. And even though my original plan was to slow down by September, my upcoming schedule of shoots says otherwise. And if you're wonder why I would be slowing down, let me explain.

I've always enjoyed shooting outdoors. While I'm not opposed to indoor sets, I love finding unique locations for my models to pose. I aim to make each and every set as different as possible. Obviously some sets are better off being done indoors, but my preference is to be outside. Since the weather in the Baltimore/D.C. area can tend to get quite cold once winter sets in, I always shoot a bunch of extra sets before the fall. This year, however, I've gone above and beyond shooting enough sets to last through the winter!

As you can see by the screen shot above, I current sit on 68 sets - none of which have been posted. Many of these you've seen teased in my blogs about shoots done with the various models, but some I've had from even before the blog was open. Hell, a few of these are over a year old and still haven't made it onto the site. You can blame that on adding in several new models and trying to rotate existing models, themes, etc. If you want to get into that whole challenge, I recommend checking out the blog titled, "Soles of Silk F.A.Q. - How/When Sets are Posted."

Okay, sorry about the tangent there. Regardless of how many sets I've already taken, it's been a blast doing each and every one of them. I've managed to get a few models who haven't posed recently to return, as well as adding those newbies to the model roster. So who is left, you ask? Well, I've talked to and/or planned sets with quite a few girls. Below you can see who I've been in talks with and who is set to shoot in the days, weeks, and months to come. I'm listing them in order of who my calendar has first, but will end with a number of girls who I've talked to, but haven't really been able to plan as of yet. This list could change as I've already had to alter the blog before I published it to relay changes. All that being said, here are the models set to shoot new sets:


As long as the weather isn't too bad this week, Kelsey should be the first of my upcoming shoots. It's calling for rain, so we shall see. I'm not opposed for doing a set outdoors with the rain drops falling all around, however.

We originally aimed to do a few more sets on the day, back in June, when she made her long awaited return (see blog: "Today's Shoot - Kelsey"). We don't have any particular plans/themes right now, but she is game and I always love photographing two of the softest feet I've ever felt.


Yes, the one and only, Cierra is finally scheduled make her return. She's been with Soles of Silk since Day 1, but she's been busy with life the last few years - most notably, adding some additions to the family. Needless to say, that's kept her on her toes, but now she's ready to once again, spread and scrunch those sweaty things.

We won't have a ton of time the day she's scheduled, but that's okay. I'm just looking to get in a couple of sets for now. Down the road I aim to schedule her again for some more.


Speaking of returns, Mindee informed me a few weeks back that her cousin, Mariah, was interested in posing again. It's been years since I last shot with this very small footed cutie. And worst of all, one of the two sets I did with her I ended up losing on my old laptop - the ONLY set that I've ever lost the entire time I've ran Soles of Silk. It also happened to feature Mindee too... Double whammy!

Now I finally get to make up for that lost set by doing some new ones. I'm actually shooting Mariah on the same day I'll be shooting Cierra  just at different times. Pretty neat having two girls return, let alone on the same day. It's going to be like a sole mate reunion!

There are also plans underway to bring you a set featuring Mariah with her cousins, Mindee and Marcy. It's been a long time since I've had a three girl set, with the last being Kellie, Kimmie, and Keira (Sample 01 / Sample 02). I'm sure that will be insanely fun times!


When I last shot Colleen, she was showing off her sweaty feet fresh out of her black Converse shoes (see blog: "Today's Shoot - Colleen"). Thing is, by the second shoot she was showing off her sweaty everything. The day was insanely muggy and both of us were just dripping with sweat. We both decided it was best to try and do a third set on different day.

I've been texting Colleen recently to find time for this set and it looks like we've figured out a day. We've thrown around some ideas and I've even had some requests for set themes. I wouldn't be surprised if the day ends up resulting in two or three sets instead of just one.


Amelia is one of the most recent models to pose for new pictures (see blog: "Today's Shoot - Amelia"). We did three sets that day and I actually still have one from a previous shoot we did at the end of spring. So since I have four sets, why not do another one, right?

I was supposed to be shooting a single set with Olivia this week, but due to some family health issues, she had to cancel. For days I've been trying to find a fill in and Amelia was one I thought of due to the theme (roller coasters). Amelia, however, was unable to switch around her schedule last minute and had to decline. Having a few other models who asked to switch up shoot dates, it looks like I might be able to do this set after all - just at the end of the month. Amelia is looking into it right now and is going to let me know. It should be exciting and a fun day at an amusement park.


I've told Emerald all summer that I wanted to try to get in some new photos with her. With the warm weather ending sooner rather than later, we finally set a date to shoot. Unfortunately she was one of the ones who asked to postpone her shoot, but looks to be able to reschedule to a date at the end of the month as well. We don't have any specific plans yet, but I'm sure she and I will think of something. We've only shot on two occasions, but both time she was very energetic and creative.


The most recent model to reach 1,000 photos on the site (see blog: "1K Club - Abby's Footography"), Abby and I were only able to do one set on our most recent shoot (see blog: "Today's Shoot - Abby"). We intended to do two that day, but time wasn't on our side. 

Right now we're aiming for shooting again in early October and have an idea or two floating around for themes. Just like her knee high socks set (Sample 01 / Sample 02), one of Abby's sets should feature a foot fetish sub-genre that she has yet to do. Any other ideas you may have would be welcome too since I'd like to try and do two sets that day.


I told Mindee on the day we shot her most recent photos (see blog: "Today's Shoot - Mindee"), that she could shoot whenever she wanted to, should she find herself without any plans. I meant that as Mindee is my most consistently shot model over the site's lifetime. She's been there from the start and has never had a long period of time where she hadn't posed for new sets. So that offer will always stand.

If you read Mariah's blurb above, you already know that Mindee, along with Marcy, are set to pose together in a three girl set toward the end of October. We've had the idea for the theme we're doing for what seems like ages. Now we're finally hoping to do it. It should be a memorable one to say the least!


It was only a few months ago when Marcy made her big return to Soles of Silk (see blog: "Today's Shoot - Mindee & Marcy"). She has since shot with me a second time (see blog: "Today's Shoot - Marcy"), but said she wanted to do another set or two before the year was out. Since I wasn't able to shoot her for a few years, I'm fine with making up for lost time with this playful girl.

Of course she's part of the plans for the three girl set with her cousins Mindee and Mariah that I've mentioned in both girl's sections above. Each time Marcy has posed with Mindee, it's been memorable to say the least. Adding in Mariah will only make it that much better!


The same day I shot Ashlyn's first sets last month (see blog: "Today's Shoot - Ashlyn") we were already making plans for the next shoot. I had a blast meeting and doing photos with Ashlyn and was so happy she enjoyed herself and the response her first set garnered. Shooting another set or two before winter sets in is a no-brainer!

Ashlyn was set to pose at the end of the month, but had some stuff come up and is one of a few girls who had to switch around their original shoot dates. She's looking to shoot at the end of October, but if something else opens up sooner, she's going to be the first person I check with to bump that date forward.

We've discussed a theme for one of these upcoming sets that she's really wanting to do. It's based off a hobby of hers and one I'm sure some of you might share. As for a second set that day, no plans have been discussed, so by all means, feel free to suggest some.


I recently did a day trip with Olivia to Cape May and Ocean City, NJ (see blog: "Sunday's Shoot - Olivia") to do some photos. Our idea was to do four sets, but we just didn't have the time. She had to work early the next morning and I had plans the next day as well. Being we had plans to do a shoot in front of some roller coasters the following month, we weren't too upset that we didn't get that fourth set in that day.

Fast forward a few weeks and Olivia has had to cancel her date for the roller coaster themed shoot. Due to an illness in her family, she said she didn't think it would be a good time and I agreed. Right now I'm looking at still shooting that set with Amelia, which you can read about above. But if/when Olivia would like to try and get in another set - even if just something real quick one day, I'm going to accept. I wanted to get in her more sets this summer and if that takes a few extra months, that is okay.

Sara Swirls

It seems like a number of models who we haven't seen much of over the last few years are making returns. Well, Sara Swirls can be added to that list. While we haven't discussed any exact dates or plans, we both said we should shoot something again soon, especially since we both love pretty close to one another now. It's going to be nice to have these super soft feet back in front of the camera again.


Jordana and I have made several plans over the summer, but have yet to make any of them happen. For one reason or another, she and I haven't been able to shoot any new content. Just the other day it looked like it was finally about to happen, but no dice. At this point, she's giving me some new dates, but they're not looking good. I'll keep everyone posted as many of you love Jordana and the awesome work she's done for the site.

Goddess Red Velvet

This is something I've discussed for months with Red Velvet (@OMGSexyFeet). We both agree that getting together and getting her on Soles of Silk would be an amazing cross over and I've always enjoyed shooting girls who run their own sites. I even mentioned her in my first ever, "Would Love to Shoot" blog series (see blog: "Would Love to Shoot #1 - Elan Kane, Barbie Gurl, & Red Velvet"). 

I was lucky enough in August to finally shoot someone who I featured in this series in Rachel DD (see blog: "Would Love to Shoot #5 - Goddess Brianna, Rachel DD, & Saffron"), so I'd love to shoot yet another. Hopefully we can make this happen soon. I love red velvet cake and I'm sure the model is even better! Maybe do a set of her squishing some?

Friend of Ryan #1

Ryan has been recruiting models for me lately. She was integral in Soles of Silk landing Ashlyn and since then, she's found me yet another girl with a unique look. I talked to her recently and we have yet to plan anything specific. She has limited open times that match up with mine, but I'd really like to make something happen, if possible.

Friend of Ryan #2

The second girl Ryan recruited happened just the other day. We now have each other's contact information, but haven't planned anything. Apparently her husband works at a tattoo shop that Ryan and her boyfriend were in. The topic of fetishes came up and Ryan mentioned that she poses for Soles of Silk. This girl's husband then said he thinks it would be awesome if his wife posed for me too. I've since emailed her and she too seems interested.