Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Model Statuses 51-53: Wendy and Newcomers Jaylee & Briezzy

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

A lot of my emails and instant messages focus on questions concerning a particular model. People want to know if I have upcoming material of a favorite girl or if I'm still even shooting her. Fielding so many questions on a great deal of models, I've decided to do an update column over a few weeks talking about all the models on the site. This is the last of those columns covering:


Last Update: Pastels
Future Status: Certain

Wendy has been regularly posing for me over the last few years. I recently met up with her and shot two sets that are not yet posted. I also have an older set remaining that smelly feet fans and fans of blue toenails with surely love. This month I also have plans to meet up with Wendy yet again and I am hoping that the weather is nice and we can get in a couple of sets outdoors. 

Jaylee Austin

Last Update: Cheesecake
Future Status: Certain

A few days ago I met with Layla who told me she had her younger sister coming by to pose as well. It was the first time I had met Jaylee and I had a blast shooting her. I shot a few sets of Jaylee alone and also with Layla. Those will be posted in the coming months. With spring upon us I really hope to get Jaylee back in front of the camera soon. 

Briezzy Lane

Last Update: Hotel Tabletop
Future Status: Certain

Only two days after I shot Jaylee for the first time I met Briezzy when she and Jordana came down to do a shoot. I was impressed with her deep arches and very long toes. She told me recently that she really enjoyed posing for me and hopes to do so again soon.

This concludes the six part column series on all the current sole mates on Soles of Silk. When the series began there were 51 total models, but I added in Jaylee and Briezzy before it concluded. Within the month it appears that an 18 year old friend of mine will make her debut on the site as well. She should be posing with Kelsey. 

I also have some who have said they would pose in the past that I have to look into getting on here. I hope this column was insightful in determining whether some of your favorite models will be returning as many of you like to know certain model's status. Check back each week. Who knows, maybe we'll have a surprise return?

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