Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Video Clips Archived

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

If you have been finding it hard to navigate the 160-plus video clips all on a single Video Clips page up until now, you're not alone. I have been wanting to get into that section and revamp things for some time. Well, I burned the midnight oil a few times last week and pushed myself to finish a total redesign of the Video Clips section.

The biggest change to the section is the addition of archive pages, eight of them to be exact (which will grow with time as more updates are added). Adding in this week's clip featuring Dani Dare, the site had a total of 165 clips. What I decided to do was catalog each clip and then take and place 20 clips on an archive page.

I tried to put the oldest clips together, but also spread out some of the model's clips over all the pages. For example, Madison and Cierra both have a larger number of clips in comparison to some of the other models. I spaced those girls' clips out through these eight current archive pages. So while the clips are not in the exact order in which they were added to the site, overall, it's close.

Video Clip Information
The old Video Clips page had a still capture preview, the title, time and file size information stuck directly under it. This time around, the video clip's title and information are out to the right and much easier to read. In addition, I have also added the clip's dimensions and format (ie. Windows Media Format) in case a clip of another format should be posted in the future.

Another big addition that was not found on the old page is having the models' names who appear in the clip featured and also linked to her page. I have had people asking me what clips a certain model appear in, so I have made it much easier for everyone to locate their favorite models' clips.

Extra Tidbits
While updating this section I found a few clips were in need of correction or replacement. A few had improper titles or model names listed in the clip's summary. Those have now been fixed. Another issue that arose were some of the older clips, mainly a few holiday clips from the past had never been remastered to feature the new logo and dimensions.

Sadly, two of the clips have been lost/corrupted. I have made them into Windows Media files, but their resolution is not as good as the rest of the clips. Instead of just deleting them off the site, I thought some of you might still enjoy them. They're found in the archives with special notes explaining their current status.

I hope everyone likes this current format for the Video Clips section a whole lot more than the previous messy "all on one page" format that I had before. And don't be surprised if you start seeing some other small site revamps going on as I try to make updating easier and the site cleaner and modern.

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