Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Soles of Silk Update - February 26, 2014

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - Olivia shows off her curvy arches and bright pink toes in front of a bird blind on a scenic lake (57 images)

Video - Colleen dribbles baby oil onto her long toes while on a park bench while countless people pass by and give her an odd look (139 MB - 1080p HD)

Interviews - 1 interview with Olivia has been added to the Interviews section

Downloads (Avatars) - 2 avatars of Meagan and Molly have been added to the all new Celebrating 10 Years Avatars page of the Downloads area

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Soles of Silk 10 Year Anniversary - 2005

Identical twins, Kimmie & Kellie made people take notice!

2005: Quick Glance

Debuting Models: (18) A'KasjiaAbby, Carmen, CheriChloe, Faith, Jacklyn Lick, Kat Noir, Kellie, Kimmie, LaylaLexi, Mariah, Meagan, Molly, PreciousSara Swirls, and Shayna

Wu's Feetlinks Feature Gallery: Carmen - On The Tracks

Carmen was picked to represent Soles of Silk in it's first Wu's Feature set.

2005: The Year in Review

Although Soles of Silk was founded in 2004, it wasn't until 2005 that the site would begin making it's mark. Most of 2004 was spent creating the site and figuring out how I would be running things. Technically the site was only online for the final week of 2004, so many didn't even see it until the new year - and see it, they did!

A total of 18 models would debut during 2005, marking the most that has debuted in any of the site's 10 years to date. Just like 2004 I had a mix of returning models from my old site as well as new ones. I also began reaching out to a few more models from other sites to pose for me. Having such luck with Lisa Tyler in 2004 made me much more comfortable in seeking them out.

It didn't take me long at all to begin making the new model's presence felt. Three new and/or returning models would find themselves debuting before the end of the first month. Sara Swirls, the star the adult interracial web site, Sara Swirls, showed off her size 8 soles only 12 days into the year. Sara would be followed up by none other than Carmen, someone people could NOT get enough of! But that wasn't it, the very next week on January 26, the cornerstone of my former free sites made her return. Abby bared her super soft, wrinkled soles for the first time in years and people were ecstatic to have her back.

Combining these three new models with the original eight from the site's inception gave me some really good material to keep people talking... that was until March 9. On that day the biggest feet to ever pose for my camera made their debut. Molly and her size 11s were a sight to behold. I had never seen feet her size look so good. Needless to say, many of you thought the same.

If the people weren't already buzzing with all these great models, what came at the end of March really made them pay attention. The identical twin duo of Kimmie and Kellie posed their little size 5 feet side-by-side for the world to see. I don't think a meteor in the Pacific Ocean would make a bigger impact than those two did.

As the the colder months gave way to spring, I had so much content to share. There was so many requests for different models and I quickly began seeing how hard it would be to please everyone. Whether it was these newly added models, or the ones I shot over in 2004 preparing for the site, people were loving what they saw and they wanted to see more of their particular favorites.

When April arrived, another star of an adult interracial site would find herself showing off her feet for Soles of Silk. Kat Noir made her debut giving those with a niche for a slightly older woman their fix. In May, a former coworker and friend, Faith, did her only set, showing off her tiny feet at a park. May, however, wasn't over until the star of another foot fetish site would bring her size 5s my way. Jacklyn Lick, who seems to have left the scene some time ago, posed for three sets in 2005 while she was still modeling.

With Spring now underway, things only got hotter by the week - and I'm not just talking about the temperature. June, my birth month, gave me several great presents. First up was the addition of two friends, Chloe and Meagan. Chloe would go on to pose for some time, but Meagan, sadly only did the two sets she shot that day. The week after I debuted Chloe and Meagan, the third model of the young month debuted. That model was Layla, who would go on to become one of the most shot models on the site since.

It was also during the month of June that I shot the first of many Wu's Feetlinks feature model galleries. Carmen was slated to be the July feature, handpicked by Wu himself. As I stated above, Carmen was a massive hit with everyone and she was the perfect candidate to represent Soles of Silk for the first ever feature. Her set on the train tracks still draws praise all these years later!

June would also see more of Carmen, but not in solo fashion. She would be one of four girls to pose in a memorable dodge ball set that also featured the twins, Kimmie and Kellie, as well as a debuting Indian girl named Cheri. Cheri and her little feet would go on to pose for several more sets over the next couple of years.

At this point you wouldn't have thought that I could have shook things up any more, but you would have been wrong. The July 20 update saw one of the most popular foot models in the business show off her super deep arches for Soles of Silk. Lexi of Lexi's Foot Fetish agreed to pose for me for several sets. I made the eight hour drive just to meet her and Jenn (also from Lexi's site), but Jenn was a no show. Lexi was a sweetheart, however, and posed for a few more hours. I really lucked out in the long run as Lexi's last couple of sets were amazing. I wouldn't have taken them had plans went as scheduled with Jenn. 

In early August two of the smallest feet on Soles of Silk debuted. They belonged to A'Kasjia. She was a coworker and friend of mine who agreed to show off her tiny feet on the site. Always one to like especially small feet, I jumped at the chance. Sadly we only were able to get in two sets as we kind of drifted apart with her moving.

Only a few weeks later, I'd debut yet another new model named Precious. Precious was a fun loving coworker and friend who, in her debut, did a day trip to the beach where we shot five different sets.

For the rest of the summer I stuck to using this large wealth of content I had accumulated. The next new model wouldn't find her way in front of my camera until September. Mariah posed for a couple of sets, one of which was with her cousin Mindee that I would go on to lose on my old laptop. It would take me eight years to see Mariah back in front of my camera again.

The final new model to make her debut was Shayna. I had actually shot some fun photos of her feet over the summer, but it was during a shoot I was doing with her for another job I was doing. She had agreed to pose for Soles of Silk at the time, but we wouldn't shoot a foot fetish themed set until December. She posed with one of the twins (Kellie) in a New Year's themed set to bring the site into 2006. That will have to wait for a future blog, however, when we look more in depth at another year that saw many new soles and toes added to the mix.

Abby's wrinkled soles covered in baby oil? Yes, it's awesome!

2005: Tidbits & Facts

- Although the blog above focused mostly on the new models who were added to the Soles of Silk roster, most of the models who were on the site with its opening kept posing for numerous sets. Madison's feet were never away from my camera for more than a month or two at the most. Mindee and Cierra also found themselves posing for numerous memorable sets.

- Kimmie and Kellie are the only twins on the set, but they're not the only sister duo. Layla and Jaylee Austin, who posed in the years to come, are also biological sisters. Molly and Lauryn are sisters-in-law as well.

- Abby had the second most photos of any girl shot in my 35mm camera days. She was tops for the longest time, but after we broke up, Andrea would eventually come to claim that position.

- Cierra's Easter set saw her squish food between her feet for the first of many times on the site. Cadbury Eggs and Peeps would face defeat between her pink pantyhose clad feet. That same day she also squished a blueberry pie between her toes. Guess that day started her love for the food sets?

- Carmen's first sets were done in the bitter cold of January. It wasn't my idea, but she wanted to be on the site so badly that she said, "Let's do it!"

- I have often wondered if my buddy that runs Space City Soles was one of the people who e-mailed me in 2005 about how much he liked seeing Lexi of Lexi's Foot Fetish smashing gummy bears between her toes and fishnet stockings.

- There were two Christmas themed sets on Soles of Silk in 2005. Mindee did the first one with various Christmas socks. The second one saw Kimmie and Chloe together smushing Santa's cookie's under their feet.

- No one could ever count all the wrinkles on Abby's soles. It's impossible!

- There are only two, four-girl sets on Soles of Silk. The one featuring Carmen, Kimmie, Kellie, and Cheri was the first. It was supposed to actually feature Cierra, but she couldn't make it and Cheri stood in, making her debut.

- Mindee did the site's first, and only set in the snow on the site to date. It was all her idea and man did her feet get icy cold!

- Sara Swirls stuck her feet in "chocolate" pudding for a reason.

Lexi squshing gummy bears in her Soles of Silk debut.

Friday, February 21, 2014

1K Club - Jamie's Footgraphy

Early preview from Jamie's teal & black sneakers set.

Every time I turn around this year an important milestone is being reached on Soles of Silk. On the January 8 update Mindee became the second model to join the 2K Club (2,000 photos), also overtaking Cierra for the most photos on the site. Less than two weeks ago Kelsey joined the 1K Club (1,000 photos) and now, Jamie is doing the same. If you remember back to the 2013 Trivia Contest, one of the questions asked which two models were the next closest to reaching 1,000. That turned out to be Kelsey and Jamie and both have broke that mark, doing so on the same month at that.

Jamie began posing the day after her 18th birthday back in August of 2010. This makes her one of the fastest to hit the 1,000 photo mark in the site's history. She's done some amazing sets along the way too, but I'll get into that below. First, let's take a look and see how she compares to the other girls who have reached the 1K and 2K Clubs:
  1. Mindee - 2,145 photos
  2. Cierra - 2,075 photos
  3. Madison - 1,832 photos
  4. Layla - 1,802 photos
  5. Kellie - 1,740 photos
  6. Wendy - 1,485 photos
  7. Kayleigh - 1,284 photos
  8. Jordana - 1,266 photos
  9. Kimmie - 1,164 photos
  10. Charlee - 1,162 photos
  11. Abby - 1,103 photos
  12. Jamie - 1,027 <---
  13. Kelsey - 1,010 photos

As you can see, Jamie joins a list of some of the site's long-standing models. In less than four years she's become someone many associate with Soles of Silk. She's a favorite of many and my inbox regularly has requests for new sets of hers to be published. It's easy to see why!

From Day 1 Jamie has been a ball of energy in every set we've done. She truly enjoys posing for all of you and can't wait to do so every chance she gets. She jumped onto the scene in a big way that first summer in 2010 and hasn't looked back since. 

Jamie had less than a month before she was set to go away to school that first summer she posed. We planned a day trip to Wildwood, NJ and shot five great sets and had a lot of fun. About a week later I had her in my bedroom posing for a comic book themed set before going over to our friend's house to shoot a set in the midst of his 1,000-plus bobble head collection. So while the feedback from her first set came pouring in, I had a so many great photos waiting in the wings to be published. It came in really handy since we wouldn't shoot again until the following summer.

When Jamie returned for her first summer break I was able to get her and Charlee to do some sets together. I'll tell you, seeing Jamie's little soft soles next to Charlee's slightly longer, smooth soles was a sight to behold. I also did a set with each of them solo before we went back to Charlee's house. Although we did some awesome sets, the most memorable aspect of that day was how both girls instructed me to rub their feet pretty much non-stop when I didn't have the camera in my hand. That's also why we hung out at Charlee's afterward. The girls were hungry and both wanted their feet pampered some more. I'm not making this up. They were the ones who told me to stick around because I wasn't done massaging their feet. Who was I to turn that down? Even I never really ever had two girls sitting side-by-side beckoning me to rub their feet while I was focused on the other's. It's a dilemma I wish I had more often!

As the years went by Jamie's feet found their way in front of my camera (and in my hands) on pretty much every break she has had. She'd come home and hit me up to see if we could shoot. Sometimes we really didn't have too much time to plan anything, but that didn't stop us from getting together and shooting some memorable sets. As you can see below, Jamie has done a wide variety when it comes to themes and locations. Here is a list of all the sets she's done, both published and unpublished:

If you made me pick one of her sets as my favorite, I'd be hard pressed. I thought her Surf Shells set was great, especially since it was her idea and I love when my models come up with their own themes. Then there is the set she did in the room full of bobble heads with her hair in pig tails. I just think it is one of the cutest I've done all around. Of course seeing Jamie's feet right next to Charlee's at the playground when they both acted like big kids was too damn fun. But wait, I love when a girl kicks off a pair of tennis shoes without wearing socks! So that set on the bike rack has found its images adorned on my computer's desktop numerous times. You can't, however, forget about her slickest set she's done with all that baby oil she poured on little feet - way more than she needed! Not much could have been sweeter than when she rubbed cannoli cream up and down those curvy foot bottoms though. And her most recent set, in the white pantyhose, was just so good! Seeing her feet tightly encased in those white stockings after kicking off those black heels... See, I told you I can't pick one!

Okay, now that my mind is rushing with all those great visuals of Jamie's feet, there are still three sets of hers you can look forward to in the months to come. That should work out nicely as once they're published it will be time for Jamie to hit me up again for some more foot massages... I mean, photos. In all reality though, that day she shot with Charlee is far from the only time I've spent hours massaging her feet. I think it's kind of expected now that I will be tending to them for at least an hour. Guess you can call it a job perk. Question is, who's the one getting the perk? She loves the pampering and I feel VERY lucky to even be able to touch them! I should probably text her and thank her for that now that I'm finished here.

Early sample from Jamie's Riverside Park set.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Soles of Silk Update - February 19, 2014

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - Jamie shows off her white pantyhose encased legs and feet after she pulls off her black high heels (64 images)

Video - Wendy sticks her wiggling toes into little water spickets jetting out of the ground at a downtown water fountain (137 MB - 1080p HD)

Cosmetics - Numerous contributor pages have been updated to the new format. See site for complete list.

Results: The Where's Wendy? Contest

The Where's Wendy? Contest banner.
Soles of Silk's second contest of 2014 is done and in the books. The first of it's kind, I made people find two different photos of site regular, Wendy, hidden in random places on the site. I called it, "The Where's Wendy? Contest." 

The premise was simple. Two images were hidden on the site. The first one I hid in the guest area and the second, in the members. The image in the guest area would be worth a 1-month membership to the first person to find and email the page URL. The image in the member section, only visible to someone already with member access, was worth a 3-month extension.

The image people had to find to win a 1-month membership prize.
It only took three hours to find the first image (above) hidden in the guest area. I placed it on Keira's free sample page. Since both girls have size 8 feet, I decided to put her there. The "8" idea would also come into play for the members area image, but more on that later.

The person who found the image was a non-member and was awarded with the prize immediately. A few other people would find the image as well, but the contest rules stated that only the first person to find the image would be awarded the prize. A couple people found the image just hours after the winner!

With the first winner in the books, I pulled the 1-month image off the site and changed the "Where's Wendy? Contest" rules page to show that the prize had been claimed. Then I had to wait to see how long it would take to find the 3-month prize.

The image people had to find to win a 3-month membership prize.

With many more pages to search through in the members area, it took eight days for someone to find the 3-month prize image. Keeping with the theme of "8," this image was hidden at the bottom of page 8 of the Video Archives. I find it neat how it took eight days to find it too!

The member who found the 3-month prize image has been an on and off member over the years and recently rejoined the site. His 1-month membership has now been extended by three months.

I want to say congratulations to the winners and thank you to those who took part. This contest was something a little different than the usual trivia fanfare I usually do. I still, however, wanted to make people work a little bit for it.

Please be sure to keep an eye out for future contests here on the Soles of Silk Blog or on the site itself. My intentions are to run a total of 10 contest this year as part of the 10th anniversary celebration. That's two in the books with eight more to go! There's that number eight again... Must be a sign of how much I love Wendy's size 8s! Or maybe it means I need to get some more photos of her on the site soon? Either way, both are true.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Soles of Silk Update - February 12, 2014

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - Mindee & Emerald don't have dates for Valentine's Day and stay in to watch chick flicks, but craziness ensues and a black feather comes into play as they tickle one another's feet (69 images)

Video - Rachel DD plays with her purple fencenet stockings between her toes while sitting on the bed (158 MB - 1080p HD)

Interviews - 1 introductory interview with Ashlyn has been added to the Interviews section

Downloads (Avatars) - 2 avatars of Kellie and Kimmie have been added to the all new Celebrating 10 Years Avatars page of the Downloads area

Cosmetics - Numerous contributor pages have been updated to the new format. See site for complete list.

Monday, February 10, 2014

1K Club - Kelsey's Footgraphy

Teaser shot from the unpublished Super Oily set.

Whenever I have the chance to have one of my good friends model for me, I jump all over it. This was the case back in 2006 when a newly turned 18 year old Kelsey joined the roster. As a matter of fact, it was the day following her birthday when Kelsey sat on my kitchen table and smashed a chocolate cake under her feet in celebration. She even had braces on in those early sets!

Now here we are just over eight years later and Kelsey is still going strong. With her most recent set published on February 5, 2014, she becomes the 12th model on Soles of Silk to join the 1K Club. Only two times during her eight years has she spent any extended time away from the camera. The first was when she moved out of state for about a year. The second, when she became a mother. Both times, however, she brought those cute little size 6.5 feet back to share with all of you.

Here is a list of all the models on the list thus far (in order of photos):

  1. Mindee - 2,076 photos
  2. Cierra - 2,075 photos
  3. Madison - 1,832 photos
  4. Layla - 1,802 photos
  5. Kellie - 1,740 photos
  6. Wendy - 1,485 photos
  7. Kayleigh - 1,284 photos
  8. Jordana - 1,266 photos
  9. Kimmie - 1,164 photos
  10. Charlee - 1,162 photos
  11. Abby - 1,103 photos
  12. Kelsey - 1,010 photos <---

Remembering those days when Kelsey was doing her first sets brings back all kinds of fun-filled memories. She started things off by getting messy with her birthday themed set and then jumped into a tickling set with Abby. Right after that she was smashing a pumpkin on her front porch for Halloween. Talk about getting your feet wet, so to speak - pun totally intended!

Since we were good friends and hung out with one another, or with our small group of friends, regularly, Kelsey and I would often find ourselves talking about new set ideas. It became a running joke between us about what I was going to have her stick her feet into next. I didn't know at the time, but fudge pops, chalk, and black bottoms would be some others to come down the line. And that's not even adding in the few sets where she got her feet dirty and we just left them that way.

Needless to say shooting these crazy sets with Kelsey is always fun! Here is a look at all the fun-filled sets Kelsey has posed for:

Looking back at all these sets I can honestly say that I have only one complaint. I wish there was more! From the first day I saw Kelsey's feet I've been in love with them. I regularly tell her that I think they're just adorable. She's quick to smirk and say I'm silly, but it's the truth. And I speak from experience!

Even though there are girls who have had much more camera time than Kelsey, her feet just might have spent more time in my hands than any other girl - even past girlfriends. I couldn't tell you how many nights I'd leave Kelsey asleep on her couch - asleep from hours of me rubbing her feet. Yes, hours! There were so many nights our small group of friends would crash at her and her brother's place to watch movies or play games. If Kelsey's bare feet were anywhere around, I let someone else play for sure!

Now that I've admitted that I wish I had more photos of Kelsey on Soles of Silk, I think 2014 is just as good of time as ever to start making that happen. We already discussed trying to have her do more sets the last time we shot. Kelsey said she is game, so it looks like I need to find some more stuff for her stick those little feet into. And since Kelsey has only posed alongside one other model in all these years (Abby), I asked Mindee if she'd be game to bare her soles next to Kelsey's. Both of them love the idea and I can only imagine how much teasing I'm going to have to endure with them together! Neither are shy and both like to tease me like no other. It looks like 2014 is going to be quite the year!

Teaser shot from the unpublished Bay Shells set.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Where's Wendy? Contest


Soles of Silk's second contest of 2014 has begun! This time you don't have to brush up on any trivia or facts, instead you have to find Wendy and her heavenly size 8 feet!

Contest Description

Two images of Wendy (found below) have been randomly placed on the pages of Soles of Silk. If you see one, be the first person to e-mail me the URL found below the image to win either the 1-month or 3-month membership prize.

Contest Rules

- The 1-month membership image can be found in the guest area. - Prized Already Claimed

- The 3-month membership image can be found in the members area. - Prize Already Claimed

- Only the first person to e-mail the proper URL will win the prize.

- The URLs to be emailed are found BELOW the images themselves. DO NOT send me the URL to the images themselves. If you do, your answer will not count.

- There is no deadline as the contest will run until each prize has been claimed.

- Only one prize can be claimed per person. However, if you find both images, it will not hurt to include both URLs in case one or the other has already been discovered.

- Winners from the 2013 Soles of Silk Trivia Contest are not eligible to win.

* Please note: I will try my hardest to remove said images once the prize has been claimed. This being said, it is possible they will remain for a period of time after someone has won due to the fact that I might not be where I can get to the computer. If someone has already won the prize attached to the URL you e-mail me, I will reply telling you so.


(1) 3-month membership - awarded to the first person to find the proper image below ** PRIZE ALREADY CLAIMED; IMAGE HAS BEEN REMOVED**

(1) 1-month membership - awarded to the first person to find the proper image below ** PRIZE ALREADY CLAIMED; IMAGE HAS BEEN REMOVED**

The Images

3-month prize image (Members Area)

1-month prize image (Guest Area) - Already Claimed

Friday, February 7, 2014

Would Love to Shoot #10 - Andrea, Carmen, & Ginger

As many of you know, 2014 marks the 10 year anniversary for Soles of Silk. All year long I've been trying to do things that promote the number 10. With this being the 10th installment in the "Would Love to Shoot" blog series, I figured it would be a neat to throw in a little wrinkle. This installment will feature three models who I have not shot in years.

It was hard to narrow this list down to just three. I was going to bump it up to five or even 10, but decided against it. In all honesty, I wish every girl who hasn't shot for me in a while would return. That, however, wouldn't make for an interesting blog. So I guess the interesting part here is going to be, what three models did I pick?

Andrea was awesome at toe spread shots!


Debut Year: 2006
Photo Count: 123

Some of you may have forgotten about Andrea since it's been about eight years since she's last posed. I, however, have not. Andrea was my most shot foot model in the days prior to Soles of Silk. She and I were next door neighbors growing up. So when I really began going all out in doing my foot photography in my college days, I just leaned over the fence and asked her if she'd be interested. Luckily for me, she was. And she just so happened to be barefoot that day I asked too - laying out doing some sunbathing.

Eventually I discontinued my old sites and my camera was tucked away until I decided to create Soles of Silk (see blog: "Soles of Silk 10 Year Anniversary - 2004"). By this time Andrea had married and moved. I'd see her every now and then and one day I told her about my all new site, Soles of Silk. I lucked out yet again as she agreed to pose. She made her debut shooting one of my early Ravens-themed sets. She would also pose for the set above, a repeat location of the very first location I ever shot her all those years ago. Those two sets were the only ones ever shot for Soles of Silk, however. She expressed that due to personal reasons she wasn't going to doing more. I respected her decision as a long time friend, although I was sad that one of my most dependable models wasn't going to be available any longer.

I always had a ton of fun being around Andrea. I'm glad she's doing well, but certainly would love to have her back in front of the camera again. I don't see that happening, but it doesn't mean I can't have her here on the list. 

Carmen always had fun showing off her small feet.


Debut Year: 2005
Photo Count: 515

Back when Carmen debuted she was an instant hit. She was Soles of Silk's most recognizable model and one people would always want to see more of. When Wu from Wu's Feetlinks asked me if I'd be willing to do a feature gallery in 2005, I was all over it. With Carmen's popularity, I wasn't surprised that he wanted her. With her Blue Jeans & Toes feature set Carmen became a favorite of many and one I still get constant requests for.

Carmen and I met working together. She eventually became one of the best female friends I've ever had. I could tell her anything and she always cared for how I was feeling - a true friend.

When she agreed to pose it was the dead of winter. That didn't stop her, however. She wanted to pose ASAP as I had asked her earlier, but she declined due to a former overbearing boyfriend. With him out of the picture, she was practically pulling her shoes off wanting to be a part of the site. 

In early January 2005 Carmen and I took a trip downtown and she posed by a Clipper Ship and behind an art museum in a neat looking wooden hut. It was bitter cold, but Carmen was a trooper and couldn't wait to see herself online. I felt bad having her freezing her toes off out there, but it was what she wanted. I appreciated her enthusiasm, and to be honest, and been wanting her on the site so bad that I agreed to the cold weather sets.

Carmen would eventually take a short break from posing when we lost touch for a bit. She moved away for a short time, but when she came back, we picked right back up. History would repeat itself again, though. Carmen moved once again, this time out of state, and I haven't shot her since. Honestly, we haven't talked much either, which I hate as she was always someone I admired a great deal. I even tried contacting prior to a road trip I was planning last year as we would be traveling through her state. I was keeping my fingers crossed that we could meet up, catch up a little bit, and maybe even get in a few new sets for the site. Ultimately, it didn't happen, but I knew if it had, people would be going bonkers for it.

This set of Ginger is one of my all-time favorites on the entire site.


Debut Year: 2010
Photo Count: 307

Landing Ginger was one of my hardest achievements. It took over 10 years to get her to finally pose. So when she came aboard and posed for several sets right away, I was so happy. Since then, however, she's very hard to get in touch with.

I met Ginger at work while I was still in college. I was always after her to pose for my old sites, but she would always decline. She didn't decline like she thought it was strange, however. No, she did the playful female tease decline that left me wondering if she'd eventually come around. Well, that she did, but not until I had Soles of Silk running for six years. You can imagine my happiness when that happened. Seeing those high arched feet flexing for her first sets was a sight to behold and I just knew people were going to love her. And love her they did. It's been a few years since I last shot with Ginger and people regularly ask if she'll be doing any new sets. I've contacted her a few times, usually getting the "I've been busy," response, but she's never said she's not interested. I even contacted her lately and she seemed like a return might be on the horizon. Of course it's too cold to do any outdoor sets right now, but I plan to keep contacting her when spring finally rolls around.

Ginger has always been a fun loving, beautiful girl. I wasn't at all surprised to see that translate to her photos. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that her photo count will rise this year as I'd love to have her back, especially with it being the site's 10 year anniversary. Of the three girls on this blog installment, I think she's the most likely to return.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Soles of Silk Update - February 5, 2014

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - Kelsey's blackened soft soles are kicked up over the back of a bench at a waterfront park on a very humid day (56 images)

Photo Sample 01

Photo Sample 02

Video - Aliza sticks her slender Asian feet into some very sloppy mud along the riverbank (158 MB - 1080p HD)

Video Clip Sample 01

Downloads (Avatars) - 2 avatars of Jacklyn Lick and Kat Noir have been added to the all new Celebrating 10 Years Avatars page of the Downloads area

Downloads (Avatars) - 1 avatar of Megan Jones has been added to the Grunge Avatars page of the Downloads area

Downloads (Buddy Icons) - 1 buddy icon of Megan Jones has been added to the Buddy Icons page of the Downloads area