Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Soles of Silk's Pedicure

The site's new opening splash page graphic.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

I've been talking about the changes for what seems like months, which it has actually been. But with today's update you are getting to see some of the initial changes that are taking place here on Soles of Silk. And although all of them are not yet complete, I wanted to get this ball rolling by adding in the hardest part - the redesign of the navigation.

If you look at the navigation bar above you will now notice some of the sections are no longer there and some are brand new. I decided to keep the F.A.Q. and Modeling sections in the guest area. I figured members generally know the answers to any questions they have once they've joined and models seeking work are going to have to pass through the Guest area anyhow, so why repeat it in the Member's area?

Now for the new additions. First and foremost is the Clips section. Finally a home has been created to house all the video clips that have been posted and will be posted in the future. For the time being I have text links to each video clip available on the page, but I am working on sprucing things up with a sample image from each video clip. Any ideas you have for a good system of posting the video clips would be welcome.

The next new section is Flashback. For those of you have kept up with the site's Forum and Columns you know that I used to run a site a number of years ago called The 10 Little Piggies. Well, after a lot of requests to bring back that content, I have decided to occasionally post some of the sets from that site. Not everything will be posted and not all the models, but some of the girls who are also on this site and some who I am still friends with will have their sets brought back in this section.

And the third and final section is going to be one that you and I both create. I like the idea of fan interaction and I know some of you are artists as well, so I thought a Downloads section for your art and designs based on female feet and the sole mates would be an awesome addition. I have already planned to post avatars, buddy icons and wallpapers, but the submission ideas are limitless. I'm looking forward to seeing what you produce as well.

Upon entry to the site you probably saw the new Splash screen graphic. I used to change it each week, but to cut back on the time it takes to update, I wanted to create a killer opening graphic. I love how it turned out and have showed a few people beforehand who all loved it as well. Let me know what you think of it.

Speaking of cosmetics, looking at the site a year later a few of the items have begun to show their age, mainly the section images at the top of the pages. I am going to work on redesigning something to appear in place of those that will further spruce things up a bit. Although those and several items will probably receive a makeover, I will not be altering the site to the extent of having to relearn the navigation and placement of the items you are looking for. One of my biggest compliments is how easy it is to find things on this site and I aim to keep things that way. Navigation is important to me. I hate getting lost in a site.

As always, thanks for taking the time to read my words here and thanks for your patience in making Soles of Silk an even better site!

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My Interview & More

I'm looking forward to shooting Layla with a brand new model to the site, Kerri Taylor.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Having been an entertainment editor for a newspaper for a few years and conducting the sole mate interviews on this site, I have gotten quite used to asking the questions people want to know. But when I opened my e-mail the other day I had someone seeking to interview me. This gentleman has conducted a number of interviews and stated he had a special interest in the leg and foot genre. His writing can be found on Collanter Magazine. I will keep you informed of this interview. I am looking forward to this. It should be fun!

As I am writing this I am counting down these last several hours before I head out to shoot the site's newest model, Danaya. Danaya will be Soles of Silk's first African American model. I have been seeking a black model for ages, even back when I ran The 10 Little Piggies, without any luck. I have had a few agree and never get back to me or keep saying yes and never be open. I am very excited about having Danaya here. She's posed on DC Fetish Girls and it turns out she lives very close to me. I hope this is the start of regular posts for her.

Speaking of The 10 Little Piggies, do any of you who remember that site remember Wendy? She was perhaps my most popular model from that site. Well, she has agreed to pose for Soles of Silk and we are hoping to get together on May 7 for her shoot. She is a cutie with some NICE size 8's!

I have also been talking with Lauryn, as I had stated in an earlier column. She is excited about posing again and we are trying to set a date as well.

This Sunday is also going to be a fun time as I will be shooting another new model for the site. Some of you might have seen Kerri Taylor on sites like Feet Fair, but as of Sunday, she will also be a sole mate. Kerri will not be alone, however. Layla will also be present as I will be photographing both girls, together and separate.

Movie section update

The response to the video clips has been quite positive. I have been putting in some time here getting the new header bars ready for the site's rebuild. But as with any project, when I change one thing, I have to go and fix/alter some of the other items too. I have a good feeling the new look will please many of you. It will be the same basic thing with some cosmetic changes.

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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Sharing the Wealth?

Layla's feet are two I'd surely love to spend some time massaging.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

I had a recent conversation online with one of my models where we got to joking around and I told her I owed her a foot massage the next time we got together to shoot. She said, "sure." 

I told her that I would, but wouldn't want to risk her man wanting to kill me. She told me he wouldn't care, so jokingly, I told her I'd be over in 10 minutes. This harmless conversation, however, led me to think about this subject, which has been brought up before, by members, friends and girls I have dated.

Okay, so here is the question I pose to all of you males who are either married or are seeing someone: Would you allow another person to give your significant other a foot massage?

At the moment I am not dating anyone, but in the past I have actually told girls I have dated that I would not care if her feet ended up in someone else's hands. I have met another couple into the foot fetish lifestyle, if you will, and I told the girl I was with at the time, to stick her feet in the husband's hands and I ended up getting his wife's in mine in return. Harmless fun. But there was even a time or two when I wasn't getting another girl's feet in my hands and I playfully told a girlfriend to stick her feet into someone else's hands.

Almost anyone who knows me knows that I have a foot fetish and surely, any girl I am dating would also be into having her feet pampered. So in a way, it is all in good fun when among friends. Some might push them away and laugh, others might just press their thumbs into her feet and give them a good massage. But either way, it isn't like someone is intruding on some sacred thing.

At one point several years ago I e-mailed someone who was running one of the foot parties on the East Coast and sent him photos of my girlfriend, asking if she could take part if we came up. My girlfriend thought it would be neat to get some extra cash for getting her feet pampered. She enjoyed when I did it, so it wasn't like something new or uncertain. The only thing she worried about was if I'd mind because it would involve smelling, kissing, licking, etc. I told her I wouldn't care as long as I could borrow some cash to visit some of the other girls there too. She laughed. Sadly, we ended up breaking up before the party, for unrelated reasons.

Now of course, if the tables were turned, a girlfriend might not be too happy about me rubbing another girl's feet, but that has also gone the same way. Several girls I've dated have playfully told some of their girlfriends to let me rub their feet because, "I do a good job."

Some people might be wondering how I can let another male rub a girl's feet that I am dating and some girls might be wondering why any girl would let me rub another girl's feet. I think several factors come into play here - who it is done with and the setting. Do I mind if a guy rubs my girlfriend's feet sitting on a couch, hanging out with friends? Nope. Do I mind if some guy I've never met walks up to my girlfriend when I'm not around to wants to give her a foot rub? Most likely. I guess it is the sharing the experience that makes it okay and the trust factor with those involved.

So here's hoping that Layla's husband doesn't want to kill me next time we shoot.

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