Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Soles of Silk Update - June 28, 2017

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - Alice celebrates the Fourth of July with her big feet and some big wieners on the beach, don't bring the those little hot dogs around though because she won't be having any of those (87 images)

Videos - Alice's big feet push through a tray of big and tiny wieners while she prepares for a cookout at the beach (156 MB - 1080p HD)

Downloads (Wallpapers) - 1 new wallpaper of Alice has been added to the Wallpapers section of the Downloads area

Weekly Teaser - The June 28th tile of Alice's July 2017 Wu's Feet Links Feature has been revealed. Check out the blog "Weekly Teaser - Alice's July 2017 Wu's Feet Links Feature" to follow the ongoing reveal.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Monday's Shoot - Jasey Rae

This was shot in front of a very old wooden roller coaster.

Today's shoot was a one-off with Jasey Rae. I made mention of those plans in the June 17, 2017 blog, "June News & Notes." Our goal, and one that we've had for a while now, was to feature a shared passion of ours in one of Jasey's sets. That passion, roller coasters. We both love riding them and have been to a number of parks together. So it was nice to finally get this set in yesterday during a park trip with a large group of our friends. Jasey and I went off on our own upon arrival and tried our best to find the best spots to do this.

For the most part, we walked all around the park, looking for areas where park guests were sparse. The sun wasn't always in the best position to line these shots up with the coasters, but being a cloudy day, we just waited for one to fly in front of the sun and block it out. Once we were in the clear, Jasey kicked up her feet and I snapped a number of photos. This was the plan at each one of our stops. Sadly, the set wasn't the largest one we shot for a number of reasons.

The first reason came when we had a perfect spot lined up. It was located in a small lunch table section with one of the park's more colorful, and probably more well-known coasters, off in the distance. Right when we sat down to shoot, a family came by for an early lunch and sat at the table right next to us. I was bummed! This spot was so promising, even though it was out in the open.

The second, more common reason why our set wasn't overly large was just an abundance of overly populated areas. Some of the best spots to shoot Jasey Rae in front of the coasters just so happened to be in between numerous other rides. The park was far from busy, but these were still the spots we found most people. Because of this, we tried to stick to mostly areas off to the side where the foot traffic, no pun intended, was light.

Perhaps our best location came in the long walkway through the center of the park's lone wooden roller coaster. There was one way in and one way out. Both the entrance and exit were far off, so you could see if anyone was coming up in the background, or over my shoulder. Even if they were far off in either direction, they probably couldn't see what we were up to. After all, the park rules are that shoes and shirts must be worn at all times when outside of the water park. Oh well, Jasey broke that rule quite a bit doing this shoot.

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Monday, June 26, 2017

Sunday's Shoot, Part 1 - Melani

A few days ago Melani reached out to me and asked me if I had any open dates coming up. She has finished up with graduation and all the festivities that come with it and was looking to finally get back in front of the camera. I've been eager to have her, especially since our last shoot had to be nixed about an hour before it was to happen.

As you all have read in past blogs, I love shooting with Melani. She is adorable and very fun to be around. Her fondness for the camera is very apparent and my fondness for her feet is as well. They're so small and cute! Anyhow, I came up with a few ideas for new sets with her, but we ended up keeping things simple and local because of what happened in Part 2 of this blog. More on that later. No skipping ahead!

Melani and I got started around 1 p.m. today. She brought more clothes than she needed, which is always good so we have options. For the first two sets of the day, however, I told her to just keep things on the casual side. My plans were to do two basic themes that people ask of me all of the time - ones that Melani has yet to do since she's still kind of new to this.

The little globs of lotion between Melani's toes oozed out when she scrunched her toes.

The first of these sets was lotion. Yes, something as basic as a model rubbing lotion all over her feet is something many of you like to see your favorite models do in sets. Since so many of you have claimed Melani among your favorites on Soles of Silk since her arrival, why not get her to do the theme too? That's what we did. Well, after I rubbed lotion all over her feet first... for a while. Hey! She told me to. Well, after I told her it is usually my job to rub the lotion in.

"Go ahead," Melani said.

I took my place and started rubbing that lotion in. It didn't take her long to comment either.

"Oh my god. You should be a professional," she said.

"That took you all of two seconds to say that since I started," I replied laughed. "Feels that good, huh?"

"Yes!" Melani insisted.

Needless to say, I took my good ole time. Melani began slouching into the bench and enjoyed the foot rub to its fullest. This went on for a bit. We had some time to kill anyhow, so why not? Eventually though, we had to put the camera to use.

"Time to do the photos," I said. "If not, I'll do this for hours."

Melani didn't skip a beat from our last shoot. She sat upright for a few full body shots before she stuck those already lotioned, little feet out toward me. And damn... I was shocked! She spread her toes pretty wide! Melani struggled with getting those little piggies apart the first two shoots we did. Now, there she was, with little gaps between her spread toes that I could have stuck my fingers in between. Well, stuck them in again since I had just done that a bunch of times. You know what I mean.

"I've been practicing," Melani claimed. "I even left toe spreaders in them."

We laughed and continued with the shoot. Even though it was a bright sunny day, we lucked out that it wasn't overly hot. We still worked quickly and Melani squirted quite a few globs of lotion all over those feet during the process. By the end of the set, her feet were shiny like no other - shiny like the next theme we were about to do, which was baby oil.

Melani's little feet sure did shine with the baby oil on them.

Melani and I, after finishing up, made the walk down to a landing on the water for the second set. We figured out which way would be best to shoot her pouring baby oil on her already super soft feet. Then I remembered, I had a pair of flip flops for her in my backpack. Why not have her pour the oil on while she was still wearing the flip flops? It would add a unique little element to the set. She liked the idea and that's how the set started out.

Just like the first set, we worked quick. Melani's feet didn't take much oil to shine in the bright sun. I wanted to give them another little massage, but I knew my hands would be covered and then my camera would be too. So, I waited.

Something happened during this set that was unforeseen. The baby oil caused the dye of the flip flops to come off. I saw little black flecks on Melani's feet as we shot, but I honestly thought it was dirt. That was until the set was finished.

With the set over with, I sat the camera down and took hold of Melani's little feet. A baby oil massage? Why not? Once again, she leaned back and just relaxed. The breeze off the water felt amazing, so I could see how she was loving life at the moment. Not that I wasn't as happy as can be myself.

Once the massage came to an end, I grabbed a towel for us to wipe the oil from her feet and my hands. When I began using the towel on the flip flops however, it started to turn black. The dye from the palm trees was coming off onto the towel at that point. The artwork looked totally faded. Oops! What was stranger was what I discovered before the first set we shot during Part 2 coming up here. For that, you'll have to go read that portion. And believe me, the day got even better from here on out.

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Sunday's Shoot, Part 2 - Melani & Mindee

So, did you read Part 1 of this blog, or did you cheat and jump ahead? If you didn't read it, I suggest you go back and then proceed. Two amazing shoots with Melani happened and you owe it to yourself to check them out. I'll wait... 

Okay, back? Good, let's proceed!

Once Melani and I were done shooting those two solo sets in Part 1, it was time to make see a "dream come true," if you will. What do I mean? Well, back in April I began the blog series titled, "Dream Duos." In the series I pair up two models from Soles of Silk who are still actively modeling and give reasons why I'd love to see them shooting together. Well, today the pairing from "Dream Duos #1" happened. Twice! That's right, two sets with Melani and Mindee happened after Melani and I wrapped things up down on the water. But first, we needed to make a stop at the grocery store for a couple of important props. Let me explain.

You see, back on December 14, 2011, Mindee had a set published that featured her sticking her feet into some banana creampie pudding, complete with vanilla wafers and milk. It was an awesome set and in all honesty, is still one of my all-time favorite food themed sets. Well, when Melani was still looking to model for the first time, I was showing her some of the photos from around the site. When I told her about the food themed sets, I showed her some examples, and one of them was from Mindee's pudding set. Melani really liked it and I told her it's been so long since I did pudding, we could do another flavor. She said okay, and it was left at that.

As the weeks have gone by, however, an idea popped into my head. What if Mindee was a part of Melani's first ever food set, which just so happened to feature pudding? Mindee could show her what it's like to get her feet all messy. I shared my idea with the both of them and they loved it. Now, we just had to find the time.

When Melani hit me up the other day, I immediately mentioned it to Mindee. Luckily for me, she gave me a few hours of her day and the use of her dining room to make this idea a reality. So before we were off to Mindee's, we had to stop at the grocery store. While there, I also picked up some Cool Whip as I thought Mindee's feet also needed something all over them. Since she's already done the pudding, she can put that on Melani's feet and Melani can cover Mindee's in the Cool Whip. This was going to be fun!

It didn't take us long to get to Mindee's house, aside from a minor annoyance using the self-checkout line. I hate those things! Anyhow, as I had mentioned in Part 1, Melani's flip flops became a little faded from the baby oil and the dye wearing off. Well, after walking around the grocery store and sitting around Mindee's for a few minutes, I looked down to see Melani's feet were literally blue! She didn't believe me, but then realized I wasn't lying. Mindee showed her to the bathroom and I began to set up my lights. Just another funny little story I'm sure we'll all look back on and laugh about one day.

Mindee broke Melani in with her first ever, messy food set.

Eventually we had things under control and the women were ready to shoot. They took their places at the table and the fun ensued! I could get into so many "gooey" details here, but let it be said that I never saw so much sloppy food flung in different directions than I did in this set. These two were cracking up constantly. Pudding was on the wall, on clothes, and then Melani stuck her hands in it. It was getting everywhere. Even the clean up afterward was pure silliness. Melani almost went through the back window at one point when Mindee grabbed her foot. Melani couldn't brace herself against the wall because her hands were dripping with the pudding and Cool Whip just like her feet. She didn't want to mess up Mindee's house anymore than we already had. She's so sweet! This will also be another one of those stories we'll remember fondly.

Obviously this set took a while to clean up. Once things were done, however, we decided to do a second set. I had only planned on the one, but brought along a prop for a second just in case. I'm glad I did. I wanted more of these two together and I got it.

The three of us jumped into my car and drove over to a school. No one was around, so we sat down in the middle of the playground area. There was some hopscotch and other lines painted on the ground. We didn't care though because their four feet were about to meet a bunch of cans of PlayDoh.

Getting in a second set with both Melani & Mindee made the day even better!

Since the three of us were all hungy, we planned on shooting this set quickly and then getting some dinner. A few kids on bikes had other plans though. These kids drove their bikes around us in circles like vultures. I swear, it was like they were circling their prey. They came a few inches from running over my leg and the girls' hands multiple times. Adding to that, they had those noise makers on their tires that made them sound like baseball cards in the spokes used to when I was a kid. Yes, I'm old. Anyhow, Mindee was getting annoyed. I felt bad though because it was a kids playground, after all. Mindee saved the day, nonethless.

"Can you give us just five minutes, please?" Mindee asked. 

The older looking boy said sure and directed the other two off to another area. We were back in business. We figured we better shoot fast though because they'd probably come back in exactly five minutes.

All in all, they probably gave us 15-20 minutes before we saw them come back to our spot. By then we had already shot a clip and I was shooting photos as quick as can be. We wrapped things up and let the kids have their spot. Mindee even left the unused cans of PlayDoh for them since they did as she asked. She's such a mom!

And with that, the three of us were off to eat dinner. Mindee and Melani looked through their photos and loved all of them. I did as well and see many of you did on Instagram (@SolesofSilk) too.

After today's shoot I cannot wait to shoot either of these ladies again, especially if we can find time to do some more team ups. This duo was indeed a dream come true for me! Thanks for the great photos and fun day ladies. Let's do it again soon!

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Soles of Silk Update - June 21, 2017

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - Mindee, Reese, & Rein cool themselves off, especially their sweaty feet with a bunch of squirt guns on one of the hottest days I've ever shot (67 images)

Videos - Jasey Rae's little feet don't take long to become totally covered in baby oil when she starts squirting them down (201 MB - 1080p HD)

Weekly Teaser - The June 21st tile of Alice's July 2017 Wu's Feet Links Feature has been revealed. Check out the blog "Weekly Teaser - Alice's July 2017 Wu's Feet Links Feature" to follow the ongoing reveal.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tuesday's Shoot - Camille

For those of you who read last Friday's blog, "Dream Duos #3 - Kayleigh & Camille," you know I had plans to shoot the sister duo and Kayleigh and Camille today. So you're probably wondering why you don't see Kayleigh's name in the title. Well, sadly, Kayleigh was involved in a car accident yesterday. She's okay, but her after seeing her car, you'd think she'd be feeling worse. Still, she was sore today and wanted to sit things out, understandably. 

This didn't stop Camille and I from making use of the day, however. We went out and got in some solo sets instead. As far as Kayleigh goes, she's hoping to feel better in the next few days, and if the three of us can all find a few hours of time, we're going to make at least one duo set happen. Keep an eye out for that, here on the Soles of Silk Blog. Now, onto today's shoots.

It's been two years since I last shot Camille. Shortly after her first and only shoot with Alice (see blog: "Monday's Shoot - Alice & Camille"), she moved to the west coast. We've remained in contact, talking from time to time, but this is the first time we've really had to catch up. Being back visiting family for a number of days, I'm so glad she spared me a day to get in some photos. She was quite the hit when she debuted and I am still holding onto one of her sets from that time. I'll have to go ahead and post that one soon so I can begin getting these on the site.

I met up with Camille and her other sister (not Kayleigh) around 11:30 a.m. today. We decided to hit up a store and then grab some lunch real quick. I wasn't sure if we were going to stick around and shoot locally, or head out of town and get in some photos in a more touristy location. Since Kayleigh was unable to shoot and no one had any other plans for the day, I decided to go to National Harbor and do a few sets out there. It's a neat waterfront location about a mile from the Woodrow Wilson Bridge in Washington, D.C. I've used it before, but only for a handful of sets. There are so many spots to use, and even still use after today's sets.

After our drive and finding a place to park, we walked down to the waterfront. I had a set in mind from the start. Since the first time I visited National Harbor, I've been wanting to shoot in front of a statue they have set up in the sand. It's called "The Awakening." I saw it when I was there Olivia shooting the July 2014 Wu's Feet Links feature set, "Back to Business" and have been wanting to use it ever since. It's always just been way too hot, or too crowded. Today it was neither.

I had always wanted to use this location for the huge foot.

We walked down into the sand, which was full of tiny rocks that invaded every nook and cranny they could find - at least on me. I sat Camille in one of the beach chairs and positioned her right in front of the massive foot sticking up out of the sand. That was the whole reason I wanted this location, obviously.

Right as soon as we started this set a group of women sat down on a bench on the pier above. It's the same pier from Mindee's July 2016 Wu's Feet Links feature set, "The Ferris-t of Them All." It leads down to the large ferris wheel you can see in that set. Yes, two feature sets done in the same area. It really is quite scenic. Anyhow, we said screw it and just shot with these ladies looking down on us. Camille stuck her feet out and slowly pushed off each flip flop. Eventually the ladies left and we finished off the set quite quickly. Good thing too, that sand was filling up my shoes and even got into my shorts!

This dock/pier was mostly empty or people, until we began shooting, of course.

After a quick outfit change we made our way down to one of the docks. I decided not to use the one Mindee had used in her feature, instead going down to the next one. Hardly anyone was out there, so it would be perfect for Camille to wear a dress and kick off some sandals.

Naturally, we got underway only to have a family come by and want to take about 100 cellphone camera shots only a few feet from us. It sounded/looked like they were from Africa with their accent and attire. Oh well, tourists will be tourists. We waited them out and got back underway.

I got some really good sole shots once Camille was free of her sandals. I had her sticking those cute feet up onto the arm rests and back of the bench, like in the photo above. This bench was one of those ones you can tilt to face either way, so we moved it for the shots so she could stick those soles right into the camera. It allowed for some great feet in your face shots. Who doesn't like those?

Being out in the sun for two sets now, it was time to cool off for a bit. We saw a Ben & Jerry's store, so we went in for some ice cream. I think all of us kept it to the small serving so we wouldn't feel it going back out afterward for the other sets. I know that was my plan, at least. Camille and her sister seemed to have the same idea.

Camille and I decided to shoot a bunch of photos on this fountain/waterfall.

Once we were cooled off, it was back outside and to the car for a clothing change. Camille tossed on a new outfit and we made our way over to the fountain Olivia used for her feature set. There has been some major construction in the area and it barely resembled the area I shot her in back in 2014. Gone were several bridges and in the background was a massive conference center that was still being worked on. Some of the "nature" aspect of the area was gone, replaced with that "urban" look. I decided to go ahead and use it again because of this.

Like I did with Olivia, I had Camille shoot in multiple spots. I also had Camille get her feet in the water much more than Olivia did. I tried as much as I could to make the sets different from one another. It's funny, however, since Olivia's theme was more businesslike, this new urban look to the area would have probably worked better, and the older natural aspect would have fit Camille's set today. Oh well, that's the cards, I guess. Still, both sets turned out quite well and Camille had lots of fun sticking her feet into the running water. Those wasps flying around, sure did cause a little bit of tension, though. They seemed to be everywhere.

Once we wrapped up this third set, we walked down to the water. There was another pier/dock area that I had never really looked at in previous visits. It had a large tent pole-like top on it, providing lots of shade. Only one person was out that way, so I pitched the idea to go ahead and shoot our final set of the day out there - a set that would be quite silly and better off without a lot of people around. Only problem was, thet outfit and the props for it were back in my car. A walk back to the car was in order once more.

After another cardio workout, we were back at the car and Camille threw on her colorful shirt and shoes. Her sister grabbed our main prop - a bag of sugar-coated gummy worms. Yes, Mindee has done gummy worms before, but the regular kind. These were covered in sugar and these would also be going in and out of a pair of shoes. Squish, squish! But first, we had to walk back past the fountain we had just used and down to the dock. More cardio!

Those sugar-covered gummy worms didn't stand a chance!

When we got to the dock, we made our way all the way down to the covered region. There was a man sitting at the right end on a bench, which you can kind of see in the photo above. He had been down there earlier when we checked out the location. He was still there when we returned, so we went down to the far left side. With him as the only person around, we got underway.

Again, as fate would have it, once we began putting the gummy worms between Camille's toes, one of the water taxis docked right in front of us. We pulled the worms from her toes and waited out the boat's discharging of passengers. No one else got on, so once they walked past us, those worms were back in her toes and she was kicking off her second shoe.

Toward the end of this set, another boat came by to pick up two women who had come down and sat on the bench behind Camille. I had tried my best to hide them in the photos, but they're probably going to show up in a couple. 

After they left, we shot the last photos and video clip. In the clip, Camille stuck gummy worms between her toes and into her shoes. She then proceeded to put her shoes back onto her feet and squish the worms flat. Knowing how sweaty Camille's feet get, I'm sure those worms got all kinds of moist and those shoes and her feet got all kinds of sticky! Too fun!

With our last set in the books, we made one last trip all the way back to the car and called it a day. Four sets. All of them in some great locations, with the final one being the perfect way to end it with silliness and fun. Truly, a great day and one I was glad I took off work for.

I was so glad that Camille was able to spend one of her days with me while she is home. Although the sets with Kayleigh didn't happen, I am happy with what I was able to get. I miss Camille and getting to spend some time with her today was great. I only hope we can squeeze in those sets with Kayleigh sometime before she heads back home in early July. Keeping those fingers crossed!

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sunday's Shoot - Charlee

It's been just about three years! Three years since one of the site's regular models from 2009-14 had last modeled for a set. Well, today that streak has thankfully been broken. Welcome back Charlee! We missed you.

Back in February I published the last set I had in my possession of Charlee. For her first five years modeling for Soles of Silk, Charlee was someone I always met with on a regular basis, building up a wealth of sets. When we started losing touch in 2015 onward, I was slow in publishing the sets I had of her. It's something I do whenever a model is slow to shoot, or even ceases doing so. I honestly never thought Charlee was done modeling for me, but in life sometimes you just lose sight of things. That was until we hit each other up earlier this year. We both said that we really needed to shoot again and now, we finally have! I really aim to make sure that goes back to being a regular thing.

Charlee's feet were marshmallow magnets in her first set back.

The first set on today's agenda was a fun one with some marshmallows. I had picked up a Marshmallow Man T-shirt and had a few Ghostbusters themed Funko Pops to go along with the idea. While I set up my light kit, Charlee put all the items onto her bed and waited for me to finish up.

Charlee noticed right away that the smaller marshmallows had somewhat melted together. I guess that happened in my car during the 15-20 minute drive to her place. I was running the air conditioning, but it was a hot day today. Guess it didn't take long for them to get soft enough to stick to one another. Oh well, at least I'd soon be seeing them stuck to her feet instead.

The set went off without a hitch. Charlee struck poses like she hadn't missed any time, even though she said her toes cramped up at one point. I told her that was because she was out of touch with her foot modeling game. She laughed and agreed.

When it came time to shoot the video clip for this set, Charlee was relentless on those marshmallows. They became a massive blob of white softness, clinging to her feet with each press. Her poor blanket felt the brunt of the clip too as a large sticky white spot was left behind once we were done. And if you were looking for Charlee once she got off the bed, all you had to do was follow the sticky marshmallow footprints she left from the bedroom, into the hallway, and into the bathroom. Yes, they were clear as day.

Even though it was a hot day, I couldn't see wasting the sunlight outside for a couple of sets. Although we had another theme planned for inside, I made the call to head to a park not too far away from Charlee's house. I had used it a couple of times before, but it had been ages since I had last been in the area. I figured we would find a few spots there to use easily.

Before we left the house Charlee looked through a large bag of socks and stockings I brought along. She fell in love with this unique blue pair of thigh highs and I told her I've been waiting for someone to use them. Charlee said she was going to and began looking for a dress that would work with them. She found it and a quick casual outfit for a second set, and we were on our way.

These stockings are so unique. I was glad to see Charlee wanting to use them.

When we got to the park we decided to shoot in a gazebo just inside the gate. There were a few flowers in the area and the bushes and trees would block some of the harsh sunlight overhead. Charlee got into position and slipped on her heels. Before you knew it, we were shooting our second set.

This set was easily the most public of the ones we've done today. Charlee was never one to bat an eye at people passing us by while shooting. That hasn't changed. Even when a guy in a little cart drove by, picking up trash around the park, we just kept shooting - all except for when he was in our immediate background. We thought that would look kind of dumb. Funny thing is, when we were finished shooting, we saw that same guy again. He's a park employee and he told us that our photos should look very good because they just repainted the gazebo. Sure, that helps. We all know, however, what made these photos was Charlee rocking these awesome stockings!

After a few minutes back at my car for an outfit change, Charlee and I took a stroll around the park looking for our next location. We found a few possible spots, but each area was going to have a challenge with the lighting overhead. Then we found our spot. It was really windy and wide open, but the sun was blocked by a ton of trees. We decided to give it a go.

These socks feature a Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon.

For this set Charlee had grabbed a pair of knee high socks featuring a pink breast cancer awareness ribbon. I had picked these up last October, but never got to use them. Although October is still months away, I figured that we could shoot this now and I'll save the set until then. With my intentions of making sure Charlee gets in some regular camera time, I'm sure I'll have other sets shot with her to hold me over until then.

We shot most of this set along a pier. That's where Charlee pulled the socks from her feet. She had to hold onto them tightly too. The wind was fierce! Seriously, it blew over a half empty Gatorade bottle I had brought with me. I figured a storm was coming, but it never rained, nor darkened up. Guess it was just the wide open area we were in.

This set wrapped up on the overlook above the pier. I wasn't sure how things would look up there since it was kind of dark up under the roof. We shot a few shots to see and surprisingly, it turned out so much better than I had thought. We did a number of shots and then decided to head back to Charlee's for our final set. We were a little sweaty, so it would be nice to get back to some air conditioning.

After the short drive back to Charlee's, I moved my lights downstairs to her living room. This set was going to be a follow up to Mindee's Cinnamon Toes Crunch set, shot during Part 3 of the Suite Feet Series. My intentions are to turn this into an ongoing feature called The Cereal Killers. Now I finally have a second installment. For Charlee's set, she showed the Captain how to Crunch!

That "Crunch" turned into "mush" by the time this set was finished!

Like most of the food sets I do, this set was a blast to shoot. Charlee was laughing her ass off for most of this one. Just like Mindee, this set began without any cereal in the bowl, but ended up with a bowl full of cereal, milk, and two pretty feet. It got mushy and her feet got milky, but damn was it fun!

After a fun food set like this one, of course we were both getting hungry. Neither of had eaten in hours, so we wrapped things up and I began packing up my light kit. I found Charlee a towel this time so she didn't have to leave milky footprints all over her downstairs. She could have fallen and busted her ass like she almost did that time she shot her fruit salad set all those years ago. I, of course, brought that up during this set.

As I sit here hours after today's shoot with Charlee, I'm so very glad we were able to make this happen again. I look forward to spending some more time with her again in the near future. It's been too long since her size 7.5 feet were a regular update on Soles of Silk. It's time that they are again.

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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Soles of Silk - June 2017 News & Notes

It's been almost three years since I've shot Charlee. That's way too long!

It's been a while since I've given everyone a general "what's going on with Soles of Silk" type of blog. The next few weeks promise to be eventful, so I thought now would be the perfect time to spill the beans on some upcoming items concerning what's happening around the site.

Charlee Returns
By this time tomorrow there should be a blog titled, "Sunday's Shoot - Charlee," listed as the newest blog on this site. That's because for the first time in just about three years, Charlee and her super smooth feet will be in front of my camera once again. It's been way too long since she's showed off her feet for me and I do miss her!

Charlee debuted in September 2009 and has gone on shoot 1,491 photos throughout 22 galleries. She currently sits as the ninth most photographed model on the site. That number will rise with tomorrow's plans and hopefully we can get back into the swing of shooting regularly again. I'd like to see her join the 2K Club (2,000 photo mark), a club only Cierra and Mindee have reached so far.

Kayleigh & Camille Return
If you've visited this blog since last night you already saw the "Dream Duos #3 - Kayleigh & Camille" blog I wrote. Plans are still on for Tuesday, but I'm going to tell these two sisters that I'm available to shoot some evenings after I get off from work. If they find themselves with nothing to do, I sure wouldn't mind getting in a few extra sets, if possible. Be on the lookout for that here on the blog, and if you didn't get to read the Dream Duos entry from yesterday, be sure to check it out. It sure is going to be nice to see both Kayleigh and Camille barefoot spreading their toes once again.

One of Mindee's many recent shoots during the Suite Feet Saga.

Another Relative of Mindee's
So far, Mindee had shot with a number of her own relatives. Let's make a list and see just who she's shot with:

  • Mariah (cousin) *video clip only, set was lost
  • Marcy (cousin)
  • Rilynn (sister-in-law)
Well, another relative is set to shoot with Mindee in July. It won't be a cousin or an in-law though. That's all I'm going to say as it's going to be quite the surprise!

Roller Coasters & Plump Piggies
At the end of this month Jasey Rae and I are planning on trying to feature a passion both of ours into one of her sets - roller coasters. We're set to go to an amusement park for the day, so we're going to try to snap some quick shots of her modeling her feet in front of some thrill rides. I've done this a few times before with a number of other site models. I'm glad to be doing it with Jasey since we both share a love of roller coasters. It's always nice to combine things my models and I like into the sets we do.

Alexa just loves modeling her feet for Soles of Silk.

Alexa is a Hit
No, I'm not talking about the Amazon device you can talk to. I'm talking about the foot model who gets a "kick" out of talking about ballbusting during shoots. See what I did there? "Kick" and "ballbusting?" Never mind... Anyhow, Alexa has gotten lots of great feedback on the Soles of Silk Instagram (@SolesofSilk) and she cannot wait to do more. She just texted me the other day asking about my availability. It's nice to have someone like her pretty much land in my lap. Jasey, who is a longtime friend of hers, told her about the site and introduced us. I'm sure I'll be taking her out for more photos again soon. And yes, her soles are as soft as they look in the above photo, if not softer! I know because I spent lots of time rubbing them the last time we shot, even while they were encased in a pair of black stockings. Man, they were so smooth and soft for that one. And yes, I'm bragging.

More Mindee!
Yes, another section about Mindee. That's because she's currently sitting with 22 unpublished sets. Although the Monthly Mindee update idea was a 2016 thing, you'll probably have noticed that I've kept it going here in 2017 too. With upcoming shoots planned with her relative in July and other solo sets during this summer that she's surely to shoot, Mindee just might have more than 30 unpublished sets going into the winter. That's nuts! I wouldn't have it any other way - well, maybe except to have her with more than 40 sets. You hear that Mindee? Another challenge!

I just talked with Reese the other night. We have yet to shoot in 2017.

Planning With Other Models
I have a bunch of other models who I have yet to shoot with in 2017. Among the ones I've talked to recently are Abby, Kaycee, Kelsey, Reese, Rein, and Reagan. I've told them all we have to get something planned, so hopefully we can begin doing that soon. 

I have also told some of the other models who I've already shot with a time or two, such as Leah, Melani, Jasey, and Felicia, that I'd like to get some other sets in with them. So far they've all managed to find me time once or twice. We just have to find some more.

Missed Sets & Missed New Model
Not all the news is good, even for Soles of Silk. I've recently had a few shoots not come to pass for various reasons. During the Suite Feet Saga, Jasey was unable to shoot that second day and neither was Kelsey, who was trying to come for a extra set or two. Mindee and Alice filled in, so the day and suite wasn't a waste.

Fast forward several weeks and Kelsey was unable to shoot again. This time her son had to be taken to the hospital. I totally understood and told her to do what she needed to do. She had even gotten this super bright orange polish pedicure the day before. We had some plans for those orange toes too! We're still aiming to do the themes that go with the orange, so it looks like she'll probably have them painted that color once more in the near future.

Strangely enough, Alice was unable to do a shoot. There's a first time for everything! She, and a friend of hers, who has yet to model for the site, were going to do a few sets both together and solo. Things fell through, however, but we're surely going to find time in the future to do them.

Only five tiles remain for Alice's teaser for her July 2017 Wu's Feet Links feature set.

The Relief is Close!
The tease is almost over! For 50 weeks you've been teased about what Alice's July 2017 Wu's Feet Links feature set will be. Well, most of the tiles have been revealed as we enter in the final stretch. The build up during this part of the tease is usually the worst (or best, if you're like me and love being teased). Be sure to check out the "Weekly Teaser - Alice's July 2017 Wu's Feet Links Feature" to follow along and earn that relief of seeing what this set is all about.

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Friday, June 16, 2017

Dream Duos #3 - Kayleigh & Camille

Welcome to the third installment of the "Dream Duos" blog series. This series pairs up two models who are currently still modeling for the site and talks about why they'd be a dream duo for me to shoot on Soles of Silk. And boy, is this one ever timely!

Kayleigh (left)
Shoe Size: 5.5
Debut: October 21, 2009
# of Photos on Site: 1,434
Other Models Shot With: none

Camille (right)
Shoe Size: 7
Debut: August 26, 2015
# of Photos on Site: 212
Other Models Shot With: Alice

Back in October of 2009 a 17 year old coworker and friend of mine turned 18. Her little size 5.5 feet were in front of my camera that very day. I kid you not, Kayleigh could not wait to model for Soles of Silk and I couldn't wait to shoot her!

Fast forward six years and another friend, and former coworker of mine was looking to model her feet for the first time. She didn't do it on her 18th birthday, however. Still, it was something she was eager to do and had been looking forward to doing for some time. You know, since her older sister Kayleigh had been doing it for years. That model is CamilleThat's right, this dream duo is a sister pair, one I have not been able to shoot, yet. Yet being the key word. 

Both these sisters shot for me and then moved out of state. Kayleigh did so a few years ago, but shot a lot of sets in the years before she moved. Camille, on the other hand, only got in four sets - one of which is still yet to be published (see image below). Kayleigh ultimately returned home before Camille made her move, but I wasn't able to get them together at the time. With Camille back home visiting family for the next week or so, now it's time to make this sister duo a reality!

I was able to talk to both Kayleigh and Camille tonight for a few minutes and get some general plans in order. On Tuesday I'm going to meet up with Camille in the morning and shoot her until around 5 p.m. At that time, her sister will be available to shoot and we're going to get them together in a few sets. Talk about a way to end the day, huh?

I have also contacted Melani to see if she might be able to do a duo with Camille as well. Both of them are friends and both worked with me at the same time a few years ago. Neither of them were old enough to shoot back then, but both would always say they wanted to do it once they turned 18. If I can make that duo happen as well, that'll be a nice little bonus. Dare I say, another Dream Duo?

Over the years Kayleigh has been such a dependable model and a fan favorite. I can't wait to get her back on camera here, and hopefully we can start shooting again on a more regular basis. We're planning on doing some solo sets again, but we're going to focus on getting in the ones with Camille this week while she's home. After that, I'd like to get Kayleigh on my calendar a time or two every month. She's already in the Top 10 for most photographed models on the site at 1,434 photos. I'd love to see that number move past the 2,000 mark. Hell, the 3,000 mark would be great too. I do miss her and know many of you do as well.

As for Camille, she was someone I was so looking forward to shooting regularly, but never got the chance to do. The four sets we did were fun, especially the two team ups with Alice. Moving forward, I aim to try to find ways to keep shooting with Camille. If she ever moves back this way, I'll put her in front of my camera every chance I can get. If she doesn't, however, then we'll find ways, like this coming week, to make that happen. I still never visited the west coast and know those backgrounds and settings would make for some great photos. As for this week, however, I'm going to make the most of this chance to build up some sets of her to use in the months to come.

I'm really happy to be adding another sister duo to this site. It won't be my first one, and probably not my last. Still, it's something special and really fun. Other sister pairings on the site include: Kellie & Kimmie (identical twins), Layla & Jaylee Austin, Lauryn & Molly (sisters-in-law, if that counts), Felicia & Bridgette (fraternal twins), and Mindee & Rilynn (sisters-in-law, again, if that counts).

Be on the lookout next week, right here on the Soles of Silk Blog, for a write up and samples from all the sets I shoot with these two lovely ladies. The Soles of Silk Instagram (@SolesofSilk) will also showcase samples from the sets as they're done in real time. This photographer cannot wait to be before Kayleigh and Camille with his camera pointed right at these four adorable feet and 20 cute toes! Maybe I can talk them into a few other shoots later in the week if they're free as well? Hmm... How about it ladies?

Be on the lookout for future Dream Duo entries. Which two models would you most like to see photographed together? Don't hesitate to let me know.

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