Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Prepared? More Like Overly Prepared!

I have 5 sets of Mileena and her pretty feet ready to be published.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

During the summer I had a plan. That plan was simple. I was going to shoot a bunch of sets to last me through the winter. While using those sets I would invest in a new camera. And then when the spring approached, begin using that camera for all new content. Well, that was the plan and although I followed part of it, I did go off course.

If I had stayed the course I would have only needed to shoot a little more than a dozen sets because I already had a handful of them shot. I already had sets with the likes of Carlin, CharleeJamie, Wendy, and Mindee. Then Aliza agreed to return so I had two sets of hers that were never posted returned to the mix.

In the long run, I ended up shooting a few dozen sets and honestly haven't stopped. I don't know if it's the new camera, or just some creative energy, but I just can't stop scheduling new shoots. The rain has even caused a few to be skipped and/or rescheduled - including Mindee's neighbor, Emerald, who was set to be this week's Coming Soon teasers.

At this point in time, the number of sets I have shot and waiting to be posted is 56. With so many sets it's been fun trying to space out the models so that I'm constantly putting up everyone's favorites as well as changing up themes in the process. I try my hardest not to post, two dirty sole sets for example, back to back. So, who have I shot? Some of you might be asking - and some of you have by your emails lately. Well, here is a breakdown of who I have sets of at this point:
Some of you might be asking if this means I'm planning on stopping shoots for a bit. Well, Aspen's photo at the top of this column comes from a set we did just two days ago. We planned a trip to an amusement park together and since I haven't done any roller coaster sets in a while, I asked her if she'd be up for it. Since she loves roller coasters as much as I do, she was all for it. There would have also have been three sets shot the following day had it not rained. Those were slated to be a new model to the site and we've since rescheduled for this coming week.

Truth be told, as the weather does get cold, I will probably be using mostly those sets above. I'm not opposed to shooting indoors, but I just love shooting outside so much more. If a special occasion calls for a set, such as a holiday, then I will probably squeeze in a new one. But in all reality, it's time to use all the great content I've shot and love. But then again, if a girl is trying to flash her soles at me...

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October 2012 News & Notes

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Boy did the weather take a dive this past week. Chilly and rainy has been mother nature's agenda the past few days. Hell, it has even affected the American League Division Series between my hometown Baltimore Orioles and the hated New York Yankees. And by the way, as you might have heard on TV, the "Yankees suck!"

Now to get back on track. With the weather turning I've been trying to get in as many shoots as I can before it's just too cold. Yes, there are always indoor shoots, but I really prefer to shoot outside in some interesting locations. Plus, I literally have more than a year's worth of photos ready to be posted. As you can see, I'm not really hurting for photos.

I've been waiting to get Olivia in front of the camera with these sneakers.
Recent Set - Olivia
A couple of weeks ago I asked Olivia to do a set in a pair of teal tennis shoes she wore to work. She promised me she would do her best not to get them dirty before then. I threw in the idea of adding some knee high socks to the mix and she was all for it. At this time it wasn't yet cold and Olivia did one fun set showing off her smelly teal tennis shoes and sweaty pink knee high socks.

The first set Wendy and I were able to get in on our most recent shoot.

Recent Sets - Wendy & Almost Her Friend
Wendy and I had made plans months ago to shoot early in October. Although I already have a lot of sets of her, she isn't the easiest for me to meet with to shoot. During our recent get together we were able to get in four more sets. It was almost three, but I pushed for a fourth one in the middle of a rain storm.

Wendy's first set was done in the middle of town, next to a water fountain. Her second set was under the porch of a train station. The third was next to a small lake. And that final one saw her feet get very muddy as she held an umbrella overhead. A sample from this set can be found at the conclusion of this column.

As for the friend, the night before Wendy asked me if I'd like to do some sets with her friend. I said yes and we planned on what we might do. The next morning, however, the girl had a change of heart and Wendy and I shot the sets above instead.

I was so happy to finally point my new camera at Mindee's perfect feet.

Recent Sets - Mindee
I had been after Mindee for a few months to find time for some new sets. Mindee can be quite busy, so it was nice to finally be able to get those size 8 feet of hers back in front of my camera - which would be the first time they'd be in front of my new Canon Rebel T3i.

We didn't have a bunch of time, but we were able to get in two sets. Both were done at a waterfront park. The first one was out on a small pier/overlook on the river, and the second one, by an old rusted anchor at the park's entrance.

Missed Sets - Amelia
This week Amelia and I both woke up late and then Amelia asked if we could reschedule the shoot. The day was honestly very cold and rainy was probably for the best anyhow. Even though I have quite a few plans ahead, I'm still looking forward to trying to get in a new set or two with Amelia.

Aliza's little Asian feet found their way back in front of my camera again.

Recent Sets - Aliza
After missing out on our previous date for shooting, Aliza and I were able to get in two sets this week. The first was in front of an old mill and waterwheel and saw her wearing boots. The second was along the banks of a river by an old abandoned train bridge. Since it had rained the night before, the banks were so muddy. She had never done a muddy set and the mud was like pudding in some areas. I had her squish her feet right in. The photo above is one of the early ones. Her feet got VERY messy in the shots afterward.

Upcoming Set - Aspen
This weekend I've made plans to hit up an amusement park with Aspen. We're both roller coaster nuts and I figured we could kill two birds with one stone by shooting some quick photos around the park as well as riding some awesome rides. I'm really looking forward to it.

Upcoming Set - Emerald
Mindee's neighbor, Emerald, has expressed interest in posing on the site. The two want to do some together, but I told her I could get in some sets with her solo first. Next week she'll be showing off her size 7's and will become the site's newest sole mate.

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