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1K Club - Kimmie Conquers 1,000

This set sees Kimmie join the 1K Club. The blog below was originally published in  Soles of Silk's  Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016. Only seven days after Mindee broke the 1,000 photo mark here on Soles of Silk, another model is joining the ranks. With this week's update Kimmie becomes the seventh model to surpass this mark. The company she joins is: Cierra (1,654), Kellie (1,332),  Layla (1,478), Madison (1,832), Mindee (1,002), and Wendy  (1,054). Years ago when I had Kimmie and Kellie pose for their first sets on Soles of Silk, I knew I had something special and two instant favorites. While it's evident by her higher total, I've been able to catch up with Kellie more than Kimmie over the years to do photos, but Kimmie isn't too far behind. She's just been hard to catch up with at times, but when we finally do shoot, it's always good times. During our most recent shoot, Kimmie and I took a trip downtown and ma

1K Club - Mindee's Milestone & Vacation Photos

With this set, Mindee goes over the 1,000 photo mark on the site. The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016. It feels just like the other day I was bringing you all kinds of  Mindee related items. Two months ago she became the sixth model and was in the fifth photo set from Soles of Silk to be posted on  Wu's Feet Links in his feature gallery section. Very happy with the way things turned out, I also made some comic book based wallpapers featuring photos from that set as well that you can find in the downloads section. And here I am two months later talking her up again in another column. This week Mindee's Playground set put her over the 1,000 photo mark. Two photos over, to be exact at 1,002. This puts her up there with only a handful of models including: Cierra (1,654),  Kellie (1,332), Layla (1,478), Madison (1,832), and Wendy (1,054). And next week, another model will make