Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Soles of Silk Update - May 1, 2013

This week's update includes the following items:

PhotosNikki shows off her slender soles on a rainy morning after she kicks off her damp flip flops (62 images)

Photo Sample 01

Photo Sample 02

Video - Layla also kicks off a pair of flip flops on a rainy day while sitting on a bench by a lake (133 MB - 1080p HD)

Layla kicks off her wet flip flops

Friday, April 26, 2013

Would Love to Shoot #1 - Elan Kane, Barbie Gurl, & Red Velvet

Welcome to an all new, kinda different, feature here on the Soles of Silk blog. In years past I've been lucky enough to meet with and photograph some girls from other sites whose work I admire. Whether it was seeing the infamous Lexi and her sky high arches from Lexi's Foot Fetish in person, or being one of the many photographers Layla bared her flawless size 7s to, meeting some of the people from the foot fetish community has been great. It's also nice to add in some of the well known girls from the internet to the mix of Soles of Silk girls you only find on my site.

All that being said, this new feature is going to give brief profiles/introductions to three girls I'd love to work with one day. While some of these girls I have talked to about meeting up with, others I have not. I could just simply be a fan boy. Even if I never get to shoot with these girls, I think everyone out there should check them out regardless. I admire their work and think you will too. Now onto the first three girls I "Would Love to Shoot."

Elan Kane on Space City Soles

Elan Kane

Twitter: @ElanKane
Website: www.clips4sale.com/64139

If I had to describe my dream wife it would be: an attractive Asian female who enjoys comic books, roller coasters, loves getting in front of a camera, and has two pretty feet that she loves to show off. Now if you asked me to describe Elan Kane it would be: an attractive Asian female who enjoys comic books, roller coasters, loves getting in front of a camera, and has two pretty feet that she loves to show off.

Although I haven't proposed yet, I have introduced myself to Elan on Twitter - where I first discovered her. Every interaction we've had has been nothing but nice. She seems very down to earth and approachable.

I told Elan if she ever finds her way to my neck of the country to hit me up and we can do some photos. I also told her I'd be sure to take her to some kick ass amusement parks. She loved that idea and told me the same thing holds true if I were to find myself down her way.

Barbie Gurl on Barbie Foot Gurl.

Barbie Gurl

Twitter: @BarbieFootGurl
Website: www.barbiefootgurl.com

Unless you just turned 18 and were a good boy and didn't sneak looks at all the pretty foot models on the internet, you HAVE to know Barbie Foot Gurl - also known as Goddess Barbie.

Barbie and I have been online friends for a few years now. I've been a fan of her work since I first saw her on Canadian Footbabes. I began really getting to know her on Wu's Feetlinks via the Wu's Feetlinks Forum and then progressed to Twitter.

I've actually talked to Barbie about venturing north to meet her and do some photos. I have yet to go out of the country (USA), so taking a trip to Canada would also be a nice experience. Add in the fact that we've also talked about hitting up Canada's Wonderland Amusement Park and how could that trip be anything but awesome. Only time will tell if/when I am able to put away the money and time to make this dream shoot a reality.

Red Velvet on Red Velvet's Room

Red Velvet

Twitter: @OMGSexyFeet
Website: www.clips4sale.com/50541

Until I joined the Twitter world I was not familiar with Red Velvet - also known as Goddess Red Velvet. After checking out some of her pictures and, let's just say "naughty clips," I became quite the fan. We made some small talk and found out that we're actually not that far from one another.

Shortly after meeting Red her Twitter page went without update for months. I thought she might had called it quits. Much to my delight, however, she has since returned and in a big way.

With Red's return she has started posting some more full body shots of herself "in action." Not having seen full body shots from her in the past, I never asked her about posing for Soles of Silk. I wasn't sure if it was something she would have been comfortable with. Now that she is, I sent her a direct message recently asking if she'd be up for posing for me. She replied that she would be and we talked about doing so in June. With my birthday also in June, it looks like I'm getting one heck of a gift in seeing Red's soft soles in person!

Be sure to check back for future "Would Love to Shoot" blog posts to see some of the other cuties that I'd love to find in front of my camera.

* The majority of the photography seen in this blog series does not come from Soles of Silk. Please see the watermarks on the photos themselves for the ownership of each picture as some of the models have posed for many sites.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Soles of Silk Update - April 24, 2013

This week's update includes the following items:

PhotosRyan's feet are displayed on a hot day downtown in black sandals and bare (67 images)

Sample 01

Sample 02

VideoEmerald kicks off her shoes while letting the breeze off the lake blow through her cute toes (131 MB - 1080p HD)

Emerald's cute soles by the lake

Interviews - 1 new introductory interview with Shae Spreadz has been added to the Interviews section

Shae Spreadz

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Getting to Know... Carlin

One of the sexiest "Pose" shots I've ever taken for the site.

Meet Soles of Silk Model Carlin

Model Statistics

Debuted: Summer 2010
# of Photo Sets: 9*
# of Photos: 572*

Foot Facts

Shoe Size: 6.5
Ticklish: Yes, especially her soles
Favorite Parts of Her Feet: Toes
Favorite Nail Polish Color: Dark colors & soft pinks
Favorite Type of Shoes: Platform heels & Converse All-Stars

Model Interview Quotes

"The feet are very sensual and can be used in many ways. I love when a partner pampers my feet." - Carlin, Modeling Interview

Short Bio

Carlin's background is perhaps one of the most unique when it comes to how and when I got her to pose. It's a tale that spans 13 years and is proof positive that good things can indeed come to those who wait.

In 1997 I was a senior in high school. That year I took practically every art class you could whether it was fine arts, computer graphics, or photography. I had fallen in love with photography a year prior and one of my instructors had an ongoing joke with me that I was on a mission to shoot every pretty girl in the school.

Enter Carlin.

That year I can recall telling my friend Ryan a few times that I thought Carlin was cute. Since she was a few years younger and since I had zero game, I never tried to talk to her. But then there was this one day... 

I don't remember exactly what the project was, but I can remember seeing Carlin in the art department. I finally got up the nerve to say hello and I quickly used my art as a means to chat. I asked if she'd like to be in some of my pictures and she agreed. I was a happy guy.

However, for reasons I cannot recall, we never did get together for pictures. So I guess my goal of shooting every pretty girl in school fell short by one. I ended up graduating and really never say Carlin once I moved on and went to college.

A few years go by and I meet Carmen when she was hired by my job. While getting to know her I find out she's good friends with Carlin. Apparently Carlin had told Carmen that I had asked to do some photos with her having a shoe on top her head back when we were in school. To this day, I don't remember this "idea" for her shoot. I was, however, known for finding reasons to get my female classmates to be shoeless in their sets back then. So maybe?

A couple more years go by and I start Soles of Silk. Carmen poses for me and I ask her if she thinks Carlin would be up for it. At the time Carlin was in a relationship and Carmen thought the idea wouldn't go over well with her significant other.

In 2010, thanks to Facebook, I manage to have a conversation with Carlin. My photography eventually becomes a topic. She said she was a fan of my artistic work and also thought posing for Soles of Silk would be fun. 

During the summer that year I met with Carlin to do her first photos. The very first set we did was at a shopping area done to a shoe shopping theme (Sample 01 / Sample 02). I even had her do a photo with a shoe on top her head for a gag to say, "Hey, we finally did it!"

It was quite hot the day we did Carlin's first photos, but you would have thought it was cold. She was obviously nervous. She admitted that she didn't want to mess up my pictures and was thus, nervous. I assured her they were looking great. I knew she was going to be a hit before I even got the photos home to upload to the computer.

We ended up doing three sets the first day, highlighted by one in the ruins of an old building (Sample 01 / Sample 02). The third set was a little rushed and was done in a stream under an old one lane bridge (Sample 01 / Sample 02).

From that first day in 2010 through today, I've only been able to shoot with Carlin on three separate occasions. After work one evening in 2011 we shot downtown and shot two really great sets - one in front of an old train station (Sample 01 / Sample 02) and the second, in front of a water fountain (Sample 01 / Sample 02).

That day we said we'd have to get some more shoots in soon, but it was close to a year before we found the time to do more. This time it was Carlin who pushed the issue. She said she really wanted to try some artistic pictures along with the foot stuff. I pitched the idea for an all day shoot where we could do a handful of sets for Soles of Silk and try out some artistic ideas. The photos found at the top and bottom of this blog post were both done on that day, as was her Catwoman fan girl set (Sample 01 / Sample 02), her brownie mix set (Sample 01 / Sample 02), and a set featuring Nerds candy that I have yet to post.

You're probably wondering why I haven't posted Carlin's final set from that amazing day. Well, to be honest, Carlin is currently on her way to becoming a mommy for the second time. I'm happy for her and figured it might be some time before I'd be able to get her in front of the camera again. That being said, I would expect that set to be posted in the next couple months. I miss seeing her cute little feet on the site, so it's about that time.

While I really wish I have had more opportunities to have Carlin in front of my camera, what I have gotten has been stellar. After all, it took 13 years to get her the first time. What's a few more months for a new set?

Photographer's Final Thoughts

What do you get when you cross a comic book nerd, with a sports fan, that loves reading/writing, movies, and just so happens to be extremely pretty? I'm sure you know where I'm going with this, but you'd get Carlin. And on top of all those traits, Carlin is a sweetheart! I mean a true, down to earth, sweetheart.

I'm so glad I got to finally connect with Carlin after all these years and become her friend. She is just one of those super cool chicks all of us guys love. I'm just glad that this particular super cool chick also walks around on two charming little feet that she likes to stick at my camera.

Now if I could just get her to do that after she pulls a pair a boots off her feet, I'd be loving life. After all, according to Carlin, "I would have to say boot of any kind [make my feet sweat the most]. After a few hours my feet do get smelly."

I'm thinking I'll need a LOT of close up shots that day! And I swear to God, I better not have a stuffy nose!

Carlin spreading her toes in her sexy black stockings.

* as of the date this blog was posted

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Soles of Silk Update - April 17, 2013

This week's update includes the following updates:

PhotosMileena's little feet are on display on the rocks by a neat pond we found shooting one day (58 images)

Sample 01

Sample 02

Video - Charlee wiggles her toes under the bridge as the waves splash behind her (28.2 MB - 720p HD)

Charlee wiggling her toes by the river

Downloads - 1 new poster of Abby & Kelsey has been added to the Skulls section of the Downloads area

Kelsey tickling Abby's soft soles

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Getting to Know... Cierra

Cierra's soft soles on some outdoor stretching stations.

Meet Soles of Silk Model Cierra

Model Statistics

Debuted: January 2005 (Site Debut Model)
# of Photo Sets: 33*
# of Photos: 2,075*
Wu's Feetlinks Feature Gallery: Foot & Size Tease

Foot Facts

Shoe Size: 4
Ticklish: No
Favorite Parts of Her Feet: Arches
Favorite Nail Polish Color: Pink
Favorite Type of Shoes: Tennis shoes & flip flops

Model Interview Quotes

"I love food and every type I have stepped in for the site has had a different feeling between my toes." - Cierra, Modeling Interview

Short Bio

In 2004 when I began laying out the groundwork for opening Soles of Silk I asked a few of my friends to pose for me. One of those friends was Cierra - a former co-worker of mine.

I still remember doing Cierra's first pictures. We took a few hours one day and went to a local waterfront park and made use of several locations. Once the site went live, people were quite vocal about how much they loved her. I knew right away that we'd have to schedule some more. And boy did we ever do more!

Not to get ahead of myself, but Cierra is currently the most shot model on Soles of Silk with 2,075 pictures. In over eight years she's done just about every sub-genre of the fetish you can think of including: bare, dirty soles, food smashing (and lots of it), sweaty feet, stockings, socks, shoes, oily feet, and more.

In 2009 Cierra really hit it big, no pun intended, with a Size Teasing set on Wu's Feetlinks as the site's fourth feature set. It was the first time I ever attempted a set with the prissy/bitch aspect with the model. I wasn't sure how Cierra would go about pulling it off as she always comes across as so sweet in her sets. Much to my liking though, she pulled out the magnifying glass, showed off her bitch flip flops, and gave countless tiny gestures to the viewers. The popularity of the set has inspired me to do a few more similar sets with the likes of Layla, Charlee, Kelsey, and Jordana with some others planned.

Although Cierra did really well with her Wu's Feature Set, one thing she has become well known for is her food smashing sets. I even had to tell her that it's time to back off of them for a while as I had to save some edible items for other girls to step on. To date, Cierra has smashed the following under her feet: Peeps/Cadbury Eggs (Sample 01 / Sample 02), Blueberry Pie (Sample 01 / Sample 02), Watermelon (Sample 01 / Sample 02), Cookie Dough (Sample 01 / Sample 02), Munchkins with Jessie (Sample 01 / Sample 02), Trix Cereal (Sample 01 / Sample 02), and finally, Blueberry Pancakes (Sample 01 / Sample 02) as an ode to her Blueberry Pie set years earlier.

During her years on the site, Cierra has become one of my trademark models. People are always asking about her and for good reason. Although it's been a little over a year since we last shot, we talked about doing some more sets in the near future. I personally can't wait to see her posing again. Those cute little feet have been missed by many of you and of course, me personally.

Photographer's Final Thoughts

One of my favorite aspects of Cierra's feet is how much they sweat. It is odd that I never really noticed this about them when she first started posing. Even in her introductory interview on the site, when asked about which shoes make her feet sweat, she answered, "My feet don't really sweat."

Fast forward a few years and she was doing a tennis shoes and socks set with Mindee (Sample 01 / Sample 02) and her feet were saturated. Mindee even teased her about it. I swear that every single set after that I noticed them sweating almost non-stop.

Although Cierra has gotten plenty of playful teases from me, she's been a good sport when it comes to letting me massage those moist little things. I treasure every moment when she's in front of the camera, and of course, every moment those adorable feet are in my hands.

Cierra's sweaty soles after pulling off her Converse.
* as of the date this blog was posted

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Soles of Silk Update: April 10, 2013

This week's update includes the following update:

Photos - Mindee shows off her size 8 soles on a very rocky stream below a foot bridge (92 images)

Sample 01
Sample 02
Photos - Mindee kicks off her flip flops in front of an old rusty water wheel (44 images)

Sample 01

Sample 02
 Video - Aspen pushes her soft soles in the equally soft sand as she smashes a sand castle on the beach (141 MB - 1080p HD)

Aspen smashes a sand castle

Soles of Silk Model Statuses - Part 5

In part 4 of this blog series I gave the current statuses of 15 of Soles of Silk's models. Those models were: Lauryn, Layla, Lexi, Lisa Tyler, Lizzie, Madison, Marcy, Maria, Mariah, Meagan, Mileena, Mindee, Molly, Natalie, and Nessa.
Nikki - size 7
Nikki - I currently have four sets waiting to go of Nikki. In the late summer of last year she was nice enough to give me several hours to do some sets, even though I already had three of her shot at that point. I knew fall/winter was moving in and I wanted to be sure I had lots of content of her little slender feet. You'll be seeing Nikki quite regularly in the months to come and I'm certain we'll be doing some new shots here before long.

Olivia - size 7.5
Olivia - Olivia and I have some plans to do an all day shoot once the weather is nice. We want to hit up a beach, but make use of some other neat landmarks and locations along the way. In the meantime, I still have two sets of her waiting to be posted.

Paige Noelle - size 8
Paige Noelle - I would have said Paige Noelle would have been a one and done model about a year ago, but we talked briefly over the winter about a possible return. She seemed interested at the time, so I'll have to get back to her now that the spring months are here.

Precious - size 8
Precious - I haven't shot with Precious in ages. To be quite honest, I really haven't seen her in ages either. That's how our friendship has been forever as she comes and goes and hasn't always been the easiest person to keep in touch with.

Ryan - size 8
Ryan - Why I don't have more pictures of Ryan is beyond me. I have a set of her waiting to be posted, but I work with the girl and she's also one of my best friend's roomates. We talk all the time about shoot ideas, so this year, I'm going to push to get her in front of the camera a little more often. I'm sure she won't mind and I'm sure you won't either.

Sara Swirls - size 8
Sara Swirls - It's been years since I've shot with Sara Swirls. She's still doing her thing with her website and we've talked here and there on Twitter ( @SaraSwirls). She's said she's interested in posing again, but her open times so far have been without much warning and I wasn't able to match her schedule. I'd love to see her again on the site, so I wouldn't rule it out - even though it has been ages.

Shae Spreadz - size 10
Shae Spreadz - Currently the site's newest model, Shae Spreadz, has two sets left to be posted. I'm not sure if I will get in any more with her in the near future as she lives half way across the country. I met up with her when she was passing by after talking with her quite a bit on Twitter (@ShaeSpreadzXXX). She did come back through shortly after her first trip, but I had hurt my back so we weren't able to schedule anything last minute. 

Shayna - size 7.5
Shayna - I don't really keep in contact with Shayna, although I do know how to contact her. A few years ago we talked about doing some new pictures, but just never followed through. Perhaps if we run into one another I will ask again. Just not sure if she's interested these days.

Sue Lovely - size 7.5
Sue Lovely - As far as I know, Sue Lovely is no longer modeling - at least her feet. We only shot the one time and that was prior to the site's debut. She was a launch model and although we talked a few times about shooting again, we never got to.

Taylor - size 6.5
Taylor - Only shot with this cutie the one time when she posed for a solo set and then one with Abby. I met Taylor through Abby and though she might be someone I could get in front of the camera regularly. In the years since I've reached out to her for a return and she's seemed interested numerous times. We've just never matched up well and it just slipped through the cracks over and over. Her cousin, Olivia, now poses for me, so perhaps I can use that to my advantage to get Taylor to return, maybe even do a set with Olivia.

Tiff - size 5.5
Tiff - Like Taylor, I met Tiff through Abby when they did several shoots together and solo one afternoon. Since then I've lost touch with Tiff, and I believe Abby has as well.
Tiffany - size 7.5
Tiffany - I met Tiffany through another webmaster, but only shot her one evening after I got off work. We did two sets and have since lost touch. I have no idea if she even models anywhere else, or is even modeling at all.

Wendy - size 8
Wendy - You'll be seeing a lot of Wendy in 2013 and beyond. We just seem to shoot a ton of sets all at once and we did that a handful of times last year. At this time I still have five sets of her waiting to be posted from those sets. And I'm 101 percent certain we'll meet up to do more once the spring is in full effect.

That wraps up all of the Soles of Silk models and this series. I hope this helps everyone answer some questions about their favorite models on the site. Be sure to check back here and on Soles of Silk for any update information.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Soles of Silk Model Statuses - Part 4

In part 3 of this blog series I gave the current statuses of 15 of Soles of Silk's models. Those models were: Jamie, Jaylee Austin, Jessie, Jordana, Kat Noir, Katie, Kayleigh, Keira, Kellie, Kelsey, Kerri Taylor, Kim T., Kimmie, Krystie, and Lady Steph.

Lauryn - size 8.5
Lauryn - It's been ages since I shot the bubbly, Lauryn. She was a launch model who was semi-regular at the start. We lost touch for a bit and then she returned for a quick few sets. Although I haven't totally lost touch with her, she's a very busy girl and seemed as if she wasn't sure about posing again the last time I brought it up. Perhaps I should ask again.

Layla - size 7
Layla - Ever since Layla debuted on the site she's been a regular. Even though we hadn't shot for almost two years at one point, I had done so many sets of her that I hadn't posted, it never looked like she had gone. After losing touch, we did talk and schedule a shoot at the end of summer in 2012. I still have two of those sets to post and I really need to contact her to see if she's game for more. I love having Layla going up on a regular basis, as do many of you.

Lexi - size 7
Lexi - Years ago I did the eight hour drive north to shoot with Lexi. We only did a handful of sets on my trip, but talked about doing more. Sadly it seems like Lexi is no longer in the industry, or just laying low. I always wanted to make that return trip, but it looks like that probably won't happen.

Lisa Tyler - size 7
Lisa Tyler - Lisa Tyler was a launch model for the site and we only ever met up twice for photos. Both times we did a handful of sets. Sadly after the last time we got together (years ago), I lost her contact information on an older computer that crashed. With her own foot fetish site closing down prior, I have had no way to contact her all these years. I don't even know if she's modeling anymore. I sure wish she did as she was nice enough to pose for me when I didn't even have Soles of Silk up and running at the time. Her debut photos were a massive hit and some of my best early work for the site.

Lizzie - size 7.5
Lizzie - I met Lizzie years ago when I used to use One Model Place. We found a day to shoot and we only shot two sets. She was a lot of fun and we both said we'd like to shoot again. That never happened as her contact information no longer worked. I hoped one day that she'd contact me, but no luck.

Madison - size 8.5
Madison - By this time I really would have expected Madison to have over 3,000 photos on the site. Sadly, after doing just under 2,000, she met a new guy and seemingly forgot all of her friends. She was my most dependable model and someone I adored as a friend. Losing her was upsetting for both reasons, especially since I never got so much as a, "I'm no longer interested," or anything similar. I'd love to have her long slender soles make new appearances, but I seriously doubt she'll return at this point.

Marcy - size 8
Marcy - Arranging shoots with Marcy was never easy. She always seemed busy and then even stood me up on a few occasions. I have since told her cousin, Mindee, that I'd only schedule something with her again if Mindee was there. I think she'd be less likely to no show a shoot with Mindee around because Mindee would let her know how screwed up it is. I haven't pressed Mindee to contact her to pose as I've been plenty busy with the girls who don't stand me up. Still, I'd like to see if giving her another chance might work out. Only time will tell.

Maria - size 7.5
Maria - I met Maria one time while still working on getting Soles of Silk up and running. I met her on One Model Place and we only did two sets one evening. I have no idea if Maria still models as I haven't talked with her since 2004.

Mariah - size 5.5
Mariah - Only ever got Mariah in front of the camera for two shoots, one of which I'd lose on my laptop. Mariah is Mindee's cousin and came out to do some photos one summer day years ago. I don't have contact information for Mariah, but have sometimes mentioned her around Mindee. Perhaps I could get Mindee to gauge her interest in a return too?

Meagan - size 6.5
Meagan - I met Meagan through Chloe many years ago. The two were best friends and both modeled for me for their first sets on the same day. It would be the only day I ever got to shoot with Meagan as the two girls had a falling out and Meagan didn't really return any of my requests for future shoots.

Mileena - size 6.5
Mileena - It took me forever to get Mileena to pose for Soles of Silk, but since she has, she's been one of the site's regulars. Only having posed on three seperate occasions, Mileena and I tend to do shoots in bunches to make use of days we both have off. She's the owner of the feet I got to stare at for an entire day last summer on a trip to West Virginia. We stopped at some very unique locations for six different shoots along the way. I still have three of those sets left to post and we already have some ideas floating around for new sets this spring/summer.

Mindee - size 8
Mindee - Don't be surprised if Mindee takes over having the most photos on the site soon. I have four solo sets of her and two duo sets with Emerald waiting to be posted. Mindee has been on the site from the start and loves posing. I love taking her photos, so it's a great match. Not bad considering Mindee thought her feet were ugly and was trying to talk me out of wanting to take her photos when this whole thing started.

Molly - size 11
Molly - To say Molly had a huge impact would both be a play on words with her size 11 feet, and a 100 percent, true story. Molly had done some adult modeling prior to me shooting with her, so she was a natural for my much more tame shoots. We met up several times, each time doing a bunch of shoots. Eventually though, Molly and her husband moved across the country and I haven't seen them in years. I hoped that if she should make it back this way that she'd jump in front of my camera again, but as far as I know, she hasn't been back.

Natalie - size 7
Natalie - Natalie is one of the models who, like her cousin, Bethany, I wanted to pose a lot more than what she did. I arranged a shoot with Bethany and mentioned wanting to shoot with Natalie as well. Bethany talked her into it and I was able to get in a solo set of Natalie and then one of the two together. Since she lived out of state, it was hard for us to match up dates/times for new sets. Natalie even mentioned to me that she posed for another foot fetish site in her area, which surprised me as my site was the first time she ever did anything like this. I told her I was excited for her and couldn't wait to shoot again. We never did and have since lost touch. 

Nessa - size 8
Nessa - Nessa is one of the one and done models and her one set was actually a duo. Wendy mentioned asking a friend to pose with her for her tailgating set (Sample 01 / Sample 02) and I said sure. Nessa came by and we went ahead and began shooting. It was the only set we did that day and I don't even know if Wendy is still in touch with Nessa.

... to be concluded in Part 5, which will include the final 13 models on the site: Nikki, Olivia, Paige Noelle, Precious, Ryan, Sara Swirls, Shae Spreadz, Shayna, Sue Lovely, Taylor, Tiff, Tiffany, and Wendy.