Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Soles of Silk Update - June 30, 2021

This week's update includes the following items

Photos - Charlee shows off her Rosie the Riviter shirt and socks while sitting out in front of an airplane this Fourth of July week (71 images)

Video Clips - Charlee tugs off her Rosie the Riviter socks to let her feet air out while sitting in front of a large airplane (193 MB - 1080p HD)

Downloads (Phone Wallpapers) - 4 new wallpapers of Lela Beryl have been added to the Phone Wallpapers gallery of the Downloads section

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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Soles of Silk Update - June 23, 2021

This week's update includes the following items

Photos - New model Leena is out roller blading on a hot day and can't wait to sit down, kick off her roller blades, and tug off her black knee high socks from her sweaty size 6.5 feet

Video Clips Ava's feet are nice and hot after walking around the park for a bit, especially since she wasn't wearing any socks (215 MB - 1080p HD)

Downloads (Vonnziellonnika) - The Allie Collective, featuring 9 pieces, has been added to the Vonnziellonnika Collectives of the Downloads section

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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Thursday's Shoot, Pt. 2 - Charlee & Ava

If you're coming to the Soles of Silk blog and finding this shoot recap, be sure to read, "Thursday's Shoot, Pt. 1 - Charlee," for the happenings that took place prior to all this goodness. Charlee shot a couple of sets solo that turned out quite nice before her size 7.5 were ultimately paired up with Ava's size 9's.

Go ahead... Go read that blog. We'll wait.

All done? Good. Let's get into this. Believe me, you're going to love these sets too.

Once Ava finally arrived after having her car hit, she said she was ready to shoot to get her mind off things. She was looking forward to this shoot and that's why she didn't cancel. Seeing the outcome of these two sets, I'm so damn glad she didn't. Wow!

Knowing we were only shooting two duo sets, the three of us had planned out our ideas for the sets in advance. Since one of those two sets was to be a tickling set, Ava suggested we do that one first to help clear her mind. That was a good call because it helped set the fun/crazy tone for the rest of the day.

Set 1: These Two TICKLISH!

First things first, these two are very ticklish. I'm sure you figured that out already by the title I gave this shoot. Still, I just wanted you to know, I'm not exaggerating. This one got crazy and I loved seeing it.

Each and every time either of these two trailed her fingers down the other's soles, laughter filled the room. Whenever fingers were stuck between toes, the owner of those toes flopped around on the bed in the background. There's no way people in the room next to us didn't hear all the commotion. We didn't care. The only thing I worried about was if the photos would turn out blurry with all the movement. Alas, they did not.

With a few people recently asking for tickling sets and clips, I truly think you're going to love all the content from this shoot, especially the clip. Charlee and Ava are laughing their asses off the entire time the camera rolled. Believe me, they weren't faking it. Ava even admitted to her sides hurting a little bit from all the laughter after I put the camera down.

Set 2: Kiss Our Feet Size Compare

With the fun mood set from first shoot, Charlee and Ava moved into the second with ease. I tell you what, based on the fun we had shooting the first one and then this one, I wish I had 10 sets of these two together. Talk about instant chemistry. That doesn't always happen when pairing up two of my friends/models who never met prior. It seemed like these two were longtime friends.

Having rulers, magnifying glasses, and some random blue balls on the bed, Charlee and Ava went about having some fun with their colorful props. I told them to do what came natural and before I knew it, stockings were being tugged off, rulers went between toes, balls got squished, and stockings were thrown at me. Sometimes it's good to be me.

In addition to the tickling requests, some of you also ask for measurement photos. Both girls did some shots where they measured there feet, both solo and together. I assured them a lot of you will love seeing that too.

Once we finished, it was time to pack up and part ways. Charlee had prior commitments and will be leaving early in the morning to head home. I'm glad she gave me some of her time while back home and I'm "tickled" that she and Ava wanted to shoot together. Get it? Tickled...

With all said and done, Charlee shot 10 total sets for me since Saturday. Ava, who shot on Friday of last week, came away with four of her own. We've also had the chance to shoot prior to this week and also have a few other plans we wish to make happen soon. Expect to be seeing a lot of these two moving forward. I know you'll be itching to see them together from these two sets. Hmm... I wonder how long I should make you all wait to see all this goodness?

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Thursday's Shoot, Pt. 1 - Charlee

On Saturday and Sunday, Charlee and I met up for the first time in years to shoot some new sets for Soles of Silk. We managed six total sets, three on each day. If you haven't viewed the samples from those sets, make sure you check them out in the following blogs:

Originally, Charlee and I were going to try to meet up on Monday to shoot a few more sets too, but life got in the way for the both of us. It ultimately ended up being better that we both tended to what we needed to do and plan to shoot again on Thursday.

Well, today is Thursday and shoot again we did. The plan for the day was for Charlee and Ava to meet up and shoot a couple of duo sets. While that did end up happening, Charlee's day freed up an hour and a half early. I wasn't doing anything, so I made my way over so she could shoot two quick solo sets before Ava joined us. This blog will feature the two solo sets with Charlee, and "Thursday's Shoot, Pt. 2 - Charlee & Ava," will showcase what the two of them did together. You won't want to miss that, I promise!

Set 1: Red Fence Nets

If we had met on Monday, Charlee wanted to do a set with a pair red fence net thigh high stockings I had in the wardrobe I've mentioned in her previous shoot blogs. We planned to shoot it outdoors, but that was the day we both decided to postpone. With the extra time today, it meant we could go ahead and do the set. She wore the same outfit and all, with the only change being we did it indoors. Since I was going to have to set up my lighting for her sets with her and Ava anyhow, we stayed inside for ease and to keep things moving.

I tell you what, I'm glad we were able to squeeze this one. Those bright red fence nets looked so flashy clinging to Charlee's legs and feet. Watching her play with them as she pulled them off, was even better. The sample shot above is the perfect example of what I mean. Her spread toes and arched feet pulled those stretchy stockings tight and all the netting made for some great lines and texture.

Set 2: Fierce

This set was another one Charlee and I had wanted to shoot on Monday. She saw the black knee high socks you see her wearing above from the wardrobe I brought along. They read, "Fierce," going down the sides in large text. There was also a pair of shorts with the same slogan around the waistband in with the socks. She snatched them up and we did ultimately get to use them. Had things not played out as they did, however, this set might not have happened.

When leaving the nail salon on her way to the shoot, Ava's car was struck by someone in the parking lot. Thankfully she is okay, but her car sustained some front end damage. When she texted me that she was in an accident, I told her we could postpone her photos to another day, but she had her heart set on shooting with Charlee. She just needed a little extra time since she had to deal with her insurance company. Charlee and I decided to go ahead and do this one while we waited.

Just like in the set prior, Charlee looked so adorable tugging these socks from her feet. I know we did a couple of other sets using socks over this last week, but I honestly don't care. They all turned out so good and feature totally different settings and themes. I know you're all going to love them too. With as much as we shot, I'll also be spacing them out with all her other stellar sets.

When Charlee and I finished this set, Ava was only minutes away. For those photos, however, you're going to have to read Part 2 of today's blog. Coming soon!

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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Soles of Silk Update - June 16, 2021

This week's update includes the following items

Photos Ava's been out at the park for hours in her colorful sneakers and her feet need a breather, especially since she hasn't been wearing any socks (56 images)

Video Clips Allie loves showing off her little feet and she loves just how little they truly are as she pulls off her frilly socks to let us all see (178 MB - 1080p HD)

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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Tuesday's Shoot - Noelle & Leena (New Model)

Thanks to Noelle, Soles of Silk has its first new model of 2021. Later in this blog, you will meet her cousin, Leena, and her adorable size 6.5 feet. The two have been talking for a little over the last month about Leena becoming the site's newest sole mate. Luckily for us, she agreed. Noelle can be quite persuasive!

Speaking of Noelle, I have to say, she has been in planning mode for weeks trying coming up with themes and settings for today's shoot. The park we used. Her idea. Asking Leena to use her yard for their duo. Her idea. Some of the more creative set ideas you're about to see, also her idea. I wish everyone I shot had that much enthusiasm for the planning stages. Obviously, it's my site and it does fall on me. It's just nice to have some other ideas tossed around to consider.

Okay, enough ass kissing (or would that be foot kissing in this case?). Let's look at all five sets that Noelle and Leena appeared in during today's long, but very fruitful (pun intended) shoot.

* I usually post the sets in the order they were taken. In this particular shoot recap blog, I have decided to break the recap down by model, and then their team up.

Noelle Set 1: Gray Flats Pier

To start off the day, I asked Noelle to bring the flats we didn't use from our last shoot in May (see blog: "Tuesday's Shoot - Noelle"). My idea was to have Noelle do a simple set to begin the day so Leena could watch and learn. Then have Leena do a set with sneakers, so they'd be somewhat similar. I find it is sometimes beneficial to have a new model get to observe another before her first set. 

As for the pier location, we decided on this one after arriving at the park. The park itself has a ton of options, but some were sadly occupied by other people. This pier was not and it was well lit by the sun overhead.

Noelle Set 2: Gone Fishing

Noelle's second set of the day was one I actually suggested. I knew we were going to be surrounded by water, so a fishing set popped into my head. Several fishing alcoves can be found throughout the park and thankfully we found one with ideal sunlight and no one fishing. Noelle ended up loving the set theme and took it above and beyond just my basic idea.

All the props for this set, Noelle brought. I don't fish, so I don't own a rod, tackle box, or any bait. And speaking of bait, apparently Noelle wants everyone to know that she thinks little bait is pointless. She's looking for the "big" catch and in order to get that, bigger is better. Oh Noelle... We understand what you truly mean.

Leena Set 1: Park Jog

After Noelle's first set finished, the three of us walked through the wooded trails, looking for a spot to shoot Leena's sneaker set. We were struggling to find a place that was well lit with so many trees overhead. Then we finally saw a bench. A lone bench out in a convergence of three of the park's paths with no shadows. We decided to use it.

Leena took what she learned from watch Noelle with her flats earlier and put it into her first set. Of course, Leena had been in those shoes the entire time we were at the park, waiting for her turn to shoot. I knew her feet were going to be sweaty when they were finally freed. I loved it! I think she noticed as much. If she didn't, I'm sure Noelle told her all about my little particular kinks with sweaty feet. She sure shared one of my other ones within like 30 seconds of Leena and I meeting each other. Awkward!

Leena Set 2: Rollerblades

Leena's second set was one suggested by Noelle last week. When she pitched it to me, I knew we had to do it and I even had some black knee high socks I told her I wanted to include. 

Until today, I had never shot a rollerblades themed set. Roller skates? Yes. A long board? Yes. And just like those two sets, this one came out so well and will be the one I debut Leena with on the site tomorrow.

I used some stop action photography to start off this set. Leena skated by me a few times before we got her down on the ground to remove her rollerblades and socks. As hot as it was at this point, I knew her feet were getting all sweaty again. Yeah, she had to have known I loved them that way by this point. No doubt!

Noelle & Leena Duo Set 1: Avocados

Okay, this set was all Noelle and Leena. I don't eat avocados and had no idea how interesting they'd be for a food smashing shoot. The thought to use them has never even entered my mind since 2004. Leave it to Noelle to come up with this one (along with some crazy other ones she was tossing around today). As a matter of fact, I think this set was already in her mind before we shot last month. She's been wanting to do this for some time.

Without getting into all the messy details here, I'll admit, while I still have no desire to eat avocados (not even from between all those adorable toes), they turned out to be a fun food for the girls to use in the set. Plus, the two of them had the avocado wardrobe because of course they would.

During this entire set, the both of them had a blast making a huge mess. They also found it funny to laugh at some of the expressions I was making all throughout. Like I have said countless times, messy food sets are always some of my models' favorite sets to shoot. Had you have been there for this one, you would have seen it proving to be true once again.

And before we end things here, a funny story. All damn day, like with every other shoot, I was able to shoot pretty much each and every set without anyone being in our way, over our shoulder, talking to us, etc. Whenever it came time to film the clips, however, everyone and their mother seemed to show up. Boats full of people, cars parking right next to us, dozens of people walking/jogging... it didn't matter. In this avocado's set we had Leena's backyard and no one around. Well, until we did.

Just as we were wrapping up the clip, Leena's neighbor came outside and said hello to us from a deck high above. Yup, there's the neighbor looking down at Leena and Noelle in a sloppy green mess and me filming it all. Nothing was said about it, and a few seconds later, he was gone. Just imagine walking outside and seeing something like that. I'm wondering if he'll ever bring it up one day? Too funny.

I expect both these ladies to be regulars on the site moving forward. I'm sure Noelle has about a dozen ideas already in her head and at least half of them are probably crazy! If they turn out like the avocados, then I guess they'll all be worth doing. Until next time ladies, thanks so much for today!

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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Sunday's Shoot - Charlee

Yesterday I met with Charlee for the first time in three years. We managed to shoot three amazing sets. Today, we met again, and shot three more amazing sets. If you have yet to see the results from yesterday, be sure to read the blog, "Saturday's Shoot - Charlee." Now, onto today's memorable shoot.

Set 1: Rosie

In yesterday's blog I made mention of a huge stash of shirts, shorts, socks, and other clothing items I have collected over the years. The plan was to use those items in photo shoots with my models over time. Well, I've been holding onto some of these items for years and I'm making an effort to get them into sets here moving forward. 

One of the items was a Rosie the Riveter shirt and a matching pair of socks. I found them at the National Air & Space Museum in Washington, D.C. back in 2018 with the hopes of one day doing an airplane themed set. Today, I finally got that chance and it all happened by chance. 

Before getting started, Charlee and I ran out to get a quick bite to eat. As we drove down the street, we saw an airplane out in front of a building. It was literally right next to a sidewalk and busy road. We both had the same thought too. Charlee had seen the shirt in my wardrobe bin yesterday. We grabbed our food, ate, and came right back to the location for the first shoot.

I will be 100 percent honest here, this location was one of my favorite in the last few years. With the Covid-19 pandemic last year and me going more for simple/quick sets this year so far, I feel so lucky to have found this spot. Sometimes things just work out for the best and it sure did with this outfit and location combo.

Set 2: Morning PJ's

Walking back to my car after the Rosie set, it began to rain. We could tell it was coming with how the dark the skies were wrapping up our last few photos. We had no worries, however, because the original plan for the day was to shoot all three sets indoors. We just couldn't look past the opportunity to use that plane in our background when we saw it.

As for Charlee's second set, we kept things simple. Charlee pulled on some comfy clothes and jumped on the bed. Nothing special, just cute, and I love cute. As much as I love shooting the unique backgrounds like we had just done, many times, it's hard to beat a simple setting with the model showing off her bare feet. I mean, isn't that what everyone comes to Soles of Silk to see anyhow? Less can be more.

Set 3: Squirter

Now for another set using some of the fun wardrobe I have collected. I won't get into the gushing details of this theme as it's pretty evident. There's this soda called Squirt. It's wet, it gushy, and it can explode all over the place if you know what you're doing. Okay, I'm going to stop!

The funniest thing about this whole shoot happening today came (no pun intended) during the conversation Charlee and I had upon her finding the shirt. She had never heard of Squirt soda. I can see why too. You don't really see it around here. As a matter of fact, when she said she wanted to wear the shirt in one of the sets, I had to a few stores just to find it. Since we didn't plan on shooting this one to begin with, I naturally didn't have any with me.

This set turned out to be fun and simple just like the one prior. This time, however, she had some props to play with between the socks and the soda bottles. Thankfully, Charlee didn't spill any of the soda on the bed too because Squirt gets everywhere. Okay, okay... I promised for real this time, no more jokes.

With these two days of shooting, Charlee is now at six sets during her visit home. We will be getting together again tomorrow for two more, then two more again on Thursday. Thursday's sets have her teaming with Ava. With the six sets shot and the four more coming this week, Charlee will be the site's second model, behind Mindee, to join the 3K Club (3,000 photos), once they're published. I always figured she'd be a part of the 3K Club years ago, but once she moved, I thought it might never happen. Well, I'm glad to see what it will. If I have my way, if this is how we need to make another 1,000 happen over the next few years, then so be it. I never grow tired of shooting Charlee - not only one of my most-photographed models, but someone I've long called a friend. Thanks for everything, Charlee.

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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Saturday's Shoot - Charlee

You know what is awesome? Catching up with a good friend you haven't seen in years. You wouldn't know that Charlee and I haven't seen one another since 2018 since she's had a recent update. That set, however, was one of many she and I shot during one of her previous visits back home.

When I learned that Charlee was coming back again here in 2021, I immediately asked her if she had any free time. Luckily for me (and you), she did. She's given me some time over the course of several days this week to get in some much needed content. She said she might not be back around for a while ago, so I'm going to make it count.

Today we managed three sets out in the heat. And what kind of sets work best with heat? Why sneakers and no socks, or if with socks, some knee high socks. That was today's overall theme. Don't worry though, over the next few days Charlee and I are going to be doing some other themes so she has some variation throughout these new sets. We have some rather fun ideas too that you're going to love.

Set 1: The Tennis Courts

We decided to head down to a college not too far from where Charlee was staying for today's shoots. We found quite a few people around watching a baseball game, so we had our work cut out for us. We ended up walking around for a few and noticed no one was at the tennis courts. Only half the courts were strung up with nets, but it didn't matter. No one was around and I'm sure all of you are not paying attention to nets, unless they're fish nets or fence net stockings

Thankfully the ground wasn't too hot and we sat down to get things underway. The only thing that was being difficult, and it was throughout the entire day, was all the cicadas flying around. Charlee even freaked out when one flew right by her face during our first attempt to shoot the set's video clip. I saved it too. Maybe I should save up some clips like these and put them into a bloopers reel. That would be funny!

Set 2: The College Courtyard Table

Since the rest of the rest of the areas near the courts were occupied, we decided to head up into the college area itself for the second set. No one was around, although a security officer did come outside right when we began. I was wondering if we were going to be chased away, but he was just locking doors. Or maybe he was watching from inside the tinted doors. If so, I hope he had a foot fetish.

I must say, I loved all three sets done on this day, but this set was my favorite of the bunch. There was so much feet in face poses and her shoes were always right there too. The landscaping in the background also helped make this set my favorite. What do you think?

Set 3: The Soccer Field

We honestly had no idea what to do for our third set. I didn't want to leave the area, unless we had to. Charlee had some plans with friends later in the evening and I wanted to be fair to her and her time. She and I have plenty of time to shoot in the days to come.

In the lead up to our shoots, I told Charlee that I was bringing along a ton of shorts, socks, and even t-shirts I have managed to acquire over the years. I used to buy stuff all the time, thinking, "I can use that in a set." 

Truth be told, some of it has been used, but I've been sitting on a ton of it for a long time now. I want to put it to use and Charlee made sure we did just that. The shirt, the shorts, and the socks were all from those items and I'm glad they were finally included in a set. Well, the shirt has now been used twice. You can't really see it in this sample, but it's the same inchworm shirt Melani wore on the June 2, 2021 update (see sample).

Once we wrapped up our third set, we called it a day, but not before running out to get some snowballs. It was such a godsend because I was dying of thirst by that point. At least we have some indoor sets planned to be mixed in with any others we decide to do outside moving forward - and some rather fun stuff too. I can't wait. It was so nice to shoot one of my site's most photographed models once again after all this time. Thanks Charlee. It's always a great day with you. I sure do miss doing them on the regular.

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Friday, June 11, 2021

Friday's Shoot - Ava

It has been raining all day long. Of course it would. Whenever I plan my shoots it always seems like there is at least a chance of rain in the forecast. I guess it was a good thing that Ava and I already planned to shoot today's sets indoors. We had a couple of ideas we thought about using and ended up doing two of them - those you see above. Here's some details about the both of them.

And oh yeah, if you haven't gotten your Ava fix yet (and who has?) it looks like she will be teaming up with Charlee for a couple sets next week. Charlee is coming in from out of town and we planned to shoot several days during her stay. Why not get the two of them together? Both are excited to make it happen and I can't wait to see them barefoot, side by side.

Set 1: Candy Filled Shoes

For this evening's first set, Ava was in a pair of white shoes and a pair of socks you might remember from Mindee's and Melani's first-ever team up in May 2018 (see sample). I thought with this set's theme, they'd be perfect to include and be a little nod to the past. People have seemed to like whenever I've done that in the past and a few of you have even picked up on it when I didn't mention it outright - whether it be similar outfits, props, locations, etc.

If you haven't yet, take a look at the inside of the shoe Ava is holding up in the first sample above. Yup, her shoes were filled with some soft candies of varying types. They got nice and warm, and of course, squished, under her size 9 feet. It's fun sticking stuff inside the model's shoes from time to time. We joked that it felt better than any gel insert.

Set 2: White Fence Nets

Up next Ava stayed on the bed for ease. For a while now, I have mentioned the idea of shooting some different stocking types to Ava. Knowing we will surely be doing lots of sets moving forward, it would be fun to have some different types of stockings in some of her upcoming work. She's always been game and tonight she shot a set wearing a pair of fence nets. 

Before shooting the set, Ava told me she had a white one piece dress she thought would match the stockings. When she put it on, I knew we had a hit. I loved the long sleeves on it too.

So it looks like this fence nets will be the first type of stockings you will see in Ava's gallery. Moving forward you should be seeing your standard pantyhose, fishnets, and maybe even some retro styles with the different reinforcements on the heels and toes. She's very eager to shoot anything and everything we come up with. Expect a lot more of Ava, without a doubt.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Soles of Silk Update - June 9, 2021

 This week's update includes the following items

Photos - Allie puts the lit into little, especially for us with her tiny size 5 feet, all dolled up in her frilly pink socks (69 images)

Video Clips - Charlee's feet are so messy as she slides them around in a mushy mess of what was once a banana creampie (179 MB - 1080p HD)

Downloads - A new artist, Vonnziellonnika, has been added to the Downloads section

Downloads (Vonnziellonnika) - The Noelle Collective, featuring 13 pieces, has been added to the Vonnziellonnika Collectives of the Downloads section

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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Soles of Silk Update - June 2, 2021

This week's update includes the following items

Photos Melani hates tiny things, like inchworms, and lets all of us know how much size matters (69 images)

Video Clips Melani measures and slaps an inchworm to let you know just how she feels about the smaller things in life (241 MB - 1080p HD)

Downloads (Artwork) - 1 new comic cover of Melani has been added to the Artworks gallery of the Downloads section

Downloads (Phone) - 4 new phone wallpapers of Melani have been added to the Phone Wallpaper gallery of the Downloads section

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