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Soles of Silk Update - October 1, 2014

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - Olivia shows off her slender soles covered in salt water and sand while out on the beach (60 images)

Photos - Ashlyn's little soles and toes are on display as she poses them on a wooden bridge out in the middle of a pond (43 images)

Video - Mindee's soles and toes toy with some bubble gum, both in gum ball form and even chewed on (188 MB - 1080p HD)

Downloads (Avatars) - 1 new avatar of Shae Spreadz has been added to the Celebrating 10 Years Avatars page of the Downloads area

Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday's Shoot - Emerald

Today Emerald and I met up for one of the few remaining photo shoots I have marked down on my schedule in 2014. With only two days remaining before October, and lots of unpublished sets awaiting their day to be featured on the site, I've been selective about scheduling. Emerald, however, has been great to me for each and every shoot she's done - doing some of her best work during our last meeting. Because of this I told Emerald I'd be game to get several more sets whenever she was free. We made plans to shoot today and I came up with a few unique ideas.

Our first set was in a field of sunflowers. For the past few years I've seen people on social media shooting in the midst of thousands of sunflowers on a farm somewhere in Maryland, but never knew where it was. This year I decided to check it out.

A few of my friends who had visited the fields told me where to find it. They also told me that there are signs welcoming people to explore the fields and take as many pictures as they want. I marked the location down and ran the idea by Emerald. She had actually been there a few years ago and agreed it would be a neat location.

Emerald poses her feet in the sunflower fields.

When we got to the fields there was yellow and black as far as the eye could see. Sadly, however, with the weather being a little on the chilly side last week, quite a few of the flowers had wilted. There was still plenty in full bloom and we made use of them.

After I parked the car on a small pull off area we made our way out into the fields. We found a few spots with a little bit of a clearing and began snapping photos. With only the flat ground to work with, it limited us to standing shots and photos of her sitting on the ground. I knew and expected this going into the shoot, but the location was too unique to pass up. I also figured we could do some photos at the end with the small wooden fence we had to hop to get into the fields. There was about 20 feet of space between the fence and the flowers, but you'd still be able to see just how many flowers there were - and that was only the one section of the fields. The place is massive!

Once we had pissed off about a dozen bees (they wouldn't leave the flowers), and got in enough photos we made our way back to the car. Even with the wilted flowers and limited poses available, the set resulted in some good shots nonetheless. With everything done, we drove to our next location - a Light Rail train stop.

I decided on this train stop because I had asked Emerald if she'd be okay with wearing pantyhose in one of her sets. Until today she hadn't posed in any kind of stockings, so I thought her fans might like to see that.

"I'm good for whatever," she told me when I texted her the idea last night. 

I just wanted a more urban setting than the farms we had just left. The train station provided that, all while being in a scenic area as well. I'm always looking to have a theme match a setting as best as I can.

After Emerald expertly changed clothes and pulled on the black-seemed, nude fishnet pantyhose (that's a mouthful), we made our way onto the waiting area. No one was around, so we began shooting.

Emerald pulling on her fishnet pantyhose at the train station.

Emerald started this set in her black heels and did quite a few dangling shots to kick things off. As she began pulling off her second shoe a couple of people arrived to wait for the trains. I told her I didn't care and just kept on shooting. I figured they'd be gone in a few minutes when the next train arrived anyhow. I was right and we kept on shooting.

Once Emerald began sticking her soles out to the camera we got a few more people in the region. Again, we didn't stop - even getting in some good shots with the trains stopped only a few feet from the benches we had used for the set.

When the landing cleared of everyone but ourselves I recommended doing a video clip. Emerald agreed it would be a good idea to do one with no one around. She pulled her heels back on and did a cute little shoe removal and stocking straightening video clip.

When that finished, we took a handful of extra photos as I liked how her legs and feet were posed. We lucked out as another train stopped at the station, so you can see the train in the backgrounds of each picture.

Luckily for us, this train station was at the far end of a large park that features a dam. A  half-mile boardwalk/trail through the woods leads down to it, so I thought that made our next location a no-brainer. So back to the car for Emerald to change clothes one last time.

When Emerald was situated, we made our way down the walkway, which I thought was a great location itself. I'll probably use it some other time in a future set. As we drew closer to the dam, that's when I realized that Emerald's debut set was done in front of another dam (Sample 01 / Sample 02). Oops! I guess I give Emerald all the dam sets, huh?

Another dam set for Emerald!

At this point there was a slight drizzle going on. We had felt it spitting earlier, but you could feel the droplets now. We walked over to a bridge that looked out onto the damn and used that as our location. I thought shooting on the locations to the side of the dam would have been too similar to her first dam set. Yeah, these paragraphs seem pretty damn angry with all the dams, don't they?

Anyhow, we shot our set and then decided to make our way back to the car. We were both hungry and I had a long overdue foot massage promised for Emerald's adorable feet. She didn't pass it up either. We plopped our asses down on a bench along the boardwalk for a while I and pampered those well deserving feet. While my thumbs pressed into her soles and fingers journeyed between her toes, we talked about everything from cellphones to PornHub. Yeah, interesting stuff!

I have to say Emerald has done some great work in 2014. While all these great sets are not going to be able to make it onto the site before 2015, it's obvious you won't be missing out on your Emerald fix anytime soon. I'm really glad she decided to pose for Soles of Silk back in 2012 and hope she continues to do so for the foreseeable future.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Feeling Blue About Mindee

Normally Mindee making me feel "blue" is quite fun, but not in this case.

With a title like that and a photo like the one above, you're probably expecting this to be one of my tongue-in-cheek, cheesy word pun blogs. Sadly, you're wrong. I actually wish it was that. Instead, the term "blue" this time does reference sadness and involves the site's most photographed model, and one heck of a friend of mine, Mindee.

Before I pitch a somber mood with my words here, don't worry, she is in good health and nothing horrible happened to her. This is more about my sadness for something I learned the other day and something I hope she isn't mad at me for bringing up here. I'm not sure how many people she's shared this with as of yet, but...

Mindee is moving.

She's not moving somewhere locally, but out of state - a few hundred miles away too. And while I'm bummed that she'll be so far away for photos, this blog is more about the relationship I have with this beautiful, fun loving, always there for me, friend.

I don't even remember what year I met Mindee, but we were both much younger. We hit it off right away and I always enjoyed teasing and messing with her. Obviously, she's always been just as quick to give it back to me and many times, even get the best of me - which most people don't accomplish.

Over the years we became better and better friends. And while we never really hung out on a weekly basis or anything, we always kept in touch, hit up some amusement parks, and of course, did a ton of photos that you've all enjoyed looking at just as much as I loved taking.

While none of that is going to cease with her moving, I am still selfishly upset that she won't be a few miles away anymore. I've already told her to expect me to come crash on her couch for a few days at some point after she moves and settles in. The camera, will of course, be packed with my luggage as I can't see this site moving forward without updates featuring those heavenly size 8 feet of hers. And we've also discussed hitting up some new roller coasters at a park close to where she'll be moving.

Ultimately I wish Mindee and her family the best of luck with whatever choices they have to make. If her happiness involves me hopping on an airplane and sleeping on her couch during some visits, then so be it. There are still a few weeks left before she's set to go, so I'll be sure to try to get in a handful of sets to hold everyone over. She also has a handful of sets that are still waiting to be published. I'll keep everyone posted!

Soles of Silk 10 Year Anniversary - 2010

Aliza's little Asian feet posed immediately after her 18th birthday in October.

2010: At a Glance

Debuting Models: (8) Aliza, Carlin, Ginger, Jamie, Katie, Kim T., Marcy, and Nikki

Wu's Feetlinks Feature Gallery: Mindee - Power Girl & Piggies

Mindee was featured in a Wu's Feet Links feature gallery in 2010.

2010: The Year in Review

The start of a new decade was kind to Soles of Silk in so many ways. New models, existing models stepping up, and just a whole lot of love from fans.

The eight new models were all huge hits. The first debut of the year happened when Ginger debuted on April 7 and the final was Aliza on November 10. Each of the girls were a massive hit and all of their stories are worthy of mention.

The April 7 debut of Ginger was many years in the making. We used to work together while I was in college and I was always after her to pose back then. She never would do it, but came around all these years later.

The very next week, April 14, Mindee's 18 year old cousin, Marcy made her debut. She also used to work with me and would always ask to pose before she was old enough to even do so. She knew of the site through Mindee and a few of the other girls at work and couldn't wait to show off her feet either. Wait she did, however, and we even did so with a neat little Barely Legal theme featuring a Leg Show magazine (Sample 01 / Sample 02). The whole playing hooky theme was even better knowing she was still in high school when she posed for this since it was only early April.

On June 23 I added a former model of mine that used to pose for me back on my old sites in Kim T. Many of you remember her from her own photos in her Yahoo! group and her photo submissions to Leg Show magazine. It was great hooking back up with this long lost friend again. And damn did her little feet look amazing dripping with baby oil in that first set back (Sample 01 / Sample 02).

The July 21 update saw the debut of yet another newly-minted 18 year old in Katie. Katie was a coworker of mine who knew others had posed for me (just like Marcy) and wanted to do so as well. Only a day after her 18th birthday she was showing off her big feet to me while playing a round of mini-golf (Sample 01 / Sample 02).

Oddly the next debut, which happened on August 4, was yet another 18 year old girl who was posing just one day after her 18th birthday in Jamie. We did a beach trip and shot five different sets. Over the years Jamie has gone on to be one of the site's most photographed models. You can see an image from her debut set at the end of this blog entry from the Wildwood, NJ beach boardwalk.

The September 8 update saw the addition of a lifelong friend of mine named Nikki. I grew up with Nikki as I was friends with her older brother from elementary school through high school. We touched base after a long time and I mentioned the site and was able to convince her to give it a try. She loved it and has posed a handful of times over the years since.

The following week, September 15, featured the debut of Carlin. I used to think Carlin was the cutest thing back in high school, but never talked to her since she was a few years younger. I did, however, ask her to pose for me for my 12th grade photography class, but we were unable to make it happen. Well, 13 years later isn't so bad. She was so nervous but has given me great photos each time we've met up to shoot.

The final debut came on November 10 when the fourth girl to turn 18 in 2010 showed off her small Asian feet on the site - her name, Aliza. With my fondness for Asian girls I was so glad to add her to the site as she was a friend and coworker I got along with very well. She looked great taking off her gray boots in Baltimore's Inner Harbor area, as you can see from the image at the very start of this blog.

The 2010 year wasn't all about the "new," however. Sure it was a new decade with eight new models, but the existing models sure did bring it as well. Quite a few made a handful of appearances, but five of them were at the front of the line with multiple updates over the course of the year.

Cierra lead the pack with six different sets. Coming off her massively popular Size & Foot Tease Wu's Feet Links feature set, Cierra would actually come to me to pose whenever she was free. We did so many great sets in 2010 that I couldn't even publish them all. Two of my all-time personal favorites from the entire time I have been doing Soles of Silk were both published in 2010, both belong to Cierra, and both were done back-to-back on the same shoot date. The first was the Lots of Converse set (Sample 01 / Sample 02) and the Cereal & Milk set (Sample 01 / Sample 02).

Only one set behind Cierra was the 2010 Wu's Feet Links feature model, Mindee. Her five sets includes her Power Girl & Piggies feature set, which was her first set of the year in March. She'd also do a set at an amusement park (Sample 01 / Sample 02), combining two of my favorite things - female feet and roller coasters. She'd also team with her cousin, Marcy, for a Candy Canes set (Sample 01 / Sample 02) that was very memorable to shoot.

Three other models each had four sets published in 2010. Those three models are Jordana, Kayleigh, and Layla. Each one of them spent a lot of time in front of my camera, but some of their photos ended up being published in 2011 due to all the other great content I was uploading. 

When it comes to the old guard of Soles of Silk, 2010 also marked the end of a great run for a model and friend who I always admired in Madison. Her last sets were shot in 2009, but I prolonged her appearances by slowly adding them to the site. In January of 2010 Madison's final set was published wearing some boots and a coat (Sample 01 / Sample 02). I really miss shooting Madison and chatting with her, but as I've come to find out in life, sometimes your best friends can easily forget about everything and everyone they loved and just move on.

On the non-model side of the site, 2010 also saw another Wallpaper Design contest. A total of 29 entries were submitted featuring artwork based on the following three models: Cierra, Jaylee Austin, and Lady Steph. It's the largest turn out I've had for one of these contests and the art was amazing!

As you can see, a lot happened in the 365 days that was 2010. A lot of new and great things helped shape Soles of Silk into an even better site and really resulted in a lot of new eyes on the soles who would be shown within it.

Be sure to return to see what happened only one year later in 2011 when a certain model overtook Madison's lead and would even become the first to break the 2,000 photo mark in her galleries.

Mindee's cousin Marcy joined the Soles of Silk roster in 2010.

2010: Tidbits & Facts

- Jamie's very first shoot contained 5 different sets, all of which were done at Wildwood, NJ.

- It had been so many years since I last saw Kim T. and her little size 6.5 feet that I made sure to give them about two hours worth of foot massage time after we shot. Her feet sure are pillowy soft.

- Speaking of foot rubs, it sure was nice getting to go back and forth between rubbing both Mindee's and Marcy's feet before, during, and after their Christmas shoot.

- Why not more foot rubs? I put Jordana to sleep with a few hours worth of foot massage time after we shot her New Year's set (Sample 01 / Sample 02).

- Nikki was hesitant to pose for me saying her sister told her that she has ugly feet. Her sister was definitely wrong.

- When Marcy did her mud puddle set (Sample 01 / Sample 02) a person beeped their horn at us saying we are fucking weirdos.

- Layla's size teasing stocking set (Sample 01 / Sample 02) was inspired by Cierra's 2009 Wu's Feet Links Feature set.

- Cierra's feet were sweating non-stop the day we got together to do the Valentine's Day set (Sample 01 / Sample 02) as well as the four other sets we did.

Jamie posed her teenage feet the day after she turned 18.

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Soles of Silk Update - September 24, 2014

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - Mindee is at the ball fields playing with a bunch of gumballs between her playful toes and super soft soles (81 images)

Video - Emerald's feet and legs are inside an awesome looking pair of pink and purple knee high socks... well, until she pulls them off to air out those bare feet (189 MB - 1080p HD)

Interviews - 1 new modeling interview with Carlin has been added to the Interviews section

Downloads (Avatars) - 1 new avatar of Rachel DD has been added to the Celebrating 10 Years Avatars page of the Downloads area

Wu's Feet Links (Interviews) - 1 new interview with Foot Toons has been added to the Wu's Feet Links Interviews Blog |Read Interview|

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Soles of Silk Update - September 17, 2014

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - New model Reagan shows off her little size 6.5 feet while playing with a lot of colorful jacks and some rubber balls by the ball courts (61 images)

Video - Wendy's feet are cold, wet, and very dirty as she shows off her soles while it rains outside at the park (157 MB - 1080p HD)

Downloads (Avatars) - 1 new avatar of Kaycee has been added to the Grunge Avatars page of the Downloads area

Downloads (Buddy Icons) - 1 new buddy icon of Kaycee has been added to the Buddy Icons page of the Downloads area

Downloads (Avatars) - 1 new avatar of Mandy has been added to the Celebrating 10 Years Avatars page of the Downloads area

Monday, September 15, 2014

Would Love to Shoot #11 - Cadence Lux, Chanel Hardcore, & Laci Star

It's been a very long time since I last did a "Would Love to Shoot" blog series entry. In the 10th part I actually focused on Soles of Silk models from the past that I'd like to shoot again. The 11th part here gets back to the series' roots as I name three new girls who I've come to admire and would love to see in front of my camera one day.

Since it's been a while since I've done one of these entries, let me state the basics here. Just because I've featured a girl here does not mean she's slated to pose. What it means is that I've come to know her, or know of her. In some cases I might have reached out to introduce myself, and at times, even talk about the possibility of doing a shoot. Thus far I've met two girls from past entries (Rachel DD and Lela Beryl), so here are three more I'd love to add: 

Cadence Lux

Twitter: @CadenceLuxXXX

As I come to know more fetish models on Twitter I will usually discover someone through another model. That is what happened with Cadence Lux, and actually, the third person in this entry below, Laci Star. I saw both girls in several photographs and decided to check them out. Some of the photos were just the two of them having fun, and in some of the others, they looked ready to feast on each other's girl parts. I was immediately a fan of both.

While checking out Cadence more in depth, I noticed she had posed for my friend at Space City Soles. Yeah, I'm super jealous that he has had her slender feet in front of his camera. As a matter of fact, the stocking set (shown above) from his site just makes me want to see her feet wrapped in hose myself. Well, at least I have one idea for a shoot with Cadence should we ever get to shoot - which we've actually talked about.

Chanel Hardcore (left)

Twitter: @ChanelHardcore

One day while checking out what my adventurous fetish friend, and Soles of Silk model, Shae Spreadz was up to on her Twitter page (@ShaeSpreadzXXX) I found the image above - along with quite a few other more "naughty" ones. I made some comments and quickly hit it off with Shae's counterpart in the pictures, Chanel Hardcore.

Over recent months I've exchanged occasional comments and small talk with Chanel - even letting her know that her football team (Steelers) is not a favorite of mine. With her dominant and teasing nature, I'm sure she'd beat me worse than the Ravens beat the Steelers in Week 2 if we were in the same room. That being said, it would be totally worth it.

Chanel ultimately isn't that far away from where I live and I'm hoping that one day I'm able to get up her way and do some photos of her commanding feet. Even though they'll be my photos, I sure as hell won't be in charge during that shoot... or ever, in her presence.

Laci Star

Twitter: @LaciStar_xo

Unless you skipped ahead, you already know that I found both Laci Star and Cadence Lux (above) in images together while looking through other fetish model's Twitter pages. I quickly followed both girls and have become fans of both.

Laci's big feet hooked me from the start, especially seeing photos like the one above from my friend at Feet of Philly. Knowing she's been through Philly, which isn't far from the Baltimore/Washington, D.C. region, I contacted her about doing photos one day. We both agreed it would be fun to do, but we just haven't matched up on a date/time as of yet.

One thing Laci was able to help me out with, however, was taking part in the relaunch of the Wu's Feet Links Columns Blog. The first column titled, "FemDom: When You're Her Bitch," featured feedback from the topic of FemDom from several people into the lifestyle, including Laci. If you haven't gotten a chance to read it yet, I suggest doing so.

* The majority of the photography seen in this blog series does not come from Soles of Silk. Please see the watermarks on the photos themselves for the ownership of each picture as some of the models have posed for many sites.

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Soles of Silk 10 Year Anniversary - 2009

Kayleigh made her debut doing Halloween themed sets in back-to-back weeks.

2009: Quick Glance

Debuting Models: (6) Briezzy Lane, Charlee, Colleen, Debbie D., Jaylee Austin, and Kayleigh

Wu's Feetlinks Feature Gallery: Cierra - Foot & Size Tease

Cierra's size teasing feature set for Wu's Feet Links was a massive hit.

2009: The Year in Review

Things really began to change for Soles of Silk in 2009. It was the site's fifth year online, which brings this series to the halfway point.

One of the biggest changes was in the changing of the guard when it came to who was spending the most time in front of my camera. For years it had been Madison. And while she had several updates in 2009, we only met up one time to shoot. Soon thereafter, Madison met a new boyfriend and quickly seemed to forget about all her friends. That saddened me as I had always considered her one of the best female friends I ever had.

The model who stepped in to Madison's place was Cierra. Cierra was constantly meeting up with me for new sets, even getting in her Foot & Size Tease feature set for Wu's Feet Links. She posed for so many sets it took me more than a year to get the ones shot in 2009 online.

A few other models also managed to find some extra time doing photos for the site. Regulars such as Mindee, Wendy, Layla, Kimmie, and Kellie. Kellie actually did a set to mark the site being online for five years that saw her playing with some purple beads (Sample 01 / Sample 02).

In addition to all the existing models picking up the pace, six new models made their debuts - several of which have gone on to become site regulars in the years since.

In mid-March I had the pleasure of meeting Jaylee Austin, the sister of the infamous, Layla. I was able to shoot her solo and with her big sis, marking the second sister duo shot for the site. Needless to say, getting those two together was a ton of fun and quite over with all of you.

The following week, Briezzy Lane made her debut (also in March). She was visiting Baltimore with her friend, and fellow Soles of Silk model, Jordana. Jordana asked me if I'd be interested in shooting a friend of hers that was traveling with her and I said most certainly. Briezzy's long toes ended up being quite popular with the long toe crowd.

In May I met with Debbie D., for the first, and only time. I had wanted to shoot some outdoor locations with her, but rain forced us indoors. We got in three sets, but lost touch since.

During a vacation week in July I photographed Kelsey and our coworker/friend, Colleen. She was an instant hit, but we only got in one quick set. It took us a full year to schedule again, but I'm glad we did. Colleen always does a wonderful job posing and has continued to do sets ever since.

In mid-September two of the site's most photographed feet were place in front of my camera for the first time. It was only natural to have them covered in melted popsicles, ultimately turning them green (Sample 01 / Sample 02). These feet belong to Charlee and I'm happy she loved posing so much that she won't let me go too long without scheduling something with her.

Last, but certainly not least was the back-to-back week debut updates of Kayleigh. She posed on her 18th birthday for two Halloween sets. I had two different, but very similar ideas and couldn't decide on which one to do. We went with both. Problem solved! And before the year was out, she also posed for a Christmas set, making all three sets of hers in her first year on Soles of Silk, holiday themes.

In addition to all the great things the models did in 2009, I feel like I began changing as a photographer. I really began pushing to find more interesting places to do my shoots. In the years to come, I stepped up the game even more... but that what happened in 2010 and beyond will be covered in future installments of this blog series.

Charlee debuted late in 2009, but had two memorable sets nonetheless.

2009: Tidbits & Facts

- In three different sets in 2009, Wendy actually posed pregnant. It was early on and we decided to go ahead and get some sets in as she'd be needing to take some time away from the camera later on.

- You bet your ass I spent a good amount of time giving both Jordana and Briezzy Lane foot rubs the day I shot the both of them. Going back and forth between their two vastly different feet was a neat experience!

- Cierra had seven different sets published in 2009.

- Kelsey's fudge pop set (Sample 01 / Sample 02) actually had a size teasing and interracial undertone to it that some people actually managed to pick up on. Others had no idea.

- Kimmie's muddy feet set (Sample 01 / Sample 02) was shot between breaks in thunderstorms that had been going on the day we decided to shoot.

- Jaylee Austin's first ever foot fetish shoot had her squishing cheesecake between her feet (Sample 01 / Sample 02). Yes, I made her do that before any of the other sets.

- Even though I'm not a huge fan of Tootsie Rolls, I couldn't resist eating a few of the ones Kayleigh stuck between her toes in her debut set.

- Kellie's toe painting set was 100 percent, her idea. She had been after me for some time to do it and we finally were able to.

The 2009 set featuring Kimmie, Kellie, and Keira was obviously a fan favorite.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Soles of Silk Update - September 10, 2014

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - Emerald shows off her gorgeous feet after removing her warm purple tennis shoes and knee high socks (71 images)

Video - Megan Jones removes a pair of 5 inch black heels while laying on the bed (200 MB - 1080p HD)

Downloads (Avatars) - 1 new avatar of Jasey Rae has been added to the Celebrating 10 Years Avatars page of the Downloads area

Wu's Feet Links (Columns) - 1 new column has been added to the Wu's Feet Links Columns Blog titled, "Interracial Footjobs: Colorful & Carnal" **explicit**

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday's Shoot - Reagan (New Model)

Back in July I shot a new model by the name of Kaycee. (see blog: "") Within the next couple of days she asked me if I'd be interested in shooting her good friend, Reagan. Since I was looking to debut 10 new models this year to celebrate the site being online for 10 years (something that doesn't appear to be happening), I told her I was game.

It ended up taking a little over a month, but I was finally able to make plans with Reagan to squeeze in a couple of shoots this morning. I was looking to get in a few sets with her to get her used to what I do for the site. Both girls, before Reagan had posed, were asking me if they could pose together. I told them yes, but I wanted to debut Reagan solo first.

Reagan and I met at a waterfront park, but when I arrived I found all the good waterfront spots taken by fishermen and families feeding ducks. We decided to start things off at a near by playground instead. I figured it would be a good place for Reagan to have a variety of poses and keep the tone light. And luckily for us, there was no one around the playground at all.

Reagan puts her feet onto one of the pillars of the playground.

Reagan had already been wearing a pair of black Vans so I had her just keep them on. We started out a little slow having to maneuver around countless shadows being cast from the playground equipment. Things did start to get going once those shoes started to be removed.

Once Reagan was barefoot, we started to see people trickle into the area. I had wanted to use the slides for some photos, but there was just too many people on that end of the playground - all enjoying the near by swing set. I honestly think they were waiting for us to finish up.

A few minutes later I decided we had to get this set moving and finished. A school bus full of people showed up, a fire truck, a police K9 unit, and what looked to be several other businesses. A job fair was being set up only a few yards away and I didn't want all that attention of people passing us by - especially for Reagan's first shoot. We wrapped things up with some sole shots and then went back to our cars to figure out what we were going to shoot next.

Months earlier while doing some shopping at a Five Below store I bought some cheap props that I thought might come in handy in case I was out on a shoot and left without any themes or ideas for a shoot. I've been carrying them in my backpack ever since. Well, today was the day I decided to use them.

Reagan and I drove out of the park and to an elementary school. No one was in sight - including at their playground. Oh well, you win some, you lose some! Next to the park, however, was some cement benches by the ball courts. I originally wanted to use the courts, but then decided to use the benches instead. I thought it would lend itself to some extra poses. Reagan sat down, I handed her the colorful rubber jacks, and we began her second set.

The jacks were eventually squished between Reagan's toes.

Being a fan of bright colors I loved how the jacks popped on camera. When Reagan began shoving them in between her little toes, I thought it looked too cute. Reagan would go on and pose all over the bench, playing with the jacks, bouncing the balls, and squishing them under her soft soles. 

After shooting a clip where Reagan also played with the jacks using her feet, we finished up so I could go over a friend's house and watch the Ravens play like ass. Oh well, guess I should have shot a third set instead! At least I have a set of Reagan and Kaycee posing together to look forward to.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Soles of Silk Update - September 3, 2014

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - Bobbie shows off her feet on the turf field while she does her coaching duties in the site's annual football themed set (90 images)

Video - Bobbie kicks off her smelly black tennis shoes while on the sidelines at the football field (128 MB - 1080p HD)

Downloads (Artwork) - 1 new poster of Bobbie has been added to the Celebrating 10 Years Avatars page of the Downloads area

Downloads (Avatars) - 1 new avatar of Ashlyn has been added to the Celebrating 10 Years Avatars page of the Downloads area