Suite Feet Saga, Part 2 - Mindee

The blog series entry is a continuation from, Suite Feet Saga, Part 1 - Mindee.

After doing a handful of sets on the bed, Mindee and I decided to move our shoot into the living room. The couch would be our next location and all the shoots here in Part 2 feature the sets done there.

The site's first ever, nail painting set - a long time request.

Chapter 7: Time for a Change

The first set Mindee and I decided to go with on the couch was a first for Soles of Silk. Over the years people have always asked me to do sets of my models painting their nails. Since I'm not a huge fan of shoots without nail polish, I've never really done one. Looking for themes for our attempt at 15 sets, the theme would finally be done. She was going to swap polish a few times anyhow, why not shoot it, right? She went with a silver and used it for the rest of the sets on the couch.

When I saw this shirt, the idea for this one popped right into my head!

Chapter 8: Foot Fetish & Chill

Netflix and chill. How many times have you heard it? Countless, right? Well, how about foot fetish and chill? Sounds even better, doesn't it? Yup, I couldn't hesitate to grab this shirt for a set the previous night while out at the mall. I knew just what add to the set to make it amazing too - popcorn and popcorn butter! Bet you, like me, would have loved to have had some of that popcorn and rubbed that butter into Mindee's already, buttery soft feet. Oh wait, I did both those things. It was so "chill!"

This one really appeals to the nerd in me too.

Chapter 9: Retro Gamer Girl

In the days leading up to this two day shoot, the idea to shoot a set with my Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) came to me. Then I thought it would be cool to do a set with each girl and a different system. I found a few shirts while out shopping to go along with the sets. I decided to have Mindee do the NES, one of the most iconic game systems in history. Only fitting for Soles of Silk's most iconic model, don't you think?

A Magic 8 Ball with two size 8's.

Chapter 10: Ask the Magic 8 Ball

When I said I was out shopping for props in these last few entries, I wasn't lying. I had no plans on buying a Magic 8 Ball, but I saw one for sale and asked myself, "Why not?" I didn't plan on it, but isn't it perfect that a Magic 8 Ball would be matched up with a pair of size 8 feet? The Magic 8 Ball agrees.

Also featured in this set is a brand new pair of Vans Mindee brought along. Since we were drawing close to our goal of 15, I didn't see any sets we'd do the rest of the night using shoes. We decided to go ahead and include them in this set because they're quite cute. Plus, the Magic 8 Ball told us to.

This blog series can be continued in, Suite Feet Saga, Part 3 - Mindee.

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