Sunday's Shoot - Alice

If you told me that I'd wake up today, run a little behind schedule with one of my models, spend most of the day with her, and only come away with two sets to show for it, I just might say that sounds like an unproductive day. Now, if you said that day would be spent with Alice, then I'd know that no matter what shot, and how the day played out, I'd have a blast and come away with two great photo sets. That's what happened today and Alice is who I shot.

Alice was finally able to get in some solo sets with me today. The only time she's shot so far this year was when she introduced me to Leah, and the two did a couple of sets together (see blog: "Sunday's Shoot - Alice & Leah"). The plan was to meet around noon, but both of us were a little tired this morning and slept in. Once we were ready to go, we met up and decided to go ahead and do lunch before we began. It was nice catching up in person. Texting is nice, but getting out with your friends is so much better. From there we did a couple little stops at some stores to pick up props for today's shoot, as well as an upcoming one in June that is looking to be memorable!

Once everything was purchased, we made our way to an elementary school to begin shooting. I was looking to use a playground for Alice's first set. It would involve some candy we picked up, so I thought the playful nature of the set would match the setting. Luckily for us, no one was at the school, so we were able to get underway pretty quickly.

This red candy gel made such a mess of Alice's feet and the slide.

I had Alice begin this first set barefoot, without any candy involved. I wanted her pretty size 11 feet on display before any types of mess could be made upon them. Today looked like a day that was bound to get quite messy and it turned out to be all that and more. I also used this time to pamper Alice's feet for her. A little rub here, a sole lick there... A toe suck here, another sole lick there... Lots of licking between those long toes... Then even more... Repeat that for several minutes while Alice giggled like a kid on the playground, and we were both having some fun! She even got a few photos of the ordeal and put them on her own Instagram account (@Alice__Elevens).

After Alice's toes left my mouth for the final lick, we took a few more photos and then Alice saw two males approaching. She recognized the one guy as a friend of hers. Luckily her feet were still clean, so we made small talk for a few. He didn't stay long, but it was funny that the one person who'd come by would be someone Alice knew. It kind of reminded of me of when that happened with Wendy years ago when her neighbor came jogging by at a park we used, miles from where they lived. Small world sometimes...

Once Alice's friend was gone, we decided to go ahead and break out the Smarties gel tubes. Alice was looking to get her feet messy and we thought this would do the trick. Boy did it ever!

The red gel inside the tubes came out thick like toothpaste! It was so sticky and didn't even fall off of her feet. When she squirted it out, it stayed wherever it landed. It clung and stretched between Alice's long toes, and when she began smearing it around, her feet quickly turned red. We shot a handful of photos with Alice's soles tinted bright red and wrapped up the set, which turned out to be rather large.

With the set in the books, we decided to go ahead and do a video clip while at the base of the slide. Alice broke open another gel tube and poured it all over her feet. Her feet became even more red and so much more sticky! This stuff wasn't going to come off easily. And as much as I would have loved to have licked it all off, I would've come away with several dozen cavities had I tried. Well, I did try, but I wasn't in full cleanup mode - more of a cute photo mode for Alice's Instagram! Maybe one day Alice will have me in full cleanup mode?

A funny little tidbit about the conclusion of this first set, before moving on to the second, even more messy set of the day. Literally the minute Alice finished cleaning her feet and the slide, a family walked around the corner of the school within a few dozen feet of where we were. Had Alice's feet and the slide still have been stained red, it would have stuck out and would have been easily noticed. Instead, we walked away wondering if they wondered what we were up to before they arrived.

Once we were back at my car, we took a few minutes to prepare for the second, and final set on the day. Like I said, this one was going to be messier than the one we just did. We were headed to the ball diamonds, which were a muddy mess when we walked by. My original idea was for Alice to get her feet dirty, but she was going to straight up get them muddy! They were still muddy from the rain we got a few days ago She was as excited as can be for it too!

Alice stepped in some of the gooiest mud for her second set.

This set began on one of the benches, but I decided this set needed to jump right into the messy part! After only a few shots Alice and I went out to the pitchers mound. I made a joke about Alice being a pitcher and she said, "Damn right!" I assured her that I'm not trying to find out!

We did a few shots on the mound and Alice's feet became instantly dirty. Still, the mud was all gathered around home plate, which wasn't even visible due to the collection of mud and water. That became our next spot to shoot!

When we made our way to the plate, Alice just walked straight through the mud without hesitation. She loved how good it felt on her feet and she left countless footprints throughout the area. Eventually, however, I made her sit her tushy down and show off how thick the mud had become caked her soles. Talk about a mess! The photo above doesn't do it justice. The ones at the end have the mud so thick!

I can honestly say, although I'm not one who has a desire to lick dirty feet, or do some of the things people into dirty feet enjoy, I have to admit that shooting this set was fun! Just like the candy gel before it, Alice had a blast making her feet all kinds of messy! It was her first time really getting to do that, and she went all out! Twice! In the same day!

Before we left, I let Alice stomp through the mud one last time, this time for a video. You can see that her feet sink down a couple of inches and the mud suctions to her feet when she tries to pull them out. It's gross and cute all at the same time. Unlike the last set, however, I wasn't about to lick them clean - not even for a cute photo. I did, however, get down by those brown, muddy size 11's. That photo is also on Alice's Instagram account.

In closing, I want to thank Alice for another day of awesome photos. We only got in two sets, it was cold, and she wasn't feeling 100 percent, but she kicked ass. She got all kinds of messy for those of you who love these two sub-genres of the fetish. They're not for everyone, but those who love it, and request it, should enjoy these sets once they're published to Soles of Silk. I'm so looking forward to June, when I can get her and Leah back together again for an entire day of photos. And oh yeah, it looks like Alice will be doing a set with Mindee next week (finally), if all goes to plan. You won't want to miss any of these upcoming shoots!

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