Suite Feet Saga, Part 3 - Mindee

The blog series entry is a continuation from, Suite Feet Saga, Part 2 - Mindee.

We had 10 sets in and weren't ready to stop! Once we were finished on the couch, Mindee went ahead and changed her polish once again. I moved my lighting equipment to the dining area and prepared for our messy food sets, which make up Part 3 of this Suite Feet Saga.

Those soft cakes didn't last long at all under Mindee's soles.

Chapter 11: Twinkees... Meet Toes

First up was Twinkees. I cannot believe in 13 years of running Soles of Silk I have never had a model squish Twinkees! Seriously... When I saw the box in the store I asked myself that question. Since I was looking for shoot ideas, that box went right into the cart. I wasn't initially sure if Mindee, Jasey Rae, or Kelsey was going to do this, but I knew someone was. Ultimately, I went with Mindee. Plus, I picked up a number of other snacks for my other models to use the next day.

Mindee's feet looked so neat in this clear bowl of cereal.

Chapter 12: Cinnamon Toes Crunch

One theme I did know I was going to do was breakfast cereal. It was going to be a series, with each of my three models, Mindee, Jasey, and Kelsey, all doing a different cereal. I'd call it, "The Cereal Killers." All three loved the idea and they began claiming cereals to use. Mindee wanted Cinnamon Toast Crunch and joked that it would be more like, "Cinnamon Toes Crunch," hence the title of this chapter.

It was late, but we squeezed in one last food set.

Chapter 13: Mmm Cookies!

Truth be told, Mindee and I were really tired by this point. It was going on midnight. We were moving slower here doing the food sets since we had to clean up after each one of them. The goal of 15 looked like it would fall two short at 13.

We mustered through this set featuring various types of cookies, while Mindee wore a Cookie Monster shirt. The shirt is actually what inspired the idea for the set in the first place.

Once this was in the books, I helped Mindee collect her things and took her home. I left everything at the hotel, except for my camera cards. I filled two of them and shot onto a third card. Since I live not too far from Mindee, I just decided to sleep at home and upload the photos before I went to bed. I was ready to do it all again tomorrow with Jasey, and possibly Kelsey, and needed those cards free.

This blog series can be continued in, Suite Feet Saga, Part 4 - Mindee.

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