Monday's Shoot - Leah

Back on Sunday, April 9, 2017 Alice introduced me to her friend, Leah. We did two awesome sets that featured the both of them together (see blog: "Sunday's Shoot - Alice & Leah"). We didn't have time that day for any solo sets, but good things come to those who wait. 

A little over a month later, I finally got to meet up with Leah, and her cute size 6 feet again. Today focused on nothing but her. It was her moment to shine and boy did she ever take advantage of it!

First things first, when I say that Leah loves foot fetishism, I'm not exaggerating. She loves having her feet massaged and played with. She also has no qualms asking people to do it. She admitted to me today that she asked a few guys lately if they like feet because she wanted hers pampered. A few guys gave her looks, some said no, some weren't sure what to say, and a few said yes. Damn, I need to be around more often! 

All that being said, Leah has been waiting for this day. She's been looking forward to showing off her feet again and getting in several sets on her own. She also was looking forward to some promised foot rubs from yours truly. Not wanting to get a late start, I picked Leah up around 10 a.m. and we hit up a few stores for some last minute props. We were then ready to go!

Leah looking adorable in her pajamas and baby doll socks first thing in the morning.

Today's first set was one that ended up being split into two sets. The initial plan was to shoot the set with Leah in her pajamas and baby doll socks, while enjoying a few donuts - after all, it was still morning. When I say "enjoy," of course I also mean smash. While all of that ended up happening, I decided to make the enjoying, um, smashing part, it's own thing.

Part one of the set focuses on Leah pulling off her baby doll socks and revealing her bare feet. The sock tease was good, lasting for a good number of photos. After all, what kind of tease is it if it doesn't last? Leah knows how to tease and rather enjoys it.

It was during this slow sock strip that I looked down at the camera to see that we had already shot close to a full set's worth of pictures. I pitched the idea to Leah to just shoot a bunch of barefoot shots here and do the donuts in a second part. She loved it and that's what we ended up doing. Well, after we did a fair share of shots of her bare size 6's and a video clip of her pulling those socks from her feet once more.

With powered donuts smashed, Boston Creme was up next.

Now for the fun stuff! I told you how much Leah enjoys this fetish, so getting to stomp down onto some donuts, which included some mini-powdered donuts and some full sized chocolate glazed and Boston cremes, made her day! It also made a mess!

Leah began the set barefoot, but it didn't take long for her to plop down some donuts and go to town. The photo you see above shows her handy work (or is it footy work?) with the much smaller, brittle, white powdered donuts. Believe me when I say, they didn't last long at all! We thought maybe it was because they were small and white.

When Leah grabbed the Boston Creme donuts, she got a bit of a surprise. Since the donuts were sitting out in the sun during the first set, the chocolate got quite moist. That wasn't all, however. When she broke the donut onto her toes, the cream inside was hot! She noticed it right away and said it felt like it had come out of the microwave. Ouch! Good thing I kissed her toes to make them feel better. Yup, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

We also noticed at this time, the much bigger, thicker chocolate donuts didn't take long to crumble and/or bust all of her feet. Guess those little feet are talented, huh? Wow, so much obvious, not so hidden meaning in this set, huh?

By the time this follow up set and accompanying video clip was done, the ground was a mess! And guess who forgot to bring a bunch of water bottles for this very sort of thing? Me! I always have a few bottled waters in my backpack in case I do a shoot like this, or a model gets her feet dirty. Well, with Alexa's Mexican pizza set last week (see blog: "Sunday's Shoot - Alexa"), she used the last of the water to clean up her feet. I totally forgot to grab new ones this morning. Oops! I did help clean them up a little though. Yup, that's my story once again. I'd say there is no photo evidence to prove otherwise, but I think Leah did in fact, take some photos.

At this point, we moved onto our next location, leaving a mess behind that I'm sure will shock whoever wanders upon it. Lots of chocolate and powdered sugar... Lots!

Rainbow striped socks and a few lick emojis adorned Leah in this colorful, fun set!

Next up, rainbow thigh high socks! You know who else did a set in those? Alice. Don't remember the set? Well, that's because it hasn't been published yet. That set is her 2017 Wu's Feet Links feature set scheduled for July. If you haven't been following along with the 50 week teaser blog, "Weekly Teaser - Alice's July 2017 Wu's Feet Links Feature," then be sure to check it out. Only a handful of weeks remain.

Anyhow, Leah and Alice are good friends and Leah was introduced to me by Alice. So since I had an extra pair of rainbow thigh high socks, I thought it would be awesome to have Leah do a set with a pair as well. It would showcase the special bond between the ladies. I might even publish Leah's set the same week, or the week following Alice's feature set.

This set was a fun little one. We found some licking emoji clothing items when we were out shopping prior to today's shoot. With the rainbow coming out of the mouth of the emoji on her shirt, we knew it would tie in perfectly. We also found a lick emoji hat and shorts that tied this together in so many ways.

We shot this set pretty quickly. Leah pulled those long socks off her legs in so many different positions. I just kept shooting her all the while. Sadly, however, I realized something a few hours later, after getting home from today's shoot. I bought a large bag of gummy bears to use in this set and we totally forgot about them. They were out of sight and out of mind in my backpack and we never pulled them out.

"Oh my fucking god!" Leah said when I texted her that we had forgotten to use them. "How did we forget that?"

"Probably because I was too busy talking and checking you out," I replied.

That had to be the case. Leah and I have only met up twice, both times for shoots. We get along quite well. We joke, talk smack, and share "little" tidbits about ourselves with each other. She's fun to be around and so open minded. I'm so glad she decided to model for the site.

"Maybe if I hadn't filled up on donuts, I would have remembered when my tummy growled," I said, teasing Leah.

Now done our third set, it was time to go eat. Earlier on I had showed Leah samples from Alexa's Mexican pizza set. Leah then said how good Taco Bell sounded and we decided to go after we packed up our things.

When I was sitting at Taco Bell, I shot Alexa a few texts telling her I was eating Taco Bell again. I also shared that it was Leah's idea, which seemed inspired by me showing her the set she did last week.

"Laughing my ass off! She wanted it after you showed her?" Alexa asked.

When I read Alexa's text out loud, Leah responded, "Yes. Yes I did."

"She just said, 'Yes. Yes I did,'" I texted back to Alexa. "She already squished donuts today, so she understands."

"Laughing my ass off! That's so funny!" Alexa replied.

I then sent her the Instagram (@SolesofSilk) photo I did of Leah's feet after the powdered donuts, which Alexa liked. And while on the topic of Instagram, also be sure to follow Leah at @LoveLeah.x.

And oh yeah, I almost forgot. The donuts weren't the only mess Leah made today. It took Leah all of two seconds to spill a drink all over the soda fountain area at Taco Bell. See Leah, I told you I'd mention that in the blog!

"I can't take you anywhere," I told her. "So messy!"

Leah decided to see how painful it would be to lay across the rocks for a few poses. It was a great idea as they turned out great!

With about an hour remaining before Leah and I were set to finish up for the day, we decided to do one last set. Where, was the question? I thought of a few spots not too far from the Taco Bell we just left. We originally were going to head to a nature preserve, but we changed it up on the way. I knew of some train tracks that rarely sees a train come by. When I pitched the idea to Leah, she liked it.

After changing out of the emoji rainbow ensemble from the last set (yes, she wore it, socks and all, to Taco Bell), we made our way through a park, back to the path leading to the tracks. It had gotten a little windy at this point, so I suggested to Leah that she keep her hair tied back. If she hadn't, it would have been everywhere!

As nice as a location like this looks, it doesn't lend itself much to different poses. Well, it does, but not the foot fetish types that you're all used to seeing and enjoy. Still, Leah did her best and fought off the bright sun overhead for much of it. When she struck the pose above, which was entirely her idea, I loved it. We shot a few of her laying down across the rocks and wood beams. It wasn't the most comfortable spot to lay, but Leah wanted to try it. I thanked her for it and we went back to the normal poses.

Also featured in this set was a pair of very well worn Converse shoes. Leah asked if she should wear old shoes, or new ones before we began. I suggested the old ones since the area was going to be a little "rough," if you will. Plus, I'm a sucker for smelly feet and according to her, she's had these shoes for about two years and wears them all the time. She also wears them without socks on a regular basis. How could I turn that down? So all you fellow smelly/sweaty feet fans out there, you'll love this set for that reason. And Leah's feet do sweat! At least they have both times we've gotten together to shoot so far. I love it!

Once this set was done, it was back to the car to wrap things up. It was around 4 p.m. and Leah had mentioned that she had until 4-5 p.m. when we had scheduled this a week ago. With my evening free, the plan was to shoot a set or two with Melani after I dropped off Leah. On the way to Leah's, however, Melani told me she was having some family issues and wouldn't be able to shoot. That bummed me out a little, but it surely didn't take away from the awesome day I had with Leah! Nope! Four amazing sets in, which makes six on the year for her thus far. It actually puts her in the lead as my most photographed model of 2017 at this early stage. I'm sure that's something she'd love to claim at the end of the year. If she keeps doing awesome sets like she did today, and never changes that fun loving personality of hers, that could very well happen! 

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