Suite Feet Saga, Prequel - Mindee

Welcome to the Suite Feet Saga, a blog series focusing around a two day shoot done at a hotel suite, that saw a total of 16 different sets shot. What themes did I shoot? Which models took part? Which ones saved my ass when planned models couldn't make it? All that and more will be covered in this blog series. Enjoy!

On Sunday, May 28, I had plans to shoot Mindee. It would be the first day this year that we'd have more than just a couple of hours to shoot. Needless to say, both of us were really looking forward to it.

On Monday, May 29, I had plans to shoot Kelsey. She hasn't shot yet this year and I've been after her to see her adorable little feet and let me point the camera at them. Like Mindee, Kelsey was really looking forward to her shoot.

About a week before these scheduled shoots, things started looking bad with the weather. I hit up Mindee and we started panicking. Should we reschedule? We could, but it would mean us having to wait about a month to shoot. Neither one of us had the same day free until the end of June. That wasn't acceptable.

When I mentioned the same thing to Kelsey, she asked if I was free on Monday, June 5 instead. I told her I was, so we decided to move our shoot to that date. I told her, however, should the weather hold out, she could shoot on both dates, if she wished.

With only a few days left before my shoot with Mindee, I asked her what she thought about me just renting out a hotel suite and us shooting there instead. If we had some good weather, we could do some outside and then move inside for the rest. She liked the idea, so that was the plan. Then I began thinking...

What if I got the room for two days and asked Kelsey to shoot the following day regardless? I mentioned it to her and she said she'd try to make it, but wasn't 100 percent sure. Because of this, I got the idea to ask Jasey Rae if she was free and/or up for shooting. She jumped on without hesitation, which was good for me because I wanted to book the room that very night. 

The next day at work I mentioned Jasey's involvement to Kelsey and told her she was still free to come by and maybe they could do some team ups. Kelsey said that she'd let me know. With Jasey on board, I was good to go regardless.

With the room booked, I began thinking of ideas for all of my possible shoots. I didn't yet know how long each model would have, but I wanted some options. I hit up Mindee and began tossing around ideas. Before I knew it, Mindee was telling me how she wanted to do 10 shoots. She asked me how many was the most I had ever done in a day, and I told her it was about six or seven.

"Then I want to do 10," she said.

"With all the time we're going to have, we could probably do 15," I joked.

From that point on, my "joke," turned into the goal. Mindee was all about it and I liked her excitement. We were now aiming for 15. This meant I had a lot of props to go pick up, and themes to come up with. If Mindee was going to do 15, how many more would Jasey and/or Kelsey do the following day. So to the store I went to pick up countless props, outfits, and food items. I also brought a bunch of props I've been sitting on for a while. My car was packed full!

Now, onto the quest for 15 sets with Mindee on Day 1!

We got the day kicked off with a very fast, very casual set on the stairwell.

Chapter 1: The School Yard

With our check in not until 3 p.m., Mindee and I decided to go do some outdoor sets while we waited. This would help us reach our goal of 15. We kept it simple and drove over to a school not too far away from the suite.

As we were parking the car we were looking around for ideas. I told her we could do anything we wanted. These were going to be casual and I threw out that we could even do a set on the stairwell at the end of the lot. Mindee said "Why not?" and this became our first set of the day.

The second set of the day was another quick one, on the playground.

Chapter 2: Playin' Around at the Playground

After finishing up the stairwell set, we made the call to just stay at the school and see what else we could get. We were after 15 sets, so we didn't want to drive from place to place as it would just burn up our time. The thirst for 15 was quite real for Mindee, so the playground behind the school was our second spot.

Mindee took a pair of sandals along for this set. The last one was just a simple barefoot one - one where her feet also got a little dusty. With the plan to do so many sets, variety was also something I was looking for. Plus, the sandals were quite cute!

Our final outdoor set included some knee high socks and a jump rope.

Chapter 3: Roped In

Walking back to the car after shooting at the playground, Mindee and I decided to do our third set on some old wooden bleachers. I had just the idea too - knee high socks and a jump rope. I told you I had bought a lot of props, but these props are ones I've been sitting on for years. Yes, years! Sometimes I buy things that I think would be cool to use in a set, like the red jump rope. And the socks fall into the same boat. I bought these socks as part of a pack years ago. Each sock was similar in design, but had other colors fading into one another. Some of the other models who have worn the rest of those socks can be found on the site.

This would be our final "prequel" set before moving to the hotel suite. We made a stop for lunch and that's when it began to rain. The forecast the day beforee had changed to say less than a 20 percent chance, but it looked like it was going to rain after all. Good thing I got the suite!

This blog series can be continued in, Suite Feet Saga, Part 1 - Mindee.

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