Suite Feet Saga, Part 5 - Mindee & Alice

The blog series entry is a continuation from, Suite Feet Saga, Part 4 - Mindee.

Mindee and I had just finished doing our 15th set between the two day span. We got in our goal after all - it just wasn't how we envisioned it happening. While we waited for Alice to arrive, we went ahead and picked up the room and put a bunch of stuff into my car. After we did whatever sets we could fit in with Alice, we were calling it a day. Alice had a cookout to attend, Mindee had been out all day, I had new sets to upload, and this blog series to write.

It was a dream getting these two together for a set.

Chapter 16: They Hold the Key

Alice arrived just as Mindee and I had taken the last of our stuff out to my car. We all went back to the room and the girls took a few minutes to get ready. I had brought along two shirts and a bag full of props that were intended to be used by Alice and Jasey Rae, should they shoot together on this day. Well, if you read Part 4 of this blog series, you know Jasey wasn't able to make it. Having had these props for about a year now, originally planning on doing this in 2016, I said "screw it," and had Alice do it with Mindee instead. I knew they'd pull it off and it would be a memorable set.

As much as I would have liked to have done a second set with these two, it wasn't in the cards with timing. Alice had to get going and Mindee had already stayed later than she had planned. So we made this one count and it is one I won't ever forget.

Needless to say, having these two in front of my camera was such a fun time. Mindee had bailed me out and Alice went out of her way to come by for this set. There is a reason why I give these two women so much camera time each year. It's because they're always there for me and love shooting. I was so glad to see them together, in a fun set, showing off their heavenly feet. This will not be the last time you see them together, I assure you. This was too much fun not to do again some day. Mindee is already looking into coming by for when Alice and I do our next shoot in early June.

This concludes the Suite Feet Saga blog series. A big thank you to Mindee and Alice for making these last two days so productive, especially with the prospect I faced in losing out on all of Monday had they not came through.

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