Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sunday's Shoot - Charlee

It's been just about three years! Three years since one of the site's regular models from 2009-14 had last modeled for a set. Well, today that streak has thankfully been broken. Welcome back Charlee! We missed you.

Back in February I published the last set I had in my possession of Charlee. For her first five years modeling for Soles of Silk, Charlee was someone I always met with on a regular basis, building up a wealth of sets. When we started losing touch in 2015 onward, I was slow in publishing the sets I had of her. It's something I do whenever a model is slow to shoot, or even ceases doing so. I honestly never thought Charlee was done modeling for me, but in life sometimes you just lose sight of things. That was until we hit each other up earlier this year. We both said that we really needed to shoot again and now, we finally have! I really aim to make sure that goes back to being a regular thing.

Charlee's feet were marshmallow magnets in her first set back.

The first set on today's agenda was a fun one with some marshmallows. I had picked up a Marshmallow Man T-shirt and had a few Ghostbusters themed Funko Pops to go along with the idea. While I set up my light kit, Charlee put all the items onto her bed and waited for me to finish up.

Charlee noticed right away that the smaller marshmallows had somewhat melted together. I guess that happened in my car during the 15-20 minute drive to her place. I was running the air conditioning, but it was a hot day today. Guess it didn't take long for them to get soft enough to stick to one another. Oh well, at least I'd soon be seeing them stuck to her feet instead.

The set went off without a hitch. Charlee struck poses like she hadn't missed any time, even though she said her toes cramped up at one point. I told her that was because she was out of touch with her foot modeling game. She laughed and agreed.

When it came time to shoot the video clip for this set, Charlee was relentless on those marshmallows. They became a massive blob of white softness, clinging to her feet with each press. Her poor blanket felt the brunt of the clip too as a large sticky white spot was left behind once we were done. And if you were looking for Charlee once she got off the bed, all you had to do was follow the sticky marshmallow footprints she left from the bedroom, into the hallway, and into the bathroom. Yes, they were clear as day.

Even though it was a hot day, I couldn't see wasting the sunlight outside for a couple of sets. Although we had another theme planned for inside, I made the call to head to a park not too far away from Charlee's house. I had used it a couple of times before, but it had been ages since I had last been in the area. I figured we would find a few spots there to use easily.

Before we left the house Charlee looked through a large bag of socks and stockings I brought along. She fell in love with this unique blue pair of thigh highs and I told her I've been waiting for someone to use them. Charlee said she was going to and began looking for a dress that would work with them. She found it and a quick casual outfit for a second set, and we were on our way.

These stockings are so unique. I was glad to see Charlee wanting to use them.

When we got to the park we decided to shoot in a gazebo just inside the gate. There were a few flowers in the area and the bushes and trees would block some of the harsh sunlight overhead. Charlee got into position and slipped on her heels. Before you knew it, we were shooting our second set.

This set was easily the most public of the ones we've done today. Charlee was never one to bat an eye at people passing us by while shooting. That hasn't changed. Even when a guy in a little cart drove by, picking up trash around the park, we just kept shooting - all except for when he was in our immediate background. We thought that would look kind of dumb. Funny thing is, when we were finished shooting, we saw that same guy again. He's a park employee and he told us that our photos should look very good because they just repainted the gazebo. Sure, that helps. We all know, however, what made these photos was Charlee rocking these awesome stockings!

After a few minutes back at my car for an outfit change, Charlee and I took a stroll around the park looking for our next location. We found a few possible spots, but each area was going to have a challenge with the lighting overhead. Then we found our spot. It was really windy and wide open, but the sun was blocked by a ton of trees. We decided to give it a go.

These socks feature a Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon.

For this set Charlee had grabbed a pair of knee high socks featuring a pink breast cancer awareness ribbon. I had picked these up last October, but never got to use them. Although October is still months away, I figured that we could shoot this now and I'll save the set until then. With my intentions of making sure Charlee gets in some regular camera time, I'm sure I'll have other sets shot with her to hold me over until then.

We shot most of this set along a pier. That's where Charlee pulled the socks from her feet. She had to hold onto them tightly too. The wind was fierce! Seriously, it blew over a half empty Gatorade bottle I had brought with me. I figured a storm was coming, but it never rained, nor darkened up. Guess it was just the wide open area we were in.

This set wrapped up on the overlook above the pier. I wasn't sure how things would look up there since it was kind of dark up under the roof. We shot a few shots to see and surprisingly, it turned out so much better than I had thought. We did a number of shots and then decided to head back to Charlee's for our final set. We were a little sweaty, so it would be nice to get back to some air conditioning.

After the short drive back to Charlee's, I moved my lights downstairs to her living room. This set was going to be a follow up to Mindee's Cinnamon Toes Crunch set, shot during Part 3 of the Suite Feet Series. My intentions are to turn this into an ongoing feature called The Cereal Killers. Now I finally have a second installment. For Charlee's set, she showed the Captain how to Crunch!

That "Crunch" turned into "mush" by the time this set was finished!

Like most of the food sets I do, this set was a blast to shoot. Charlee was laughing her ass off for most of this one. Just like Mindee, this set began without any cereal in the bowl, but ended up with a bowl full of cereal, milk, and two pretty feet. It got mushy and her feet got milky, but damn was it fun!

After a fun food set like this one, of course we were both getting hungry. Neither of had eaten in hours, so we wrapped things up and I began packing up my light kit. I found Charlee a towel this time so she didn't have to leave milky footprints all over her downstairs. She could have fallen and busted her ass like she almost did that time she shot her fruit salad set all those years ago. I, of course, brought that up during this set.

As I sit here hours after today's shoot with Charlee, I'm so very glad we were able to make this happen again. I look forward to spending some more time with her again in the near future. It's been too long since her size 7.5 feet were a regular update on Soles of Silk. It's time that they are again.

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