Tuesday's Shoot - Camille

For those of you who read last Friday's blog, "Dream Duos #3 - Kayleigh & Camille," you know I had plans to shoot the sister duo and Kayleigh and Camille today. So you're probably wondering why you don't see Kayleigh's name in the title. Well, sadly, Kayleigh was involved in a car accident yesterday. She's okay, but her after seeing her car, you'd think she'd be feeling worse. Still, she was sore today and wanted to sit things out, understandably. 

This didn't stop Camille and I from making use of the day, however. We went out and got in some solo sets instead. As far as Kayleigh goes, she's hoping to feel better in the next few days, and if the three of us can all find a few hours of time, we're going to make at least one duo set happen. Keep an eye out for that, here on the Soles of Silk Blog. Now, onto today's shoots.

It's been two years since I last shot Camille. Shortly after her first and only shoot with Alice (see blog: "Monday's Shoot - Alice & Camille"), she moved to the west coast. We've remained in contact, talking from time to time, but this is the first time we've really had to catch up. Being back visiting family for a number of days, I'm so glad she spared me a day to get in some photos. She was quite the hit when she debuted and I am still holding onto one of her sets from that time. I'll have to go ahead and post that one soon so I can begin getting these on the site.

I met up with Camille and her other sister (not Kayleigh) around 11:30 a.m. today. We decided to hit up a store and then grab some lunch real quick. I wasn't sure if we were going to stick around and shoot locally, or head out of town and get in some photos in a more touristy location. Since Kayleigh was unable to shoot and no one had any other plans for the day, I decided to go to National Harbor and do a few sets out there. It's a neat waterfront location about a mile from the Woodrow Wilson Bridge in Washington, D.C. I've used it before, but only for a handful of sets. There are so many spots to use, and even still use after today's sets.

After our drive and finding a place to park, we walked down to the waterfront. I had a set in mind from the start. Since the first time I visited National Harbor, I've been wanting to shoot in front of a statue they have set up in the sand. It's called "The Awakening." I saw it when I was there Olivia shooting the July 2014 Wu's Feet Links feature set, "Back to Business" and have been wanting to use it ever since. It's always just been way too hot, or too crowded. Today it was neither.

I had always wanted to use this location for the huge foot.

We walked down into the sand, which was full of tiny rocks that invaded every nook and cranny they could find - at least on me. I sat Camille in one of the beach chairs and positioned her right in front of the massive foot sticking up out of the sand. That was the whole reason I wanted this location, obviously.

Right as soon as we started this set a group of women sat down on a bench on the pier above. It's the same pier from Mindee's July 2016 Wu's Feet Links feature set, "The Ferris-t of Them All." It leads down to the large ferris wheel you can see in that set. Yes, two feature sets done in the same area. It really is quite scenic. Anyhow, we said screw it and just shot with these ladies looking down on us. Camille stuck her feet out and slowly pushed off each flip flop. Eventually the ladies left and we finished off the set quite quickly. Good thing too, that sand was filling up my shoes and even got into my shorts!

This dock/pier was mostly empty or people, until we began shooting, of course.

After a quick outfit change we made our way down to one of the docks. I decided not to use the one Mindee had used in her feature, instead going down to the next one. Hardly anyone was out there, so it would be perfect for Camille to wear a dress and kick off some sandals.

Naturally, we got underway only to have a family come by and want to take about 100 cellphone camera shots only a few feet from us. It sounded/looked like they were from Africa with their accent and attire. Oh well, tourists will be tourists. We waited them out and got back underway.

I got some really good sole shots once Camille was free of her sandals. I had her sticking those cute feet up onto the arm rests and back of the bench, like in the photo above. This bench was one of those ones you can tilt to face either way, so we moved it for the shots so she could stick those soles right into the camera. It allowed for some great feet in your face shots. Who doesn't like those?

Being out in the sun for two sets now, it was time to cool off for a bit. We saw a Ben & Jerry's store, so we went in for some ice cream. I think all of us kept it to the small serving so we wouldn't feel it going back out afterward for the other sets. I know that was my plan, at least. Camille and her sister seemed to have the same idea.

Camille and I decided to shoot a bunch of photos on this fountain/waterfall.

Once we were cooled off, it was back outside and to the car for a clothing change. Camille tossed on a new outfit and we made our way over to the fountain Olivia used for her feature set. There has been some major construction in the area and it barely resembled the area I shot her in back in 2014. Gone were several bridges and in the background was a massive conference center that was still being worked on. Some of the "nature" aspect of the area was gone, replaced with that "urban" look. I decided to go ahead and use it again because of this.

Like I did with Olivia, I had Camille shoot in multiple spots. I also had Camille get her feet in the water much more than Olivia did. I tried as much as I could to make the sets different from one another. It's funny, however, since Olivia's theme was more businesslike, this new urban look to the area would have probably worked better, and the older natural aspect would have fit Camille's set today. Oh well, that's the cards, I guess. Still, both sets turned out quite well and Camille had lots of fun sticking her feet into the running water. Those wasps flying around, sure did cause a little bit of tension, though. They seemed to be everywhere.

Once we wrapped up this third set, we walked down to the water. There was another pier/dock area that I had never really looked at in previous visits. It had a large tent pole-like top on it, providing lots of shade. Only one person was out that way, so I pitched the idea to go ahead and shoot our final set of the day out there - a set that would be quite silly and better off without a lot of people around. Only problem was, thet outfit and the props for it were back in my car. A walk back to the car was in order once more.

After another cardio workout, we were back at the car and Camille threw on her colorful shirt and shoes. Her sister grabbed our main prop - a bag of sugar-coated gummy worms. Yes, Mindee has done gummy worms before, but the regular kind. These were covered in sugar and these would also be going in and out of a pair of shoes. Squish, squish! But first, we had to walk back past the fountain we had just used and down to the dock. More cardio!

Those sugar-covered gummy worms didn't stand a chance!

When we got to the dock, we made our way all the way down to the covered region. There was a man sitting at the right end on a bench, which you can kind of see in the photo above. He had been down there earlier when we checked out the location. He was still there when we returned, so we went down to the far left side. With him as the only person around, we got underway.

Again, as fate would have it, once we began putting the gummy worms between Camille's toes, one of the water taxis docked right in front of us. We pulled the worms from her toes and waited out the boat's discharging of passengers. No one else got on, so once they walked past us, those worms were back in her toes and she was kicking off her second shoe.

Toward the end of this set, another boat came by to pick up two women who had come down and sat on the bench behind Camille. I had tried my best to hide them in the photos, but they're probably going to show up in a couple. 

After they left, we shot the last photos and video clip. In the clip, Camille stuck gummy worms between her toes and into her shoes. She then proceeded to put her shoes back onto her feet and squish the worms flat. Knowing how sweaty Camille's feet get, I'm sure those worms got all kinds of moist and those shoes and her feet got all kinds of sticky! Too fun!

With our last set in the books, we made one last trip all the way back to the car and called it a day. Four sets. All of them in some great locations, with the final one being the perfect way to end it with silliness and fun. Truly, a great day and one I was glad I took off work for.

I was so glad that Camille was able to spend one of her days with me while she is home. Although the sets with Kayleigh didn't happen, I am happy with what I was able to get. I miss Camille and getting to spend some time with her today was great. I only hope we can squeeze in those sets with Kayleigh sometime before she heads back home in early July. Keeping those fingers crossed!

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