Friday, June 16, 2017

Dream Duos #3 - Kayleigh & Camille

Welcome to the third installment of the "Dream Duos" blog series. This series pairs up two models who are currently still modeling for the site and talks about why they'd be a dream duo for me to shoot on Soles of Silk. And boy, is this one ever timely!

Kayleigh (left)
Shoe Size: 5.5
Debut: October 21, 2009
# of Photos on Site: 1,434
Other Models Shot With: none

Camille (right)
Shoe Size: 7
Debut: August 26, 2015
# of Photos on Site: 212
Other Models Shot With: Alice

Back in October of 2009 a 17 year old coworker and friend of mine turned 18. Her little size 5.5 feet were in front of my camera that very day. I kid you not, Kayleigh could not wait to model for Soles of Silk and I couldn't wait to shoot her!

Fast forward six years and another friend, and former coworker of mine was looking to model her feet for the first time. She didn't do it on her 18th birthday, however. Still, it was something she was eager to do and had been looking forward to doing for some time. You know, since her older sister Kayleigh had been doing it for years. That model is CamilleThat's right, this dream duo is a sister pair, one I have not been able to shoot, yet. Yet being the key word. 

Both these sisters shot for me and then moved out of state. Kayleigh did so a few years ago, but shot a lot of sets in the years before she moved. Camille, on the other hand, only got in four sets - one of which is still yet to be published (see image below). Kayleigh ultimately returned home before Camille made her move, but I wasn't able to get them together at the time. With Camille back home visiting family for the next week or so, now it's time to make this sister duo a reality!

I was able to talk to both Kayleigh and Camille tonight for a few minutes and get some general plans in order. On Tuesday I'm going to meet up with Camille in the morning and shoot her until around 5 p.m. At that time, her sister will be available to shoot and we're going to get them together in a few sets. Talk about a way to end the day, huh?

I have also contacted Melani to see if she might be able to do a duo with Camille as well. Both of them are friends and both worked with me at the same time a few years ago. Neither of them were old enough to shoot back then, but both would always say they wanted to do it once they turned 18. If I can make that duo happen as well, that'll be a nice little bonus. Dare I say, another Dream Duo?

Over the years Kayleigh has been such a dependable model and a fan favorite. I can't wait to get her back on camera here, and hopefully we can start shooting again on a more regular basis. We're planning on doing some solo sets again, but we're going to focus on getting in the ones with Camille this week while she's home. After that, I'd like to get Kayleigh on my calendar a time or two every month. She's already in the Top 10 for most photographed models on the site at 1,434 photos. I'd love to see that number move past the 2,000 mark. Hell, the 3,000 mark would be great too. I do miss her and know many of you do as well.

As for Camille, she was someone I was so looking forward to shooting regularly, but never got the chance to do. The four sets we did were fun, especially the two team ups with Alice. Moving forward, I aim to try to find ways to keep shooting with Camille. If she ever moves back this way, I'll put her in front of my camera every chance I can get. If she doesn't, however, then we'll find ways, like this coming week, to make that happen. I still never visited the west coast and know those backgrounds and settings would make for some great photos. As for this week, however, I'm going to make the most of this chance to build up some sets of her to use in the months to come.

I'm really happy to be adding another sister duo to this site. It won't be my first one, and probably not my last. Still, it's something special and really fun. Other sister pairings on the site include: Kellie & Kimmie (identical twins), Layla & Jaylee Austin, Lauryn & Molly (sisters-in-law, if that counts), Felicia & Bridgette (fraternal twins), and Mindee & Rilynn (sisters-in-law, again, if that counts).

Be on the lookout next week, right here on the Soles of Silk Blog, for a write up and samples from all the sets I shoot with these two lovely ladies. The Soles of Silk Instagram (@SolesofSilk) will also showcase samples from the sets as they're done in real time. This photographer cannot wait to be before Kayleigh and Camille with his camera pointed right at these four adorable feet and 20 cute toes! Maybe I can talk them into a few other shoots later in the week if they're free as well? Hmm... How about it ladies?

Be on the lookout for future Dream Duo entries. Which two models would you most like to see photographed together? Don't hesitate to let me know.

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