Monday, June 26, 2017

Sunday's Shoot, Part 1 - Melani

A few days ago Melani reached out to me and asked me if I had any open dates coming up. She has finished up with graduation and all the festivities that come with it and was looking to finally get back in front of the camera. I've been eager to have her, especially since our last shoot had to be nixed about an hour before it was to happen.

As you all have read in past blogs, I love shooting with Melani. She is adorable and very fun to be around. Her fondness for the camera is very apparent and my fondness for her feet is as well. They're so small and cute! Anyhow, I came up with a few ideas for new sets with her, but we ended up keeping things simple and local because of what happened in Part 2 of this blog. More on that later. No skipping ahead!

Melani and I got started around 1 p.m. today. She brought more clothes than she needed, which is always good so we have options. For the first two sets of the day, however, I told her to just keep things on the casual side. My plans were to do two basic themes that people ask of me all of the time - ones that Melani has yet to do since she's still kind of new to this.

The little globs of lotion between Melani's toes oozed out when she scrunched her toes.

The first of these sets was lotion. Yes, something as basic as a model rubbing lotion all over her feet is something many of you like to see your favorite models do in sets. Since so many of you have claimed Melani among your favorites on Soles of Silk since her arrival, why not get her to do the theme too? That's what we did. Well, after I rubbed lotion all over her feet first... for a while. Hey! She told me to. Well, after I told her it is usually my job to rub the lotion in.

"Go ahead," Melani said.

I took my place and started rubbing that lotion in. It didn't take her long to comment either.

"Oh my god. You should be a professional," she said.

"That took you all of two seconds to say that since I started," I replied laughed. "Feels that good, huh?"

"Yes!" Melani insisted.

Needless to say, I took my good ole time. Melani began slouching into the bench and enjoyed the foot rub to its fullest. This went on for a bit. We had some time to kill anyhow, so why not? Eventually though, we had to put the camera to use.

"Time to do the photos," I said. "If not, I'll do this for hours."

Melani didn't skip a beat from our last shoot. She sat upright for a few full body shots before she stuck those already lotioned, little feet out toward me. And damn... I was shocked! She spread her toes pretty wide! Melani struggled with getting those little piggies apart the first two shoots we did. Now, there she was, with little gaps between her spread toes that I could have stuck my fingers in between. Well, stuck them in again since I had just done that a bunch of times. You know what I mean.

"I've been practicing," Melani claimed. "I even left toe spreaders in them."

We laughed and continued with the shoot. Even though it was a bright sunny day, we lucked out that it wasn't overly hot. We still worked quickly and Melani squirted quite a few globs of lotion all over those feet during the process. By the end of the set, her feet were shiny like no other - shiny like the next theme we were about to do, which was baby oil.

Melani's little feet sure did shine with the baby oil on them.

Melani and I, after finishing up, made the walk down to a landing on the water for the second set. We figured out which way would be best to shoot her pouring baby oil on her already super soft feet. Then I remembered, I had a pair of flip flops for her in my backpack. Why not have her pour the oil on while she was still wearing the flip flops? It would add a unique little element to the set. She liked the idea and that's how the set started out.

Just like the first set, we worked quick. Melani's feet didn't take much oil to shine in the bright sun. I wanted to give them another little massage, but I knew my hands would be covered and then my camera would be too. So, I waited.

Something happened during this set that was unforeseen. The baby oil caused the dye of the flip flops to come off. I saw little black flecks on Melani's feet as we shot, but I honestly thought it was dirt. That was until the set was finished.

With the set over with, I sat the camera down and took hold of Melani's little feet. A baby oil massage? Why not? Once again, she leaned back and just relaxed. The breeze off the water felt amazing, so I could see how she was loving life at the moment. Not that I wasn't as happy as can be myself.

Once the massage came to an end, I grabbed a towel for us to wipe the oil from her feet and my hands. When I began using the towel on the flip flops however, it started to turn black. The dye from the palm trees was coming off onto the towel at that point. The artwork looked totally faded. Oops! What was stranger was what I discovered before the first set we shot during Part 2 coming up here. For that, you'll have to go read that portion. And believe me, the day got even better from here on out.

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