Monday's Shoot - Jasey Rae

This was shot in front of a very old wooden roller coaster.

Today's shoot was a one-off with Jasey Rae. I made mention of those plans in the June 17, 2017 blog, "June News & Notes." Our goal, and one that we've had for a while now, was to feature a shared passion of ours in one of Jasey's sets. That passion, roller coasters. We both love riding them and have been to a number of parks together. So it was nice to finally get this set in yesterday during a park trip with a large group of our friends. Jasey and I went off on our own upon arrival and tried our best to find the best spots to do this.

For the most part, we walked all around the park, looking for areas where park guests were sparse. The sun wasn't always in the best position to line these shots up with the coasters, but being a cloudy day, we just waited for one to fly in front of the sun and block it out. Once we were in the clear, Jasey kicked up her feet and I snapped a number of photos. This was the plan at each one of our stops. Sadly, the set wasn't the largest one we shot for a number of reasons.

The first reason came when we had a perfect spot lined up. It was located in a small lunch table section with one of the park's more colorful, and probably more well-known coasters, off in the distance. Right when we sat down to shoot, a family came by for an early lunch and sat at the table right next to us. I was bummed! This spot was so promising, even though it was out in the open.

The second, more common reason why our set wasn't overly large was just an abundance of overly populated areas. Some of the best spots to shoot Jasey Rae in front of the coasters just so happened to be in between numerous other rides. The park was far from busy, but these were still the spots we found most people. Because of this, we tried to stick to mostly areas off to the side where the foot traffic, no pun intended, was light.

Perhaps our best location came in the long walkway through the center of the park's lone wooden roller coaster. There was one way in and one way out. Both the entrance and exit were far off, so you could see if anyone was coming up in the background, or over my shoulder. Even if they were far off in either direction, they probably couldn't see what we were up to. After all, the park rules are that shoes and shirts must be worn at all times when outside of the water park. Oh well, Jasey broke that rule quite a bit doing this shoot.

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