Monday's Shoot - Emerald

Today Emerald and I met up for one of the few remaining photo shoots I have marked down on my schedule in 2014. With only two days remaining before October, and lots of unpublished sets awaiting their day to be featured on the site, I've been selective about scheduling. Emerald, however, has been great to me for each and every shoot she's done - doing some of her best work during our last meeting. Because of this I told Emerald I'd be game to get several more sets whenever she was free. We made plans to shoot today and I came up with a few unique ideas.

Our first set was in a field of sunflowers. For the past few years I've seen people on social media shooting in the midst of thousands of sunflowers on a farm somewhere in Maryland, but never knew where it was. This year I decided to check it out.

A few of my friends who had visited the fields told me where to find it. They also told me that there are signs welcoming people to explore the fields and take as many pictures as they want. I marked the location down and ran the idea by Emerald. She had actually been there a few years ago and agreed it would be a neat location.

Emerald poses her feet in the sunflower fields.

When we got to the fields there was yellow and black as far as the eye could see. Sadly, however, with the weather being a little on the chilly side last week, quite a few of the flowers had wilted. There was still plenty in full bloom and we made use of them.

After I parked the car on a small pull off area we made our way out into the fields. We found a few spots with a little bit of a clearing and began snapping photos. With only the flat ground to work with, it limited us to standing shots and photos of her sitting on the ground. I knew and expected this going into the shoot, but the location was too unique to pass up. I also figured we could do some photos at the end with the small wooden fence we had to hop to get into the fields. There was about 20 feet of space between the fence and the flowers, but you'd still be able to see just how many flowers there were - and that was only the one section of the fields. The place is massive!

Once we had pissed off about a dozen bees (they wouldn't leave the flowers), and got in enough photos we made our way back to the car. Even with the wilted flowers and limited poses available, the set resulted in some good shots nonetheless. With everything done, we drove to our next location - a Light Rail train stop.

I decided on this train stop because I had asked Emerald if she'd be okay with wearing pantyhose in one of her sets. Until today she hadn't posed in any kind of stockings, so I thought her fans might like to see that.

"I'm good for whatever," she told me when I texted her the idea last night. 

I just wanted a more urban setting than the farms we had just left. The train station provided that, all while being in a scenic area as well. I'm always looking to have a theme match a setting as best as I can.

After Emerald expertly changed clothes and pulled on the black-seemed, nude fishnet pantyhose (that's a mouthful), we made our way onto the waiting area. No one was around, so we began shooting.

Emerald pulling on her fishnet pantyhose at the train station.

Emerald started this set in her black heels and did quite a few dangling shots to kick things off. As she began pulling off her second shoe a couple of people arrived to wait for the trains. I told her I didn't care and just kept on shooting. I figured they'd be gone in a few minutes when the next train arrived anyhow. I was right and we kept on shooting.

Once Emerald began sticking her soles out to the camera we got a few more people in the region. Again, we didn't stop - even getting in some good shots with the trains stopped only a few feet from the benches we had used for the set.

When the landing cleared of everyone but ourselves I recommended doing a video clip. Emerald agreed it would be a good idea to do one with no one around. She pulled her heels back on and did a cute little shoe removal and stocking straightening video clip.

When that finished, we took a handful of extra photos as I liked how her legs and feet were posed. We lucked out as another train stopped at the station, so you can see the train in the backgrounds of each picture.

Luckily for us, this train station was at the far end of a large park that features a dam. A  half-mile boardwalk/trail through the woods leads down to it, so I thought that made our next location a no-brainer. So back to the car for Emerald to change clothes one last time.

When Emerald was situated, we made our way down the walkway, which I thought was a great location itself. I'll probably use it some other time in a future set. As we drew closer to the dam, that's when I realized that Emerald's debut set was done in front of another dam (Sample 01 / Sample 02). Oops! I guess I give Emerald all the dam sets, huh?

Another dam set for Emerald!

At this point there was a slight drizzle going on. We had felt it spitting earlier, but you could feel the droplets now. We walked over to a bridge that looked out onto the damn and used that as our location. I thought shooting on the locations to the side of the dam would have been too similar to her first dam set. Yeah, these paragraphs seem pretty damn angry with all the dams, don't they?

Anyhow, we shot our set and then decided to make our way back to the car. We were both hungry and I had a long overdue foot massage promised for Emerald's adorable feet. She didn't pass it up either. We plopped our asses down on a bench along the boardwalk for a while I and pampered those well deserving feet. While my thumbs pressed into her soles and fingers journeyed between her toes, we talked about everything from cellphones to PornHub. Yeah, interesting stuff!

I have to say Emerald has done some great work in 2014. While all these great sets are not going to be able to make it onto the site before 2015, it's obvious you won't be missing out on your Emerald fix anytime soon. I'm really glad she decided to pose for Soles of Silk back in 2012 and hope she continues to do so for the foreseeable future.