Feeling Blue About Mindee

Normally Mindee making me feel "blue" is quite fun, but not in this case.

With a title like that and a photo like the one above, you're probably expecting this to be one of my tongue-in-cheek, cheesy word pun blogs. Sadly, you're wrong. I actually wish it was that. Instead, the term "blue" this time does reference sadness and involves the site's most photographed model, and one heck of a friend of mine, Mindee.

Before I pitch a somber mood with my words here, don't worry, she is in good health and nothing horrible happened to her. This is more about my sadness for something I learned the other day and something I hope she isn't mad at me for bringing up here. I'm not sure how many people she's shared this with as of yet, but...

Mindee is moving.

She's not moving somewhere locally, but out of state - a few hundred miles away too. And while I'm bummed that she'll be so far away for photos, this blog is more about the relationship I have with this beautiful, fun loving, always there for me, friend.

I don't even remember what year I met Mindee, but we were both much younger. We hit it off right away and I always enjoyed teasing and messing with her. Obviously, she's always been just as quick to give it back to me and many times, even get the best of me - which most people don't accomplish.

Over the years we became better and better friends. And while we never really hung out on a weekly basis or anything, we always kept in touch, hit up some amusement parks, and of course, did a ton of photos that you've all enjoyed looking at just as much as I loved taking.

While none of that is going to cease with her moving, I am still selfishly upset that she won't be a few miles away anymore. I've already told her to expect me to come crash on her couch for a few days at some point after she moves and settles in. The camera, will of course, be packed with my luggage as I can't see this site moving forward without updates featuring those heavenly size 8 feet of hers. And we've also discussed hitting up some new roller coasters at a park close to where she'll be moving.

Ultimately I wish Mindee and her family the best of luck with whatever choices they have to make. If her happiness involves me hopping on an airplane and sleeping on her couch during some visits, then so be it. There are still a few weeks left before she's set to go, so I'll be sure to try to get in a handful of sets to hold everyone over. She also has a handful of sets that are still waiting to be published. I'll keep everyone posted!